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  • A Museum of Science Traveling Program

    Now Hear This: The Sound of Science

  • Description

    Now Hear This: The

    Sound of Science is an

    exciting 60-minute

    presentation about the

    physics of sound and


  • Needs

    We bring all materials

    and equipment, including

    a video projector and

    screen. Access to 110-

    volt electricity is required.

  • Space Requirements

    The program can be presented in assembly-

    suitable spaces like gyms, multipurpose rooms,

    cafeterias, and auditoriums.

  • Goals: Vibrations

    We establish that sounds

    are a kind of vibration

    that require a medium to

    travel through. In the

    vacuum of a bell jar, no air

    means no vibration—and

    therefore no sound!

  • Goals: Waves

    We demonstrate that

    sound is a type of wave,

    that can be measured by

    both Frequency and


  • Goals: Waves

    These waves can be

    visualized with tools like a

    Chladni Plate, which can

    also demonstrate the

    concept of interference.

  • Goals: Energy

    Sound is demonstrated to

    be a kind of energy that

    can turn into other kinds,

    and vice versa, like with a

    Rijke Tube that creates

    sound from heat.

  • Sound and Music

    These changes in energy

    can be used to create

    extraordinary music from a

    Theremin or a Musical

    Tesla Coil.

  • Finale

    A wine glass is shattered by a sound of the

    precise resonant frequency.

  • Program Details • Can be booked for

    school groups.

    • Appropriate for third-,

    fourth-, fifth- or sixth-

    grade students studying

    sound and waves.

    • A 45-minute introductory

    version can be booked

    for mixed third- through

    sixth-grade groups.

  • Program Details

    • Capacity is eight classes

    (200 students) per


    • Up to two consecutive

    sessions can be taught

    per day.

  • NGSS Connections • 4-PS3-1. Use evidence to construct an explanation relating the speed of an object to

    the energy of that object.

    • 4-PS3-2. Make observations to show that energy can be transferred from place to

    place by sound, light, heat, and electric currents.

    • 4-PS3-4. Apply scientific principles of energy and motion to test and refine a device that

    converts kinetic energy to electrical energy or uses stored energy to cause motion or

    produce light or sound.

    • 4-PS4-1. Develop a model of a simple mechanical wave (including sound) to

    communicate that waves (a) are regular patterns of motion along which energy travels

    and (b) can cause objects to move.

    • 4-PS4-3. Develop and compare multiple ways to transfer information through encoding,

    sending, receiving, and decoding a pattern.

    • 6.MS-PS4-1. Use diagrams of a simple wave to explain that (a) a wave has a repeating

    pattern with a specific amplitude, frequency, and wavelength, and (b) the amplitude of a

    wave is related to the energy of the wave.

    • 6.MS-PS4-2. Use diagrams and other models to show that both light rays and

    mechanical waves are reflected, absorbed, or transmitted through various materials.

  • NGSS Scientific and Engineering

    Practices Incorporated

    • Asking questions and defining problems.

    • Planning and carrying out investigations.

    • Using mathematics and computational thinking.

    • Developing and using models.

    • Analyzing and interpreting data.

    • Constructing explanations and designing solutions.

  • 2017 – 2018 Prices

    Modest mileage fees are charged for sites more than 30 miles away.

    Sessions per Day Price

    1 Session $525

    2 Sessions $900

  • Now Hear This: The Sound of Science

    For information/reservations:


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