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February . 2012 1 Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority EGYPT THIS MONTH Issue 32 February 2012 Live Colors Egypt The Avenue of Sphinxes An important event will take place in Luxor in March of this year with the official inauguration of the Avenue of Sphinxes. The Avenue which connects Luxor and Karnak temple, is one of the most important archaeological and religious routes in Luxor, and where the historical and religious festival - Opet Festival took place in ancient times. It marked the annual voyage of God Amun Ra, transferred from Karnak temple on a sacred boat to Luxor temple, where he visits his wife Goddess Mut. The restoration project started nearly five years ago, It was built by King Nectanebo, who ruled Egypt during THE MOST IMPORTANT RELIGIOUS AND HISTORICAL ROUTE OPENS IN MARCH

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  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority EGYPT THIS MONTHFebruary 2012 Issue 32 THE MOST IMPORTANT RELIGIOUS AND HISTORICAL ROUTE OPENS IN MARCHThe Avenue of Sphinxes Live Colors Egypt An important event will take place in Luxor in March of thisyear with the official inauguration of the Avenue of Sphinxes.The Avenue which connects Luxor and Karnak temple, isone of the most important archaeological and religiousroutes in Luxor, and where the historical and religious festival- Opet Festival took place in ancient times. It marked theannual voyage of God Amun Ra, transferred from Karnaktemple on a sacred boat to Luxor temple, where he visitshis wife Goddess Mut. The restoration project started nearly five years ago,It was built by King Nectanebo, who ruled Egypt during February . 2012 1
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter SHERATON CAIRO CLOSED FOR MAJOR RENOVATION Starwood Hotels & Resorts & the owning company of Sheraton Cairo Hotel Towers & Casino currently closed as of 1 October 2011 to allow renovation works to be completed while ensuring an on time re-opening in the summer of 2012. The renovation, which began in 2010, is considered one of the most comprehensive ever done within an operating property. The project includes 656 fully ren- ovated guest rooms, nine renovated restaurants and bars, a new entrance, new faade, fully-equipped business center, new ballrooms, health club and lobby. All public areas will continue to reflect the historical standing of the hotel as one of the citys landmarks since its opening in 1970. Singers tomb unearthed in Egypt Archaeologists have unearthed the 1,100-year-old The excavation and restoration work is a purely Egyptian tomb of a female singer in Egypts Valley of the Kings, the 30th dynasty between 380-362 B.C. and replaced an initiative- a collaboration between the former Supreme officials revealed. older path, which dated back to the 18th dynasty New Council of Antiquities (SCA) and Luxor Government to It is the only tomb of a woman not related to the Kingdom. The avenue measures around 2,700 meters long revive the Avenue. Ancient Egyptian royal families ever found there, said and 76 meters wide, and is lined with a large number of Mansour Boraik, the top government official for the statues in the shape of sphinxes, (the body of a lion, and in The SCA allocated a large amount of money to remove antiquities ministry in the city of Luxor. that case, King Nectanebos features). all encroachments around the area to make way for a The coffin of the female singer is remarkably intact. complete view of the Avenue and compensate those who The singers name, Nehmes Bastet, means she was The project was preceded by a series of excavation work, own houses and shops along the route, as well as for the believed to be protected by the feline deity Bastet. during which workshops of clay pots, wine factories, a huge excavations and restoration works. Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt The tomb was found by accident, according to water cistern and several reliefs were unearthed.One of Elina Paulin-Grothe, field director for excavation at the reliefs bears the cartouche of Queen Cleopatra VII In total, excavators unearthed more than 650 sphinxes out the Valley of the Kings with Switzerlands University (51-30 BC). It was believed that Queen Cleopatra visited of the original 1350. The most preserved and nearly ready of Basel. this Avenue during her Nile trip with Mark Anthony and for the inauguration is the section behind the Luxor Heritage Archaeologists concluded from artefacts that she implemented restoration work that was marked with her Center, or south of the road that leads to the airport, sang in Karnak Temple, one of the most famous and cartouche. Remains of Queen Hatshepsuts chapels, which which has a little over 600 meters of the total Avenue. A largest open-air sites from the Pharaonic era, accord- were reused by King Nectanebo I in the construction of descending ramp from the main road makes way down to ing to evidence at the site. sphinxes, have also been found. Queen Hatshepsut has the Avenue, where tourists can enjoy a leisurely walk back The unearthing marks the 64th tomb to be discov- recorded on her red chapel in Karnak temple that she built in history. Moreover, approximately another 200 meters of ered in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. six chapels dedicated to the worship of God Amun Ra on the total Avenue is currently complete and is located right this Avenue, denoting a mere religious importance to the in front of the Luxor temple. The remaining three sections Avenue. are visible from the road level, but visitors cannot gain access to all of it yet, pending removal of any obstacles. 2 February . 2012 February . 2012 3
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter the egyptian paViLion at the Stuttgart hoLiday eXhibition 2012 aWarded beSt diSpLay paViLLion The CMT Stuttgart Holiday Exhibition is one of the leading events related to tourism held at the begin- ning of each year. The Egyptian Tourism Office in Frankfurt took part in this event with a 50m booth, CroCodiLe muSeum to open and in the Stuttgart Golf & Wellness Holiday exhibition in aSWan neXt month with a 30m booth. The first Museum of Crocodiles is opened last The CMT Stuttgart Holiday Exhibition includes more month in front of the Temple of Kom Ombo in Aswan, than 1900 exhibitors from 96 countries and received coinciding with Aswans National Day. this year around 250,000 visitors to discover unique The museum will display a collection of mummi- travel experiences in Europe and interact with the fied crocodiles, and statues of the god Sobek , the leading experts from the related field. Khonsu Temple crocodile god, as the Ancient Egyptian worshipped The participation of Egypt in this exhibition was him believing that he was the creator of the world preceded by organized trips by the Egyptian Tourism While visitors are at the Avenue of the Sphinxes, they will who arose from the Dark Water. For that reason office in five of the major German cities; Berlin, be able to also visit the Khonsu Temple. It is positioned at they built the temples in Kom Ombo, Esna, Fayoum Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and Koln with intensive the southwest corner of the confines of the Karnak temple and in other areas. advertising campaigns in major German newspapers complex in Luxor and is dedicated to the moon God A total of twenty two mummified crocodiles of vari- and magazines specialized in tourism and travel, and Khonsu, who was the son of Amun and Mut, and together ous sizes: from the smallest, 1.5 metres long, to the real the participation of professionals and exhibitors to they form a triad, which is a group of three worshipped in giants of almost five metres of length will be exhibited. demonstrate the most popular Egyptian destinations Karnak. The earliest construction of the temple dated to The display shows the crocodiles in its natural envi- for Germans, including El Gouna Red Sea, Port Ghalib the reign of King Ramses III 20th dynasty, New Kingdom, ronment, as well as another display of a burial place and Soma Bay Resorts. Two hundred touristic offices and was followed by other kings. On the walls of the temple for the crocodiles, showing how they were mummi- participated in the event. are also the pictures of other different kings all the way up fied and buried, eyes and teeth from gold and ivory Egypts booth allocated a round table for each to the Ptolemaic area. that replaced the crocodiles own after its death, exhibitor and presentations were made on tourism On its faade are four grooves, the purpose of which is as well as coffins from clay and an altar where the in Egypt, focusing on the beaches and re-boosting The temple is currently undergoing a restoration phase, to house flags. The scenes on the faade are mainly crocodiles were placed for worship. Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt cultural tourism. The event aimed to increase the (one of the initiatives of the American Research Center in offering scenes to the triad of Thebes - Amun, Mut and In the museum, visitors will also view twenty statues travel agents awareness in regard to Egypts natural Egypt), and will hopefully be opened during the month of Khonsu presented by Panedjem of the 21st dynasty. The and plaques on the worshipping of the crocodiles potential and components, including activities such March as well. Nevertheless, at the moment visitors can pylon escorts visitors to the temples precincts including a including the god as golf, desert trips, oases and health tourism. still gain easy access to the temple, wonder its halls and peristyle court, housing a number columns. The court makes Sobek. The Egyptian Tourism Authority will be organizing marvel at the colorful decorations after the restoration, and way to a hypostyle hall with another series of columns. The The museum is several events both in Egypt and Germany, to pro- compare them with others that have not been restored yet. temple ends with the sanctuary, which usually housed a considered one of mote Egypt as a key partner of ITB which is to be held statue for the chief God of the temple carried on a sacred the largest in the world in March 2012, including organizing a press confer- The temples entrance faade or the so called pylon, is boat. The sanctuary is surrounded by side halls and visitors for crocodiles and is located ence in Luxor to announce the event to 300 German preceded by an avenue of sphinxes, which dates back could come across a stairway leading to the temples roof. in an area where most cruise ships Travel agents with the presence of media specialists, to the reign of King Amenhotep III New Kindgom, and is The scenes on the different walls of the temples are mainly pass and stop overnight in Kom on online booking technologies, marketing and sales connected to the main Avenue of the Sphinxes. The Pylon religious ones, showing different Kings idolizing and making Ombo. and tourism products. is in the form of two towers, measuring around 32 meters in offerings to the chief God of the temple, and other Gods length, 18 meters in height and around 10 meters in width. and Goddesses as well. 4 February . 2012 February . 2012 5
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Tomb of King Mereneptah Another site visitors can see is the tomb of King Merenptah that is located in the Valley of the Kings and carries number CalendAr February 2012 KV 8. The king was one of the sons of the eminent King Ramses II. The tomb was initially discovered by Lepsius, but Art The Photographic Gallery Opera was completely excavated by Howard Carter in 1903. It Tel: (02) 2615 3318 was not in a good state of preservation, and has been 1st Bahgory on Revolution. - Paintings by Time: Exhibition runs until March 1st 11th Wagners Gotterdammerung - Live closed for complete restoration and is scheduled to reopen Georges Bahgory. An event dedicated opera from Metropolitan Opera. Debo- during the month of March as well, in light of the official to the first anniversary of the Egyptian 6th Al Lakta Al Wahda. - A collective rah Voigt stars as Brunnhilde and Gary opening of the Avenue of the Sphinxes. uprising. of artists exhibition from various back- Lehman is Siegried, the star-crossed lovers Al Masar Gallery, Baehlers Mansion, 157b, 26 July grounds. Their works cover a wide range doomed by fate. St. Zamalek. of themes and will be opened during a Small Hall, Cairo Opera House Tel: (02) 2736 8537 movie screening that depicts an urban Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Suez National Museum Time: Exhibition runs until February 17th renewal and gentrification project in Tur- Time: 7 pm key. The Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs and Austrian Cultural Forum, 1103 Corniche El Nil, 1st General Mohamed Abdel Moneim Hashem, floor. Garden City 25th Verdis Ernani - Live opera from Met- Governor of Suez inaugurated the Suez National Tel: (02) 3570 2975 ropolitan Opera. Angela Meade takes Museum last month. The opening was a big cele- Time: Exhibition until February 16th. center stage in Verdis thrilling early gem. bration to coincide with the first anniversary of the Salvatore Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Ferruc- Egyptian revolution, in recognition of the city of Suez 12th Razor-Sharp Teeth. - Artist Ali Abdel cio Fulanetto round out the cast. as it was the first city to launch, the first spark of the Mohsen who draws inspiration from the Small Hall, Cairo Opera House revolution. long-list of things that make him misera- Tel: (02) 2739 0132 The 48 million Egyptian pounds project in Suez is ble, like bad news, conflicts and deterio- Time: 7 pm built over 6000 m and houses 2,500 archaeological ration. pieces that tell the story of the city of Suez from prehis- Mashrabia Gallery, 8 Champollion St. Downtown toric times to the modern era. The Suez Museum will Tel: (02) 2578 4494 Ballet display, in one big hall, archaeological artifacts and Time: Exhibition runs until March 8th illustrations that reveal the modern history of Suez and 16th , 17th & 19th - 22nd - Swan Lake the residents battles against the British occupancy, 1st Salatat - Artist Hany Rashed. His pop The Cairo Opera Ballet Company will and will also highlight the struggle of the city that art style and masterful collage evolve perform one of the most famous classi- lasted for many years until their victory in the October with fluidity over the course of his art cal ballets by Tchaikovsky to a libretto by 24th, 1973 battle. The museum is also equipped with career. Begitchev and Geltser. Although it is pre- 221 electronic guide systems in Arabic, English and Tache Art Gallery , S-139 El Sahara District, sented in many different versions, most GRAND EGYPTIAN MUSEUM TO French, in addition to 48 fixed surveillance cameras. Designopolis, Km38, Cairo/Alexandria Road. ballet companies base their staging both The Minister of Antiquities confirmed that the feasi- Tel: (02) 3857 2232 choreographically and musically on the OPEN AUGUST 2015 bility study conducted for the project before the kick Time: Exhibition runs until February 25th 1895 revival of Marius Petipa and Lev Iva- Egypts Antiquities Minister announced the start of of work in early 1994, confirmed that the museum nov. the final phase of construction at the Grand Egyptian is expected to originate important revenue. The 1st Politica - Artist Kassem. A young con- Main Hall, Cairo Opera House Museum, scheduled for inauguration in 2015. museum, that is to be listed among the main Egyptian temporary artist that has shown great cre- Tel: (02) 2739 0132 touristic sites, is expected to receive more than one ativity in creating a world entirely his own. Time: 8 pm The new museum is being built on the Cairo- million visitors per year. The Minister called on for Safar Khan Art Gallery, 6 Brazil Street Modern Dance Alexandria Road, overlooking the Giza Pyramids. Ali the foundation of an association for the Museums Tel: (02) 2735 3314 said that the project will cost LE5 billion, adding that friends, from the youth and businessmen to promote Time: Exhibition runs until February 24th 22nd & 24th & 26th - 29th Spiritualities of the Japanese government had provided a large part it both locally and internationally. Bejart - Egyptian Modern Dance Theater Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt of the funding as a soft loan to be repaid within ten The Suez National Museum is a modern, two-storey 4th Painting & Sculpture Exhibition - Art- Company founded by Walid Aouni. years of inauguration. building. The ground floor includes an exhibition hall, ists Hamdi Abouelmaati, Shawki Maarouf, Gomhouria Theater, Abdeen Square stock rooms, a VIP Lounge, a library, a cafeteria and Salah Abdel Rahman, Moustafa Abdel Tel: (02) 2739 0132 The present phase of construction is scheduled to administrative offices. While the first floor displays the Rehiem and Magdy Osman. Time: 8 pm last three years and four months, ending in August uncovered archaeological pieces and the second Picasso Art Gallery, Brazil Street 2015. The opening was previously scheduled for floor includes six exhibition halls each specialized in Tel: (02) 2736 7544 March 1st Carte Blanche to Hip Hop - Four March of the same year. a different era of the ancient Egyptian times. The Time: Exhibition runs until February 19th. Opening groups from Alexandria will perform to be The project, that was the initiation of the previous museums building is surrounded by a 10 m garden at 7 pm 26th Giza Threads. - A photographic exhi- followed by a panel discussion Minister of Antiquities, currently provides 5,000 job and a 12 thousand m parking area. bition by Rana El Nemr. French French Institute, 30 Nabi Daniel St. in opportunities, with another 15,000 work opportuni- The museum also includes in an adjacent area, 5th Van Leo - A Rare Look. - A photo- Townhouse Gallery, 10 Nabrawy St, off Champolion, Alexandria ties expected once it is opened. The new museum restoration laboratories equipped with the latest graphic exhibition featuring a special Downtown Tel: (03) 392 0804 will secure a substantial income for Egypt. equipment for restorations. photographic exhibition by one of Egypts Tel: (02) 2576 8086 Time: 7 pm greatest photographers. Time: Opening at 7 pm. Exhibition until March 1st Music 6 February . 2012 February . 2012 7
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Theater 7th to 10th A Lifetime Painting - A musi- cal play that focuses on several Gibran Khalil Bibrans works, which shows his great thoughts that reach the boundar- ies of materialistic and spiritual existence. Twenty scenes with different themes accompanied by a review of Gibrans views and stages in life. Directed by Joe Moukarzel Main Hall, Cairo Opera House Time: 8 pm and 9th & 10th a matinee show 8th , 9th & 13th - 16th Mad Forest - Play by Caryl Churchill. The play discusses the Romanian Revolution in 1989 with its political and social repercus- sion on the people. Malak Gabr Arts Theater, American University, New Cairo Campus Tel: (02) 2615 1221 Time: 7 pm 13th The Left-handed Woman - The per- formance is in Arabic in adaptation to the novel by Peter Handke. The performance is back after its great success in 2011 Rawabet Theater, 3 Hussein Meamar St. (off Mahmhoud Bassiouni St. Talaat Harb Sq.) Downtown Time: 8 pm 2nd Oriental Percussion Fusion - Fathy Sal- French Institute in Cairo, Mounira ama and Sharkiat Group Tel: (02) 2791 5800 Film Screening Cairo Jazz Club, 197 26th July St. Agouza Giza Time: 8 pm to midnight. Invitations from the Institute Tel: (02) 3346 1071 are required. 6th Austrian Film Screening - My House Time: 10 pm Stood in Sulukule - A documentary on 12th Piano Recital - Veteran pianist Omar a run-down district in Istanbul. The film 4th Jazz Fusion - Fawk El Setouh Band Khairat. depicts Sulukule as an example of numer- El Sawy Cultural Wheel, end 26 July St. Main Hall, Cairo Opera House ous urban renewal and gentrification Zamalek Tel: (02) 2739 0132 projects world-wide and their social con- Tel: (02) 2736 8881 Time: 8 pm sequences. The movie is shown in its origi- Time: 8 pm nal language with German subtitles. 17th Jazz Concert - Veteran jazz player Austrian Cultural Forum, 1103 Corniche El Nil, 1st 7th Egyptian Modern Songs - Masar Yehia Khalil. floor. Garden City Egbary Band Small Hall, Cairo Opera House Tel: (02) 3570 2975Live Colors Egypt El Sawy Cultural Wheel, end 26 July St. Zamalek Time: 8 pm Time: 6.30 pm Tel: (02) 2736 8881 Time: 8 pm 21st Acoustic Original and Blues - Tamara Yousri followed by Bluenotes Folklore 7th Contemporary Oriental Fusion - Cairo Jazz Club, 197 26th July St. Agouza Giza 16th Salma El assal - Sudanese singer. Canadian artist Neema and Egypts own Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Every Wednesday a performance for Salalem Band Mazaher Band. Cairo Jazz Club, 197 26th July St. Agouza Giza 26th Classy Jazz - Ashraf Habashi and The Makan, 1 Saad Zaghloul St. Al Diwan Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Jazz Caterers Tel: (02) 2792 0878 Time: 10 pm Cairo Jazz Club, 197 26th July St. Agouza Time: 9 pm Giza 9th Chloe (France) - DJ set with Neobyrd Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Band (Egypt). Time: 10 pm 8 February . 2012