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  • 8/13/2019 Repairs Policy OCT12


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    Our Repairs Policy 2012Putting tenants first

  • 8/13/2019 Repairs Policy OCT12


    Edinburgh Building Services

    2 Our Repairs Policy 2012

    Welcome to Edinburgh Building Services (EBS), the City of EdinburghCouncils repair and maintenance service. We carry out around 140,000

    repairs, alterations and safety checks on Council homes across Edinburghevery year.

    Because we carry out so many jobs and each one matters to us, itsimportant that you know the type of repairs were responsible for and therepairs that you, our tenants, are responsible for. This information isincluded in our Repairs Policy.

    It also includes a useful section on how to fix minor faults, our complaintsprocess and useful contacts.

    There are also some repairs in communal and external areas that the Councilis jointly responsible for if there are other owners in the communal areas.Before we can carry out any repair work, we need to get the agreement of theother owners. This can sometimes lead to a delay in repair work being carriedout. This includes repairs to stair windows, roof repairs, fences and paths.

    This Repairs Policy doesnt cover repairs carried out as part of our plannedmaintenance and modernisation programme. To find out more about thisprogramme please ask at your Neighbourhood Office.

    0131 200 [email protected]

    If you have a query about your repairs or aboutour repairs service, this booklet will help you find the answer ... Please keep it somewhere handy.

    Repairs Direct

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    As your landlord, the Council is responsible for repairing and maintaining thestructure of the property that you live in. This includes:

    Walls, floors and ceilings Window frames and external doors Roofs, drain pipes and gutters Kitchen and bathroom main fixtures (toilets, baths, basins, sinks, gas and

    water pipes) Heating equipment (fires, radiators, storage heaters and panel heaters) Water heating equipment (boilers and immersion heaters) Electrical fittings (light switches, light fittings, sockets, wiring and mains

    operated smoke detectors) Steps and access paths (not garden paths), fences and walls in and around

    public areas but not between neighbours Communal areas around the property (stairs, lifts, landings, some lighting,

    entrance halls, paving, bin store doors and rubbish chutes). This may also bea joint responsibility if other owners are involved (see section on communal/block repairs)

    Carrying out annual gas servicing and other safety checks.

    We may also complete the following work if you agree to pay for it: Repairing any damage caused by you, your family or visitors

    (if no police incident number given) Replacing lost keys Helping you gain access if youve lost your keys or youre locked out.

    Our responsibilities to you

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    Gas safety checks

    Our Repairs Policy 2012 5

    By law the Council is responsible for carrying out yearly gas servicing and safetychecks in every home with gas. Legally you must give us access to your home so

    we can carry these out.

    Faulty appliances can give off carbon monoxide fumes, which are highly poisonous.Carbon monoxide has no colour, taste or smell, and can kill. Annual gas safetychecks mean we can make sure your appliances are in safe working order. Every year we will send a letter telling you when your next gas service is due. If the dateis unsuitable, please contact us to arrange an alternative appointment.

    If weve been unable to get into your home after two appointments and youve notbeen in touch, we will begin legal proceedings to gain entry to your home.If we have to force entry to carry out the gas service you will have to pay thecosts for this.

    If you would like to install a new gas heater or boiler or replace an existing one, youmust get written permission from us first. Any new appliance must be installed by aproperly qualified, registered gas installer.

    The new gas heater or boiler will then become the property of the Council, and wewill maintain and service it for you. If you want to take the appliance with you whenyou end your tenancy, you must leave a suitable and properly fitted replacement.

    If you smell gas, turn off the gas supply, open windows, and phone Scottish GasNetworks on 0800 111 999.

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    As a tenant, youre responsible for minor repairs such as: Fittings that you installed or accepted at the start of your tenancy, such as

    shelves, built-in wardrobes and laminate flooring Fitting additional locks Resetting tripped switches, fuses and light bulbs (not communal stair lighting) Attempting to clear plumbing blockages Testing smoke detectors and replacing batteries (unless they are mains

    operated smoke detectors) Repairing minor cracks and holes in walls and ceilings that can be reasonably

    filled before decorating Television aerials and reception equipment (unless installed by the Council) All internal decoration Maintenance of fences, gates, driveways and any garden structure not put in

    place by the Council. (Responsibility may be jointly shared among owners forfences, gates and driveways in communal areas)

    All rechargeable repairs as set out in the Councils Rechargeable Repairs Policy,unless an exemption is applied.

    Our Repairs Direct staff (phone 0131 200 2345) can offer help and advice ongetting this work done if youre having problems.

    As a tenant you should also: Report criminal damage or vandalism to the police and get an incident number Take action to prevent further damage once a fault has been identified Take action to avoid condensationby ventilating your home, not blocking air

    vents and opening windows Get written permission before making alterations to your home Allow us access to your home to carry out safety checks required by law

    Repair any damage that you, your family or any visitors have caused, other thanthrough fair wear and tear. If the repairs service puts right this damage you willbe responsible for paying a recharge cost. The repair must be carried out by acompetent person and to an acceptable standard. Any gas or electrical workmust be completed by a qualified tradesman.

    6 Our Repairs Policy 2012

    Your responsibilities as a tenant

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    If the Council is responsible for the repair you can request this by: Phoning Repairs Direct on 0131 200 2345

    Emailing [email protected] Using the freephone service at your local Neighbourhood Office If you live in a multi-storey block you can speak to the Concierge to arrange repairs If youre in sheltered housing accommodation, your warden can help you

    arrange repairs.

    When requesting an appointment please make sure: You arrange the appointment at a time when you will be at home You always give a contact number in case we need to reschedule the work You let us know of anything that may stop us gaining access to the property or

    your ability to clear the area around the fault.

    Once youve arranged an appointment date, there are a number of things you shoulddo to make sure we can carry out our job as quickly, effectively and safely as possible.

    Before we arrive to carry out the work it is your responsibility to: Make sure there is a responsible adult present to allow our staff access to the

    repair. If a responsible adult over 16 is not in when we call we will have to cancelthe appointment

    Clear the area around the repair before our staff arrive to carry out the work. Thismay include lifting carpets, laminate flooring, clearing work surfaces, emptyingcupboards, taking down curtains or moving furniture away from the area

    For health and safety reasons, keep pets and young children away from the areaof the repair work whilst we carry out the repair.

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    When you move into your new home, we will have carried out all repairs according tothe Edinburgh Standard of Let and turned on all services. This may be carried out

    together with the utilities suppliers.

    At the start of your tenancy, the housing officer will show you where your electricityfuse box, water stopcock, and gas stopcock (if the property has gas) are, and explainhow to turn these off in an emergency. You will also be given general advice on howto prevent and fix some minor faults. Find out more in the Common Faults section of this booklet on page 23.

    At the start of your tenancy, the following items below will be supplied. After this, itis your responsibility to replace them: Internal door handles, hinges and catches (except fire exit doors and kitchen doors) Drawer handles External door numbers and letter plates (not fitted by the Council) Plugs and chains for baths and basins Draught excluders (where appropriate).

    Scottish Hydro Electric is usually the provider of the gas supply to your new home. If you would like to change to another gas supplier you can do so at any time. This willtake 28 days for the transfer to take effect. Please note that if you have heat withrent, you cant change your supplier.

    What if Im a new tenant?

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    Your right to repair

    Our Repairs Policy 2012 9

    The Right to Repair The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 introduced the Right to Repair scheme. This gives

    tenants the right to have small emergency or urgent repairs done quickly and to bepaid compensation if we dont meet the legal timescales.

    To qualify for the Right to Repair scheme, the repair must: Have an estimated value of 350 or less Be a qualifying repair. (Qualifying repairs are listed in the table on page 10).

    Requesting a repair When you phone Repairs Direct, you will be informed if the repair is a qualifyingrepair and how long we have to fix the fault.

    You will also be given the name of an approved alternative contractor. You will beentitled to contact this alternative contractor and ask them to carry out this repairif we fail to fix the fault within the time allowed.

    Timescales for completionMany qualifying repairs have a one working day completion time. For example, if arepair is requested on a Tuesday, we have until 5pm on Wednesday to complete therepair. If a repair is reported on a Friday, we normally have until 5pm on Monday tocomplete the work.

    These are the timescales set out in the Right to Repair legislation and establish yourright to any compensation. Our internal targets mean we will usually complete therepair more quickly than this.

    Exceptional circumstances

    Sometimes there may be circumstances beyond our control which will make itimpossible to carry out the repair within the maximum time allowed. This couldinclude severe weather or the availability of parts from manufacturer.

    In these circumstances we may need to make temporary arrangements and extendthe maximum time to complete the repair. We will let you know if we need to do this.

    If boiler parts are unavailable, temporary heating can be provided. You will then beoffered an appointment as soon as the parts become available.

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    Qualifying Repairs

    10 Our Repairs Policy 2012

    Blocked flue due to open fire or boiler

    Blocked, leaking or foul drains, soil stacks or toilet pans(no other toilet)

    Blocked sink, bath, hand wash basin

    Loss of electric power

    Partial loss of electric power

    External window, door or lock not secure

    Unsafe access path or step

    Significant leaks or flooding from water or heating pipes,tanks or cisterns and cannot be contained

    Loss or partial loss of gas supply

    Loss or partial loss of hot water and/or heating, noalternative heating is available

    Toilet not flushing and there is no other toilet in the house

    Unsafe power, lighting socket or electrical fitting

    Loss of water supply

    Partial loss of water supply

    Loose or detached banister or hand rail

    Unsafe timber flooring or stair treads

    Mechanical extractor fan in internal kitchen or bathroomnot working and no alternative ventilation


















    TIMESCALE/COMPLETION(full working days)FAULT

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    Our Repairs Policy 2012 11

    CompensationIf we dont attend and make safe a qualifying repair within the time allowed, youre

    entitled to 15 compensation. Youre also entitled to a further 3 each day until therepair is completed. The maximum compensation that can be paid is 100.

    Alternative contractorsIf we fail to carry out the repair within the timescale set out in the legislation, youreentitled to contact an approved alternative contractor and ask them to carry out therepair. You will be given the names and contact details of an alternative contractor/swhen you first report the repair. If you contact an alternative contractor you are stillentitled to compensation.

    The Right to Repair does not apply if: The date for repair was extended because you asked for an alternative appointment The cost of the repair exceeds 350 Weve been unable to gain access for an inspection or for the repair to be carried

    out. If this happens you will need to make a new repair request and the Right toRepair process will start again.

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    The Council may limit your access to services if: You or your family present a current risk of violent or abusive behaviour towards

    Council staff or representatives You have concluded missives within the Right to Buy process Your home is scheduled for demolition. If your home is subject to demolition,

    you will receive information which outlines what repairs can be carried out. Undernormal circumstances tenants will receive the full repairs service and only whendemolition is imminent will there be the possibility of a more limited repairs service

    In some circumstances where a fault is reported that requires replacement ratherthan repair it will be dealt with as part of a planned maintenance programme

    You have the right to appeal against any decision to limit repairs by writing to:EBS Customer Services Team, 33 Murrayburn Road, Edinburgh, EH14 2TF ortelephoning 0131 200 2300.

    Our policy on violence/abuse to employees at work Our staff have the right to work without fear of violence or abuse. Anyone threateningor abusing our staff will be reported to the police and we will press for prosecution. If such an incident occurs on any occasion, your access to the Councils Repairs Servicewill be restricted and your tenancy may be put at risk.

    A Right to Council Repairs Service?

    12 Our Repairs Policy 2012

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    Will I have to pay for any repairs?

    Youre responsible for any damage that you, your family or visitors have caused.If we carry out a repair for such damage youll be asked to pay for it. We will give

    you an estimate for the repair. If you cant afford to pay it all at once, alternativearrangements can be made.

    When you give up the tenancy we will inspect the property and its state of repair. If any repair work that you have carried out has not been completed to the requiredstandard, then remedial work will be carried out by the Council. You will have to paythe full cost of the repair. If you dont leave a forwarding address, the Council willinitiate its usual debt recovery process.

    You can make your own arrangements for repairs to be carried out, provided thework is completed to an adequate standard. Any gas or electrical work must becompleted by a qualified tradesperson for that specific repair.

    A record of the repairs and the outstanding bill will be kept and taken into accountshould you approach the Council for housing in the future. If you feel that yourenot responsible for the cost of the repair you can appeal by contacting yourNeighbourhood Office. If the appeal is not settled it will be directed to theNeighbourhood Housing and Regeneration Manager. Neighbourhood contact detailsare available on page 28.

    Our Repairs Policy 2012 13

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  • 8/13/2019 Repairs Policy OCT12


    Emergency repairs

    Emergencies during working hours should be reported by phoning:Repairs Direct on 0131 200 2345.

    Some Emergency Repairs are available to all tenants 24 hours a day, every dayof the year. If a serious fault occurs outside normal working hours, and it isnt safeto wait until the next working day, you should report it to the out of hours emergencyrepairs service by calling 0131 200 2000.

    The out of hours emergency service is available on:Weekdays Monday to Wednesday 5pm to 8am

    Thursday 3.40pm to 8am

    Weekends Friday 2.15pm to Monday 8amBank Holidays 24 hours

    Emergency repairs will be dealt with outside normal working hours when the fault: Poses a serious risk to health and safety Poses a serious risk to the structure of the property The property is not secure.

    Examples are: No water to kitchen sink Blocked toilet Broken window or door: property is not secure No electricity No heating or hot water when no alternative is available.

    If the repair doesnt qualify as an out of hours emergency we will let you know.If a responsible adult is not present at the property when the emergency service

    responds, the job will have to be cancelled.We will let you know when you report an emergency repair when we will respond,normally up to four hours from the time of reporting. In some cases, such as severeweather conditions, where there may be a high demand for repair work, somedelays to the service may be expected.

    The work will be to make the situation safe and/or carry out a temporary repair.If further work is needed, arrangements for a follow-on appointment will be made

    before our staff leave your home.

    Our Repairs Policy 2012 15

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    As well as attending to emergency and routine repairs in your home, EdinburghBuilding Services also carries out external repairs, for example to certain communal

    areas of flats such as stairs or roofs.

    This service will depend on the type of property you live in. There are two basic typesof property where we will carry out communal repairs: multi-storey blocks and lowrise blocks.

    In multi-storey blocks, generally those that have lifts, caretaking and concierge, theCouncil has full responsibility for carrying out common repairs. Our normal standardsand procedures for repairs apply. Owners in multi-storey blocks are recharged for theirshare of the costs. In some cases, such as severe weather conditions where theremay be a high demand for repair work, some delays to the service may be expected.

    Tenants are encouraged to use recycling facilities. By using this facility you will helpto improve the environment and also help reduce the number of blocked chuterepairs carried out each year.

    Low-rise blocks are generally those without lifts, caretakers or a concierge.Responsibility for repairs and the maintenance of common areas is shared betweenall owners.

    Under the Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004, the Council will, if asked, helphomeowners reach a decision on getting repairs to communal areas carried outaccording to the Tenement Management Scheme.

    The Property Management Team in your local Neighbourhood Office will arrange forthe repair to be inspected, then gather a range of estimates from different contractors.

    They will contact all homeowners and try to reach a majority decision on a contractor.All homeowners are responsible for repairs to communal areas and contributing theirshare of the costs. This can cause delays and you will be kept updated on progress.

    In all cases of communal/block repairs where the fault is a risk to health and safetyor requires repair under the Councils wind and watertight landlord commitments,the fault will be repaired according to our standards on the completion of emergencyand urgent jobs. Owners can also get emergency repairs carried out.

    Stair lighting is a Council responsibility. Please call 0131 200 2345 to request a repair.

    Communal/block repairs

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    Every year, the Council repair and modernise hundreds of properties where the fixturesand fittings need repair or replacement. This is carried out on a pre-programmed

    basis and is known as planned maintenance.

    If the property is due to have planned maintenance work carried out in the next 12months, such as a new kitchen or bathroom, repairs will only be ordered if the fault: is an emergency poses a health and safety risk is covered by the Right to Repair is unrelated to the planned work will cause you serious inconvenience.

    If your property has had planned works completed within the past 12 months, pleasereport any repairs in the normal way by telephoning Repairs Direct 0131 200 2345and we will work with the relevant contactor to resolve.

    Our Repairs Policy 2012 17

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    We aim to deliver the best service possible to all our tenants but realise that somemay need a little extra help. For example:

    tenants aged over 75 years people with disabilities who use a wheelchair or walking frame tenants with an advanced terminal illness tenants who use medical equipment, eg ventilators or kidney dialysis machines tenants within the Community Alarm Scheme.

    You or someone you live with may have a disability or medical condition whichrequires some repairs to be carried out more quickly or for more help to be madeavailable. However, we can only make arrangements for this if the fault reported

    clearly has a negative effect on this condition.When requesting your repair, please ensure that you clearly describe your situationto our call centre staff if: You need repairs to be completed faster than normal because of your circumstances

    You have an impairment that will affect the arrangements of the appointment(such as hearing impairment or mobility restriction). We can ensure that our staffare aware of this and, for example, knock loudly or allow extra time for the doorto be answered or make contact via a third party such as a support worker

    You will have difficulty clearing the area around the fault (including liftingcarpets and moving furniture) and you cant get help from relatives or neighbours

    You cant carry out minor repairs that youre responsible for (see page 6), and you dont live with an able-bodied person. In some cases we may carry outthese repairs. However, we would normally refer you to the Handypersonservice from Care and Repair.

    Please note:

    We will record this information in our tenant notes for future repairs only with your permission

    We will arrange repairs through a third party such as a friend, relative or carerif necessary

    Were unable to respond to requests for services that are not normally offered(changing light bulbs, fire alarm batteries, curtains for example). We will refer you to the Handyperson service from Care and Repair.

    If youre an older or disabled tenant you can find out more about the HandypersonService from Care and Repair by phoning 0131 220 7630.

    Extra help for tenants

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    We want to get the right tradesman, with the correct materials to all our jobs eachtime, every time. To do this, it is sometimes necessary to arrange for one of our

    Quality Control Officers to carry out a pre-inspection.

    Pre-inspections may be carried out in cases where: Youre unable to fully explain the problem It isnt clear who is responsible for the repair Measurements and/or technical specifications are needed before ordering work We need to identify the source of the problem Specialist materials or equipment may be required.

    Our Repairs Direct staff will determine if there is a need for an inspection and inthese cases make an appointment with you for a Quality Control Officer to call.

    When the Quality Control Officer calls they will advise you of what work is required,agree an appointment for the work to be carried out and leave these details with youon a card or tell you if no work is to be carried out.

    Post-inspections will be carried out on a random sample of completed repairs, toensure our staff and sub-contractors provide a high standard of workmanship.

    We will also carry out quality checks when a tenant reports that: The work carried out has not rectified the problem The quality of workmanship was not acceptable.

    We may also carry out a quality control check if you were dissatisfied about the repair.

    Our Repairs Policy 2012 19

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    We want to make sure youre satisfied with our work first time, every time. Butmistakes do sometimes happen. Were equally committed to resolving complaints

    and problems as providing the best possible service first time round.

    We value the feedback we receive from our customers as an opportunity to findout how we can improve our service. If, for any reason, youre not satisfied withthe service we provide, our complaints process gives you the chance to state yourreasons for dissatisfaction and get something done about it. Our Customer ServicesTeam will then investigate what went wrong and, where appropriate, correct theproblem and take measures to make sure it does not happen again.

    What is a complaint?We define a complaint as a formal expression of unhappiness with the service wehave provided.

    What is not a complaint?Requests for repairs, requests to reschedule a repair appointment or requests for ahigher level of service than that outlined within this policy are not complaints.

    Customer satisfaction/complaints

    20 Our Repairs Policy 2012

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    What if I have a complaint?

    If you have a complaint, you should first raise it with a member of staff, as thoseclosest to the problem are often in the best position to solve it. You can call us on

    0131 200 2300. Or write to:

    Customer ServicesEdinburgh Building Services 33 Murrayburn RoadEdinburgh, EH14 2TF

    or email [email protected]

    Alternatively you can fill in a Make Contact leaflet. These are available in your localNeighbourhood Office or by phoning 0131 529 4295.

    Our standard is to resolve all complaints immediately. If we cant do this, theCustomer Services Team will aim to resolve all complaints within ten working daysSome problems may take longer to investigate. If this is the case we will let youknow when we can give you a full response.

    AppealsAt each stage of the two stage complaints process you will be given clear informationon how to appeal if youre not satisfied with the outcome or how it was dealt with.During the appeals process your complaint will be referred to the Edinburgh BuildingServices Management Team and then to the Edinburgh Building Services SeniorManager. All complaints will be answered within ten working days.

    OmbudsmanIf youve completed our complaints process and youre still not satisfied, you have

    the right to complain to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman. You need to dothis within one year of completing the complaints process. Contact The ScottishPublic Services Ombudsman at 4 Melville Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7NS, phone0800 377 7330, fax 0800 377 7331 or online at

    Budgetary actionWe must ensure that the cost of work in any financial year is within the budget setby the City of Edinburgh Council. In extreme cases, the Council may need to restrictrepairs to the legal minimum in order to meet this requirement. Such severe action

    would be exceptional, would require a senior management decision and would bewidely advertised throughout Council public service centres.

    Our Repairs Policy 2012 21

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    When working in your home our staff will: Be tidily dressed and wear a uniform at all times

    Introduce themselves and show identification to you before entering your home Take care of your property and possessions, protecting them from damage, dust

    and paint Be polite and respectful to you and your family Will not accept gifts Follow Health and Safety requirements Make sure materials and tools dont cause danger

    Make good any damage caused by repair work in the property Keep noise to a minimum and warn you and neighbours of any likely disturbance Keep you informed about the progress of the repair Make sure essential services are connected at the end of each day and when a

    repair is completed Remove work-related rubbish from the property, including the garden or common

    areas at the end of each working day Not work in your home without a responsible adult present or hold keys to

    your home Not smoke, play radios or use your facilities without your permission.

    Our commitment to you: Appendix A

    22 Our Repairs Policy 2012

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    Common faults Appendix B

    Below are some general guidelines on what you should do if you discover a faultwith gas systems or appliances.

    The Gas meter and stopcock are located: .................................................................

    GAS LEAK/SMELL OF GAS X Dont turn electric switches on or off Turn off the gas supply at the meter

    X Dont smoke Open doors and windows to get rid of the gas

    X Dont use naked flames Call Scottish Gas Networks on the emergency freephone number 0800 111 999

    No gasHigh or low pressureFire or explosion

    No heating or hot water Check the pilot light has not gone outCheck the timer is set correctlyCheck the isolation switchCheck the gas meter has not run outof funds

    Pilot light has gone out Press the reset button on the boiler

    Radiators are not very hot Check the timer is set correctly, adjust thethermostatic valves or boiler temperature setting

    Other Call Repairs Direct for advice on 0131 200 2345

    Our Repairs Policy 2012 23

    Call Scottish Gas Networks immediately on0800 111 999

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    ELECTRICITY Meter, fuse box and trip switches are located: ...........................................................

    If you have no electricity to all or part of your property the first thing you shoulddo is check the trip switch.

    Trip switches The trip switch/fuse box is next to your electricitymeter, if any of the switches are down push themto the up position. (The main switch may need tobe turned off then on again to reset the system).

    If this does not fix the problem, you should then try the following:

    No electricity (power points and lights) at allCard meter The power will be cut off if you do not have enough credit on your cardmeter; you will need to get more credit to reinstate the supply.

    Are your neighbours affected? You could also check the stair-well or communal areas.

    Yes Call Scottish Power on 0845 272 7999

    XNo It is likely that the fault originates from inside your home. Call Repairs Directon 0131 200 2345 stating that you have no electricity at all. An emergencyelectrician will come and investigate the problem.

    No electricity (power points or lights) to part of the property

    Is it the electrical supply or the appliance?Electrical supply If lighting is affected in a part of your home, or if no appliancewill work in the affected socket, call Repairs Direct on 0131 200 2345, stating thatyou have a partial loss of electricity. They will arrange an appointment for anelectrician to call.

    Appliance If only one appliance is not working it may be faulty. If other applianceswork in the same socket, you should get the appliance checked by a qualified


    Common faults Appendix B

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    Common faults Appendix B

    PLUMBINGThe water stopcock is located: ...................................................................................

    Stopcock This is a tap that controls water flowing from the mains into yourhome. If you have a leak you should turn the water off at thestopcock to prevent any more water leaking.

    A leak may not stop immediately because water is still flowing from the main tankor the hot water tank. You should turn on other taps to drain down the tank.

    Check the immersion heater is switched off before the hot water tank is draineddown. In the case of gas heating, switch off the water heater. Stopcocks are oftenlocated in the hallway or under the kitchen sink, there is sometimes more than onestopcock to allow you to turn water off to part of the property.

    Frozen pipes If the temperature inside a property drops below freezing, watermay freeze inside the pipes. When the ice thaws out it may causepipes to burst. To prevent frozen pipes always ensure that youturn the water off at the mains, or leave central heating on if theproperty is going to be unattended for long periods of time duringthe winter months.

    No water Check the stopcock and then check to see if your neighbours havewater. If they dont there may be a burst mains. Contact ScottishWater on 0845 600 8855 to report it, otherwise call Repairs Directon 0131 200 2345 for advice.

    Taps wont Contact us and we will arrange an appointment to repair it.turn off If the water is running very quickly (full stream) you may need to

    turn the water off at the stopcock. (Sometimes there is a separatestopcock for the kitchen sink, this is usually under the sink). You can turn the stopcock on if you need water in the meantime.

    Water If your water is a different colour to normal, there may be adiscoloured problem with the water supply. You should contact Scottish Water

    on 0845 600 8855 for further advice.

    Our Repairs Policy 2012 25

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    Blocked toilet As a responsible tenant you should ensure that your toilet doesntbecome blocked due to objects being flushed down it. Common

    examples are: Childrens toys Nappies Entire toilet rolls Kitchen roll Paper Plastic toilet fresheners.

    If an object causes a blockage, the cost of the repair will be recharged to you. If anobject accidentally falls into the toilet bowl, you should always remove it by liftingit out, NEVER try to flush it away.

    Blocked It is your responsibility to clean the shower head.shower head

    Blocked sink/ Using a plunger, sink unblocking agent or sodium bicarbonatebath can often clear blocked sinks or baths quickly and easily. Some

    blockages will also clear themselves if theyre left for a few hours.

    Toilet wont If this is your only toilet, we will fix the fault by the end of the nextflush working day. In the meantime toilets can be flushed manually by

    pouring a bucket of water down it after each use.

    Water from If youre on the top floor, a leaking roof could be the cause. We willabove arrange a temporary roof repair to ensure your home is wind and

    water tight. Please be aware that we cannot go onto a roof in the dark,during high winds or when it is raining for health and safety reasons.

    If there is another flat above you and if you would be comfortable doing so, pleasetry speaking to the occupier and get them to turn off their water. If theyre not in,check the flats on both sides and the floor above, as sometimes the leak can travelsome distance before it becomes noticeable.

    Where the property is privately owned, we cannot break in to repair a leak without

    first going through a legal process. This may take some time.

    Common faults Appendix B

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    Common faults Appendix B

    Our Repairs Policy 2012 27

    Lost keys If you lose your keys, door entry key, or get locked out, you willbe charged for any costs associated with gaining access to your

    property. This includes: A call out fee Cost of replacing all locks Cost of repairing any associated damage to the door Cost of repairing any associated damage to the door frame An administration charge.

    We must attend other emergency repairs before attending to anyone who is lockedout. This means you could wait up to six hours before were able to gain access toyour property. To avoid this we strongly recommend that you leave a spare set ofkeys with family, friends or neighbours.

    Condensation Condensation dampness is caused by droplets of moisture in thedampness air, often causing a black mould to grow on walls. This mould

    growth can be inhibited and prevented by reducing the amountof moisture in your home by: Drying laundry outside Covering pans when cooking Leaving air vents open and unblocked Using extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms every time

    they are in use Making sure all rooms are aired every day Opening windows as often as possible Heating all rooms sufficiently.

  • 8/13/2019 Repairs Policy OCT12


    Useful Numbers

    28 Our Repairs Policy 2012

    REPAIRS DIRECT 0131 200 [email protected]

    There is also a special repairs freephone in thereception area of every Neighbourhood Office.

    Out of Hours/Emergency Repairs 0131 200 2000

    Customer Care 0131 200 2300EBS Customer Services33 Murrayburn Road, EH14 2TF

    North Neighbourhood Office 0131 529 50508 West Pilton Gardens, EH4 [email protected]

    South Neighbourhood Office 0131 529 515140 Captains Road, EH17 [email protected]

    South West Neighbourhood Office 0131 527 380010 Westside Plaza, EH14 [email protected]

    West Neighbourhood Office 0131 529 7440Drumbrae Library Hub81 Drum Brae Drive, EH4 7FE

    [email protected] Neighbourhood Office 0131 529 311186 Niddrie Mains Road(until November 2012)

    101 Niddrie Mains Road, EH16 4DS(from November 2012)[email protected]

  • 8/13/2019 Repairs Policy OCT12


    Useful Numbers

    Our Repairs Policy 2012 29

    City Centre/Leith Neighbourhood Office 0131 529 6171Leith Library, 28-30 Ferry Road, EH6 4AE

    [email protected]

    Rent Payment (freephone) 0800 783 1719

    Income Maximisation Team 0131 529 7304/7463

    Council House Sales 0131 529 7653

    Social Care Direct (Adults) 0131 200 2324

    Social Care Direct (Children and Families) 0131 200 2327

    Emergency Social Work Service 0800 731 6969

    Antisocial Behaviour 0131 529 7050

    Noise Team 0131 529 3030

    Road and Lighting Faults 0800 23 23 23

    Advice Shop 0131 200 2360

    Waste Aware Edinburgh 0131 529 3030

    Pest Control 0131 529 3030

    Waste Collection 0131 529 3030

    Care and Repair (handyperson service) 0131 220 7630

    Edinburgh Tenants Federation 0131 475 2509

  • 8/13/2019 Repairs Policy OCT12



    30 Our Repairs Policy 2012

  • 8/13/2019 Repairs Policy OCT12


  • 8/13/2019 Repairs Policy OCT12


    You can get this document on tape, in Braille, large print andvarious computer formats if you ask us. Please contact the

    Interpretation and Translation Service (ITS) on 0131 242 8181and quote reference number 12-0544. The ITS can also giveinformation on community language translations. You can get

    more copies of this document by calling 0131 441 7162.

    D e s i g n e d b y t h e C i t y o f E d i n b u r g h

    C o u n c i l C o r p o r a t e G o v e r n a n c e 1 2

    . 2 9 5 / S F C / S A O c t o b e r 2 0 1 2

    REPAIRS DIRECT0131 200 [email protected]

    There is also a special repairsfreephone in the reception area ofevery Neighbourhood Office.

    Out of Hours/Emergency Repairs0131 200 2000