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NCU Magazine is the official magazine for North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Transcript of NCU Magazine - Fall 2011

  • NCUMagazine

    Dr. Carolyn Tennant retires after an amazing legacy of 28 years of service.

    Introducing the Deans of each College & InstituteNCU well represented in Phoenix

    Fall 2011



    North Central is a place that prepares its students to be globally influential. Current student, Sarah Blesener, making a difference in Haiti.

    Dick Brogden speaks at Partners for Progress.



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    Dr. Gordon Anderson is the sixth president of North Central University. 612.343.4741

    WE ALL WANT TO find our place.Whether we prefer to blend in or stand out, we desire to do it in a setting where we feel a sense of belonging.Often we describe this process of finding our place as discovering our calling, but we must be careful not to confuse our calling with our location.

    Every single member of the Body of Christ is a gifted member of the Body who has a specific calling, and adds needed value to the body by using their gift.But while finding our place in the Body of Christ requires discovering our gifts and calling, our place doesnt refer first and foremost to a location - it refers to a function.

    Spiritual gifts are about what you do, not where you do it.If you are not doing the work associated with a missionary gift where you currently are, the problem is not the location! Travelling thousands of miles will not spontaneously create missionary gifting in you.It is when we exercise our gifts that God is able to move us and send us to the place where He feels our gift is needed. The gifts of the Spirit are given to us for the benefit of others, not ourselves.We are filled up specifically so that our gifts can flow out.

    The college years are unequivocally a formational time in the lives of students.While many students arrive at this stage with ideas about what they want to do, it is a rare student indeed who arrives already understanding who they are. And although in context, the North Central community plays an important role, there is no more essential part of the self-discovery process than understanding ones place in context of the Body of Christ.

    In order to fulfill our institutional mission - and more importantly our function in the Body of Christ - North Central must be a place where students can explore their gifts and calling and allow God to reveal to them who they are.If this process is taking place, we can be confident that our vision statement will increasingly become a reality: North Central University will be recognized as a globally influential uni-versity that prepares exemplary Pentecostal leaders and ministers.

    We are not preparing leaders because we are globally influential. Our influence is the result of decades of North Central students who, regardless of their eventual vocation, understand they are part of the Body - ministers with a function to perform - and who move in the gifts of the Spirit to fulfill that function. Our global impact is a result of what follows that obedience; as God finds the faithfully functioning members of the Body, and places them in strategic locations for the Kingdom around the world, or around the corner.

    As you read the stories in this edition of our NCU Magazine, whether they take place here in Minne-apolis or 10,000 miles away, I hope that as members of the North Central community you will continue to be influential by exercising YOUR gifts and fulfilling your function in the Body, no matter where you are.

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    agazine | Fall 11



    MOVE 6

    UNITE 18










    NCU alumni at their best.

    Many opportunities to connect with North Central.

    Read about North Centrals global focus and how alumni and students are making a difference around the world.

    LEAVING A LASTING LEGACY 22Dr. Carolyn Tennant retires from North Central after 28 years of service.

    SIFE 20North Central Universitys SIFE team honored at Nationals & hosts Night to Unite.

    ON THE COVER: Current student and featured photographer Sarah Blesener (12) with children from Haiti and the Philippines.

    THE NEW DEANS 24North Central University is excited to announce the Deans of each College & Institute.

    REC & WELLNESS 27Jake Smith and Molly Magstadt head up the new Rec & Wellness program at North Central.





    Fall 2011

    your life. our mission.

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    NCU MagazineNorth Central University

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    President: Dr. Gordon Anderson

    V.P., Academic Affairs: Dr. Thomas Burkman

    V.P., Advancement: Dr. Paul Freitag

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    V.P., Student Development: Mike Nosser

    V.P., University Relations and Enrollment:

    Nate Ruch

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    Ryan Decker, Managing Editor

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    for NCU Magazine

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    NCU Magazine is mailed free of charge to alumni, donors and

    friends of North Central University. North Central University is a

    Christ-centered Pentecostal school with a commitment to academic

    excellence that prepares students to fulfill biblical models of leadership and ministry throughout the world.

    Ephesians 4:11-12

    2011 North Central University. All rights reserved.

    FROM THE VPS CORNER(from the Band Box Diner)

    IN THE FALL OF 1991 I arrived at North Central University as a transfer student.That first week as I explored my new surroundings, I found my way over to the Band Box - a little neighborhood diner on the corner of 10th St. and 14th St. The breakfast that morning was amazing, and it felt good to step outside of the bubble of my new college community and into the real world of the Elliot Park Neighborhood.

    Two decades later, both the Band Box and the Elliot Park Neighborhood have experienced significant changes.The Band Box was filmed for a scene in the movie, The Mighty Ducks, and has been renovated and expanded and continues to serve patrons their award-winning hamburgers. (I heartily recommend the tuna melt, as well.)

    Elliot Park has developed as well, becoming an increasingly multi-ethnic, multi-economic community of diverse values. When our current students participate in the community around campus, they interact with business leaders, a more organized neighborhood community, and a growing Somali community that has emerged through increased immigration.

    We value the community surrounding North Central University. In many ways, its a laboratory for students; a place where they gain experiences that help shape them into leaders, prepared to be globally influential when they graduate and move on from North Central. Recently, our students partnered with the neighborhood association to host the Night to Unite seizing an opportunity to intentionally connect to and serve our Elliot Park neighbors. (See page 20 for more about Night to Unite.)

    No matter what vocation our students enter upon graduation, they will take what they learn at places like the Band Box all around the city with them, making an impact around the world as a result of their experiences in the community around North Central.

    your life. our mission.Nate Ruch at the Band Box Diner. Jeff Hathaway Photography

    Nate Ruch Vice-President, University Relations and Enrollment 612.343.4741

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    agazine | Fall 11


    North Central University students were treated to a time of worship with recording artist Jared Anderson on Wednesday, October 12, 2011.

    Anderson, who is currently on the road for his Hear us from Heaven: A campaign of Worship and Prayer fall tour, took some time to stop by North Central for Chapel to lead worship. With standing room only, students filled the chapel with songs of praise as Anderson covered original songs and cur-rent hits including Rescue and Amazed. Ander-son was also accompanied by one of North Centrals choirs under the direction of Dr. David Collins.

    Kari Jobe and her band led North Central Uni-versitys community in a powerful Chapel worship experience on Friday, September 23, 2011. Kari also shared an encouraging word that resonated with the student body. The Chapel service was part of North Centrals ENGAGE programming.

    START, an event that informs college-aged individuals of the changing landscape of church planting, held an event on the campus of North Central University, October 26-28, 2011. START is a three day campus event that exposes students and local pastors/leaders to the wide vari-ety of church planters and church planting models. Guest speakers from across the nation led group sessions with NCU students and local church leaders, while also serving as