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Peri Peri Sweet Potato Crisps Find this recipe at: Peri Peri Seasonings on page 16.


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Peri Peri Sweet Potato Crisps Find this recipe

Peri Peri Seasonings on page 16.

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A WORLDWIDE PROGRESSIVE DINNER PARTY, and you’re invited.Your Inspiration at Home gathers the world around one table, with flavours you simply can’t find in a store or anywhere else. Visit Thailand with your family one night; invite friends to a Tuscan feast the next; travel the earth with ethnically-inspired food without ever leaving your kitchen.

Best of all, our all-natural seasonings, spices, salts and other ingredients are sourced from select global regions by founder and spice curator Colleen Walters. We then custom blend our creations to make cooking fast, fun, easy and healthy - without added gluten, MSG or preservatives. So pull up a chair at Your Inspiration at Home, Your Passport to Authentic Flavour™.

If you cook, Your Inspiration at Home makes it easy to prepare authentic cuisine from different countries and cultures. We do most of the work for you – by handcrafting premium, globally-sourced ingredients into exact blends that capture the flavours of the world. Winning some of the most coveted food awards in the industry has proved that. These are our secret recipes, and we want to make them yours.

If you’re interested in enjoying the rewards of being your own boss, then becoming a Your Inspiration at Home Consultant could be your calling. It’s thrilling to talk to our Consultants and learn how fulfilled they are. I’m proud to hear how they love the Parties and their customers, as well as the friendships they’ve cultivated by being a part of this team. They also appreciate the flexibility of being independent, and the recognition they receive by doing their best.

This is also a great time to host a Your Inspiration at Home Party, to receive free products and form lasting friendships. Visit our website to explore the possibilities and learn more about all the fabulous products featured in this flavour guide, and to share recipes too!

Cheers and Happy Eating,

inspired globally. enjoyed locally.


seasoningsSpice Blends pg. 14Specialty Salts pg. 20Meat Rubs pg. 24Dry Glazes pg. 25

unique blendsDip Mixes pg. 4Delectable Dukkahs pg. 8Couscous & Rice Blends pg. 9

baking Baking Spices pg. 26Flavoured Sugars pg. 27

beverages Chocolate Powders pg. 28Vibrant Teas pg. 29

oils & vinegars Flavoured Olive Oils pg. 10Unique Vinegars pg. 10

margherita pizzaLearn how to make this scrumptious gourmet pizza and other fantastic meals at

Mediterranean Olive Oil Turn to page 11.

colleen walters founder and global spice curator

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dip mixesFun, easy and one-of-a-kind.

Bay of Bengal Curry A Taste of India

A unique curry blend packed with flavour and perfect for dips, sauces and curries. 120g/4.2 oz #1119

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP

Classic Olde World Herb and Garlic A Taste of Italy

A versatile blend of fresh basil and oregano with the rich spiciness of chives and garlic. 100g/3.5 oz #1110

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP

Dill and Onion A Taste of Scandinavia

The perfect blend for potatoes, fish, homemade creamy dishes and classic tzatziki sauce. 120g/4.2 oz #1114

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP

Rich Beetroot A Taste of Australia

The stunning crimson colour and lovely flavour will draw interest from your guests straight away. 150g/5.3 oz #476

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP

Louisiana Creole A Taste of USA

Spicy, hot and full of flavour! Great for Creole cuisine, jambalaya, BBQ and blackened dishes. 120g/4.2 oz #1127

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP

Veggie A Taste of Scandinavia

Fresh flavours of vegetables ideal for soups, rice pilaf, stews, casseroles and more. 150g/5.3 oz #613

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP

Mongolian A Taste of Mongolia

Exotic five spice with herbs and spices. Try blending in mayonnaise as a tasty condiment. 125g/4.4 oz #303

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP

GuacamoleMix with avocado and sour cream for a great guacamole dip, or add to salads and pasta too! 130g/4.6 oz #468

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP




Country Onion and Chives The mouth-watering taste of slow-roasted onions in an easy-to-use blend. So versatile! 90g/3.2 oz #1115

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP

A dreamy dip:So easy! Simply blend Country Onion and Chives

Dip Mix, sour cream and mayonnaise for flavour

that’s tremendous.

Salsa A Taste of Mexico

Perfect for medium to hot spicy tomato salsas with that homemade flavour. 140g/4.9 oz #523

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP

Tuscan Style Capsicum Pesto A Taste of Italy

Classic Italian family flavours with the subtle warmth of red capsicum. 120g/4.2 oz #1117

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP

Tomato and Herb A Taste of Italy

The sweet tomatoes in this dip give it a distinct Italian flavour for sauces and bruschetta. 120g/4.2 oz #1508

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP

Wasabi and Chive A Taste of Japan

The mild “hit”of Wasabi and the accompanying flavours are truly amazing! 110g/3.9 oz #1518

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP

Did you know that one jar of our Dip Mix makes up to 20 cups of delicious dip? And it’s so easy to make just the amount you need for an appetiser or snack. Plus they’re perfect for non-dairy dips when mixed with other unique ingredients.

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chocolate and almond dukkah frozen yoghurt500 ml (2 cups) Greek vanilla flavoured yoghurt40 ml (2 Tbsp) YIAH Chocolate and Almond Dukkah40 ml (2 Tbsp) honeyFreeze pop moldFreeze pop sticks

Put yoghurt, honey and YIAH Chocolate and Almond Dukkah into a blender and mix to your desired consistency. Pour the mixture into freeze pop molds, filling each about three-quarters full, and freeze until solid. When ready to eat, drizzle yoghurt with warm honey and then sprinkle with YIAH Chocolate and Almond Dukkah as a topping. Serves 6-8 happy people.

Chocolate and Almond Dukkah A perfect addition on ice cream, or to make your favourite brownie recipe even better.

Turn to page 8.

inspired by:Terri CaveBrisbane, Australia When I became a Consultant, it was to make extra money and get discounts on products – because I LOVE to cook! But as soon as I got into it, the Tastings were so fun that I couldn’t get enough. Your Inspiration at Home is now a big part of my life and I’m so happy. And I’ve learned so much about food too, like making this yummy recipe for frozen yoghurt. Chocolate and almond deliciousness! It has definitely become a favourite of everyone, and I think you’ll love it too.




See recipes like Terri’s and share your own at

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delectable dukkahs couscous & rice blendsFlavour so remarkable, you can see it. From soups to side dishes, your family will love them!




Asian Inspired A Taste of China

An Asian-inspired blend that is delicious on seafood, chicken, pork and beef. 180g/6.3 oz #1215

$18.95 AUD/USD £12.95 GBP

Mediterranean A Taste of Italy

Italian-inspired blend that’s perfect for couscous, risotto, chicken and fish. 180g/6.3 oz #626

$18.95 AUD/USD £12.95 GBP

BBQ Pit A Taste of USA

Authentic BBQ smokehouse flavours for your family’s most requested meals! 180g/6.3 oz #628

$18.95 AUD/USD £12.95 GBP

Moroccan Couscous A Taste of Morocco

This blend works beautifully when mixed with cooked lentils, chickpeas or fresh vegetables. 180g/6.3 oz #944

$16.95 AUD/USD £11.95 GBP

Mediterranean Risotto Blend A Taste of Italy

Fantastic when mixed with risotto and chicken or to flavour proteins, couscous and vegetables. 120g/4.2 oz #977

$16.95 AUD/USD £11.95 GBP

Queen of the Nile A Taste of Egypt

A traditional Egyptian blend… use with flatbread and olive oil. 180g/6.3 oz #1213

$18.95 AUD/USD £12.95 GBP

South American Picante A Taste of South America

A fiery-hot blend of macadamias, cashews and almonds for a nutty zing! 180g/6.3 oz #1214

$18.95 AUD/USD £12.95 GBP

Wasabi A Taste of Japan

Exotic fresh flavours from Japan with wasabi peas, peanuts, garlic, herbs and spices. 180g/6.3 oz #328

$18.95 AUD/USD £12.95 GBP

Rose White Chocolate and Pistachio A Taste of Persia

Simply add to fresh strawberries, fruit salad, pancakes and more to make them unforgettable! 180g/6.3 oz #1211

$18.95 AUD/USD £12.95 GBP

Lemon Myrtle White Chocolate with Cranberry A Taste of Australia

Australian-native lemon myrtle blended with white chocolate and cranberries for a taste sensation. 180g/6.3 oz #1223

$18.95 AUD/USD £12.95 GBP

Chocolate and Almond (shown on pg. 6) A Taste of Mexico

A perfect addition on ice cream, or to make your favourite brownie recipe even better. 180g/6.3 oz #1212

$18.95 AUD/USD £12.95 GBP

What is a Dukkah?Dukkahs are Egyptian side dishes consisting of herb, nut and spice mixtures. They are typically used as dips with bread or vegetables, but they’re so versatile that you can use them on just about anything. We’ve taken Dukkahs to creative new levels, making them best sellers in Australia and abroad.

tunisian Vegetable Couscous:Our Mediterranean Olive Oil, fresh vegetables, broth and Tunisian Couscous Blend

come together with style in this hearty, healthy dish.

Tunisian Couscous Blend A medium-hot blend with nuts, inspired by harissa to mix with lentils, chick peas and vegetables. 180g/6.3 oz #956

$16.95 AUD/USD £11.95 GBP

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olive oils and vinegarsoils &



Blood Orange, Guava, Mango Balsamic Vinegar A Taste of the Tropics

Zesty citrus orange, sweet mango and overtones of guava with wine and balsamic vinegar. 250ml/8.5 fl oz #304

$19.95 AUD/USD £13.95 GBP

Honey Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar A Taste of AustraliaDecadent honey caramelised balsamic vinegar for salads, cheese, meat glaze or roast vegetables. 250ml/8.5 fl oz #320

$19.95 AUD/USD £13.95 GBP

Mediterranean Olive Oil A Taste of the MediterraneanMediterranean basil, garlic, pepper, thyme and lemon in extra virgin olive oil. 250ml/8.5 fl oz #307

$19.95 AUD/USD £13.95 GBP

Picante Mexican Olive Oil A Taste of MexicoMexican-inspired extra virgin olive oil with garlic, chilli, lime, basil, pepper and thyme. 250ml/8.5 fl oz #309

$19.95 AUD/USD £13.95 GBP

Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar A Taste of AustraliaRich caramelised balsamic vinegar for salads, glazing meats or drizzling over stew and cheese. 250ml/8.5 fl oz #318

$19.95 AUD/USD £13.95 GBP

Thai Inspired Olive Oil A Taste of Thailand

Thai-inspired extra virgin olive oil with lemongrass, garlic, basil, lime and chilli. 250ml/8.5 fl oz #308

$19.95 AUD/USD £13.95 GBP

Try this...Toast some fresh Italian bread,

dip in Mediterranean Olive Oil mixed

with Mediterranean Dukkah (page 8).

It will transport you to Southern Italy.

Uniquely blended with worldly flavours.Colleen, our founder and spice curator, personally developed these tasty blends to give your meals, salads and breads a flavour you can’t get anywhere else.

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jamaican jerk prawns with mango salsa1 mango, peeled and finely chopped1/2 avocado, finely chopped60 ml (1/4 cup) finely chopped capsicum (red bell pepper)40 ml (2 Tbsp) chopped fresh coriander leaves (cilantro)25 ml (1 Tbsp) fresh lime juice5 ml (1 tsp) YIAH Lemon Myrtle Sugar1 ml (1/4 tsp) YIAH Lime and Cracked Pepper Salt1 kg (2 lbs) unpeeled large raw prawns (shrimp)40 ml (2 Tbsp) YIAH Mediterranean Olive Oil60 ml (3 Tbsp) YIAH Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Combine first 7 ingredients in a medium bowl, and set salsa aside. Peel prawns, leaving tails on; devein. Toss prawns with YIAH Mediterranean Olive Oil in a large bowl, sprinkle with Jamaican Jerk Seasoning, and toss to coat. Grill prawns over medium-high heat 180° to 200° C (350° to 400° F) 6 minutes, or just until prawns turn pink, turning once. Serve prawns with salsa. Serves 4.

inspired by:Sue ArntsonMinnesota, USAI recently returned from the Your Inspiration at Home International Conven-tion in Australia. What an adventure! It confirmed that joining this fast-growing team has been the smartest thing I’ve ever done. How many people can say they got in on the ground floor of something so unique? Since starting as a Consultant in America, I’ve found that inspiring other people to also become Consultants has been easy. We’ve all learned that if you put in the work (which feels more like fun), the rewards are there just waiting to be had.

Jamaican Jerk Seasoning All you need for delicious, authentic Caribbean flavour in a spicy, easy-to-use blend.

Turn to page 16.



See other recipes from Sue and share yours at

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spice blends

Travel the globe, without leaving your kitchen.Arabic Spice A Taste of the Middle East

For Arabic cuisine including beef, lamb, chicken, rice, beans and vegetables. 80g/2.8 oz #603

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Asian Stir-Fry A Taste of China

A delicate balance of Asian herbs with the richness of sesame. 80g/2.8 oz #1422

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Chinese Five Spice A Taste of China

Our own version of classic five spice for crispy duck, chicken, beef or pork. 90g/3.2 oz #322

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Garam Masala A Taste of India

Enhances flavours in Indian cuisine, fish, pork, chicken, lamb and potatoes. 90g/3.2 oz #605

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Aussie Roast A Taste of Australia

The classic flavour of an Aussie roast at your fingertips in an easy-to-use, versatile blend. 80g/2.8 oz #1494

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Berbere A Taste of Ethiopia

A warm, spicy, fragrant blend inspired by the earthy flavours of Ethiopia. 90g/3.2 oz #905

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Greek Taverna A Taste of Greece

Fresh Mediterranean flavour with subtle garlic, onion and a hint of mint. 60g/2.1 oz #1478

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Casa Mexicana A Taste of Mexico

Rich and spicy and HOT! The full-flavoured Mexican blend you’ve been waiting for. 80g/2.8 oz #1503

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Chipotle Adobo Mexicana A Taste of Mexico

This Mexican adobo (rub) is perfect for marinades or seasoning on beef, chicken or fish. 90g/3.2 oz #1519

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Herbs de Provence A Taste of France

A delicate blend of aromatic herbs and lavender that captures the essence of France. 40g/1.4 oz #891

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

HarissaSpicy but not too hot; perfect on beef, lamb, chicken and legumes. 90g/3.2 oz #324

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

ChimichurriRich and aromatic spice from Argentina – versatile and full of flavour. 60g/2.1 oz #1509

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

chimi minis40 ml (2 Tbsp) YIAH Chimichurri Seasoning20 ml (1 Tbsp) YIAH Picante Mexican Olive Oil725 g (1 1/2 lbs) lean minced (ground) beef8 slices Mozzarella cheese8 mini sandwich buns, toasted60 ml (¼ cup) mayonnaise60 ml (¼ cup) tomato sauce (ketchup)20 ml (1 Tbsp) YIAH Chipotle Adobo Mexicana Seasoning8 slices Spanish (red) onion8 pieces leaf lettuce

In mixing bowl, gently mix YIAH Picante Mexican Olive Oil, minced (ground) beef and YIAH Chimichurri Seasoning. Form into 8 mini patties. Arrange on hot grill and grill until internal temperature reaches 71° C (160°F) (6-8 minutes), turning once. Add sliced Mozzarella. Let melt and remove from grill. In separate bowl mix mayonnaise, tomato sauce and YIAH Chipotle Adobo Mexicana Seasoning. Spread mayonnaise on toasted buns. Arrange a patty on each bun bottom. Top with onion slices and leaf lettuce.



Turns meat into an unforgettable experience.

Hand-selected spices from all around the world, lovingly hand-crafted into signature blends. We do the work, you have the fun.

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16 17






Indonesian Rendang A Taste of Indonesia

Savoured in curry houses world-wide, Rendang captures the classic flavours of Indonesia. 90g/3.2 oz #880

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Jamaican Jerk (shown on pg. 12) A Taste of Jamaica

All you need for delicious, authentic Caribbean flavour in a spicy, easy-to-use blend. 90g/3.2 oz #1479

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

La Parisienne Dijon and Tarragon A Taste of France

Perfect for French-style dips, sauces, poultry, fish and stuffing. 90g/3.2 oz #746

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Roma Italian A Taste of Italy

A bold combination for authentic Italian flavour in sauces, toppings and breads. 60g/2.1 oz #1459

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Fajita Spice A Taste of Mexico

This smoky Mexican spice blend is a favourite in chicken and beef fajitas. 100g/3.5 oz #604

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Taco Spice A Taste of Mexico

Slightly smoky, this earthy blend is perfect for chicken, fish and beef tacos. 100g/3.5 oz #607

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Madras Curry A Taste of India

A classic blend from Southern India with rich flavours in a mild, family-friendly curry. 90g/3.2 oz #939

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Marrakesh Bazaar Moroccan A Taste of Morocco

Use with lamb, beef and chicken - also try it with couscous, lentils, soups and stews. 90g/3.2 oz #1471

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Pacific Potlatch A Taste of Canada

A fruity and mildly-hot flavour that is a ‘gift’ to meat, salmon and hearty soups. 80g/2.8 oz #1524

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Tandoori Spice A Taste of India

Warm, spicy and fragrant blend for Indian cooking. 90g/3.2 oz #606

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Thai Satay A Taste of Thailand

Rich and spicy citrus flavours create an authentic Thai taste sensation! 60g/2.1 oz #1512

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Traditional Prairie Poultry A Taste of Canada

Perfect to enhance your poultry stuffing, soups, stews and more. 40g/1.4 oz #1510

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Peri Peri (on cover) A Taste of Portugal

Rich capsicum and chilli flavours will add zing to BBQ and grilling favourites. 70g/2.5 oz #1511

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Pizza A Taste of Italy

Use in pizza dough, sauce or sprinkle over the cheese. 75g/2.6 oz #612

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Rogan Josh A Taste of India

Use in Rogan Josh recipes with yoghurt, ghee, tomatoes and more. 90g/3.2 oz #611

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Vindaloo Spice A Taste of India

A hot curry spice that’s perfect for beef and lamb. 90g/3.2 oz #609

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Za’atar A Taste of the Middle East

A tangy, lemony Middle Eastern blend with the toasty flavour of sesame. 80g/2.8 oz #809

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Ras el HanoutA North African blend to add rich flavour to meats and stews. 90g/3.2 oz #943

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Sri Lankan Coconut Distinctive Sri Lankan aromatic and warm coconut curry blend. 90g/3.2 oz #610

$13.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

sri lankan coconut ChickenYour guests will think you spent hours in the kitchen, but in truth it takes just minutes to prepare. Our Thai Inspired Olive Oil, Sri Lankan Coconut Seasoning and Anise, Coriander, Ginger & Orange Salt give it a distinctive flavour.

See this full recipe and join our community at

ras el hanout lentil soupServe this deliciously healthy soup with your favourite flat bread as a complement to dinner or as the main course itself.

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your passport to write your ownthe world. Story.


Your Inspiration at Home unites the world with the common language of food. From Australia to Argentina, Inspired families gather to share authentic meals. And while most proteins, fruits and vegetables can be found worldwide, each region gives them a unique ethnic flair. It’s our mission to help more people share and discover these new flavours and cultures, and to empower our Consultants to change their lives through Inspiration.

Imagine getting paid to share recipes, eat and laugh!That’s the life of a Your Inspiration at Home Consultant. Whether you choose it for a little extra spending money; to earn incentive travel; or to have your own successful business – this opportunity doesn’t just fit your lifestyle – it’s already a part of your lifestyle. Joining now means getting in on the start of something that’s new, fresh, fun and growing fast.

Income: Earnings are proportionate to your efforts. There’s no limit to the opportunities, including Leadership.

Flexibility: Spend as much time as you choose. It contributes to your life goals.

Recognition: Enjoy confidence from being recognized and applauded by your peers.

Training: Our experienced Consultants and Leaders help you learn as you earn.

Friendship: Forge relationships with Consultants and new friends from around the world.

Travel Rewards: Earn fantastic incentive trips to exciting global destinations!

Free Products: Receive merchandise and special discounts for personal cooking.

International: Be part of the strength and excitement of an international company!

From down under to the world over We began in Australia to give people fast, fun, easy ways to create globally-inspired foods that are a part of unique cultures. We’re committed to the finest, hand-picked ingredients and authentic flavours sourced from personal travels. This is why our excellent products have quickly expanded to every continent.

Passion and prideFounder and spice curator, Colleen Walters is dedicated to Your Inspiration at Home, sourcing spices and developing blends authentic to the regions and cultures she has visited.

Undeniably uniqueEvery item in this Flavour Guide is a proprietary recipe and in some cases a new seasoning ingredient that you’ll never find in a store. Once you try them, you’ll want more. To keep things fresh, we constantly introduce monthly, tasty, limited-time items.

Ask your Consultant how easy it is to get started,or visit our website for more information.

Gold silver bronze

awarded top honors...

• Winner of 45 medals at the Wrest Point Hobart Fine Food Awards, including 26 Gold medals.

• Finalist in the “Organics and All-Natural” section of the Food Challenge Awards hosted by Food Magazine.

• Winner of the Emerging Business category at the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards.

Join the teamfor as little as

$99£69 GBP

It’s socialThrough our recipe website and social media network, people from all over the world are sharing recipes and cultures. We bring the whole world to the same dinner table.

We believe in changing the world one small bite at a timeWe’re making the world smaller, more familiar and friendlier through food. And we continue to support global charitable efforts like KIVA – the world’s first non-profit lending platform connecting online lenders to small, life-changing entrepreneurs.

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specialty saltsFlavour as deep as the sea.

Anise, Coriander, Ginger and Orange A Taste of France

Salt dusts are fine sea salts ground with herbs and spices for a unique flavour. 180g/6.3 oz #616

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Aussie Lemon Pepper A Taste of Australia

Australian-native lemon myrtle and alpine pepperberry sea salt dust. 180g/6.3 oz #618

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Aussie Alpine Pepperberry Grinder Salt A Taste of Australia

Australian alpine pepperberry and rock salt – perfect for any grinder. 180g/6.3 oz #619

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Smoked Salt A Taste of USA

Traditional smokehouse sea salt dust. 180g/6.3 oz #621

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Hibiscus, Green Tea and Lemon A Taste of Australia

Enjoy a unique herbal infusion with sea salt dust. 180g/6.3 oz #617

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Western Australian Black Truffle A Taste of Australia

Exotic black truffles blended with sea salt dust. 180g/6.3 oz #622

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Rose, Orange and Vanilla A Taste of India

A tropical fusion of delicate rose petals, organic vanilla and sweet orange peel. 180g/6.3 oz #615

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Lime and Cracked PepperSea salt dust with the classic lime and black pepper combination. 180g/6.3 oz #614

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

= Requires a spice ginder



Perfect for popcorn!

smoked orange Bloody MaryRim your glass with this full-bodied salt blend for the boldest bloody mary you’ve ever had!

Smoked Orange, Garlic and Chilli Grinder SaltSmokehouse orange peel and rock salt with a zesty hint of chilli. 180g/6.3 oz #620

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

See this and other drink recipes at

Replace ordinary table salt with these extraordinary Specialty Salts. The flavours they give to your meats and vegetables are unforgettably unique.

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22 23

south african spare ribs40 ml (2 Tbsp) YIAH South African Cape Rub2 racks pork spare ribs (about 1500 g (3 lbs) each)190 ml (¾ cup) apple juice190 ml (¾ cup) water

Rub pork ribs with all, but 20 ml (1 Tbsp) of YIAH South African Cape Rub. Let sit at room temperature for 1 hour or chill overnight. Whisk together remaining 20 ml (1 Tbsp) YIAH South African Cape Rub with apple juice and water in a bowl; set basting sauce aside.

Preheat grill to 107° to 140° C (225° to 275° F). On indirectheat, place ribs top side down on grate turning once andbasting with sauce every 20 minutes, until the tip of a smallknife slips easily in and out of the meat, 2 to 4 hours. Serves 4-6.

South African Cape Rub An aromatic salt rub with a hint of South African curry flavours. Ribs will never be the same!

Turn to page 24.

inspired by:Rachel BirtwellLondon, EnglandI never knew what freedom felt like until I became a Consultant for Your Inspiration at Home. We like to call ourselves “Flavour Guides” at Tastings thrown by our wonderful hosts/hostesses, because we really take guests on a guided tour of the world’s spices and dishes. Those Tastings are always so much fun, and I’ve met terrific people along the way who have become my dear friends. The whole experience makes me think ‘is this really my job?’ Because even though the money is great, it has never felt like work to me.



See recipes like Rachel’s and share your own at

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meat rubs dry glazesGreat for grilling, broiling, smoking or frying.

All new for this year!You’re going to love them.

Australian Outback Coffee RubA unique blend of Australian Bush spices with a classic single origin coffee. 80g/2.8 oz #1216

$14.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Honey Lemon Myrtle Glaze An Australian favourite with native lemon myrtle, garlic, onion, black pepper and powdered honey. 90g/3.2 oz #317

$14.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP



Exotic Citrus Coffee Rub A Taste of Australia

The unique union between bold coffee and crisp citrus enhances the flavours of all types of meats. 60g/2.1 oz #1218

$14.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Mexican Mocha Mole Coffee Rub A Taste of Mexico

A generous blend of coffee and chocolate – amazing on chicken and pork. 90g/3.2 oz #1217

$14.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Chilli, Lime Chipotle Rub A Taste of Tex Mex

Classic and traditional Mexican flavours – smoky, spicy and full of life. 80g/2.8 oz #1513

$13.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Bombay Honey Glaze A Taste of India

The warm flavours of India with powdered honey to make an easy curry glaze. 90g/3.2 oz #313

$14.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Mongolian Five Spice Glaze A Taste of Mongolia

Five classic aromatic spices and a hint of garlic, onion and ginger matched with powdered honey. 90g/3.2 oz #314

$14.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBPCanadian Steak Spice

A Taste of Canada

A classic Canadian rub with the tanginess of dill seed, cracked peppercorns and salt. 100g/3.5 oz #321

$13.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Grill Master Rub A Taste of USA

Always passes the taste test! Use as a dry rub or simply mix with olive oil for basting. 100g/3.5 oz #466

$13.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Southern Onion Rub A Taste of USA

From the Bayou, this great onion base is perfect for steak and burgers! 90g/3.2 oz #456

$13.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Texas BBQ Rub A Taste of USA

Hot, smoky and robustly delicious. Perfect for steak and wings! 90g/3.2 oz #445

$13.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

West Coast Fish Rub with Lemon Myrtle A Taste of the Mediterranean

Just rub on to highlight all the natural goodness that comes from the sea. 100g/3.5 oz #311

$13.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

South African Cape Rub (shown on pg. 22) A Taste of South Africa

An aromatic salt rub with a hint of South African curry flavours. 100g/3.5 oz #312

$13.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Chipotle Cranberry Glaze A Taste of Tex Mex

Smokey Mexican chillies and herbs combined with balsamic vinegar, honey and zesty cranberries. 130g/4.6 oz #315

$14.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Brazilian BBQ Glaze A Taste of Brazil

A lively blend of South American picante flavours, balancing herbs and the sweetness of honey. 90g/3.2 oz #316

$14.95 AUD/USD £9.95 GBP

Seasoned with a kick!

roasted lemon myrtle chicken1.5–2 kg (3-4 pound) whole chicken3 lemons2 ml (½ tsp) YIAH Aussie Lemon Pepper Salt80 ml (1/3 cup) YIAH Lemon Myrtle Honey Glaze40 ml (2 Tbsp) YIAH Mediterranean Olive Oil2 bay leaves250 ml (1 cup) dry white wineFlat-leaf parsley sprigs, to garnish

Preheat oven to 200° C (400° F). Remove gibletsfrom chicken and wash thoroughly. Pat dry. Slice1 lemon and squeeze juice from each half overthe outside of the bird. Place one of the squeezedlemons inside chicken. Sprinkle YIAH AussieLemon Pepper Salt over bird. Gently apply YIAHLemon Myrtle Honey Glaze over entire chicken.Place YIAH Mediterranean Olive Oil and white wine in roasting pan or Dutch Oven. Place seasoned chicken in roasting pan. Slice remaining lemons in half and place in roasting pan with chicken. Add bay leaves and bake for 1 ½ hours or until chicken reaches 77° C (170° F). Garnish with parsley sprigs. Serves 4-6.

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baking spicesflavoured sugars

Nothing warms up a family like a fresh pie.

A joy to the taste buds and the eye.

Powdered honey is new, different and delicious! We’ve captured nature’s gooey sweet decadence in powder, so it’s easy to dust on anything. It’s in our Cinnamon Twist for mellow sweetness, and also adds zing to some of our Meat Rubs on page 24.


Country Baked Apple Pie A Taste of Canada

Perfect for apple pies, as the name implies. Also great in other baked desserts and for ice cream. 70g/2.5 oz #265

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Cinnamon Twist with Honey A Taste of Canada

Use with all your baking or to dust cakes, cookies, fruit and much more. You’ll love the accent of powdered honey. 130g/4.6 oz #623

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Pumpkin Pie Baking Spice A Taste of USA

For delicious pies, muffins and cakes. Discover what you can make with it and send in your recipes. 70g/2.5 oz #274

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Rose Sugar A perfect glass topper or as a sprinkle on desserts and donuts. 130g/4.6 oz #241

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Sprinkle on top or use them to rim glasses for stylish drinks.

Chai Spice Sugar A Taste of India

A true favourite. Perfect in pastries, breads, gingerbread and biscuits. 130g/4.6 oz #229

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Lavender Sugar A Taste of France

For use as a glass topper or to enhance desserts, cupcakes, meringues and sauces. 130g/4.6 oz #211

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Lemon Myrtle Sugar A Taste of Australia

A tang of native bush spice, lemon myrtle gives a unique twist to traditional baking. 130g/4.6 oz #1221

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Mojito Sugar A Taste of Cuba

Rim your cocktail glasses with this sugar or bake with it for a citrus zing. 130g/4.6 oz #1522

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Sweet Orange Sugar A Taste of Italy

Use in shortbread, in syrups for fruit, or mix it in your tea. 130g/4.6 oz #226

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

Vanilla Sugar A Taste of Scandinavia

Perfect in shortbread, cookies, pavlovas or muffins. 130g/4.6 oz #206

$12.95 AUD/USD £8.95 GBP

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chocolate powders vibrant teasBecause you deserve it.A taste for every mood, hot or cold.



Chocolate Orange Powder A Taste of Australia

The classic taste of milk chocolate combined with orange. 200g/7.1 oz #624

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP

White Chocolate Powder with Lemon Myrtle A Taste of Australia

For unique and exquisite flavour, this is a must-have ingredient. 200g/7.1 oz #1222

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP

Milk Chocolate Powder A Taste of Mexico

Traditional chocolate flavour. Great hot or cold! 200g/7.1 oz #480

$10.95 AUD/USD £7.95 GBP

Premium Chai Powder A Taste of India

A blissful and easy way to enjoy the taste of Chai. 200g/7.1 oz #526

$10.95 AUD/USD £7.95 GBP

White Chocolate Powder A Taste of Europe Use in your favourite desserts or as an indulgent drink. 200g/7.1 oz #516

$10.95 AUD/USD £7.95 GBP

White Chocolate Powder with Rose A Taste of Persia

Smooth, velvety white chocolate with aromatic rosebud. Delicious! 200g/7.1 oz #1504

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP

Chilli Chocolate Powder Want to try something different? This blend adds a subtle hot spice to drinking chocolate. 200g/7.1 oz #486

$10.95 USD/AUD £7.95 GBP

Hawaiian Hibiscus Bliss A Taste of USA

A soothing Pacific Island blend of white peony tea, honeybush, hibiscus, citrus and spearmint. 50g/1.8 oz #529

$19.95 AUD/USD £13.95 GBP

Russian Orange Exotica A Taste of Russia

An aromatic blend of organic tea with spicy orange, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. 100g/3.5 oz #543

$25.95 AUD/USD £17.95 GBP

Moroccan Mint A Taste of Morocco

A North African favourite that mixes green tea, spearmint, peppermint, cinnamon and liquorice. 48g/1.7 oz #2061

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP

Persian Nights A Taste of Persia

A voyage to exotic times with organic jasmine tea, rose petals and a hint of orange peel. 88g/3.1 oz #548

$25.95 AUD/USD £17.95 GBP

Masala Chai A Taste of India

Classic Indian aromatic spices for a classic chai tea latte. 88g/3.1 oz #1507

$25.95 AUD/USD £17.95 GBP

Serenity Mist A Taste of United Kingdom

An organic black tea blended with tropical and floral flavours and a hint of vanilla. 150g/5.3 oz #625

$19.95 AUD/USD £13.95 GBP

South African Sunrise A Taste of South Africa

Non-caffeinated South African rooibos tea is like a red-orange sunrise in a cup! 143g/5.0 oz #1506

$28.95 AUD/USD £19.95 GBP

Mulling Spice A Taste of Northern Winters

It’s a lovely, non-caffeinated celebration of traditional festive spices. 140g/4.9 oz #302

$27.95 AUD/USD £18.95 GBP

Organic Lemon Soother Citrus lemon aroma and organic spices make this herbal tea timeless. Non-caffeinated. 60g/2.1 oz #1220

$15.95 AUD/USD £10.95 GBP

All of our teas are custom blended, made with 100% organic leaves and truly memorable. We offer several non-caffeinated blends which are lovely before bedtime.

Fold into whipped cream or cream cheese for instant

mousse or cheesecake filling.

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Talk to your Consultant about turning your Tasting into the start of your own business! Host rewards reduce the price of your business kit. Join the Your Inspiration At Home family and share the “passport to authentic flavour” with others today!

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*Tasting Hosts with less than $200 in sales still qualify for one half-priced item.** Free product value is based on Tasting sales excluding half-price items, booking bonus sales and

donations to our supported charities. Free product allowances must be taken at full retail prices.

new gift cards for 2013The perfect way to give good taste on any occasion. After people receive a gift card, they can shop online or through your Consultant.

$25 AUD/USD £20 GBP #1540$50 AUD/USD £40 GBP #1541$75 AUD/USD £60 GBP #1542$100 AUD/USD £80 GBP #1543

effective fundraising campaignsIdeal for schools, community groups and more. Our Consultants manage the campaigns from start to finish, and we share fundraising proceeds with your organisation. Ask your Consultant for details.

Easy Online OrderingRun out of your favourite ingredient? Or anxious to try something new? You don’t have to wait for the next Tasting. Just go online through your Consultant’s page to keep your pantry stocked.

Fun, Fresh RecipesCheck out our recipe site to find new recipes from around the world. It’s perfect for dinner groups or anyone who wants to learn and share food ideas.

you have great taste in friendsmore ways to spread so treat them to great taste.inspiration.

Hosting has its rewards...


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f pric


£1,050 GBP

$1,000£700 GBP

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$500£350 GBP

$200 *£125 GBP

gift card

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