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  • 1. OUR PLACE HAS A GREEN FUTURE International volunteering for sustainable development

2. PROBLEMS AND NEEDS ADDRESSED BY THE PROJECT Need to include alternative voluntary activities in smaller secluded places in form of international voluntary work camps Need for a stable regional and sustainable development (ecological, social and economical); interest to develop green tourism in smaller places 3. THE MAIN OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT OURPALCE HAS A GREEN FUTURE: Promotion of ecology in secluded local communities To contribute to sustainable tourismand sustainable development in secluded regions To analyse developed examples of good practices of ecological voluntary projects Implementation of education workshops forlocal organizations and camp coordinators Implementation of five green international voluntary workcamps Strengthening cooperation with the Swiss partnerand sharing good practices 4. AGENTS IN THE PROJECT: Local partners: find, develope the idea, implement the idea Volunteers: local and international Students from Faculty of tourism studies Turistica Portoro Staff of Zavod Voluntariat and SCI Switzerland Local population and wider public 5. THE MAIN ACTIVITIES OF THE PROJECT: To develop a model of good practise Green international voluntary work camp To organize education workshops for local organizers and camp coordinators To implement at least 5 pilot green volunatry work camps To ensure sustainability for the project 6. Chronological overview of our work April 2012 - September 2013 7. Analysing examples of developed good practices of ecological voluntary projects in the past Pot vil estitk Refresh Camp Tomaj Soline - Saltpans Camp Robidie 8. MEETING OF PROJECT PARTNERS IN SWITZERLAND December 2012 We defined the terms tourism and ecology in connection with green international voluntary work camps We specified guidelines for organization of a green voluntary work camp 9. PROMOTION OF THE PROJECT AMONG LOCAL PARTNERS Promotional events at Zavod Voluntariat and around Slovenia (8 presentations) Local partners were encouraged to recognize the need of their local community, we helped them to develop the idea 10. COOPERATION WITH STUDENTS FORM FACULTY FOR TOURISM STUDIES TURISTICA PORTORO Our expectations from students: Student is a volunteer Cooperation on all levels of the project To participate actively, to be selve-iniciative and serious Presentations and meetings with students 11. EDUCATION WORKSHOPS FOR LOCAL PARTNERS One of the main benefits of the project Empowerment of local organizations in secluded regions 12. Workshop: How to find a sponsor from private sector 13. Workshop: PR strategies and promotion for the non-profit and non-governmental organization 14. Workshop: how to write good projects and to receive funds from public sector tenders 15. COORDINATION OF GREEN WORKCAMPS 5 green international workcamps 4 regions: Dolenjska, Notranjska, Primorska, Gorenjska 40 international volunteers 16. WRITING THE HANDBOOK AND TRANSLATION First part: general information on organizing a SCI international voluntary workcamp Second part: green work camp - enviromental protection and promotion of sustainable tourism 17. EXCHANGE OF CO-CAMP COORDINATORS Co-campleader from Switzerland at work camp Mercury heritage path in Slovenia Co-camp coordiantor at work camp Verein Holzlabor (Thalheim an der Thur) in Switzerland 18. Final meeting of project partners in Slovenia: SCI Switzerland and Zavod Voluntariat 19. 5 PILOT GREEN INTERNATIONAL WORKCAMPS What are the specifics of a green work camp: Local community initiative non-profit project Contribution to environmental issues Contribution to sustainable tourism Study part for international volunteers on sustainability Awareness rising impact on local people and volunteers 20. Workcamp: ECO vineyard planting Aim of the camp: to promote and develop sustainable tourism in Dolenjska region Work: planting an ECO vineyard and helping local community at development of sustainable tourism strategy Result: ECO vineyard and Tourism-lab workshop for beginners Contribution to sustainability: eco vineyard and proposal for sustainable tourism strategy in the region 21. foto 22. Workcamp: Karajewc Aim of the camp: promotion of environment and friendly living, revitalizing of folk tradition Work: preparation of the venue, promotion of the event Result: three day event Karajewc Contribution to sustainability: workshops on ecology and ethnography, intercultural dialog, environment friendly organization of the event 23. foto 24. Workcamp: Soline Saltpans Aim of the camp: maintenance of the salt panning tradition Work: painting wood surfaces at museum objects in saltpans area Result: painted wooden objects such as windows, doors, small bridge, etc. Contribution to sustainability: preservation of natural and cultural heritage 25. Workcamp: Mercury heritage path Aim of the camp: to revitalize an old hiking path to natural sight in the Geopark area Work: to fix and clean the path, help at organization of the event Result: the path is again suitable for local people and visitors Contribution to sustainability: camp contribute to maintenance of natural (path) and cultural heritage (event) 26. Workcamp: Along the ancient mining trail Aim of the camp: to revitalize a path from old iron mines to town Jesenice and to Work: cleaning and strengthening the path, translation of a museum brochure Result: the path is now suitable for hiking and cycling Contribution to sustainability: cleaning action along the path, revitalizing the iron heritage in positive way promotion of sustainable tourism at Jesenice