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Branding Design for Nha Tran Delicacies Nha Tran is a Social Entrepreneur Project dedicated to support Vietnam Rural Families and traditional handcraft.

Transcript of Nha Tran Brand Brief

An investment project under AESIR LIMITED (HK SAR) since 2014

Rejuvenate Asian Food: Connect Future with the Past Merge Modern & Tradition

Nh Trn started as a project, focus on Packaging and Interior Outlet Design.

Aspiring to become a movement Creating, grooming, restyling Asian Foods Brands

We are building an iconic heritage food brand from Vietnam that we could use as a premium gift.

We found only few can truly represent Vietnam on Package presentation while we also discovered that a lot of local brands are fading.

Due to upcoming hypercompetitive markets with TPP, WTO Treaties, Traders Mentality, lack of Brand sensitivity, Nh Trn is trying to make a move..

ProjectWe are building a heritage brand that we could restyle the image and maintain the priceless cultural and social value.

Within 100 Days, we aim to challenge ourselves start selling in 2 key Tourists spots to breakeven

Project ChallengeA way to Merge 2 very different Cultures

Applying the Contemporary Design while respecting Vietnam food heritage and origin.

Transforming a frugal practical product into a Vietnam icon

BrandNha Tran (Eng: Family Chan / Dynasty Chan) Tran in Vietnamese = Chan in HongKong. It gives people a clear message of a Family Brand Heritance. Chan Dynasty (Nh Trn, ) 1225 1400 is one of the most glorious dynasty in Viet Nam History, most famous driving the Mongolian invasion away.

BrandColour: The Red Colour in Viet Nam is a traditional bridal colour, as the symbol of one of the Five Elements (Fire), It gives a feeling of getting expansive, blooming, dynamic, enthusiastic, reaching upwards, good luck, celebration, happiness, joy, vitality, long life.

Graphics: Symbol of Star comes from Viet Nam National Flag, while the Asian pattern symbology as a crown represents the Excellence Culture that the brand stands for.The Background Graphic as Octagon (8 Sided Polygon) 8 represents Good will / Wealth in Asian Culture. which is in conjunction with the Buddhist concept of the eightfold path.Font : Charlemagne Std Bold were the basis of the highly refined versal capitals of late tenth-century England. Charlemagne has spiky serifs, but retains clean lines and proportions. Its considerable charm makes it ideal for advertising, packaging, and other display uses that require a unique look.


THE IDENTITYCreate an iconic brand, we started with an icon, an icon that everyone knows

5-Point star representing VN



WE ARECulture LoversWe believe in beauty of creation and driving to conserve pieces of great cultural, social & financial valueEntrepreneursWe are adventurers ! We take risks that pay off. We believe in growth come from greater valuesDesignersWith our creations, we believe that the world can be a better place. We want to leave a significant footprint and create meaning, to prevent the end of something good.

Thanks Cm nContact: ernest.chan@nhatran.vn +852 9609 6892hung.tran@nhatran.vn (+84) 090 363 7084