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  • NED GOODE COLLECTION INVENTORY & INDEX CHESTER COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTIONS Inventory by Roger Rodney Index by Lois Bassett Data entry by Linda Thomas, Bethany Coldiron, Dolly Newport Project Supervisor Pamela Powell, photo archivist Updated: September 2001


    1. Look up your subject in the index. The photographs are indexed by subject, geographical location and personal name. 2. Check the inventory for a description of the photo. This will eliminate the retrieval of photos that are not what you are looking for. 3. Fill in a call slip for the photos you wish to see and give to the librarian or photo archivist. Reproductions and photocopies of the Ned Goode Collection can be ordered through our reproduction service. The staff can provide you with order forms and fee schedules upon request.

  • ABOUT THE NED GOODE COLLECTION Ned Goode (1921-1986) was a commercial photographer who worked in West Chester from 1947 to 1961 and in Paoli from 1962 to the later 1960s. He was active in the West Chester Camera Club, acting as its President for a number of years. Goode did mostly industrial and commercial work for local companies such as National Foam Systems, Wind Turbine, Pepperidge Farm, etc., taking photos of products and company operations. He also did public relations work for local organizations, documentary photography of auto accidents for the court, as well as some weddings. His greatest skill was architectural photography, which blossomed through his work on the Historic American Buildings Survey, conducted by the Library of Congress. Goode not only photographed sites in Chester County for HABS, but sites in other Pennsylvania counties and in New England as well. Collection arrangement: The Ned Goode collection has been maintained in the original order in which it was created. Goode kept a log of all his commercial work from 1947 to 1953 listed by job number. In the log he recorded the date, and person requesting the job, and a brief description. This information has been transcribed into the inventory. For photos with a job number of 1535 or greater, identifications were based on notes written on the photo or upon visual inspection. Photos with no job number were given an "x" number and a description. All photos produced as part of the Historic American Buildings Survey [HABS] have been maintained as a separate group, and have been arranged according to the HABS numbering system. The HABS photos noted in this inventory are duplicates of the HABS collection in the CCHS photograph collection and on deposit at the Library of Congress, and are not a complete set. Refer to the separate guide for the HABS collection for the complete listing of properties covered.

  • Ned Goode Collection


    NED GOODE COLLECTION INVENTORY The following is an annotated inventory of the Ned Goode Collection. All photographs are in chronological order according to the original job number. Ned Goode's original captions are in quotes and have been transcribed for the first 1534 photographs. Annotations including identifications and a description of each job are in square brackets. The holdings are indicated in the second column using the following abbreviations: P = print N = negatives Job # Holdings Description 115 P "Hootin Holler Barn Dance & Fair – Jim Mullen Nov. 28,

    1947" [14 b & w photos of people at a barn dance held for the benefit of Memorial Hospital in George E. Earnshaw's barn]

    127 P "Windmill House, West Chester, Jan. 10, 1948" [9 b & w

    photos of the interior and furnishings of a house decorated for Christmas. Views include antique clock, Christmas tree, antique living room and dining room furniture.]

    129 P "Camera Club Table Top Nite, West Chester, Jan. 19, 1948."

    [1 contact sheet, 8 b & w photos of the West Chester Camera Club learning how to take pictures of small objects lit with artificial light on a table top. Pictured are: Dr. Harry Rothrock, Melvin Gurtizen, Charles Bishop and others.]

    130 P "Camera Club - Boy Scouts class West Chester Jan.,20,

    1948." [1 b & w photo Instructing a group of scouts in the use of a camera]

    133 P "Camera Club - Feb,2,1948. "[1 contact sheet, 9 b & w

    photos of the West Chester Camera Club with posed model being photographed, under lighting, from various angles by members of the club. Pictured are : Dr. Harry Rothrock, Melvin Gurtizen, Jean Oakes and others.]

  • Ned Goode Collection


    137 P "West Chester Hobby Club - Band saw & flies West Chester Feb. 12, 1948."[3 b & w photos. Picture of young boy operating a band saw and hands of a person holding 2 dry fishing flies.]

    141 P "West Chester Camera Club - Candids Feb. 16, 1948. " [4 b

    & w photos showing a young woman posed with proper lighting and plain background. 1 photo showing the model with a man. Pictured is Melvin Gurtizen adjusting lighting.]

    144 P "West Chester Camera Club in Action (Camera club outing) Feb. 21, 1948." [1 b & w photo showing Chester County Court House taken from southeast corner of High & Market streets. Several cars are visible.] Copy negative: CCHS#2510.

    149 P "Wind Turbine Co. John H. Way, Yeadon, PA. March 6,1948" [ 1 b & w photo of television antennae mounted on roof of building with words "Way Television" on support tower.]

    169 P "Parade - Tall Cedars of Lebanon West Chester, April

    17,1948." [10 b & w photos showing members of the Tall Cedars of Lebanon marching in a downtown evening parade including Tall Cedars uniformed units and band and West Chester High School marching band.]

    171 P "West Chester Hobby show - Armory, April 29, 1948." [3 contact sheets & 7 b & w photos - 1 set of 3 duplicates and 2 sets of 2 duplicates showing views from overhead down onto Armory floor ; various hobbies being displayed, including West Chester Camera Club photos; Melvin Gurtizen demonstrating coloring photos, and contact sheets showing various Camera Club members setting up their display.

    178 P "The Village Flower Shop - West Chester Night & interiors

    May 8,1948 "[ 1 b & w photo showing front door and display windows on either side at night with lighted flower arrangements in each window.]

    179 P "First Poppy sale to Ash Smith, May 8, 1948" [1 b & w photo

  • Ned Goode Collection


    children selling poppys to Ashton B. Smith.]

  • Ned Goode Collection


    190 P "West Chester Camera Club dinner & awards at YMCA - Final contest June 7, 1948" [1 b & w photo Melvin Gurtizen receiving Winners Cup.]

    193 P "Wind Turbine Co. - Landenberg Tower JMH June 27, 1948." [ 3 b & w photos - 2 duplicates 2 photos showing entire relay tower and small building, 1 photo showing top of tower only.]

    198 P "Camera Craft - Gay Street, West Chester July 11, 1948 "[ 1 b & w photo showing owner Irv Miller and employee in the shop with merchandise.]

    203 P "West Chester Camera Club Picnic at Harry Cann's Jr. House Aug. 8, 1948" [1 contact sheet with 12 prints from roll film mostly showing country side view around picnic area. Pictured: Melvin Gurtizen also black & white cat, guitar player and several couples.]

    214 P "American Legion Parade & Dedication West Chester. Sept. 19, 1948." [1 b & w photo shows six men on speakers platform during prayer(?) by Clergyman]

    216 P "West Chester Camera Club - Dr . Rothrock Sept. 27,1948." [1 b & w photo showing Melvin Gurtizen and Barclay Rubincam shaking hands with 3 club members looking on.]

    225 P "W.C. Colt Show & Hunter Trials, October 30, 1948." [6 b & w photos of horses and riders competing at the West Chester Colt Show and Hunter Trials. Pictured are: Jane Mather, Esco Farms Hunt Team, Jessie Cann, Francis Doyle, Tom Pennell, Marlou Walker. Donor: Nancy Hayward, L1990.1.7. Note: The donor identified the horse show as the Wawaset Horse Show.]

    236 P "Wind Turbine Co. - Clarence Hartshorne West Chester, Nov. 28, 1948." [2 b & w photos. 2 views of tower and equipment.]

    244 P "Sconneltown Road - West Chester Jan.9, 1949." [1 contact

    sheet containing 4 prints various views of Sconneltown Road,

  • Ned Goode Collection


    E. Bradford Twp.]

  • Ned Goode Collection


    250 P "Mary Fitzgerald Wedding - West Chester Presbyterian Church. Jan 22, 1949." [3 b & w photos showing bride & groom at altar and walking down isle after the ceremony, also minister, Mr. Kell and bridegroom & best man.]

    263 P "Fire - Walnut and Washington Streets. West Chester W. E. Roehrs. Jan. 25, 1949." [1 b & w photo showing home with firemen on the roof, fire truck and boy with bike in foreground.]

    275 P "National Foam Systems, Inc. - Fire demonstration Mar. 11, 1949." [1 contact sheet with 5 prints & 2 b & w photos showing a series of views of a fire contained in large metal(?) container being extinguished by foam from hose and from 4 sprinklers.]

    277 P "Wind Turbine Co. - March 15, 1949" [4 b & w photos, 3 duplicates showing base of a tower (TV)?. 1 photo showing man assembling tower.]