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An outside-the-box proposal for tumblr, regarding the role they intend to play with brands and agencies. (Note: this was written before tumblr removed the highlight and pin functions. Sigh.)

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  • 1.or: how to solve the branded content problem

2. agendaintrolandscape problem strategyconclusion 3. introtalking about tumblr is talking about branded content, and thefuture of advertising. 4. landscapetumblr is a publishing platform, a creative community and asocial discovery engine.tumblr has more than 90 million blogs, whove made more than40 billion blog posts, for an audience of about 170 million monthly visitors. 5. landscapetumblr is gaining relevance with teens and 20somethings.tumblr has developed a reputation for attracting a creativecommunity, and keeping them engaged.tumblr has shifted from advertising-hostile, to a self-proclaimed role as the saviour of creative advertising. 6. monetizationtumblr has released a small set of paid products that all follow a simple rule: do not make users second class citizens. 7. monetization"the products were building work well for storytelling, and weve tried to build them insuch a way that they do scale from a big brandcutting a check for $100,000 to a person proud of their post and wants to highlight it for vedollars."- David Karp, May 2012, The Verge 8. posting toolspinned posts - keeps a piece of content at the top of each followers feed, until they click a button to remove it. 9. posting tools highlighted posts - allowsyou to put an arrow beside apost, drawing attention to it. 10. promotional tools radar - the place where popularcontent from the community gets featured. brands can pay to get placement here, with a clear indication of what is sponsored. 11. promotional toolsspotlight - tumblr allows brands to pay for space in theequivalent of a subject-based yellow pages. the spotlight sectionalso features popular or notable users. 12. how tumblr makes moneyall of these methods of generating revenue avoid puttingbrands above users.a brand can BUY what users can EARN, but theres no product(other than high-priced analytics from a third party) that is brandonly. 13. how tumblr makes moneythe tumblr community doesnt like the idea of brands ruining theambience with promotional messaging.tumblrs approach has been to put brands on equal footing. 14. problem tumblr made approximately $13 million in 2012.theyve stated they want to make $100 million in 2013. they want to do this by convincing brands that tumblr is theplace to build a community around creative content and brand activations. 15. problemWe [...] are condent that the worlds greatestmarketers and media companies will use theseproducts to set a new bar for creative advertising on the web-Tumblr Spokesperson, May 2012, VentureBeat 16. problem 17. problemto increase access to top brands, tumblr has been partneringwith agencies. most agencies havent mastered branded content yet. 18. strategy tumblrs problem isnt just a matter of relevance or ability.its a matter of understanding: brands and agencies are stilllearning how to ll that curatorial role. 19. storyboardtumblr has hired from the community, to ensure the peoplebuilding the service know what the platform actually means. this is where storyboard comes from. 20. storyboard storyboard is a project by tumblrs editorial team.the focus is to create content to advertise the platform; to report on the creative community that uses tumblr. 21. strategytumblrs editorial team should be tumblrs product. (more accurately, tumblr should continue recruiting expertcontent creation teams from specic verticals, and offer them to brands and agencies as a consulting service.) 22. the producta tiered consulting service, teaching agencies, and moreimportantly brands, how to create great content that willresonate with the tumblr community.tumblr should essentially take the cottage industry that develops around major players in social media, and turn it into an incubation center. 23. the product tier one: onboardinga content creation team works with a brand to help themdevelop a strategy thats true to the brand and platform. 24. the producttier two: consultinga content creation team works with a brand to not onlystrategize, but also provide support and insight on an ongoing basis. 25. the product tier three: content and community creationa content creation team runs a branded tumblr account, in direct support of a client. 26. the modeltumblrs consulting division would have two main objectives:getting brand entrenched in the platform, and getting them to the point of self-sufciency. 27. the modelthis approach isnt a long term business model - its an adoption accelerator that will increase spending on tumblrs current andfuture promotional tools, and improve the platforms standing asan advertising destination. 28. the solutionget brands on the platformhelp them succeed in building a relevant, engaged audience build competence, and begin supporting new clients 29. conclusiontumblr has a fairly unprecedented opportunity. 30. conclusionpeople watch tv to see tv. people use facebook to see friends.people use tumblr to see creativity. 31. conclusionthey dont seem to care much if it comes from a 12 year old, a magazine, or a fashion line. 32. thank you 33. image credits1. tumblr logo, tumblr.com4. heart collage, inkcarts.com5. screen capture, tumblr.com7. dollar sign, latinolinkviews.com8. post it note, yellower.se9. screen capture, tumblr.com10. screen capture, tumblr.com11. screen capture, tumblr.com16. tumblr a-list banner, alistpartners.tumblr.com19. editorial team, editorial.tumblr.com20. screen capture, storyboard.tumblr.com21. department of editorial seal, editorial.tumblr.com