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May . 2012 1 Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority EGYPT THIS MONTH Issue 35 May 2012 Live Colors Egypt MEDIEVAL CAIRO Get to know some of Islamic Cairo’s most enchanting masterpieces

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  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority EGYPT THIS MONTHMay 2012 Issue 35 Live Colors EgyptMEDIEVAL CAIRO Get to know some of Islamic Cairos most enchanting masterpieces May . 2012 1
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Since its restoration, Beit El Suheimy has become one of the most popular places for hosting cultural concerts and festivals in the capital. Behind Al Azhar Mosque are two prominent and popular houses; Beit Zeinab Khatoun and Beit El Sit Wassila that are worth visiting. LazyTown live! The Pirate Adventure 16 -19 May 2012 From 9:30am until 8:30pm MUST Opera House Cairo Mediterranean Literary Festival LazyTown is a childrens television program that Tucked away behind the capitals majestic the Citadel lies halls, rooms, corridors and courts. was produced in Iceland with a cast and crew from 17-21 May a treasure trove of medieval gems from the Islamic era. The The house is divided into two parts: A public area and a Iceland, the United Kingdom and the United States. enigmatic Islamic Cairo is home to an abundant number of private one. The public area, also known as the Salamlik Various locations historical sites, monuments and mosques. Many historians and includes a takhtabush. This is a large benched area which LazyTown Live! - The Pirate Adventure is a touring a recent United Nations study have crowned Islamic Cairos opens onto the courtyard like a hall, in which business Now in its third edition, the Cairo Mediterranean stage production of the TV show and will sail into El Moez Le Din Illah Street as the place with the greatest transactions were carried out. The women of the house were Literary Festival explores the long-standing relation- Cairo this month, filled with star-jumps, power-moves, Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt concentration of medieval Islamic riches. not permitted in this part of the house. ship between literature and the body. laugh out-loud fun, sing-along songs and dancing in the aisles. In 1997, this one-kilometer street started undergoing a On the second floor is the maqad and the formal reception The event will include a theatrical reading form Favorite LazyTown friends are included in the massive renovation process, and in 2008, the legendary street (qaa) hall. The private or the Haramlik area includes a (qaa) and several conferences, face-to-face or virtual show, such as Stephanie and Sportacus and Robbie metamorphosed into an open-air museum. as well as private apartments and a bath. encounters between authors, visual support in the Rotten. form of two major exhibitions dedicated to the body The show has been highly successful, airing in over This historical area also features an ancient lavish house The very high ceilings of the house allow the warmer air to and films and documentaries, as well as interactive 100 countries in more than a dozen languages. that dates back to the 17th Century and has undergone a rise and then to be swept away by the north facing maqad seminars and book presentations. transformational makeover. (wind scoops) in the upper walls, which caught the breeze. Misr University of Science and Technology Opera This architectural feature really helped in making life easier in This event will be running in different locations in House Beit El Suheimy Cairos dry and hot weather at a time when air conditioners Cairo from May 17 to May 21. For more information 6th of October City werent available. go to: Tel: 01094444273/5 Built on an area of 2100m2, the house is comprised of several 2 May . 2012 May . 2012 3
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter A walking distance from the house is Khatoun Gallery. An old dye house that has been transformed by four local artists New Terminal 2 to into a shop that sells unique oriental crafts. open mid 2013 Beit El Sit Wassila As part of the ambitious plan to upgrade Egypts civil aviation facilities, which began in 2002, Terminal 2 In the heart of Al Azhar area stands a most memorable will be closed until 2013 for complete renovation. The house, Beit El Sit Wassila, one of the countrys historical facility will open next year to host 8.5 million interna- residences. It is located next to Beit El Harawy and behind Al tional passengers per year. Azhar Mosque. Dating back to the 17th century, this house was built by Sheikh Abdel Haq and his brother Loutfi Al Kenawi. Other current projects in the works include the new Its name, Beit El Sit Wassila, has been derived from the name Seasonal Terminal for 3.5 million Passengers/year, a of its last owner Wassila Khatoun bent Abdallah El Beida multi-story car park with capacity of 3,000 cars and Maatouqa. the Automated People Mover for moving 2,000 pas- sengers/hour within 10 minutes from T1 to T3. Further Access to the building is gained through a few underground ongoing developments include a 5-star Hotel and an stairs, that lead to the ground level. The entrance to the house Extended Metro Line linking Cairo Airport with Giza. is designed in a way that enables the houses residents to easily view their visitors without being seen. entrance to a forified city. Around twenty more frescos and The ground level consists of an open court, in the middle murals were discovered, representing flower vases, residencies of which is a large rectangular hall with limestone floors, in Madina El Menawara, in additon to an impressive scene especially designed for the man of the house to entertain depicting pilgrimage in Mecca. his guests. The first floor is the women of the house and their female visitors very own private space. Most of the rooms Beit El Harrawi are decorated with a variety of floral and geometrical wall paintings, inscriptions and mashrabeyas, all supported by a While its a historic building, Beyt El Harrawi is also all about polychrome ceiling. music. So much so that it also goes by the moniker Beyt Al-Oud (house of the lute). In fact, the director of the house is one The houses rare and unique frecos can be found in the of the Arab worlds foremost Oud players, Naseer Shamma, houses summer reception hall, on the first floor, highlighting the known for his innovations when it comes to the instrument. The Beit Zeinab Khatoun space has been dedicated to music and visitors can enjoy concerts in its open-air courtyard. Hidden in one of the nooks of Islamic Cairos alleys is Beit Zeinab Khatoun; one of the most remarkable houses that Sitting in the courtyard, you will also be able to admire the has managed to survive through the test of time. The house hand-carved mashrabiya windows, which are designed for was named after its last owner, as was the custom for Islamic privacy, especially of the women of the house. Coming off houses in those days, and is strategically situated at the back the courtyard is the lavish mandarah, or sitting room, with of the famous Al Azhar Mosque. its carved wooden ceilings and a mosaic inlaid octagonal fountain. The middle section of the mandarah is slightly raised Dating backing to the early 15th century, Beit Zeinab allowing the master of the house to sit in an elevated position Khatoun is a state of the art Ottoman-era house. It is not private chamber of the households master, with a side access of honor above his guests. as grand as most of the houses built during that era, and is to the harem (women) quarters. comprised of a simple stone faade with small windows that Like Beyt Zeinab El Khatoun, Beit El Harrawi is located just lack the luxurious wooden mashrabeya windows, except for The most impressive hall in the house is the main Harem south of El Azhar Mosque. It was built in 1731 and occupied one single mashrabeya window above the entrance that Qaa on the first floor, an enchanting hall with exquisite until 1920. During the 90s the house was renovated through Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt seems to have been added at a later date. decorations. It is composed of the customary three sections: joint French-Egyptian efforts. Durqaa (central section) with two unequal iwans (sitting area) To the right of the entrance is a small room called maguaz, from each side at a higher level. In the middle of the marble which is found in most of the houses built at that time. It is tiled flooring of the durqaa is a state-of-the-art mosaic inlaid Amir Taz Palace mainly constructed to keep the privacy of the household octagonal fountain. intact from the curious eyes of passers-by. It was probably The Amir Taz Palace was built in 1352 under the reign of used to attend to business affairs away from the hustle and The houses spacious courtyard, also shared by its the Mamluks. Taz Al Nasiri built this extravagant palace bustle of the houses activities. neighboring Beit El Harrawi, is now a bustling traditional ahwa to celebrate his marriage to Sultan An Nasir Mohameds (coffee shop), favored by locals and foreigners alike. daughter Khwand Zahra. Despite the palaces splendor, Al The ground floor is laid with clean-cut stones while the Nasiri never really got a chance to reside in it. The original upper floors and later additions are made from brick. The Beit Zeinab Khatoun is also famous for staging numerous house owner fell victim to a series of accusations and maqad (an open loggia) is reached through a few steps in cultural concerts and events by both prominent and up and conspiracies and even faced imprisonment, so he ended the courtyard. At the back of the maqad is a smaller space, a coming Egyptian talents. having to flee the country, leaving his beautiful house behind. 4 May . 2012 May . 2012 5
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Gayer Anderson Museum The Gayer Anderson museum is adjacent to the Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque in the heart of the Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood. Named after its last resident Major R.G. Gayer Anderson Pasha, this architectural gem is home to a vast collection of Andersons furniture, carpets and curios. Anderson lived in the house from 1935 to 1942, and was a British officer in the Egyptian army, with a deep love and passion for Egypt, its people and its culture. As a result of the houses cultural and historical significance, the house was renovated and transferred into one of Old Cairos most visited museums. The museum consists of two houses built next to one another, using the outer wall of its neighboring mosque as support. The house on the eastern side, the larger of the two, was built in 1632 by Mohamed Ibn Al Hajj Salem ibn Galman Al Gazzar. Shortly after, its doors welcomed a new owner; a wealthy woman from Crete, which garnered the house the name Beit Al Kritliya or the House of the Cretan Woman. The house on the western side, known as Beit Amna bint Salem, was built in 1540 by Abdel Qader Al Haddad. The two houses are joined by a little bridge on the third floor and are collectively known as Beit Al Kritliya. Each room is characterized by a different Islamic style of furniture. For example; a traditional Arabian reception, a Turkish dining room, Syrian bedrooms, medieval kitchen and a typical home library. A big fountain centers the courtyard. The summer living room is found on the first floor and is made up of two joint bridges supported by a column. The summer living room leads up to the Salamlik area, which consists of two above ground level arcades, which make up the durqaa. Each arcade is provided with a mashrabeya window that is intricately Beshtak Palace designed against a silk cushion clad bench. The walls are decorated with antique swords and classical guns. The palace, along with its significant complex of buildings, An architectural wonder of the 14th century, Beshtak Palace annexes and gardens, was built on a huge rectangular plot was built in the Mamluk era and is one of the remaining There is a corridor that joins the Salamlik leads to the and lies near al-Salibba street and around the corner from domestic residences from the period. The palace, located on Haramlik. The Haramlik is set apart by scores of mashrabeya Sabil Umm Abbas behind the Citadel. Al Muizz li-Din Allah Street, was built by Prince (Amir) Beshtak windows that enable the women to seewhat is happening in Al-Nasiri between 1334 and 1339, where the Eastern Fatimid and out of the house, without being seen. The Haramlik also Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt During the conservation project, an unexpected discovery palace used to stand. has its own private summer living room. of the water supply system was made. The system includes a water wheel, aqueducts and cisterns, showing how the water You will find two stories of this palace down a small alleyway A few steps from the roof lies Andersons Persian room. It distribution system was at the time. and through an arch in old Islamic Cairo. It is a popular site to consists of a wooden bed with columns inlaid with ivory and visit due to its small yet interesting museum, showcasing the pearl. One of the original ceilings remaining in the palace is that history of Cairo. Make sure to spend some time in the stunning of the north-west iwan in the main qaa; the paintings and hall of the palace. The courtyard and the stables are also Parts of the James Bond film The spy who loved me was decorative elements show Bahri-Mamluk characteristics while attractive but the really impressive elements to note are the shot in the houses reception hall and on its rooftop terrace. the opposite iwan seems to date back to the 15th century as mashrabiya screens on the many windows to what was once it is in relatively better condition. one of Cairos busiest streets and the stained glass windows of the pointed arches on the second floor, with their gilded and Nowadays, the palace is a thriving cultural spot that holds painted wooden paneling. regular concerts and cultural festivals. 6 May . 2012 May . 2012 7
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter CalendAr around the world in French, English and Spanish. El Geneina Theater, Azhar Park, Salah Salem Rd. Tel: (02) 2362 5057 Time: 8 pm May 2012 5th Opera Company Zapp 4 (Netherlands) Main Hall, Cairo Opera House Zapp 4 is a band with the line-up of a string Tel: (02) 2739 0132 quartet. It combines groove, improvization, and Time: 8 pm fantasy with passionate solos. On stage, they interact with high speed and have a huge musi- 22nd- 23rd cal spectrum. Another striking item about the The Telephone by Menotti quartet is that all four members compose for the A comic opera with Cairo Opera Company band. Main Hall, Cairo Opera House The uniqueness of the group and its repertoire Tel: (02) 2739 0132 makes Zapp 4 very acceptable for a large audi- Time: 8 pm ence including all sorts of music lovers. Prince Taz Palace, 27 Seyoufeya St., off Saleeba St. Modern Dance Khalifa. Tel: (02) 2514 2581 11th Time: 8 pm Cavewomen: The Next Incarnation by Dance Bri- gade (USA) Classic Music A primal feast of movement, theater, martial arts, and taiko drumming, delivered with passion and Cairo Symphony Orchestra presents Rossi- Art that Cairo and its massiveness has dominated biting intellectual wit. The Cave Women series is nis Overture to La scala di seta, Schumanns her way of thinking over the last year. Her work Dance Brigades antidote to war and the present Concerto for Piano and Orchestra and Men- 1st - 24th is a response to this and features many works state of affairs in the world - a stunning evocation delssohns Symphony No. 3 in A minor. Soloist: Drawings by Salah El Mur & Soad Abdel Rasoul that try to capture the essence of Cairo. West- of female power, a good dose of humor, black Magda Emara (piano). A co-production of more than 100 small-sized woods recent prints capture life on Cairos leather and gutsy social commentary. Conductor: Andreas Spoerri works on display of the Sudanese artist El Mur streets from colorful balconies to food stalls, Since 1975, Artistic Director Krissy Keefer has Main Hall, Cairo Opera House and Egyptian Abdel Rasoul. The exhibition ques- mulids and cats. refined a form of political dance theater. Keefers Tel: (02) 2739 0132 tions the relationship between the physical World of Art Gallery, 6, Road 77c, Golf Area, Maadi. signature style combines bold political content, Time: 8 pm nature of human beings and their psychological Tel: (02) 2359 4362 cutting-edge movement and stunning theater. and metaphysical state of being in connection Open daily 10 am to 8 pm, except Fridays Falaki Theatre, 24 El Falaki St. Bab El Louk 6th with a certain body or shape. Tel: (02) 2797 6373 Modern Vocal Jazz Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art, 24th - 21st June Time: 8 pm Adam Miller Group 8 Champollion St. Downtown. The Missing Pieces by Karim Bakry Tel: (02) 2578 4494 The months following January 25th have pro- 17th& 18th & 20th - 23rd Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Opening Times: Daily except Friday, 11 am to 8 pm duced waves of different emotions, but the Reve Tango Tel: (02) 3346 1071 undercurrent of disillusionment has been the Ballet Tango Reve was first presented by the Time:10 pm Founded by pianist and conductor Jean-Philippe compositions or re-invents those of others. 1st - 31st most prevalent. The Missing Pieces, is employ- Cairo Ballet Company with choreography of Wurtz in Strasbourg in 1998. The artistic projects Prince Taz Palace, 27 Seyoufeya St., off Saleeba St. Photographic Exhibition - ing shipping boxes and crates to transport a Joseph Russillo in 2007, where he blended clas- 11th of Linea cover quite diverse aesthetic perspec- Khalifa. Nubia Before the Flood valuable good: an idea. In these boxes is the sol- sical dances, modern, jazz and many other forms Ajam - Iran/UK tives from musical theatre to electronic music, Tel: (02) 2514 2581 The black and white photographs in this exhibit idarity, the will to change, a prospect to fulfill, with Tango Ajam is a London-based band that was formed from Western music to the rich Asian reper- Time: 8 pm were taken in the early 60s by Abdel Fattah Eid waiting to be unpacked. Main Hall, Cairo Opera House formally in early 2010 as an off-shoot project toires. Playful, theatrical, specialized and explo- Live Colors Egypt as part of a project to document Nubian cul- The exhibition will include two sections: an Tel: (02) 2739 0132 from the Simorgh group. In addition to the raw sive, they have always assured the Ensemble a 21stLive Colors Egypt ture before the valley was submerged by Lake installation and a display of photographs Time: 8 pm energy of tribal and ritual music that inspires solid reputation for dynamic staging. Conductor: Improvisation Frances-Marie Uitti (Violoncello), Nasser. These photographs feature the liveli- Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art, their sound, elements of the dance and move- Guillaume Bourgogne Ayman Fanous (Guitar, Bouzouki) hood, customs and other aspects of the cul- 8 Champollion St. Downtown. Music ment is incorporated into live shows. Ajam try to Small Hall, Cairo Opera House and Alexandria Opera The composer and performer Uitti pioneered a ture of Nubian villages prior to their move to a Tel: (02) 2578 4494 bring the epic, energetic, and often aggressive House respectively revolutionary dimension to the cello by trans- new location after the construction of the Aswan Daily 11 am to 8 pm, except Fridays 4th spirit of the regional music of Iran to this gener- Time: 8 pm forming it for the first time into a polyphonic High Dam. Music and Singing by Dima Dima (Tunisia) ation. instrument capable of sustained chordal and The Photographic Gallery, AUC, New Cairo Dima Dima is an alternative World Music band Jesuits Cultural Center, Alexandria 20th intricate multi-voiced writing. Fanous is the Tel: (02) 2615 3318 Opera formed in 2004. It presents an eclectic mix of 298 Port Said St. Alexandria Piano Recital - Francesco Tristano only guitarist to bring both classical and fla- Opening Times: Sunday - Thursday 10 am to 5 pm various musical genres from around the globe, Tel: (03) 542 3553 A personality so atypical of a pianist, an auda- menco guitar technique into contemporary free 3rd- 4th & 6th - 9th combining occidental rhythms with oriental and Time: 9.30 pm cious virtuoso with an incomparable technique, improvization. 14th - 27th Rigoletto by Verdi local melodies. Tristano has established himself as one of the New Works & Reworks One of Verdis operatic masterpieces in three The band produced 12 original tracks in Arabic 9th & 20th greatest talents of the young generation. In recit- El Sawy Cultural Wheel, end 26 July St. Zamalek Roland Prime and Lucy Westwood. Prime says acts to a libretto by Francesco Piave. Cairo and in Tunisian dialect and covers songs from Ensemble Linea als, he mixes styles and genres, plays his own Time: 8 pm 8 May . 2012 May . 2012 9
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Yara Nosseir - Syria. Young cultural activist, working as project Manager at Abwab for Arts and Culture Association. Cairo Choral Society Makan, 1 Saad Zaghloul St. El Dawaween. Guevara Nemr (Syria) Worked as a professional Cairo Choral Society will perform music of Tel: (02) 2792 0878 photographer at the Opera House in Damascus. Mozart, Haydn and Rameau Time: 9 pm She joined PROACTION production house as a The German Protestant Church, Al-Galaa Street and producer. 26 July Street next to the Al-Ahram Building 29th Tel: Department of the Arts on ext. 1221 Mawwal and Baladi Songs - Gypsy traditions of Khaled Abdel Hamid (Egypt) Socialist activist, a Time: 8 pm the Delta (Mawawil) member of the socialist alliance and member of Makan, 1 Saad Zaghloul St. El Dawaween. the executive office of the revolution youth coali- 21st & 23rd Tel: (02) 2792 0878 tion On 25 - Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble Time: 9 pm The concert series ON 25 was instigated to be Yousra Ennouri (Tunisia) An actress and gradu- a platform for Egyptian and Arabic musical pro- Lecture ate of the Higher Institute of Dramatic and mem- ductions, and commissioned works that have ber of LAtelier D. been created after the beginnings of the Egyp- 7th tian revolution on the 25th January 2011. These The Terminology of Egyptian Colors in Context Makan, 1 Saad Zaghloul St. El Dawaween, works cast a critical eye on Egypts history with and Theory by David Warburton Simpson, Pro- Downtown its various cultural influences, and they draw fessor of Egyptology, Department of SAPE Tel: (02) 2792 0878 connections to the current developments 602 Hill House Hall, AUC Tahrir Square. Time: 9 pm Malak Gabr Theatre, AUC New Cairo Tel: (02 2615 1837 Tel: the Department of the Arts on ext. 1221 Time: 6:30- 8pm Time: 8 pm Special Events Ethnic 8th Storytelling - Samar with the Revolution 2nd, 16th, 30th Arwa Othman (Yemen) A story teller and a Mazaher - Famous custodians of the leg- researcher in folklore.Live Colors Egypt acy of musical tradition, such as Zar perform- ers Om Sameh and Om Hassan join Sudanese Nabil Tammam (Bahrein) Surgeon and Lecturer Singer Asia, singer Sayed Imam and Sayed Rek- at the Arabian Gulf University abi together with many unique instrumentalists. Gypsy Music from the Delta joins hands with Zar Nader El Sayed (Egypt) Famous Egyptian retired songs. Goalkeeper. He was one of the leading protest- Makan, 1 Saad Zaghloul St. El Dawaween. ers in Tahrir Square, Moustafa Mahmoud St. on Tel: (02) 2792 0878 February 3rd 2012. Time: 9 pm Ibrahim Alaguri (Libya) A freelance photographer. 15th Arab Tribes from Aswan - Jaafara music and Ragab Makry(Tunisia) Theatre performer and a songs with singer Sayed Rekabi graduate from the Higher Institute for Drama 10 May . 2012