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Overview of online collaboration and social networking tools for the purposes of online learning, stakeholder / community engagement as well as remote work / telecommuting.

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  • 1.Online Collaboration & Social ToolsInitial presentation & workshop to explore the use of online collaboration and socialnetworking tools for Learning and Stakeholder engagement & capacity buildingLeo Educational Technologies

2. Online Collaboration DiscoveryContent Creation Search Engines Image, Photo Alert Tools Audio News Feeds Video Bookmarking Blogging Surveys Wiki Networking Productivity Social Networking Online Productivity Suites Micro-blogging Video Conferencing Sharing Document Repositories e-Portfolios Learning Management 3. Skills for an Information Economy 4. Real-life Project Scenario 5. Discovery Real Simple Syndication (RSS) Tools 6. Content Creation (AV) Image Tools Video Tools Audio Tools 7. Content Creation (AV) Blogs Wiki 8. Networking Social Networking Microblogging 9. Online Office Suites 10. Online Video Conferencing Appliances Free / Casual Corporate 11. File Sharing Online Sharing Document Management Repositories 12. Auxiliary Systems Learning Management Systems e-Portfolio Systems 13. Important Considerations 14. QUESTIONS? IDEAS? COMMENTS? Twitter: leogaggl Google+: Leo Gaggl leogaggl LinkedIn: leogaggl Foursquare: leogaggl Skype: leogaggl Flickr: leogaggl Blog: Private Blog: Email: leo [at]