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  • Stay updated with the latest news about New Zealand's Job Market and Immigration Issues.

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    Is it Spring yet? Kia Ora Everyone

    Having just returned from a very hot summer in Europe I was dreading the cold remaining winter weeks back in New Zealand. But little did I need to worry - my first morning was spent outside in the balmy courtyard of my favourite cafe', basking in the sun, catching up with friends, listening to lovely live music and noticing the happy faces everywhere around me. This is what keeps me here. I immediately feel uplifted as soon as I enter NZ's soil.

    Yes - everyday life can still be as demanding as it is in Europe. We are dealing with our own economic challenges here. Our grounds are a little shakey and most of our houses are not insulated. New Zealand is far from being perfect. But it's an absolute fabulous place to be. I have lived here for nearly 10 years and the beauty of this place still blows me away, which tells me I have made the right decision all these years ago.

    Here at New Zealand Immigration Concepts we've all been through the hoops of the process and therefore understand what you are going through.

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    More of the stories covered in this month's update are:

    New Zealand News Snippets Employment News - Average Salaries; Christchurch rebuild; What jobseekers could do to increase their chances Immigration Update - Latest EOI Selection; Understanding how settling works

    Enjoy the read and get in touch with us if you would like to discuss any of the information below.

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    Nikau Palms just north of Karamea, South Island NZ.

    New Zealand News Snippets Migration boosts economic recovery Almost 2000 more people arrived in New Zealand in July than left to live here long term - another solid gain in net migration. The exodus of people to Australia continues to drop away, as their economy slows down, while prospects in New Zealand look brighter. Westpac economists said net migration was clearly a 'major way' New Zealand's economy upswing had gained traction, with better economic prospects here and a softer outlook for Australia. (Source: August 2013)

    Immigration to NZ - Reader Report New Zealand news website recently ran a series of articles written by readers, who moved to NZ and wanted to share their thoughts and experiences. Names are not mentioned but the personal reports make for a good read. Immigration: The paperwork was worth it (Source:

    NZ feeling the crunch on skilled truckies

    Opinion is split on Immigration NZ's decision to remove truckies from its Immediate Skill Shortage List (ISSL), but most industry insiders agree New Zealand has a lack of quality drivers. The Road Transport CEO said a decision to force foreign drivers to return home at the end of the year would lead to a chronic shortage of suitable drivers.

    [...] foreigners made up to 15% of drivers for some businesses, so the timeframe to replace them with New Zealand drivers was unrealistic. Are you a qualified truck driver wanting to move to NZ permanently? Please get in touch to discuss your options. (Source: NZ Herald August 2013)

  • and more.

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    Wonderful NZ

    New Zealand is the second most welcoming place in the world for tourists, according to the World Economic Forum's study on global tourism - first reported in the Washington Post. NZ came second to Iceland. NZ was also ranked #1 for having the fewest days to start a business. If you are interested in more background information, click here for the full article.

    Kiwi Population Clock

    This week's weather

    No surprises here...

    A few thoughs about the Visa Application Process

    The visa process is not quick, cheap or easy. You might want to think of it as your toughest ever job application. You need to present your best case. You need persistence and patience. There are many people in the immigration pipeline to New Zealand and you will be part of the queue. It's normal to feel frustrated at times - especially after months of silence from the authorities. You must complete the application forms perfectly. Don't consider taking shortcuts. An application that is only 99% correct will be rejected 100% of the time. Once rejected, you go to the back of the queue again. The number 1 cause of failed visa applications is filling in the forms incorrectly, or filling in the wrong forms. You need to be up to date with the rules. New Zealand's immigration system is subject to frequent changes.

    Average Salaries - Snapshot August 2013

    (Source: seek)

    Christchurch Rebuild Update Canterbury migration surge helps rebuild

    Christchurch Press July 2013

    Migration into Canterbury has turned strongly positive in the past year, helping lift the quake rebuild and broader regional activity, a survey shows. Permanent and long-term arrivals into Canterbury had steadily increased and were now up a staggering 77 per cent on year-ago levels in April, ASB chief economist Nick Tuffley said. Departures had fallen to low levels and in April were down 36 per cent on levels in April 2012, he said. Increasing employment demand in Christchurch was attracting labour into the city. Tuffley said official figures showed 805 arrivals into Christchurch in April, up 77 per cent from 454 in April 2012.

    This means that due to the economic activity Christchurch continues to be the best region in the country to look for skilled employment. Ask us how we can help you to tap into the Christchurch job market.

    Canterbury Skills and Employment Hub As of January 2013 visa applications to fill most Canterbury jobs won't be processed until a check has been done to ensure there are no suitable New Zealanders to fill the vacancy. Employers will have to register vacancies with the Canterbury Skills and Employment Hub before they support a visa application for a migrant to fill the vacancy.

    What jobseekers could do to increase their chances

    While the unemployment rate has fallen since 2012, it is still much higher than it was before the 2008- 2009 economic recession, when it was below 4%. The relatively high rate means there is more competition for jobs, and finding employment, or another job, may take a long time. A higher rate also tends to disadvantage youth and others with minimal work history, because employers are often able to choose from a wider range of more experienced candidates.

    To improve your chances of finding work you can consider: - relocating to an area experiencing high employment growth, such as Canterbury or Auckland - continuing your education, or doing further training to enhance your skills

  • - increasing the number of jobs you apply for - choosing a career with better-than-average employment prospects, such as one of those on Immigration New Zealand’s long-term skill shortage list.

    New Zealand Residence Programme: Skilled Migrant Category fortnightly selection A selection of Expressions of Interest (EOI) under the Skilled Migrant Category took place on 21 August 2013.

    Selection criteria No. of


    All EOIs at or above 140 points. 485