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Online Privacy Survey Results. Conducted: December 2011. Background Info. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Online Privacy Survey Results

Online Privacy Survey ResultsConducted: December 2011Background InfoThe Social Research Centre undertook dual frame mobile and landline telephone fieldwork between the 17th of November to the 14th of December 2011. A total of 1,106 interviews were conducted; 642 using landline Random Digit Dial sample and 464 using mobile phone random digit dial sample. Of the final sample it was found that 13% were individuals with access to only a mobile phone, 79% had access to both mobile and landline and 8% had access to only a landline telephone. This compares to latest ACMA figures which shows 19% mobile phone only, 72% both and 9% landline only.

WeightingGiven this survey employed a dual frame methodology, a complex weighting was applied, to ensure that the data is representative of the population. The weighting involved the following stages: 1.Design Weight: this involves adjustments relating to the number of in-scope persons in each household and the number of fixed-line telephone connections per household. It also determines a pre-weight to adjust for the overlapping chances of selection for persons with both a mobile phone and a fixed-line. 2.Post Stratification Weight: this involves weighting based on telephone contact opportunities, assuming 19% of the Australian population is mobile phone only, 72% are dual users (mobile and landline) and 8.9% are landline only. The figures are the latest acma published figures. 3.Demographic weight: this involves weighting the data by age and education, gender and location (state) to ensure that it is proportionally representative of the Australian population. This has been calculated using the most recent ABS figures; 2010 estimated population figures.