Orangeburg times.(Orangeburg Court House, S.C.) 1879-01-18. Ilk1" 1 it 1l»Ht3. JUST...

Orangeburg times.(Orangeburg Court House, S.C.) 1879-01-18. Ilk1" 1 it 1l»Ht3. JUST OPENEDONE 3)OOK
download Orangeburg times.(Orangeburg Court House, S.C.) 1879-01-18. Ilk1" 1 it 1l»Ht3. JUST OPENEDONE 3)OOK

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Transcript of Orangeburg times.(Orangeburg Court House, S.C.) 1879-01-18. Ilk1" 1 it 1l»Ht3. JUST...

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11 "< ii,s to us also that I beSouth i.'u'd pit [Tens the claims ol

! I.i ir ehoice as a candidate.Iblyurtl id iiuiiouhledly the favorite

ni 11 ( South, and he .seems to presentthe best record on t he money question, In.t ln< Kluteis small, and willnot count in tin: Fleet oral Codegojit:*: New Yoik or indiana.

'I"ie s.i'tid South, and a lew Northern or Westi rn States will gain tlivictory, and ibis s!i il l Iii mi* aim.ion it will hardly require aS >ut.horucandidate or any spocial favorite tosolidil'y (he South. We ought tucount on (he South ^r any man theDemocratic Convention may pitforth. What we need is the tickethut con id carry New York Indianaor some one or two large Northern.'Mates. Hancock, Thutinnn or !I nilr icks may come nearest to this result, but linn willshiw which wayibe straws nie turning, audit is bestf. r Sotn horn i'einocrals tu watchthem und be wise.

Assessing lite Taxes.

WHAT Till-: I'EOI'LE OF EACH]OSi V M f > T J'A 1' I.V 1879.

Kartbaru' Ihn Highe! Tax, 1! .Mills.I'ickeus, I'ni-Jii, York, bxingi>ii jtit'Ci'ttvilie, I'.eaufort, And i'.soii auilHurry o,i!y 7 ;; 1 C!ini*le:>fua S 12.

Columbia, dan. 5..The Compi .!-(!;, . lor the current liseal yeai*. Phei :i1h arc a^ follows: Abbeville it,mills. Ait: ii K>i, And rson 7},H:;riwell 10', Beaufort 71.("besters l I 20. ( hi sti Held 10?, (llasend.niS{, ( 'ol idoi! 81, Pnrlington 10}.F.?gelio .1 Fuivlield 10?, Hump-ion p;, G nrgitown 101, Greenville7^, Iloirv 73, Kershaw 9?, I .tinrasIi r 1 OS1, Laurens 10 9 20, I.extntrton7 {,' M, Marion 11], Newbei i \ '.'!,< )eoix c iS.i, t >ran^cburg SI,I'ickcns 7 i. liuhkind S:{, 1-par.un-btiig Ul, Mm n r .'s -, Uni .i 7 i. Wiljui m.-htiig . . . OBT.-

Thurinan's Letter

Senator Thurmun in his letter totlio Committee of invitati in at theDemocratic banquet it, (' lumbtisOhio, sets forth the following important points :

First, that the "Jaeksoninn Demo(racy" Wi re dislinguithed by ill irdcvotbti to Hie Uiiii.n of the States,South and North, Fusl and Vtst.

Secondly, that the parly was equally distinguished by its lo'eofthoConstitution which ii but tied Inmaintnin in all its vigor and beneli-cence.

Thirdly, that ihn Democracy wereI ho determined foes of monopopoly,for tlie Very foundation of the partywas the doctrine of equal rights.

Fourthly, thai the Democracy wasn party of economy and low laxes.Let then our battle Hag for 1880

have inscribed upon it. the "Union,"j t he "Constitution," "Anti-monopoly "and "Economy."

D. Wyaft Aiken on the Fanner of1 his State.

Mr. Aiken retire.1 on the 1st instfrom the editorial control of theigrieu' department of the A' kmand (Jtmricr. In his valedictory ho..ays that lie worked for four you'd onthe linral (Uir/iniun, which reached ahigh place in the H|rricultural journals of the'country, hut that it failed,because the farmers wouldn't support it; that he ha* since given twoyears of lab or to the X .*< "" I Hourirr fur the benefit of the fanner clod o! the farmers. 1 hat we have 'not d tie so wiii be painful v evidentto more than ha!;' of I item, if theycould only bo in luce 1 to make arii i mal inspection nfth drown farmsand premises, What power canmake a change for the i. :t r, 1 amin a) b- tu .-u_',t >:. Ii has ever In enmy hope that the grieu Itmal presseoitld be used as a powerlul lever firi hi- purpose. Fxpei iciice has taughttie the reverse It has not accomplished ibis much in the past; what itwill the future, time' will tell."lit Griiujjie h:. made many

nt rides Ii>iward lor the farmer. Today it i.- doi'uiail., ami without tinorgan < ! influence. That some man or.-et of men. in ire sueoes*! 1! than i,w.ti sitting up in the near lit! irii tolevivily the Grange, and proino e the jfarmer's interest in ihe Suite, is awish 1 hope to live to see 1 have labored hard tviihou!fjiicces-, hui Ii. not regret my eiforts."

Fashionable Drnsjiut: lor Church.'I'I here i- no grm er hindrance to

the spi eail of the (jospol in our midstihaii the prevailing custom of dressing excessively for church. Ii -comt>trange that women should chooseGod's house as the place for dressparade; and stranger .-till thai thedaughter's ofZion, wli i are command-ed 'o ''adorn (hein.-elves in modestapparel, thould come before theI on! with lofty looks and high headsand nodding [duin -s, keeping stepwit'o the giddy votaries of fashion.

'Ibis Uclhah of worldliucss hasbeen robbing the chtin h of herstlength, while she has been sleeping;and she hits need to arouse l.orsolf, orher (tumies will prevail ngainst her.For whatever ntny lie the effect uponthose who are guilty of these practices, it is very clear t at the churchcannot afford to turn her sanctuariesint) show rooms of fashion Thatchurch sells her birth-right for lessthan a mess of pottage, which, for thetake ol a favored lew, who tread heraisles in costly array, closes her doorsagainst the masses, and crowds thechildren of the pooi out of her Sun-

day schools. Auel surely tin-; will bothe legitimate result wherever fash-ionablc dressing prevails in a church;Wo are glad to see that a few havebeen nroused to I he importance ofdressing plainly for the sanctuary,

The Bright Side of Liberi*.

Wim! an Rntlminstic ilxotlist Tram Lancaster lias to say about the Country.rjenly ofCoons but Hani lo Catch.The Lancaster Ledger prints the

following letter written by W.o.Adams to his brother Levi Ad.uns,who lives in Lancaster:Monrovia, Lijikuia, Nov. ;!. LS7S.

Dear /Jtother: 1 am weil and lining well, and am satisfied. I havedrawn my lands and built my house.I was very glad to receive your letterdated in the !8th of August, andto hear from you ail. Von sai l youwnultd to know how I he hinds, yielded !;. re. 1 will loll you the hindsan- rich and will bring anything youplant. \ on can make three cropsof com a year. TliOi'C are not anyhorses here like iu America, but youcan gel along here le.ter than inAmerica with all the horses. All youisuvc to do is to cut oil your hind an Itake tin- corner of your h >e an I dig ahole and drop your corn, then keephe hushes down, and I will assureyou you vi 11 make as go id corn asyou ever .-aw.that is all you haveto do. Cotton does much the same,only it grows lo trees. The watt r isgood. Yon wanted to know whetherthere were any cooUa here. Yes, butyou can't hunt them like in AmericaCoons have little cave*, ami you haveto hunt them in t'.io day ti.nj TellHardy Montgomery this.

Brothers au i fricn 1-, if any of vonwish lo come out you could not wishi better thing, Ifrny ofyo comebring clothes, ammunition, beads,perfume rum, tobacco, the cheapesti alieo, you will get -~> a yard for;bsing blackberry, strawberry,and of Vegetables. Wo hive plentyol trails here, hut ii uiu't like thefruits of A met'tea. Bring all kindsof seeds, if vor. can. Voti will be surein Inn i- tin ji-rer. iio'goit