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Transcript of Open Source Robotics - City University of New · PDF fileOpen Source Robotics Open Source...

  • Open Source Robotics

    Open Source Software and Hardware

    For Robotic and Computer Controlled Systems

    Farrukh Zia

    Computer Engineering Technology Department

    New York City College of Technology

    IEEE Student Chapter Seminar

    April 24, 2014

  • Source code files are openly available for

    everyone to study, copy and modify.

    Most famous example?

    Linux Operating System

    Benefit: Almost free

    The small cost involved is the cost of

    download / duplication and

    storage media (HD, DVD, SD Card)

    Open Source Software?

  • Schematic / PCB files are openly available for

    everyone to study, copy, assemble and modify.

    Most famous example?

    IBM PC

    (Schematic diagrams in Reference Guide)

    Benefit: Lower cost

    The cost involved is the cost of

    manufacturing / assembly and

    components (PCB, ICs, enclosure)

    Open Source Hardware?

  • A Computer Controlled System consists of several sub-systems

  • (1) Frame / Chassis / Mechanical Components

    Frame or chassis and mechanical components contribute significantly towards the cost of a computer controlled or robotic system

    Frame or Chassis / Mechanical Components (linkages, gears, etc.)


    strong but expensive

    Plastic, Wood

    not as strong but cheaper

    Dropping prices of 3D printers will change this in the future

    Availability of open source design of mechanical components will make it possible to create inexpensive plastic parts on a 3D printer

  • (1) Frame / Chassis / Mechanical Components (cont.)

    Electro-Mechanical components



    Solenoids, etc.

    continue to be relatively expensive

  • (2) Power Supply

    Inexpensive switching power supplies based on open source hardware reference designs

    Hardware reference designs are available in switching IC manufacturer's data sheets


    AC to DC (120V to 12V or 5V) adapters for charging portable equipment from household AC supply

    DC to DC (12V to 5V) adapters for charging portable equipment in automobiles

  • (3) Micro-Controller Unit (MCU) (Internal Architecture)

  • (3) Micro-Controller Unit (cont.)

    Arduino hardware and software platform

    One of the best modern day example of the benefits of open source hardware and software

    Open source hardware design is available on Arduino web site

    Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software is open source and free

    Arduino IDE is used to create control programs for Atmel ATMega series of micro-controllers

  • (4) Control Program

    The popularity of Arduino IDE for creating control programs has led to its adaptation for other micro-controllers e.g.

    Microchip PIC32 (32-bit) micro-controller series (chipKIT boards)

    Intel Quark micro-processor (Galileo board)

  • (4) Control Program (cont.)

    Reasons for popularity of Arduino IDE

    Open source and free

    Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS

    Integrates Editor, Compiler (C/C++) and Debugger

    One click compiling and uploading of control program to the micro-controller over a USB cable

  • (4) Control Program (cont.)

    And the most important reason:

    Includes open source function libraries written by volunteer programmers for:

    simple analog and digital, as well as many advanced sensors

    wide variety of output devices

    Which makes it relatively easy to create fairly complex control programs

  • (5) Input Sensors

    Simple sensor examples

    Digital (logic level High/Low output)

    Infra-Red Detector

    Analog (analog voltage output)

    Temperature Sensor

    Open source hardware based advanced sensor examples

    Inertial Measurement Unit (tilt and rotation sensor) (I2C interface)

    Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (pulse width modulation) (PWM interface)

    Open source function libraries are available to use these sensors with Arduino compatible boards

  • (6) Output Devices

    Examples of output devices

    LED / LCD display


    DC, Servo, Stepper

    Open source function libraries are available to use these devices with Arduino compatible boards

  • (7) Interface Circuits

    Example of open source hardware based interface circuit based on application specific integrated circuit (ASIC)

    H-Bridge motor controller

    Open source hardware design is usually based on IC manufacturer's reference hardware design published in data sheet

  • (8) Data Communication

    Low cost micro-controllers designed for robotics and embedded applications have built-in support for:

    Data communication

    UART, I2C, SPI, USB etc.

    Network communication

    Ethernet, WiFi

    Bluetooth, Zig-Bee

    Open source / free TCP/IP stack software function libraries are available for network communication

  • Talk and Roll Bot

    A robot that can: Talk By using speech synthesis & Roll Move around on two wheels

  • Talk and Roll Bot - Block Diagram

  • Talk and Roll Bot - Subsystems

  • Talk and Roll Bot Open Source Project on OpenLab