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Transcript of Office 365 Administration Ron Schindler Ron@ See full Office 365 Admin course on Ron Schindler...

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  • Office 365 Administration Ron Schindler See full Office 365 Admin course on Ron Schindler See full Office 365 Admin course on #SPSUTAH
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  • Welcome! O Ron Schindler O Trainer and Consultant for over 20 years O Working with Office 365, previously BPOS since 2010BPOS O Trained Microsoft Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support agents. O Trained Microsoft Partners in United States and Canada for Office365 rollout. O Recently published a whole Office 365 Administration course for O Currently work as a Change Manager and SharePoint Site Admin for the State of Utah Medicaid Division. 3 #SPSUTAH
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  • Let Me Know O How many of you have been to this event in the past? O How many have not been in a Microsoft Office 365 account yet? O Who is using a part of Office 365 on your mobile device? O How many of you have been using Office 365 for 6 months or longer? O How many are Small Business Accounts? O How many are Midsize Business Accounts? O How many are Enterprise level accounts? O How many of you are using ALL the features of Office 365? O Anyone have hybrid environments with Exchange, SharePoint, or Lync? 4 #SPSUTAH
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  • Administration of Office 365 in one hour O The Admin Control Panel and Dashboard Highlights O Getting Help O Setup O Provisioning Users O Reports, Support, Purchasing Services, Messages, and Tools O Exchange Admin Tips O Lync Admin Tips O SharePoint Admin Tips 5 #SPSUTAH
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  • Admin Center Highlights O Right Side O Admin Shortcuts O Resources O Community O Middle O Information area Information here will vary upon options chosen in the left side navigational menu. O Left Side O Navigation to options or menu items to reach more information. 6 #SPSUTAH
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  • Getting Help O Right side navigation of the Admin Center O Resources are great for initial setup O Community is for answers to almost all other questions O Service Requests O Phone versus Web request O Phone should be for outages O Web request responses are pretty fast. O You will get support from ESL technicians after hours #SPSUTAH
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  • Setup O Quick Setup O Add a user or many O Add a domain O Advanced Setup You will need to register for a Windows Azure AD Identity in order to sign on. Once signed in... You will be able to specify to what level you will use Office 365. Will you be using Office 365 completely with no other servers? Will you be using your on premise Active Directory to just sync with Office 365? Will you be doing any federation between other farms or others outside your domain? You will be able to migrate your email from Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, or later. You will be able to migrate from Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise, or IMAP servers. You will be able to use analyzer tools to help setup DNS and other networking settings or be able to find a Microsoft partner that will help you through all the technical setup. #SPSUTAH
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  • Provisioning Users O One user at a time O Users and groups O Admin shortcuts O Quick Setup O Add multiple users through a.csv file O Download sample and edit O Sorting and Filtering Users #SPSUTAH
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  • All the other links O Domains O Licensing O Service Settings O Health O Reports O Support O Purchasing more O Messages and Tools #SPSUTAH
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  • Exchange Admin Tips O Add Resources first thing! O Use Mail Tips O Contacts O Mail Contact O Just an external email address O Mail User O Still external but has a logon to Exchange or Office 365 to access resources.
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  • Lync Tips O Organization O Presence information can be set globally O User can override this later O External Communications O Block or not O Turn on Skype federation
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  • SharePoint Admin Tips O Make note of storage amounts O Your 25 Gig plus all MySite totals O SkyDrive Pro (Soon to be OneDrive for Business) O Dont over assign to one user in SkyDrive O Settings O Yammer versus Newsfeed O Sharing O 2010 or 2013? O Enable Office on Demand
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  • Questions? O Thanks for attending and have a great day at the #SPSUTAH event! O Check out the full Office 365 Admin course at Ron Schindler