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What is being done to improve nightlife safety in Glasgow?

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  • 1.Glaswegian Nightlife:What has been done to improve safety?
    Fraser Rummens

2. Glaswegian Nightlife
Nightlife in Glasgow has long been stigmatised with a high rate of alcohol-related violence and crime.
What is being done to battle this?
3. NITE ZONE Safer Transport Initiative
There are two Nite Zones in operation in the city centre - in Gordon Street and SauchiehallStreet.
These areas benefit from enhanced public street lighting, additional CCTV cameras, public help points, and taxi and bus marshalls who look after queues for transport at night.
Initially established in Gordon Street in December 2005 the project was extended to Sauchiehall Street in June 2006 and also operates in Byres Road over the festive periods.
More than 1.5 million people from Glasgow and beyond have gone through the Nite Zone since the project began. Nite Zones have contributed to lower crime rates, quicker dispersal of users of the night time economy, reduction of queue jumping and spontaneous violence and also a cleaner environment.
4. Improved CCTV
5. Improved surveillance throughout the city centre
6. Public Space CCTV
Public Space CCTV operates from a state-of-the-art control centre in the north of Glasgow, where all the city's CCTV cameras are monitored.
There are currently more than 420 public space cameras across the city, covering the city centre and residential areas across Glasgow. The operation is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The centre is fully supported by Strathclyde Police, with direct links to the police area control centre.
Police officers also use the CCTV centre to monitor and manage major events across the city, such as football matches and concerts.
Public space CCTV is pivotal in supporting GCSS and its partners in helping to reduce crime, and the fear of crime, by tackling wider community issues such as vandalism, graffiti, fly-posting and willful fire-raising.
In addition GCSS operates mobile CCTV across the city, linking upwith the control centre. Community Safety Patrol Officers patrol the city in CCTV vehicles, gathering information on antisocial behaviour and environmental incivilities.
7. Increased police presence
The City Centre Policing Plan has increased the number of officers from 25 to about 70 in the main areas of pubs and clubs around Sauchiehall Street, Renfield Street, Hope Street, Union Street, Jamaica Street and Queen Street on Friday and Saturday nights
8. Venue security
Oran Mor, Byres Road
9. Public space lighting
Ashton Lane, West End
Bath Street, City Centre
10. Drinks promotions

  • Drink promotions face harsh criticism for promoting binge drinking

11. Many could be banned in the future in a bid to battle alcohol-related crimeNude, Ashton Lane, West End
12. Improved taxi rank facilities
Byres Road, West End
Glasgow Central Station
13. Frequent public transport
14. Policing the city that never sleeps is a round-the-clock exercise and one which we take great pride in. Indeed, given that the city attracts some 400,000 workers, shoppers and tourists on a daily basis, it is our priority to ensure that they can do so safely. Testament to this is our high visibility presence, passion for public reassurance and commitment to reducing violence.
Strathclyde Police