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  1. 1. History 1 and Sociology 1 Heritage Tour
  2. 2.
    • Both the History 1 class and Sociology class had a half-day tour around different historical places in Cebu . The tour paved way for us students to be able to have another glimpse of our past and to be able to appreciate its eminent beauty. Not only did the tour gave us a second glimpse through the visited site but also equi[ped us with knowledge for our very own heritage. The tour gave us a new kind of experience even though we have visited the said places many times. The things that we learned in class were justified through the artifacts present in the said museums.
    • We have learned and enjoyned at the same time with the tour that we have made.
    • Below is my personal evaluation for the 2 museums that we have visited during the tour.
  3. 3.
    • The price upon entry to the museum is cheap if you consider the many things that you will be able to discover inside.
    • Upon entry to the museum, its entrance already excruciates the needed ambiance for the tour inside the museum. It gives a certain aura to be able to understand, learn, and enjoy the things inside.
    • It entices the tourists and/or visitors in the museum what is in store for them inside the museum.
    • The curator of the museum will be the one to give the guests a tour and journey them to the past.
    Museo Sugbo
  4. 4.
    • The entrance to the museum seems to be only one of the offices in the school although it is understandable why it is so.
    • Upon entering, a working student of the university will be the one to entertain the guest.
    University of San Carlos - Museum
  5. 5.
    • The visitors in the museum are well entertained. The curator gives relevant information regarding the artifacts and discusses coherently the history of Cebu in accordance to the displays in the museum.
    • Compared to that of Museo Sugbo, the working student on duty will be the one to givea brief backgriund regarding the artifacts displayed in their three-room mini museum.
    USC Museum
  6. 6.
    • The Museo Sa Sugbo and the University of San Carlos Museum have different appeals. The museo sa Subgo focuses on the history and heritage of Cebu while the USC Museum is more generic. It contains artifacts that visualizes the history of the whole country and not only of Cebu.
    • ith regards to the appeal to the museum, the Museo sa Sugbo really has edge compared to other museums since it houses very unique artifacts that tells how rich the culture of the Cebuanos are.
  7. 7.
    • Both Museums have different Functions and relevance. Although the Museo sa Sugbo has more artifacts showcasing the uniquness of Cebu, the USC museum gives a general output towards the different eras our land has faced. The USC museum even has one room thatfocuses on Natural Resources taht showcases the animalia kingdom of our country including the extinct animals that can only be found in the rich country of the Philippines.
  8. 8.
    • Accessibility is not a problem with the said museums that I have chosen to evaluate. The museums can easily be visited any time without any hassle at all.
    • Ease of Movement
    • The USC Museum has three walk-in rooms that contains different artifact displays about religion, culture, and natural collection. Any visitor can journey easily in the museum.
    • The Museo sa Sugo on the other is big enough to accomodate many guests. They have four rooms that showcases the eras of the different colonizers of the country. Passage ways are present to make movement of the visitors at ease.
  9. 9.
    • For me, the museums have a common theme for their message. I can say that any museums goal is to let their people know the rich culture of their place. It goes the same with USC Museum and Museo Sugbo. They have different artifact displays and collections but still complements the need of recognitin from the people of their own land. It is present to make the people learn more of their own culture and to be more appreciative of what they have and how rich the culture of the Cebuanos is.
  10. 10.
    • Personally Museo Sugbo will be of more edge compared to that of the USC Museum but as Ive discerned deeply, both Museums earn the same points. They have earned the peoples respect for the nationalistic duties that they are able to live out by just showcasing old stuffs, antiques, and others just to be able to let the past live in the present. And of course, to let the people never forget what their motherland has been through and what the different people in the past generations worked hard for us to be anle this kind of life today. Its always good to know your past to know your future.
  11. 11.
    • As you finish your journey in the Museo sa Sugbo, youll be able to see the different buildings that are beinmg restored to use since the museum is the old building that houses the different inmates in the island. Youll be able to experience the different ambiance of the place and even have the chance to have picture takings.
    • The USC Museum on the other hand doesnt give this kind of experience bue that doesnt mean its not as better as the other one. Whats still important is the learning youll gain after the experience. After all, the knowledge that youll be able to have will never be taken away from you.
  12. 12.
    • My only plea for the USC Museum gift shop is to lessen the prices of their souvenirs. Its just too costly considering that they want to promote the heritage of the island. I believe it distorts the true essence of promotion since not all can afford such. Their brochures are expensive thus not all can have it. To ba able to let their products be sold, the law of supply and demand should be followed. They should lower the prices to let the demand of their supply be higher.
  13. 13.
    • For me, the experience of the tour is worthwhile and worth remebering. To be able to have another glimpse of the past in a different point of view gives a new tingling experience. It makes us give different oohhss and aahhss as the guide gives the tour around the museum. The tour was not just another out of the school bus ride but a learning experience and fun in one package combined.
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