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This is the basic of OHSAS 18001 standards.

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WHAT IS OHSAS-18001• OHSAS 18001: This Standard is called “Occupational Health and Safety Management System”.• Developed by the British Standards Institute.• Enables an organization to more proactively control health and safety risks and improve its performance.• Allows third-party certification/registration.


Sl. No. Clauses OHSAS Requirements1 4.1 General Requirements2 4.2 Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statement

3 4.3 Planning

4 4.4 Implementation and Operation

5 4.5 Checking and Corrective Action

6 4.6 Management Review

Continual Improvement

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• The Organization Shall Establish, Document, Implement, maintain and Continually Improve an OH&S Management system in accordance with the requirements of this OHSAS Standard and Determine how it will fulfill these requirements.

• An organization has the freedom and flexibility to define its own boundaries and may choose to implement OHSAS 18001 with respect to the entire organization or to specified operating units or activities of the organization.

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4.2- OH&S POLICYMUST BE:- Appropriate to the nature and scale of the organisation’

risks. State commitment to continual improvement. Commit to comply with current Health and Safety

Legislation. Be communicate to all Employees. Be available to all interested parties. Be Reviewed & Signed by Top/Senior management. Documented, Implemented and Maintained. There are others requirements covering like

communication and policy review. Compliance with Legal Requirements.

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4.3- PLANNING4.3.1 - Hazard identification, risk assessment and

determination controls Planning for hazard identified, risk assessment and risk control.

Organization have a procedures for Risk assessment and risk control and use the outputs from these procedures in setting OH&S objectives.

Hazard identified, risk assessment and risk control should be suitable for

the organization and sufficient and the hierarchy of control should be focused on elimination, substitution, engineering Controls, administrative controls and personal protective equipments.

4.3.2 - Legal and other requirements The OHSAS-18001 safety management system is intended to make all the

company’s employees aware and to have some understanding of their legal responsibilities

Legal and others requirements, organization must keep up to date records of the legal and other OH&S requirements which apply to them and ensure access to details of these requirements. The requirements must also be communicated to employees and other relevant interested parties.

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4.3.3 – Health and Safety Objectives and Programme(S).

• Objectives are reasonable, obtainable and measurable.

• The OH&S objectives are should address to the OH&S issues.

• The OH&S issues that is specific to the site and to individual functions and levels within the organization. It will also be useful to consider information or data from internal sources such as safety council together with external sources such as contractors and other interested parties.

• This programme should indentify all of the individuals who are responsible for delivering the OH&S objectives. It is necessary also to identify through the management programme the various tasks which need to be implement in order to achieve each objective.

• The allocation of appropriate responsibility with the necessary authorization for each task, together with allocated time-scales to each individual task should be documented within the programme.

• It should also provided relevant training and consultation to the personnel on the expected changes to working procedures.

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4.4 – IMPLEMENTATION AND OPERATION4.4.1 – Resources, roles, responsibility, accountability and

authority.• The role, responsibilities and authority of all personnel who perform duties

under the OH&S Management system should be defined. An organization structure chart may achieve this, together with clear definitions of responsibilities at the interfaces between different functions. There should also be job description and qualified personnel, related to their

4.4.2 – Competence, training and awareness.• This sub clause requires that personnel are competent to perform tasks that

may impact on OH&S and, when training is used to provide competence, it takes into account and ability and literacy of the trainees and the risk to which they will be exposed.

• It is the responsibility of each organization to ensure that they have the correct competent people in place, it is the organization own decision who they consider competent and they should have documented procedures for ensuring the competence of personnel to carry their designated functions.

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4.4.3 – Communication, participation and consultation.• Organization must be have procedures for communication on OH&S issues

and documented arrangements for employee involvement and consultation.

• The organization should encourage participation in good OH&S practices and support for its OH&S and objectives.

• It also requires involvement by contractors and others visitors along with company’s own employees.

4.4.4 – Documentation.• The organization should document and maintain and up to date by date

documentation to ensure that its OH&S management system can be adequately understood and efficiently operated.

4.4.5 – Document and data control.• Documentation and data should be available and accessible when required,

under routine and non routine conditions, including emergencies. All of the documents and data, which contain information that, is critical to the operation of the OH&S management system should be identified and controlled.

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4.4.6 -Operational control.• Identify operations and activities where risk requires further control• Plan these to ensure that

Documented procedures are developed. Operating criteria specify key steps and requirements. Procedures addressing risks related to contractor goods and services. Establish design procedures to reduce/eliminate source of risks. Work Instruction. Control related to purchase goods, equipments and services.

4.4.7 – Emergency preparedness and response• An organization should actively assess potential accidents and emergency

response needs.1) Documented emergency plans and procedure.2) Emergency equipments list.3) Test report of emergency equipments.4) Practice mock drills.

• The organization should plan to meet such needs, develop procedures to scope of them, test its planned responses and seek to improve the effectiveness of its response. A company’s position should no longer be just reactive but they should be as proactive as possible.

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4.5 – Checking and corrective actions

4.5.1 – Performance measurement and monitoring• The organization should establish and maintain procedures to monitor and

measure its OH&S performance on a regular basis. The time scale for this regular should be set by the organization.

• Monitoring the achievement of OH&S objectives• Quantitative and qualitative measures• Implement Proactive and reactive monitoring measures.• Calibration of monitoring equipment.• Records of the above to be kept.

4.5.2 – Evaluation of compliance4.5.2.1 – Establish, Implement and maintain a procedure for periodically

evaluating compliance with applicable legal requirements. --Establish, Implement and maintain a procedure for periodically evaluating compliance with other requirements to which it subscribes.

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4.5.3 – Incident, accident investigation and non-conformity, and corrective, preventive action.

• Organization must have procedures for investigating accidents, incidents and non conformity and for ensuring that appropriate corrective and preventive action is taken.

• Handle, investigate, mitigate Accidents Incidents Non-conformances Investigation process Team and procedures Root cause analysis Communicate the result of such investigation.

• Review action plans through risk assessment process.• Handle or immediate action.

Notification Emergency response Recordkeeping to facilitate investigation

Page 12: Ohsas 18001 awareness by bablu deo Corrective and preventive actions• Corrective Action: Action to eliminate the cause of a detected nonconformity or other

undesirable situation.• Preventive Action: Action to eliminate the cause of a potential nonconformity or other

undesirable potential situation

4.5.4 – Controls of Records • Identification, maintenance, and disposition of Health and safety Records.• Records must be:

Legible Identifiable Traceable to the activities involved Easily retrievable Protected from damage, deterioration, or loss Held for specified and documented retention times

4.5.5 – Internal auditInternal Auditing Needed to Establish:• Conformance with management system.• Whether systems are properly implemented.• Proper maintenance of systems / procedures.• Review of Previous Audits.• Audit results to be informed to senior management.

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4.6-Management Review • Top management needs to review the Health and Safety management System at

predetermined intervals (example: quarterly/Half Yearly)• Excellent way for getting top management feedback and support for key projects.• Establish a set agenda for the reviews:• Objectives and Targets Update• Regulatory Issues• Audit and Regulatory Inspection Results• Communications• Action Items From Last Review• Management reviews need to documented:• Meeting minutes with attendees• Hand-outs• PowerPoint slides

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No.PDCA Methodology OHSAS-18001


01 PLAN:- Establish the objective and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with organization's OH&S Policy.

02 DO:- Implement the Processes 4.4

03 CHECK:- Monitor and Measure Processes against OH&S Policy, Objectives, Legal and Others Requirements, and Report the results.


04 ACT:- Take actions and to continually improve OH&S performance.