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  • 1. NIGHTLIFE SCENEAnnie Taylor, Ben Lorimer, Alex Karam, Celeste De La Rosa
  • 2. RAINEY STREET 4TH STREET, EAST 6TH STREET Communities discovered within these scenes- Association for Women in Communication- UT MBA- Local Arts Community- Slow Food Revolution- Music Community- Collective of Lady Arm Wrestling
  • 3. ASSOCIATION FOR WOMEN IN COMMUNICATION-Lustre Pearl sponsors events everymonth- Austin Association for Women inCommunication- Karen ONeal- Andrea G. Michnik
  • 4. CLAWSTIN COLLECTIVE OF LADY ARM WRESTLERS Clawstin meets on the 13th of every month at Bar 96 Pro wrestlers and roller derbies $5 at door goes to 1House At A Time Mission: CLAW USA exists toempower women & strengthen local communities through theater, arm wrestling & philanthropy
  • 5. LOCATE/ENGAGE/WOW When you hear them, you are Mazzel Tov Cocktail Hour really hearing sounds from that era Locate: Play every Monday at East from places far from Austin. I Side Show Room, found out via events really do believe one gets an calendar exciting taste of what one might Have their own website, post about it have experienced [pre-WWII) in there places like Eastern Europe when Engage: the environment and drink you hear Mazel Tov Cocktail Hour. specials combined with the traditional -Mickie Spencer (owner) klezmer music made you feel like you were in another world Wow!: You get history along with the performance
  • 7. COMMUNITY IN ITSELFIcenhauers One of the aspects Clive that makes Rainey Street so attractive is close proximity of these house bars in relation to each other. Theyre all just a few houses apart Lustre Pearl Bar 96
  • 8. Karaoke Night Salsa Night Association for Live Music Performers Women in College Night Communication Ladies Night UT MBA Halloween Costume Local Arts Contest Community Slow Food Revolution Local Music Community Rainey Street Communities Night Life Clive/Lustre Gay Community Clawstin Lady Arm Scene Pearl/Bar 96 Wrestlers Icenhauers East 6th Street East Side Showroom Cheer Up Charlies Shangri La 4th Street Rain Oilcan Harrys