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NCU Magazine is the official magazine of North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Transcript of NCU Magazine - Spring 2013

  • Beloved Professor Retires DAN RECTOR

    Career for the record booksNATE ROEDER

    NEW WORSHIP LIVE CD RELEASEDCollege of Fine Arts produces live worship CD of original music

    NCU:IT'S THE PEOPLEMeet some of the people who make North Central an amazing community

    your life. our mission.

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    Spring 2013Official Magazine of North Central University

    NCU Alum wins $1 Million Grant KATIE MEYLER

    NCU forges new partnershipSONSHINE FESTIVAL

  • 2 | NCU Magazine

    Dr. Gordon Andersonis the sixth president of North Central University



    In recent years, the U.S. has surpassed a population of 300 million and quite possibly, for the first time in history, there are four generations in the workforce. The implications of this for leadership, organizational development, and strategic planning both inside the church and in the marketplace are quite profound. The leaders of tomorrow will inherit a world with many challenges. Culture and the centers of power in our

    society have a constant corrosive effect on our churches, families, and students. Recent research shows that the faith of many American Christians is becoming more juvenile, resulting in a skin-deep faith. Watching these events unfold in our times can leave a person asking, what are we going to do?

    Here at North Central University we are preparing our students for the challenges of these profound implications. Arguably, any answer to this question must include the linking of arms across generations. We are committed to being a place for that linkage to occur with the finest faculty, the most talented staff, and hardest working administration.

    Properly passing God culture from one generation to the next cannot be underscored enough. Psalms 145:3-4 gives us a model worth examining: One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts. Perhaps the best way forward will be by remembering our past in Christ. The school will be dedicating this coming year to the study and presentation of inter-generational leadership. Chapels, forums, special guests and my sermon series will all focus on the inner workings of how the generations are to relate to one another and ensure the passing of wisdom, knowledge, skills and maturity this world desperately needs.

    Photo by Jeff Hathaway

  • Spring 2013 | 3

    Katie Meyler 06

    Nicole Serrano 05

    Mr. Sonshine 08


    NCU Donor Scholarships 18

    New Worship Live CD 16

    College Updates 20

    Nate Roeder 24

    Rams Athletics 25

    Alumni Updates 28

    Dan Rector Retires 14

    NCU News 10

    NCU grad auditions for NBC's "The Voice"

    NCU partners with alum Bob Poe's Sonshine Festival

    Meet some of the people that make NCU great

    North Central University works to bridge the gap

    New live worship album recorded in the NCU Chapel

    The latest news from NCU's colleges

    NCU Senior's remarkable basketball career surpassed only by his amazing character

    Spring Sports Highlights

    "Grandfather" of A/G children's ministry and Junior Bible Quiz retiring after 23 years at NCU

    The latest news from NCU

    $1 Million grant infuses her ministry in Liberia

    ON THE COVER: Nate Roeder (2014, Youth Ministries) Photos by Jeff Hathaway

    Spring 2013




    Katie M

    eyler Wo

    rship Live in N



    el Senior N

    ate Roed


    your life. our mission.Since 1930

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    NCU MagazineNorth Central University

    910 Elliot Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55404



    President: Dr. Gordon Anderson

    V.P., Academic Affairs: Dr. Thomas Burkman

    V.P., Advancement: Dr. Paul Freitag

    V.P., Business & Finance: Cheryl Book

    V.P., Student Development: Mike Nosser

    EditorialJeff Hathaway, Editor-In-Chief

    Contributing Editor Carolyn Tennant, Professor emerita

    Marketing Interns

    Andrew Fischer Jennifer Scott

    Mark Erickson, Web Coordinator

    Contact Alumni Office

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    Additional Contributors:Judy Jones

    Mary Murphy Rick Narvaez

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    NCU Magazine is mailed free of charge to alumni, donors and

    friends of North Central University. North Central University is a

    Christ-centered Pentecostal school with a commitment to academic

    excellence that prepares students to fulfill biblical models of leadership and ministry throughout the world.

    Ephesians 4:11-12

    2013 North Central University All rights reserved.

    A recurring theme throughout this edition of NCU Magazine, and in fact the basis for our main NCU Its the People article, is related to thresholds. As the editor, I couldnt help but ponder how thresholds bring change. Whoever you meet when you open up the door or whatever happens when you cross a threshold, going in or out, it is likely to bring change to your world.

    Often in life we find ourselves in a tough situation that doesnt become clear until we have the benefit of hindsight. Whenever I am confused or dont understand a situation, I try to stop and think about what Gods perspective might be. I cant pretend to understand His view, but it always slows me down to think things through. I begin to see more clearly, to note things I had not noticed before.

    As a photographer, I have learned over time that in order to capture an image that is dynamic or interesting, I often need to change my angle, my distance to my subject, or some other facet of the frame. This is something that I've had to force myself to do over time and learn the discipline to recognize when I need to modify my comfort level. I crouch down, stand on top of something, shoot through something, change my lens, turn the camera sideways---do something to interrupt the pattern of monotony that reduces a potentially great scene to nothing more than a snapshot.

    For example, take our "Parting Shot" image on the back cover of Nate Roeder. After shooting images of Nate over a period of about 30 minutes, I had captured the standard fare: mugging for the camera, holding a basketball, etc. Typical stuff, nothing bad, just nothing special. I crouched down to reach into my bag to change a lens, and that's when I saw the great potential to include the downtown Minneapolis skyline in the image if I shot from the right perspective. Then I asked him if he would be willing to jump through the air with a basketball. Nate was still in the same spot (mostly), but I had changed my perspective---and created a much more interesting image that better reflects the soaring potential of this amazing young man.

    Although crossing a threshold can sometimes create anxiety from the anticipated change, that change of perspective can be critical to our creativity, our well-being, and our spirituality. As you enjoy this issue of NCU Magazine, consider what thresholds God is leading you to cross and ask yourself, Am I trying to see things from His perspective?"

    your life. our mission.


    Jeff Hathaway Editor-In-Chief, NCU Magazine

    Office of Marketing & Communications

    Photo by Jenny Scott

  • Spring 2013 | 5

    Nicole Serrano, '10Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist

    THE VOICEAnyone who has heard the great music of

    Nicole Serrano (2010, Worship Arts) knows that she is a poignant songwriter and has been blessed with a unique, amazing voice. Although she has enjoyed success selling her music and accumulated a wide fan base through her live shows and YouTube, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the world took notice of this native New Yorker and NCU grad. That moment came recently on the season premier of the NBC hit show, The Voice. Nicole was picked out of tens of thousands of singers to be one of the few to audition on the nationally televised show in front of a live audience.

    Although she didnt make the cut that night, she treasures the experience and the opportunity she was given. Now based in Nashville, Nicole is more excited than ever about her future. She knows the show wasnt the end for her, only the beginning - and its made her even more confident to trust Gods plan for her life.

    Learn more about Nicole and her music at

    Photo by Collin Hughes

  • 6 | NCU Magazine

    The second annual Chase American Giving Awards, a prime-time television special that aired Saturday, December 8, 2012 on NBC, honors charitable organizations that are making a difference and the heroes behind them.

    Many people would have considered Katie Meylers ('05) foundation More Than Me as an underdog going into the award show up against larger, more well-established charitable organizations More Than Me is just a few years old and has less than 10 volunteers. After being chosen as one of the 25 organizations to compete for the grand prize of $1 million, More Than Me began a huge social media campaign for votes using the phrase I am Abigail, honoring a young Liberian girl named Abigail who inspired Katie with her story.

    The campaign urged people to not only vote online, but also to immediately show their support by writing I am Abigail on their foreheads, then post their picture to Facebook and Twitter. Thousands of people voted an