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Short story inspired by a conversation with my boss...and a daydream about Arlo Guthrie singing songs for my presentations.

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  • 1. My name is Doug Write Brain Information design & presentation Orlando, Florida

2. I work at explaining technology 3. to people who dont understand it 4. people who thinkthey do understand it 5. people who despise it 6. and people who worship it. 7. I do all this in a big company 8. and I also do all this for my little company. 9. My big company work is very much like the work I do by myself. 10. There is one exceptionto that statement. 11. I dont do work for anyone who is already doing work at the big company where I work 12. because I like working at the big company. 13. I have a wife,and a daughter 14. ..and a cat. 15. So Preparing Scope of Work statement 16. One day,my boss comes up to me, and says Hey, are you busy? 17. I say, Yes! 18. and he says, Oh. What cha doing? 19. I say 20. Hi. My name is Doug 21. I work here in your big company. 22. What am I doing? 23. I write things . 24. that help people understand howtechnology might help a company 25. like yours 26. or a great product 27. like yours 28. or fantastic service 29. likeyours 30. or brilliant ideas 31. like yours 32. reach each one of them 33. individually 34. uniquely 35. interactively 36. accurately 37. privately 38. precisely 39. so that each of them decides that your company, product, service, or idea can help them to 40. satisfy an expectation 41. or feed a want 42. or satisfy a need 43. or just answer some what-the-heck impulse . 44. Yea. 45. I collect, design, and communicate information about your ideasso that they 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. Yea. 55. I work with 56. designers 57. writers 58. visionaries 59. project one-nighters 60. engineers of many kinds 61. developers whove lost their minds 62. slash-and-burners 63. wanna-be Ted Turners 64. real deep thinkers 65. and one or two stinkers. 66. Program directors 67. systems managers 68. workforce supervisors 69. project planners. 70. Web designers 71. and web makers. 72. Wireless gurus 73. and broadcasting masters. 74. Yea. 75. Thats what I do. 76. And my boss says, Oh. 77. [LONG PAUSE] 78. But maybeyouget it. 79. By the way 80. did you hear a guitar strumming folk licks in your head while you were looking through this deck? 81. maybe you heard Arlo Guthrie humminga little ditty from Alices Restaurant?? 82. I did. 83. Anyway 84. wanna do something together? 85. a project, maybe? 86. 386-547-8928 [email_address] Likecall me! 87. Have a goodone!