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  • 1. Luca Aldeanueva Alcal-Galiano

2. INTRODUCTION My inven5on is called : Your wedding dance. This company specializes in tness, health and lifestyle. Your wedding dance is a company that helps your learn and perfect the dance that you will dance on your wedding day. 3. CORPORATE MISION The corporate mission of Your wedding dance has got three main goals. 1. To ensure people enjoy their wedding dance. 2. Meet peoples goals. 3. And lastly, and most importantly make people happy. 4. DATA SHEETName : Your wedding dance. Experience: we have got ten years of experience in classical dance. Our ins5nct: is to look at all those people who can not dance and need some help. Strategy and tac5cs: 1. Physical environment - launch it shop. 2. Only - web 3. Ads and oers Client range : people who want to help you prepare your wedding dance. Resuts : to help people achive their goals in the world of dance and to be happy. 5. WHAT IS THE PRODUCT?My product is a service to help others. This service aims to teach dance to the bride and groom on their wedding day. This service is oered through the website. This business is based on a website. 6. UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION The characteris5c that makes my service unique is : Teaching couples to dance on the very special and important day of wedding. 7. WHAT IMPACT WOULD ITHAVE ON SOCIETY?Their impact that my service will have on society is that people will feel beWer because they will learn and improve their dance skills. Their guests will be surprised and impressed with their dance skills. 8. IS THE TIMING RIGHT?The 5ming is always right for this service, because today, when isnt there a wedding? 9. TARGET MARKETS ANDPOSITIONMy target markets is people who want to prepare their wedding dance. I will posi5on for both male and females targe5ng all people from all social classes. 10. PRICE The basic price for the service is 15 euros per class but the price will vary depending on the area in which the class is given. -This service is unique so there are no compe5tors. -Na5onally, few companies specializing in a similar service. 11. THE BRAND AND PACKAGEThe brand name is Your wedding dance. The brand name is the service that we oer our clients. This service can not be package so the website is designed to atract the consumer. It is also , designed with colours and pictures that transmit the feeling of a wedding day. 12. THE PROMOTION OF THESERVICEThe promo5on of the service will happen primarily through the website. The website is the center of everything. Your wedding dance will be adver5sed through dierent websites by banners. Also, handouts will be given at the point of sale. 13. RELEVANT INFORMATIONThis service not only helps people know how to dance but people will also do sport dancing. They will feel beWer and happier. They will have a healthy life and they will achive their goals. They will dazzle on their wedding day. 14. VISUALSThe website is the most important. The website oers everything the client will look for to do with this service. The handouts will give basic informa5on about the service. These handouts will be handouts in dierent stores. For example: orists, wedding dress shops and dance academies. When people see the banners adver5sing this service they will be sorprised. 15. ENDLUCA ALDEANUEVA ALCAL-GALIANO