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Read Full Article Here: There are a few differences between Free Tumblr Themes and Premium Tumblr Themes. If you just start your blogging career or want to blog like a professional, so this slideshow will help you out to identify the differences between Free Tumblr themes and Premium Tumblr themes.

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  • 1. With what Theme should you go?

2. With what Theme should you go? 3. With what Theme should you go? Free Themes Premium Themes 4. Lets discuss some differences between Free Tumblr Themes and Premium Tumblr Themes 5. SUPPORT Free themes designers dont promise you to help for your problems. Youd probably have to hire someone to solve your problems. There are forums and websites that you can use to quickly get answers for your problems. Even you can contact the theme makers via email or social media. 6. UPDATES 7. SEO Free Themes Supports search engine bots to crawl the website content A few Tumblr themes are properly tags installed Premium Themes Properly designed and support to submit your website to Major webmaster tools such as GWT, BWT, BaWT and YWT. Have Meta tags installed Adhere to Google webmaster guideline Support to set up Traffic analyzing software such as Google Analytics 8. ELEGANT THEME DESIGN Many Premium Themes are more attractive than free Tumblr themes. You can not see a newer version of the template. Themeupdates&NewDesigns Noupdates&Samedesign 9. SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY DESIGN Tumblr Themes Premium Responsive, Retina-ready Clean coding Fast Loading Rich snippets Free Responsive 10. ENCRYPTED LINKS There are no external links in your premium theme. So there is not any damage for your SERP ranks. Free Themes Have encrypted links, so designers can build link manually without your permission: Ex: Sell links 11. FEATURES Tumblr Themes Premium In-built tracking and special tools Social widgets Custom Page Designs Ability to add custom tools Free Normal features that any Tumblr theme has. 12. SECURITY As using untrusted theme for your blog, You and your readers may see a screenshot like this 13. To get a good rated and most popular Tumblr theme for your blog, you can filter search results in Themeforest. Or 14. Search on Google with this query. Tumblr Theme Name + Review 15. Read Full Article: Free Tumblr Themes vs Premium Tumblr themes Follow us on: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest Find more comprehensive Blogging tips from Pro Blog Tricks Created by Chamal Priyadarshana. Follow him on Twitter @gmchamal