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October . 2012 1 Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority EGYPT THIS MONTH Issue 40 October 2012 Live Colors Egypt Getting to Know Egypt History buffs, passionate about the arts or adventure lovers, Egypt has something for you in every city

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Getting to Know Egypt History buffs, passionate about the arts or adventure lovers, Egypt has something for you in every city

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  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority Egypt this MonthOctober 2012 Issue 40 Getting to Know Egypt Live Colors Egypt History buffs, passionate about the arts or adventure lovers, Egypt has something for you in every city October . 2012 1
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egypt is versatile, diverse and home to one of the Gebel Elba Aswan at sunset 50 million Egyptian pounds to oldest civilizations in the world. From the Deltas religious monuments to the Pyramids in its capital, the outskirts of pave the roads leading to Giza Sinai to the sands of the White Desert and pristine waters Plateau of the Red Sea, Egypt is renowned for its abundance of archaeological, pleasure and historical sites. Regardless of what your interests and passion is, you will find something you will want to see or do during your stay in the land of the Pharaohs. Here is a round-up of some of the high lights that may not be on your agenda. Marsa Alam Located 325km south of Hurghada, Marsa Alam Roman and ancient Egyptian art can be fused together. The Minister of State for Antiquities inaugurated Apis encompasses some of the worlds top diving sites. In This area also includes numerous tombs, like tomb of tombs at Saqqara necropolis known as the Serapeum addition to its famous diving and kite surfing sites, if you are Petozeris, tomb of Azadora and tomb of Tehot. after a ten-year restoration process. a nature lover, Marsa Alam is also home to the rare and exotic wildlife of Gebel Elba National Park. The park lies Cairo The inauguration of the Serapeum that were dis- 250km south of Marsa Alam, between the small town of covered in 1851 are a starting point for a series of Berenice and Egypts border with Sudan. The metropolitan capital with its buzzing nightlife and forthcoming openings of several monuments and great historical heritage, has a lot more to offer than just archaeological sites in different regions in Egypt, This mountainous area harbors an array of bird species the usual touristic sites. declared the Minister. including the Sooty Falcon, the Crowned Sandgrouse and Meidum Pyramid the Pharaoh Eagle Owl. Its highest peaks, including the Al Aqmar Mosque: It is considered to be one of the most The restoration process of the Serapeum dedicated Gebel Elba, together form a mist oasis, the main reason prevailing of the Fatimid architecture. Al-Aqmar is literally to the worship of the Apis bull included fortifying the for the abundance of local flora and wildlife. known as the Moonlit and sometimes as the Gray mosque, walls and ceilings of the Apis tombs and corridors, of most probably due to its pale creamy stone color, hence which some sections were partially deteriorated and Beni Suef reflecting the moonlight. The mosque is one of the first and steel scaffolding was installed for the Serapeum vaulted unusual mosques to have a lavishly carved and decorated ceilings. The limestone floors were was covered with This city lies 120 km south of Cairo on the west side of the stone faade. wooden plaques in order to facilitate walking around its Nile bank. Despite being a small and industrial city, it hosts different sections while at the same time preserving the several touristic attractions. Amir Taz Palace: Found on Suyufiya street, is the immense original floors, which can be seen through small windows palace of Amir Taz. Completed in 1352, this sprawling sections along the entire length. The restoration also The Beni Suef Museum is a two-floored establishment that palace complex was built by Amir Taz in celebration of his included the setting up of temperature control systems. boasts an assortment of ornaments and artifacts from the marriage to Sultan Al Nasirs daughter. The palace suffered days of the Pharaohs, Romans and Greeks, in addition to great damage over time, but has been restored and is a Serapeum was a name usually applied to building some items from the Coptic Christian and Islamic eras. wonder to explore. With endless hallways and rooms and associated with the cult of the Apis bulls representing a massive courtyard, the palace can easily eat up a whole Ptahhotep. The legendary Serapeum is where the Another popular site is the Meidum Pyramid; a somewhat afternoon. sacred bulls of Apis are buried which was thought to large pyramid surrounded by mastabas (a type of ancient (porch leading to the entrance of a building). have been an incarnation of Ptah. Egyptian tomb). This pyramid was built for Huni, the last king Alexandria of the Third Dynasty. Another must-see sight is the Ashmouneen or the Baboon The Serapeum construction started from the 18th Figure of Thoth from the 18th Dynasty. This historical site The second city of the country is ideally located directly dynasty King Amenhotep III to the 19th dynasty King Menya encompasses fragments from originally eight colossal on the Mediterranean coast. It is Egypts largest seaport Ramses II and continued through the 26th Dynasty King baboon-like figurines made of brown quartzite and were and is home to some of its most important touristic venues. Psamtek to the 30th dynasty up to the Ptolemaic era Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt This historical and culturally rich city is Menya is located salvaged from the foundations of the Ptolemic Thoth around 1405 BC, when Alexander the Great conquered 245km south of Cairo and has been dubbed by its residents Temple. They were originally donated to the court temple The most famous and beautiful mosque in Alexandria is Egypt and the Apis bull was worshiped. as the Bride of Upper Egypt. during the reign of Amenophis III. Each figurine weighs over El Mursi Abul Abbas Mosque. It is located in the Anfoushi 35 tons and are still in very good shape. district near the Fort of Qaitbay, not too far from the After the bulls death, it was taken along the sacred Beni Hassan in Menya is home to a total of 39 tombs of Corniche. It was built in the 1940s. way from Memphis to Saqqara where it was ceremo- members from the 12th and 13th Dynasties. This site is Tel El Amarna, located on the eastern bank of the Nile nially embalmed and buried in the temple erected in an example of the great craftsmanship and artistic talent in Menya, is an ancient Egyptian city built by Pharaoh The Saint Marc College and church is an excellent form Meet Rahina Sakkara. of the Ancient Egyptians. The tombs were hewn out of a Akhenaton of the late 18th Dynasty. Most of this historical of architecture; the Roman Catholic School was founded mountainous area, in the form of a single chamber. site is still intact and is definitely worth paying a visit. in 1928 by the Lassalian Brothers and inaugurated by King The Serapeum was discovered in 1851 by French Fuad I. The College is located in Al Shatby district. Egyptologist Auguste Mariette, founder of the first The older tombs were not decorated and had plain Tuna Al Jebel is located west of the Ashmouneen, and department of the Egyptian antiquities Museum. entrances, while the facades of the newer tombs were served as a burial site under the reign of the Romans. It is Also, not to be missed is the Abu Mina Monastery, which Mariette discovered the Apis bull tombs. meticulously decorated with double columns and a portico comprised of several burial homes; a great example of how is around 50 km from Alexandria. 2 October . 2012 October . 2012 3
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Morsi Abul Abbas Mosque Abu Simbel Sound & Light Show Egypt air announced resuming Cotton Stock Exchange is one of Aswan the oldest stock exchange markets of its Osaka/Cairo flights in the world. Its first transaction Aswan is a mesmerizing city in took place in 1885 in Europe Upper Egypt. It is renowned for Egypt air officially announced resuming of its Osaka Caf on Des Consuis Square its unequivocal array of historical to Cairo flights as of December 2012. The carrier will fly (currently known as Mohamed Aly treasures and beautiful landscapes. twice weekly on Thursdays and Saturdays and return to Square) Cotton buyers and sellers Cairo on Fridays and Sundays. conducted all their business deals The Nubia Museum is highly and negotiations in this area. In recommended to spend one 1899, the stock exchange building full afternoon there, where you El Gouna Hosts FVW Workshop was constructed, under the reign of are introduced to the history of Khedive Abbas II. Despite being no Nubia or nwbt, which means the Driving Recovery of German Tour- longer an active business entity, it Land of Gold in ancient Egyptian ism to Egypt is still considered an architecturally Language. a 120-room mud-brick fort from which it got its name. The admirable that is definitely worth villages residents used the fort as a means of protection El Gouna, Red Sea hosted on 2 September the FVW paying a visit. Aswan Cultural Center Every night from attack by rival tribes. The fort collapsed in 1958, but Workshop on tourism in Egypt. Designed to give German Nubian dancers and musicians al lot of its remains and ruins still exist today, including participants direct contact with Egyptian tourism lead- What is better to know the history perform in the Cultural Center, just narrow alleyways and houses made of sun-dried bricks with ers and the opportunity to experience the situation in of a country than through its off the Corniche. Folklore troupes wooden doors. the country for themselves, the workshop welcomed 25 museums: recreate scenes from village life German travel agents, senior managers and tour opera- and perform the famous Nubian During your stay in Farafra, make sure you pay Badrs tors. Government and industry figureheads shared their The Alexandria National Museum mock stick-fight dances. Museum a visit, even if you are not an art lover, you will commitment to supporting the recovery of tourism. is located in a restored Italian style not be disappointed. The museum boasts the creative palace on Al-Horreya Street. It Nubian Museum Abu Ruins A path through collection of the first oasis artist Badr Abdel Moghni who Andre Illmer, Director of Destination Services at TUI, contains about 1,800 artifacts that the garden behind the Aswan built his museum in the style of a traditional Farafran home. Europes leading travel group affirmed that travel to narrate the story of Alexandria and Museum leads to the evocative The museum showcases sand sculptures and paintings, in Egypt is recovering. We registered over 20% more cus- Egypt Visitors will see Pharaonic ruins of ancient Abu. Swiss and addition to a garden filled with unconventional sculptures. tomers to Egypt in the summer of 2012 compared to pieces, Graeco-Roman, including German teams, excavating there 2011 and we have ambitious plans to increase customer archeological underwater since the early 20th century, have Luxor figures in Egypt which is why we raised airline capacities excavations, Coptic, Islamic and made the site into an outdoor and ordered around 85% of the flight seats guaranteed. Modern eras. museum. Numbered plaques and One of Egypts favorite winter destinations, which is also reconstructed buildings mark the home to an abundant number of historical and cultural Sun Express, a leading charter flight operator also Graeco Roman Museum. islands long history from around sites. In addition to its ancient monuments and temples, shared their positive outlook. Weve transported almost Covering the Greek and Roman 3000 BC to the 14th century AD. the Luxor Heritage Center, inaugurated in 2007, has added 300,000 passengers between Germany and Egypt since periods in Egyptian history, this a modern twist to the citys ancient favorites. The center, starting operations in November 2011, said Benjamin small museum has an interesting The largest structure in the site is represented by CULTNAT and the Supreme Council of Luxor, Weidmann, Senior Strategy Manager. Farafra Oasis collection of exhibits including the partially reconstructed Temple includes a Panorama of Culture, Star Riders Exhibition Hall, statues, coins and other artefacts of Khnum. Other highlights include 3D Show Hall and a Public Library. from nearby sites. Among the a small 4th-dynasty step pyramid, Wadi El Rayan Waterfall highlights at Alexandrias Graeco thought to have been built by The Panorama of Culture is an interactive showcase Roman Museum are a black granite Sneferu (2613-2589 BC, father of of documentation of Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic, natural statue of an Apis Bull and the god Khufu of Great Pyramid fame); a tiny and modern Egyptian heritage; the first of its kind in the Serapis and mummies, including a Ptolemaic chapel, reconstructed world. The Star Riders Hall boasts a collection of astrological mummified crocodile. from the Temple of Kalabsha, a equipment displayed to demonstrate the contributions of reconstructed 18th-dynasty Temple the Islamic culture and leadership in astrology. The 3D is Royal Jewelry Museum is located built by Hatshepsut, a cemetery for comprised of three rooms that showcase selected historical Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt in the Zizinia neighborhood. The sacred rams and the ruins of an pieces from different eras. recently renovated museum is one Aramaic Jewish colony dating from of the citys most prized possessions, the 5th century BC. Fayoum and is definitely a site worth visiting. The museum building was originally Farafra Oases Fayoum is the largest oasis in the country and is located home to Princess Fatma El Zahraa, 100km south west of Cairo. Famous for its exquisite and is considered an architectural Farafra is the second largest landscapes and luscious green spaces, in addition to being masterpiece. The museum depression in Western Egypt, and is home to several historical sites, you should definitely add showcases an assortment of rare located mid way between Dakhla Fayoum on your list of places to visit during your stay in Egypt. the southern one. Hence, the reed-clad channel linking the paintings, statues and an exquisite and Bahariya Oases. two lakes ends in a row of falls that are a couple of meters collection of jewels from the 19th Wadi El Rayan: One of its most popular attractions is high. A picture perfect image of luscious green space and century Mohamed Ali Dynasty. Qasr El Farafra. The old village of the waterfall. The falls are some of the very few in Egypt, miniature natural waterfalls, make Wadi El Rayan makes an Qasr El Farafra was based around which occur due to the northern lake being higher than ideal picnic spot. 4 October . 2012 October . 2012 5
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter CalendAr Karnak Sound & Light Show Luxor Sound & Light Show Pyramids Sound & Light Show September 2012 Art Eco-lodges: Your visit to Fayoum will not be complete 1st - 20th without spending at least one night in one of their cozy and Aswan Bedrooms aesthetically pleasing eco-lodge. El Mandara El Fayoum At each Philae Sound and Light show, the Egyptian gods A photographic exhibition is situated right on Lake Qarun; a great place for fishing. and goddesses are, like Osiris, resurrected before our eyes By Anne-Marie Filaire. After exploring, The ten-year old eco-lodge is made up of ten suites and to tell us their life stories. The myth of Isis and Osiris comes for more than ten years, the landscape five rooms. One of the main points of attraction in this tiny to life through dazzling lights and capturing music, with and borders in the Middle East, photog- compound is a mud brick oven hidden away against a sounds from the deepest bottoms of ancient history. This rapher Anne-Marie presents her work wall, in addition to a never ending supply of miniature palm- show brings history and the past to life, making you feel on Arab teenagers. She took pictures of covered roof top lounges. Two of the suites have their very the temple alive around you. students in girls bedrooms in Alexandria own pool-like tubs overlooking the lake. and Cairo, following her works in Iraq Abu Simbel and Morocco. Her pictures invite us to Fayoums most popular eco-lodge is Zad El Mosafer. Built The Sound and Light show at Abu Simbel will transport discover those young girls intimacy in a in 2001 by journalist turned author Abdo Gobeer. The eco- you to another time. Enchanting you with melodious changing society lodge is spacious and in very good condition. It houses a music, and bringing the ancient world to life around you. large restaurant, private pool, luscious green lawns and a The show includes projections onto the temples showing French Institute in Egypt, Alexandria Bahia Show cool shaded mastaba area to unwind and relax. how they once looked. The program is presented in a 30, El Nabi Danial St., Mahatet Misr, Alexandria number of languages with the provision of earpieces. It is Tel: (03) 3913435 The exhibition includes over 40 portraits amongst a changing Egyptian Landscape. Tucked away further along the lake road is the village of an experience not to be missed, one that will make your ranging from the 19th century until Tunis, a small and quiet village, yet ideal for a perfect stroll. visit worthwhile. 1st to 22nd the present, each telling its own story Galaxy (Manial) and Stars Cinema (City Stars). Fifteen years ago, two Swiss potters built a pottery school in Biennales exhibition titled and portraying its own personality. The that area, dedicated to teaching locals and anyone else Abu Simbel Celebrates the Future and Reality photographs include Anwar El Sadat, Music who is interested in the craft of pottery making. Moreover, Artist Kareem Al Qurity in 5th Beijing Pope Shenouda III, Om Kalthoum and there are more than a dozen studios or shops, in which you Ascension Ramses II International Art. The artwork will be Orson Welles, among many others. 4th can watch potters work, and of course buy their products showcased in the biennales exhibition Fusion Music too. held in the National Art Museum of New Campus of the American University in Cairo, Sharkiat Fathy Salama China, Beijing which will showcase works New Cairo. Abdul Latif Jameel Hall, Plaza Level Sound and Light Shows in Egypt by 261 international artists. Time: Sunday through Thursday, 10 am to 5 pm Open Air Theater Cairo Opera House Tel: (02) 27390132 Time: 8 pm Luxor Al Masar Gallery, Baehlers Mansion157 b. 26 July Special Exhibitions 5th The Karnak Sound and Light Show highlights the St. Side entrance on Isaac Jacob St., From the Farah El Bahr Festival - dramatic history of ancient Thebes. The show narrates the Ground floor, Zamalek 14th - 31st Electronic Sounds and Guitars achievements of some great Pharaohs. As visitors walk Tel: (02) 2736 8537 Handmade Egyptian Goblin Sawoff Shotguns show is a wild through the complex, the pharaohs arise to tell the story of Time: Saturday - Thursday | 11 am - 9 pm Fridays Artists will show about 20 handmade mixture of clubby, electronic sounds their interesting lives, as haunting music mysteriously flows by appointment goblin pieces for the first time in Egypt. and a hearty dose of guitars. Dont miss through this ancient city. Ancient and poetic voices tell the This month the historical city of Aswan is celebrating out on the Austrian power - women visitors about the birth of Karnak temple. It is an enchanting the Ascension of Ramses II at his temple, Sun Temple of 1st - 23rd Duroub Art Gallery, 4 Latin America St. Isis Building, performing in front of the Citadels and supernatural experience to listen to sound effects and King Ramses II. Generations Live Colors Egypt Garden City stunning sceneryLive Colors Egypt gaze at the magnificent ruins illuminated during the well- A group of distinguished artists exhibi- presented show. This great temple was created to revere the mighty tion, as well as talented youth artists. Festivals Qaitbey Citadel, Alexandria Pharaonic ruler King Ramses II. Guarding the entrance Guest of honor artist Samir Fouad Time: 8 pm Cairo to the temple and hewn into the side of a mountain 3rd to 9th Each visit to the pyramids and the Sound and Light show are four famous colossal statues of the pharaoh himself. Picasso Art Gallery, 30 Hassan Assem St, off Brazil 5th Panorama of the European 6th is an enchanting experience not to be missed. We may Ramses II had the entire temple carefully angled and St, Zamalek Film Classic Music never know exactly how the magnificent pyramids were oriented that the suns rays would align twice a year Daily from 10:30 am to 9 pm except Sundays By Misr International Films. Set to Cairo Symphony Orchestra built. The Riddle of the Sphinx may remain one of the worlds on his date of his ascension to the throne (21 February) present the audience critically acclaimed M. Glinka: Kamarinskaya, L.Van oldest mysteries. We are visiting the pyramids, thousands of and on his birthday (21 October) and illuminate the Oct. 7th -November 14th and award-winning European films, Beethoven: Concerto No.1, R. Schumann years after they were built, and they will continue to endure inner sanctum of the temple. This incredible natural Face Time - Group exhibition works and screenings by international ; Symphony No. 4. Soloist: Moushira Issa for generations. These magnificent towering structures phenomenon provides for a most spectacular sight that Presented by the Photographic Gallery filmmakers and documentaries. This is (piano) manage to humble us with their size, at the same time as should not be missed. in cooperation with The Rare Books and to enhance the critical thinking and feed Conductor: Hisham Gabr they testify to the great human spirit that created them. Special Collections Library. cinema passion of the young generation 6 October . 2012 October . 2012 7
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Main Hall - Cairo Opera House Turkish Childhood Opera Ballet Le Corsair Ballet Tel: (02) 27390132 Time: 8 pm 18th , 19th & 21st - 23rd Le Corsaire 7th Cairo Opera Ballet and Cairo Opera Eleonora Iannotta Orchestra. Le Corsaire is a ballet typically Genre: Rhythmic Latin Jazz presented in three acts, with a libretto originally created by Jules-Henri Vernoy Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza de Saint-Georges loosely based on Tel: (02) 3346 1071 the poem. The Corsair by Lord Byron. Time: 9 pm Originally choreographed by Joseph Mazilier to the music of Adolphe Adam, 9th it was first presented by the ballet of the Viennese Music Thtre Imprial de lOpra in Paris on 23 Johannes Dickbauer (violinist), his January 1856. All modern productions of brother Stefan and (saxofonist) and Le Corsaire are derived from the revivals Andreas Teufel (pianist) will enlighten staged by the Ballet Master Marius Petipa Cairo with their Schrammelmusik. Be for the Imperial Ballet of St. Petersburg part of this unique experience of tradi- throughout the mid to late 19th century. tional Viennese music in an Egyptian Small Hall Cairo Opera House atmosphere. 13th Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Main Hall, Cairo Opera House Tel: (02) 27390132 Classic Music Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Time: 8 pm Time: 8 pm 18th & 19th Geneina Theater, Azhar Golf City Mall, Misr Ismaileya Desert Rd., Cairo Symphony Orchestra Time: 9 pm Park at 8 pm Golf City, Obour City Dvorak and his disciples. Soloist: Yasser El Opera 27th Time: 7 pm Serafi (Violin). Conductor: Jiri Petr dlik 22nd & 23rd Verdis Otello Please call (02) 2362 5057 for information on the For more info contact: Anni Mischriki Hougaku Traditional Music 4th & 5th Live Opera from Metropolitan Opera. Circus program in Alexandria in 5 & 17 October Tel: (+202) 3570 2975 Main Hall - Cairo Opera House Company (Japan) Turkish Child (Austria) Otello is an opera in four acts by Tel: (02) 27390132 The Japanese Traditional Music Two hundred years ago, lived the foster Giuseppe Verdi to an Italian libretto by Classic Music Time: 8 pm Ensemble, formed of three talented daughter of the Austrian Empress Maria Arrigo Boito, based on Shakespeares Lectures Celebration of the 24th musicians, gathered especially for the Theresia whose life story was passed on play Othello. It was Verdis penultimate Anniversary of the Cairo Opera 14th tour of The Japan Foundation Music orally. Now, the life of Anna Maria will opera, and was first performed at the 10th House Classic Music Program in the Middle East. They will be shown in Cairo as a touching opera. Teatro alla Scala, Milan, in February Historic Cairo: The World Cairo Symphony Orchestra. L. van Cairo Symphony Orchestra be performing with Saber Abdessattar The year 1737, somewhere at the Black 1887. Heritage Site Beethoven: Fantasia for Piano Dvorak and his disciples (Qanoun player) and a percussionist. Sea, the plague is killing fathers and By Alaa El-Habashi, Associate Professor Soloist: Ramzi Yassa (piano) Soloist: Yasser El Serafi (Violin) mothers. Soon after, the orphan Anna Small Hall Cairo Opera House of Architecture, Monofia University Conductor: Nayer Nagui Conductor: Jiri Petr dlik Wisdom Hall, El Sawy Wheel, end 26 July St. Maria is kidnapped and enslaved. At Tel: (02) 27390132 Zamalek. the age of fourteen she is set free by Time: 8 pm American Research Center, Main Hall - Cairo Opera House Alexandria Opera House (Sayed Darwish Tel: (02) 2736 8881 a Turkish judge and moves to Vienna. 2 Simon Bolivar St. Garden City Tel: (02) 27390132 Theater) Time: 8 pm Decades later she remembers her child- Special Events Tel: (02) 2795 8683 Time: 8 pm Tel: (03) 480 0138 hood. Time: 6 pm Alexandria 31st 9th to 11th 13th Piano Concert Main Hall - Cairo Opera House 9th Alexandria International Song 31st Artbeat Festival - 5/8erl in Ehrn Ahmed Nazmi Quartet Soloist Piano Omar Khairat Tel: (02) 27390132 Festival A Tale of Two Minbars The austrianculturalforum/cairo proudly Genre: World Jazz Time: 8 pm Opening ceremony on the 7th Woodwork in Egypt EGYPT and Syria On presents the five musicians 5/8ERL IN Main Hall - Cairo Opera House the Eve of the Ayyubids. EHRN. Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Tel: (02) 27390132 13th Sayed Darwish Theater, Alexandria By Bernard OKane, Professor of Islamic Lelisir damore Live Colors Egypt Fascinating the people with their creative Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Time: 8 pm Time: 8 pm Art and Architecture, American UniversityLive Colors Egypt combination of smooth soul rhythms Time: 9 pm Live Opera from Metropolitan Opera. in Cairo. & Viennese lyrics. They already won Dance Lelisir damore (The Elixir of Love) is an 4th to 20th the recognized Austrian Music Award 18th opera by the Italian composer Gaetano Cairo International Circus American Research Center, Amadeus in the category Jazz/World/ Jazz 7th to 10th Donizetti. It is a melodramma giocoso in Festival Program 2 Simon Bolivar St. Garden City Blues. Sufi Jazz concert by Eftekasat band Bahia Performance two acts. Felice Romani wrote the Italian 4th Abdeen Square at 7 pm Tel: (02) 2795 8683 Forsan El Sharq Heritage Company libretto, after Eugene Scribes libretto for 5th Geneina Theater, Azhar Park at 8 Time: 6 pm October 13th at Darb 1718 Contemporary Art & Open Air Theater Cairo Opera House present Daniel Aubers Le philtre (1831). pm Culture Center. Kasr El Shamaa Street, behind Tel: (02) 27390132 Bahia that is inspired from the novel of Written in haste,Lelisir damore was 6th Shagaret El Dor Park Mansoura at Hanging Church Time: 8 pm Naguib Surur, Yassin and Bahia and a the most often performed opera in 7 pm Old-Cairo (Misr El Kadima), at 7 pm popular folkloric musical. Italy between 1838 and 1848 and has 11th Geneina Theater, Azhar Park at 8 For more info contact Anni Mischriki at 21st remained continually in the international pm (02) 3570 2975 The Riff Band Gomhouria Theater, Cairo Downtown opera repertory. 13th & 14th AUC El Falaki Center Genre: Jazz Cabaret Time: 8 pm Down Town, Cairo at 8 pm 8 October . 2012 October . 2012 9