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A Catalog with 3D Content of varying lengths.

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  • Stereoscopic 3D Content Catalog
  • There are 15 families and over 2,900 species of snake in the world. Throughout human history they have been both revered and reviled; appearing as symbols of evil in the Bible and as healers in ancient Greece. There is no arguing that snakes with their long thin serpentine bodies lend themselves to being filmed in 3D. This film not only documents a variety of behaviour such as movement, hunting and defence but is also a 3D visual feast. Using a variety of camera techniques at different angles and in different locations this eye popping film is terrifying yet amazing. Length: 45 minutes Languages: English Snakes
  • The Baboon Diaries follows the dramas in the social life of the House Troop, as seen through the eyes of wildlife biologist Peter Tomlin. The series takes viewers into a spectacular mountainous landscape on a high plateau in the remote highlands of South Africa, where Peter has spent the last five years getting up close and personal with these extraordinary animals. He introduces us to the tough world of ritualised violence and sudden confrontations where baboon males fight for female favours and the tenure of the alpha male only lasts as long as the next serious challenge. Males with prized females must contend daily with lusting bachelor boys. Achiles is one of Peters oldest buddies and he has watched him grow into a full- blooded male with a family of his own. But Achiles is in trouble. His females are disgruntled and DJ is waiting in the wings. Its the way of all baboons. Length: 6 x 30 minutes Languages: English The Baboon Diaries
  • A stunningly beautiful, totally immersive 3D journey from Shuttle launch to the far edge of the known universe and back. Embrace one of the finest 3D experiences using images from Hubble and Cassini and using our very own custom technology to see the clouds of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, gaseous nebula and far away galaxies brought to life like you have never seen before. With full educational graphics, educational support, engaging sound mix and some of the best 3D you have ever seen. Space is truly gargantuan and has never looked so good. This is space travel at its best, you will love your COSMIC JOURNEY. Awards: Best Documentary at the New Media Film Festival Los Angeles 2012 & San Pedro International Film Festival 2012 Length: 50 & 22 minutes Languages: English & German
  • Dragons Feast Length: 52 minutes Languages: English Roger Horrocks sets out on a mission many people believe to be suicidal. His plan is to dive in the Okavango delta with over twenty feeding crocodiles. Roger was one of the pioneers of crocodile diving, but now he wants to see if they will accept him in the water, on the kill. The crocodiles rarely attack without forethought, in many cases watching their victims come down to the water for weeks, and then suddenly when they judge the perfect opportunity, they move in with their deadly set of weapons. Local people are not the only items on the crocodile menu; their cattle are often preyed upon. The cattles blood seeps into the green water and down stream; crocodiles pick up the scent and are drawn together in large groups. Like mythical dragons they congregate to feast on the swollen rotting meat. The feast begins and Roger and veteran shark-man Walter Bernardis enter the water. The water quality has dropped and the number of hungry crocodiles has increased, yet the two push on. The feast has a spectacular end with a massive 4 meter crocodile towing Walter across the river and away from the hungry circle of giant reptiles.
  • This 3D film provides a fascinating insight of the migratory pattern of the Thai people and the ponies of Lampang, who over time moved from one region of the world to another, both so vastly different; one the arid, rugged, open spaces of the Mongolian steppes and the other the humid flatlands and jungles of Thailand. Winner of the Viewers Choice 3D Documentary 2011.The producer has won the Association ofVirtual Worlds award for 3D Excellence. Length: 2 x 28 minutes Languages: English Explore 3DTravel:Trails of a Legend
  • For more than 80 years, fire ants have raged havoc across the United States, racking up six billion dollars every year in crop damage, equipment repair, and pest control. They have conquered more than 320 million acres in 13 U.S. states and killed at least 80 people. Embolden, they march on to conquer the world. Now, scientists are cracking the ants ancient secrets to success, enlisting crime scene forensics to track it, and breeding winged assassins to hunt them down. Directed by Award-winning filmmaker Michael Watchulonis and shot in stunning 3D macro photography - you will never look at an ant the same way again. Fire Ants 3D - the Invincible Army Length: 48 minutes Languages: English, French and German
  • Each one-hour episode of Anomaly follows lead investigator Jack Kassewitz as he applies breakthrough research on interspecies communication to paranormal phenomena. If there is a spirit world connected to ours, Kassewitz believes that bridge can be documented, measured, and explained. Kassewitz isnt a ghost hunter. Hes an expert in acoustics, a published scientist, and an Emmy-winning investigative journalist taking viewers on an intense adventure into reportedly haunted historic locations. Our proprietary full-spectrum 3D nightvision cameras peer through the darkness and see what the human eye cannot. And what they capture in High-Definition 3D is startling and completely unique in paranormal television. 3D puts the viewer in the dark, creepy, tension-filled rooms with our paranormal investigators like no other visual experience can. We want our audience to saddle up on the couch, slip their 3D glasses on, turn out the lights and come along for the ride. Do not take our word for it. Watch and see for yourself! Length: 2 x 60 minutes Languages: English
  • An award-winning 3D aerial adventure from hot air balloons that unveils the splendor and beauty of a mysterious land - Burma. An international balloonist group first visited Myanmar in 1998. Undeterred by critical press reports about the military regime, they wanted to get a birds-eye view of the country to see for themselves what was actually going on. They have been coming every year since, for the last thirteen years, and first encounters have turned into lasting friendships. Length: 58 minutes Languages: English & German Burma 3D Encounters in a Forgotten Country
  • 800 years ago, Genghis Khan dispatched thousands of hunters with their falcons into the vast grasslands before his huge riding army arrived. Their job was crucial - to provide sustenance in the form of foul, deer and other game for the hungry hordes. In modern times, supermarkets and guns have made falconry redundant as a form of hunting, but many are still in awe of the birds sheer power and beauty. This film follows a dedicated group of people with their birds during training sessions, public performances and in their private lives. The unique bond between man and bird is exemplified each time these wild birds are released to fly and by free will decide to return, always landing on the trusted hands of its owners. Filmed in Italy, Germany and Switzerland using new 3D Camera systems this documentary showcases spectacular wildlife and landscapes. Length: 62 minutes Languages: English & German Call of Hawks
  • MicroPlanet Directed by award-winning filmmaker Michael Watchulonis, MicroPlanet 3D takes viewers on a groundbreaking adventure into the tiny kingdoms of thieves, assassins, and gentle souls alike. See microscopic flatworms with miraculous powers of regeneration dig through the muck of a freshwater lake. Witness ferocious antlions build deathtraps and ambush fire ants. Learn how water striders do the seemingly impossible - walk on water. And watch sneaky toads find a mate on a beautiful moonlit night. Spectacular 3D cinematography puts the audience inches away from some of the most bizarre and beautiful little creatures . Length: 42 minutes Languages: English & German
  • In one of the most remote regions of Mongolia, exclusive 3D footage of a western Mongolian Eagle Festival is captured; with intimate snippets of life in a Mongolian Gur, lodge and rare images of what it takes to survive in this vast, frigid landscape. Finalist for the IMAX Awards Contest 2013 & the producer has won theAssociation ofVirtualWorlds award for 3D Excellence Explore 3DTravel: Of Hunters & Eagles:The Golden Eagle Festival ofWestern Mongolia Length: 25 minutes Languages: English
  • This four part documentary series celebrates the lives of some very special baby animals at Zoos and Wildlife Parks around South Africa. Cubs n Pups follow these characters from when they are tiny until they grow up and face the real world. Many have been rescued and are hand reared by people who have given their lives to keeping these tiny creatures alive. This uplifting series has no shortage of cute animal babies and will be adorable from top to bottom. Alongside the cuteness we learn that sometimes the most extreme challenges occur in the first