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Transcript of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School 11/5/2017 ¢  Halloween Carnival Fun! The...

  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School 16075 N. Evans Road

    Selma, Texas 78154-3824

    Phone (210) 651-6811; Fax (210) 651-5516

    email: info@olphselma.org; website: www.olphselma.org

    November 5, 2017

    Updated Mass/Confessions Schedule Beginning Dec. 4, confessions will be heard

    on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7 pm and Saturdays from 4-5 pm.

    Additional masses will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30 am and

    Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm (in addition to the daily 8:30 am mass.)


    Principal and Assistant Principal’s Corner

    Dear Families,

    Believe that most of the staff and faculty as well as the students have recovered from the annual volleyball game on Friday The game featured the OLPH Fall Athletes taking on the OLPH Staff & Faculty, which included Fr. Eric. The gym was rocking as the cheerleaders performed and all cheered for their favorite team. The soccer team was using their legs to get the ball over the net, the football team executed a great forward pass, and both girls’ volleyball teams played exceptionally well. A comment from a parent, was, “This is what makes OLPH great!” Thank you to all who made it happen.

    Today’s Gospel continues to elaborate on the tension between Jesus and the scribes and Pharisees. In Matthew 23 1-12, Jesus warns against following the example of the scribes and the Pharisees and teaches that those who would be great must be servants. Christian leadership is a call to service for the glory of God; those who would be

    leaders among us must, like Jesus, be servants of all.

    Saturday November 4th, was the San Antonio Archdiocese Assembly. The morning Keynote address was given by the Auxiliary Bishop of Boston Bishop Robert Reed. His message, delivered in a clear Boston accent, was “Use your blink-ah” (lead by example). He referenced his observance of Pope Francis’s example to:

    o Be a bridge builder

    o Ask people to pray for you

    o Look into people’s eyes, and smile!

    o Be faithful ‘til it hurts

    o Love the Holy Mass

    o Go out of your way for people (make time)

    o Love the kids

    o Ask for mercy through reconciliation

    Upcoming Dates

    Religious Vocations Week

    11/6-8 Basketball Tryouts

    11/10 Veteran’s Day Program, 2:30

    mailto:info@olphselma.org http://www.olphselma.org/

  • “Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School builds character and shapes tomorrow's leaders by delivering academic excellence in a Catholic faith based community.”

    o Move out of your comfort zone

    o Encourage conversation by breaking bread with people

    o Surprise them - write, call a loved one

    o Be devoted – pray the rosary, light candle

    o Be a grateful person

    o Ask, how is it that I am so blessed?

    This Wednesday, we will have a Communion Service in lieu of school Mass. This is due to the archdiocesan priests being on retreat, and the lack of Catholic priests. More information on this is found in The Spiritual Corner of the newsletter.

    This Friday, we will recognize all Veterans and those currently serving in the Armed Services at 2:30 p.m. in the church. All are welcome, especially those who wore or are still wearing the uniform.

    Don’t Count the Days…Make the Days Count! Our Lady of Perpetual Help…Pray For Us! Francis B. Burns Amanda Miller Principal Assistant Principal

    News from the CDC

    Dear Parents,

    Happy November! The children had a great time at their Halloween Party & Parade. Thank you to all the parents who helped! We couldn't have had such a successful party without you. Fr. Eric, Fr. Jaime & the parish staff, along with Mr. Burns & the school office and cafeteria crew, enjoyed seeing the children parade through their offices. If

    you have any pictures please forward them to Ms. Adelina at munoza@olphselma.org.

    Music practice for our Annual Christmas Program is underway with Miss Anna. Please mark your calendars as this event will be held on Tuesday, December 12th at 10:00a in the Church. Just as a reminder we have music practice on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

    All five classrooms have planted fall vegetables in our raised garden beds and WOW they are growing. We hope to see some produce by the end of the year! Each classroom is sharing the responsibilities of watering and removing the weeds. Please pray that the deer stay away!

    Happy Veteran's Day to all of our parents and grandparents who served or are still active duty in the Armed Forces. Please join us on Friday, November 10th at 2:30p in the church for our Annual Veteran’s Day Program. Thank you for keeping us safe!

    God Bless,

    Ms. Ogrin

    Happy Halloween!

  • “Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School builds character and shapes tomorrow's leaders by delivering academic excellence in a Catholic faith based community.”

    After School Activities in the CDC/Start Date Registration/information is available at the CDC

    Monday – 3:45p Art Class (in Mrs. Weems room in the Administration Building)

    Tuesday – 2:30p or 3:10p TOT Class, CDC

    Tuesdays – Junior Wildcat Worship Team (3:45, Music room in Admin Building). No meeting 11/21

    Wednesday – PK 2:45p or K/1 3:45p Dance Class, CDC

    Wednesday – Orchestra, 3:30p Violin & 4:30p Guitar (in the Music Room located in the Administration Building)

    Thursdays – Senior Wildcat Worship Team (3:45, Music room in Admin Building) Begins 11/2

    Friday – 2:45p or 3:45p Stomp and Play, CDC

    Friday -3:45p Chess - (in Mrs. Weems room in the Administration Building)

    From the Counselor

    Tina Teel

    Media and Your Child

    Our children’s connection to media is everywhere, coming from more sources and more screens than we probably remember when we were kids: TV, movies, video games, handheld games, computers, cell phones, i-Pads, i-Pods, watches, etc.

    There are many wonderful uses for media that provide conveniences and education for us and our families. There are also dangers in media use that, as parents and educators, we are tasked to protect our children from. With all the amazing advances in

    technology, we cannot forget to make advances in how we protect children from media that is not age-appropriate.

    It’s important to remember that children’s brains are not fully developed, specifically the part of the brain (pre-frontal cortex) responsible for critical thinking, judgement, problem-solving and impulse control. When a child or adolescent views media showing violence, inappropriate content, or harmful stereotypes, their own ideas, feelings and behaviors are impacted. Without some guidance from a trusted adult, repeated exposure to these kinds of media may lead to an increase in aggression and a decrease in empathy.

    For more information and research about media use and children, please visit: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/research.

    Quick tips for setting media guidelines:

    *Limit the amount of screen time to 1-2 hours a day (or less if you notice it is negatively impacting your child).

    *Model screen-free times/activities (like dinner time, for example).

    *Keep children’s bedrooms free of screen media (no TV, game systems, laptops, i-Pads, cell phones, etc.)

    *Preview media that your child is interested in before you allow them to view/play it.

    *Co-view media (if appropriate) with your child and discuss the content-this will help them develop critical thinking skills.

    *Do your research about social media websites (like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and closely monitor their usage. Remember, these sites are typically for ages 13 and up.


  • “Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School builds character and shapes tomorrow's leaders by delivering academic excellence in a Catholic faith based community.”

    *Stick to rating recommendations. They exist for a reason.

    *Use your parental judgement. Your children are counting on you to set their limits!

    Source: TheSchoolCounselorKind.worldpress.com

    Halloween Carnival Fun!

    The winners for Halloween Carnival booths are listed below and will receive a pizza party:

    Kindergarten won for the best booth and game.

    Pre-K 3 Mrs. Anna and Mrs. Reyna won for the best door.

    Pre-K 4 Mrs. Beverly and Mrs. Ashley won for the best Bulletin Board.

    St. Vincent DePaul Donations

    Nov. 6 Can of mixed vegetables, 15 oz.

    Nov. 13 Can of Spaghetti-Os, 15 oz.

    Nov. 20 Can of whole tomatoes, 15 oz.

    Nov. 27 Can of tomato sauce, 15 oz.

    Spiritual Corner

    What is a Communion Service?

    Many of you may know what a Communion Service is; however, for those of us who don't, I will give a brief explanation of what it