Native American Festivals and Food Festivals and Food

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Native American Festivals and Food Festivals and Food Slide 2 Did you know Babies only get their name at mid winter and green corn festivals. Slide 3 Fun facts Native Americans mostly planted crops of corn beans and squash they called them the three sisters. Slide 4 Green Corn Festival The Green Corn Festival was in August and lasted seven days. A favorite game played at the Green Corn Festival was the peach stone game. The peach stone game was a game of chance. You would put six peach stones blackened on one side, in a bowl and toss them. You would get points every time more than four of them turned up the same color. Slide 5 Maple Festival The Maple Festival is in early spring. Everyone would give thanks to the Great Spirit for the return of spring and to the maple tree Slide 6 Mid Winter Festival This festival is held in February and you can be named at this festival. Slide 7 Strawberry Festival In late May or Early June tiny wild strawberries ripened with them came the Strawberry Festival which celebrates the return of the first fruits of the earth. Slide 8 Harvest Festival The Harvest Festival was usually celebrated in early October. It lasted for four days of prayers, songs, dances, games, and feasts. All the crops were picked cooked and stored for winter eating. Slide 9 Corn Corn was one of their main crops, it grew in tall stalks and it was the most important out of the three sisters. Slide 10 Beans Beans were also part of the three sisters, they grew from underneath the ground Slide 11 Squash Squash is the third of the three sisters it can be in many different colors for example orange, yellow, dark green, and white. Slide 12 Thanks For Watching By: Sara, Jillian, Connor and David