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  • 1. WP 6NoTube ArchitectureFabio Cattaneo (Polymedia)Polymedia, VUA, Pronetics, IRT, OT, OU, RAI

2. Presentation Index Year 3 Goals Year 3 Achievements Final Platform Architecture Market and Technology Evaluation Introduction Popular Platforms Overview Summary of Mainstream Solutions Hardware, Services and Social Comparison with NoTube NoTube User Portal Overview User Categories Integration Demo Life after NoTube Foreground Target Markets and Sustainability Active during NoTube NoTube Impact Factor Linked in NoTube Learned During NoTube26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 2 3. WP6 Year 3 Goals1. Evolution towards use-case independency2. Provide support for development and integration of new services3. Analysis of NoTube adoption impact4. Complete development of common modules Sustainability26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 3 4. WP6 Year 3 AchievementsEvolutions towards UC independency / Integration supportDesigned and developed the NoTube User Portalincluding: Web-based front-end Static details user management (based on Virtuoso, with SPARQL end-point) Integration of the Beancounter (activity logging on social networks WP3) RESTful back-end services related to the abovefunctionalities26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 4 5. WP6 Year 3 Achievements Complete development of common modules Implemented the front-end driving Social Networksstream subscription Heavily improved and refactored the user managermodule integration, responsible for managing thesecurity flow between the Notube Apps and theAPIs.26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 5 6. WP6 Year 3 Achievements NoTube adoption impact [1/2] Performed the Evaluation Designed evaluation questionnaires for: WP2, WP4 Metadata and Content related services developers WP7 (a, b, c) Broadcasters/Use case leaders WP3 User Profile related services developers Created guidelines for low-level technical evaluationactivities related to security and privacy preservation Created, published and maintained online surveys Collected, elaborated and circulated evaluation resultshighlighting potential weaknesses and mitigation actions26-27 March 2012 NoTube 3rd review 6 7. WP6 Year 3 Achievements NoTube adoption impact [2/2] Collected and analysed information about parallel solutionsoutside the NoTube platform domain sharing similarities orproviding inspiration and/or updates in terms of technologicalavailability. Technical similarities to understand pros and cons offered bythe different solutions compared to our project in current andfuture stages are considered in this survey along with devices,delivery models and standards.26-27 March 2012 NoTube 3rd review 7 8. WP6 Year 3 Achievements Consolidation and reporting Supported evaluation/testing and disseminationduring the consolidation phase (M34-M36) Created the D6.4 NoTube Integrated System 3rdPrototype due M33 (Milestone 4)26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 8 9. Final Platform Architecture26-27 March 2012 NoTube 3rd review 9 10. Market and Technology Evaluation Introduction Web, Social, Mobile and TV are merging. Smartphones/Tablets as advanced remote controls: Interact with social networks while watching TV Comment with friends and communities Apps on TVs help to browse and consume multimediacontents. The market presents mainstream products supportedby 2 main categories: 1. Electronics and software giants Focus on popular socialnetworks integration and basic suggestion mechanisms 2. Smaller start-ups Focus on a new content consumptionexperience basing on social graphs26-27 March 2012 NoTube 3rd review 10 11. Market and Technology EvaluationPopular Platforms Overview Google TV - TV-based ecosystem from Google Yahoo! Connected TV TV-based platform from Yahoo, provides a hugelist of widgets Apple TV Proprietary standalone digital media receiver from Apple Samsung Smart TV Popular TV platform bringing the mobile worldsApps concept to TV sets. Boxee Seamlessly support multiple network sources delivery Rovi Connected Platform - Enables Android-based devices connecting toan array of network-capable devices. Zune Microsofts video rental service Netflix, Hulu Very popular online sources for multimedia contentsrental, accessible from a wide variety of devices including gaming consoles 26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review11 12. Market and Technology Evaluation Summary of Mainstream SolutionsCommercial products focus on 2 main areas: CONTENT-CENTRICUSER-CENTRIC Sony Internet TV IntoNow Logitech Revue TunerFish Apple TV Miso Samsung Smart TV Yap.TV Yahoo! Connected TV GetGlue Microsoft Zune Video Rental Boxee Lava 26-27 March 2012 NoTube 3rd review 12 13. Market and Technology EvaluationHardware Comparison ChartSolution Name PC Set-Top Box TV GamingSmartphone Tablet DedicatedConsoleSupportSupport ControllerNoTube Google TV Yahoo! ConnectedTV Apple TVSamsung Smart TV BoxeeNetflix* Hulu* Zune** its a multimedia service, not a full platform 26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 13 14. Market and Technology Evaluation Services Comparison Chart Solution Name Native Apps Native PersonalNativeNative Content Native SocialSupportProfile PersonalisedEnrichmentSupportManagement Recommendation NoTubeGoogle TVYahoo! Connected TVApple TV Samsung Smart TVBoxee Netflix*Hulu*Zune** its a mutlimedia service, not a full platform 26-27 March 2012 NoTube 3rd review 14 15. Market and Technology EvaluationSocial Comparison ChartSolution Social Activity Chat and EPGPersonal Check-in AchievemeAmbient NameNetworks Streams GroupsRecommen nts (bonus SensingIntegration dationcontentsunlock)NoTubeIntoNowTunerFishMiso Yap.TVGetGlue26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review15 16. NoTube User PortalOverview The NoTube User Portal has been redesigned: HTML + JQuery framework for the front-end Integrates the Beancounter Supports NoTube Apps Supports End-Users and Administrators Provides back-end RESTful services for integration26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 16 17. NoTube User Portal User Categories Administrators can: Edit NoTube Apps in terms of configuration panel,description, icon, etc. Add new NoTube Apps, by importing a properly formattedapplication manifest End-Users can: Manage profile information Browse NoTube Apps and choose the desired one,granting/denying access to static and dynamic profile data26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 17 18. NoTube User PortalIntegration 2 demo Apps have been included in the repository:1. EPG Integrates EPG services provided by NoTube together with user preferences accessed through the Portal back-end2. Enrichment Integrates recommendation services linked to the user profile and enrichment services Project Use Cases can be treated as NoTube Appswith the following Integration Requirements: 1st Level: provide a Web-based entry point (URI) 2nd Level: adapt the application logic in order to invoke Portal back-end services (profile management and application custom preference management)26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review18 19. NoTube User Portal26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 19 20. NoTube User Portal26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 20 21. NoTube User Portal Login26-27 March 2012 NoTube 3rd review 21 22. NoTube User Portal Home26-27 March 2012 NoTube 3rd review 22 23. NoTube User Portal Edit Profile (1/2)26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 23 24. NoTube User Portal Edit Profile (2/2)26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 24 25. NoTube User Portal Adding a Social Network (OAUTH)26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 25 26. NoTube User Portal Privacy Protection26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 26 27. NoTube User Portal Adding Apps26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 27 28. NoTube User Portal App-Specific Configuration26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 28 29. NoTube User Portal App Showcase (EPG)26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 29 30. NoTube User PortalApp Showcase (Enrichment)26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 30 31. NoTube User Portal Apps Administrator26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 31 32. NoTube User Portal New App Description26-27 March 2012NoTube 3rd review 32 33. NoTube User PortalNew App Configuration Panel Visual Editing26-27 March 2012 NoTube 3rd review 33 34. Life after NoTube ForegroundPolymedia and KIT digital are alreadyworking on a further implementationof the Social TV product( business interest is focused on the experienceacquired in NoTube about:Delivering Interactive Broadband TVImproving Mobile TV Remote with EPG functionalitiesImplementing advanced search functionalitiesImproving Profile Management with social activitiesImproving Content Recommendations26-27 March 2012 NoTube 3rd review 34 35. Life after NoTube Target Market and Sustainability Polymedia customer base includes: Large broadcasters (Mediaset, RAI and La7 in Italy, Telecinco in Spain) Triple and quadruple player telecom operators (Telecom Italia,FastWeb/Swisscom Group, Vodafone Italia, 3 Italia and Belgacom) Editorial and publishing groups (De Agostini, Mondadori, Il Sole 24 ore,ADNKronos, Sport Network in Italy and the Guardian Media Group Regional inUK) Advertising agencies and directories (Publitalia 80 and Seat Pagine Gialle) In addition to that, Polymedia, part of KIT digital family, directly benefitsfrom the holding companys market strength: Leading global provider of video asset management and multi-screen IP-baseddelivery solutions Revenue model mainly based on recurring SaaS showing a strong andconsistent revenue growth26-27 March 2012 NoTube 3rd review35 36. Active during NoTube 2011 Joined IBC 2011 Supported Semantic Personalised News demonstrator preparation Advertised NoTube jointly with commercial demonstrations at Polymedia and KITdigital stands. Joined NEM-Summit 2011 UC 7a by RAI and Polymedia at RAIs booth Supported the preparation of the UC 7.a presentation Papers available in NEM Conference Proceedings( Organised internal meetings with the followin