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Multinational Corporations: Are they Devils in Disguise?@ : Home > Group Discussion > Economics - Discussion RoomPoints to remember before you participate in this disuccsion:

Assume, you one of the member of a real group discussion. Take the initiative to participate and contribute your thoughts. Express your positive attitude towards providing the solution.

Dipa said: (Thu, Feb 9, 2012 11:16:35 AM)

MNC companies are no way a devil for our country. Due to these many people get jobs, we get better quality product at a reduced rate at our own place also. As a solution where effects the small scale industries can be that our government can make strict rules that they should open up their business with other small scale business peoples in India. For example in motors previously we had this rule any foriegn company who wants to promote their motors in India should merge with an Indian company so both gets benefitted. Ex hero with honda, maruti with suzuki so many due to which Indian companies got to know the new technologies.Rate this: +0 -0 Akshatha said: (Mon, Feb 6, 2012 08:50:14 PM)

According to me MNCs helps in development of the country. - firstly, MNCs combines the best of technologies, ideas and resources of number of nations, thus producing best products. - secondly, By giving opportunity for the development of multi national companies in a country, helps to exchange the new ideas, technologies and culture between many nations. - so I think MNCs are helping in the growth of country.Rate this: +2 -3 Shashank said: (Tue, Jan 31, 2012 07:59:29 PM)

Hi guys, I do believe every coin has got 2 faces. MNCs have got both positive and negative impacts in the modern era.My views on both the sides are as follows: Positive Impacts: 1>MNCs create job ooportunities and help the sociey. 2>These days in Indian Scenare, when rupee prices are going record low every days, India born MNCs like Tata,Infosys,Wipro with clients from all over world,helping the national economy lot. Because most of the business transaction takes interms of USD, hence remains unaffected.

3>The national MNCs upsurge forien investors to invest in Indian Market, that helps country economy. 4>More tax generated for the country. 5>New technologies get a way in our contry by thelp of MNCs. Negative Impacts: 1>MNCs have given birth to branding, which is directly hitting the small scale Industries. 2>They cause lot of pollution. 3>Only helpful for base countries. Foriegn companies like Walmart If they come to India,India wont be benifitted. Inspite of all the drawbacks it wont be ethical to call MNCs devil in disguise.Its better to call them a boon with some drawbacksRate this: +27 -0 Milind said: (Mon, Jan 30, 2012 11:32:48 PM)

In my view, those few people there are making others survive. And we can very well pay them few extra paltry for that reason. 1. These few MNC's or corporate heads are behind the cooking stoves of thousands and millions of homes. 2. Taxes payed by them are used to build memorials, stadiums and roads. Unlike our taxes to keep up the inflation rate to the next year budget. 3. It depends, as a friend mentioned in his/her discussion note something about power and money. We ought to remember that it is always us who decide the rate to be hired, not they. You don't want to work for long hours, you may drop a complaint. If you are paid less, complain and switch. Its a judiciary offence to make an employ overwork after complains 4. MNC's have always been a boon to lower and middle class. Had not been their existence in India, our land would still have been a land of late golden bird.Rate this: +4 -4 Laxmi said: (Mon, Jan 30, 2012 05:17:13 PM)

I appreciate all the view but I would to bring your attention that "All that glitters is not the gold" so is the case with MNC's. Though right now they are luring us with employment and high wages but are they worthy enough? The reason being : 1. The quality of work which most of the mnc's redirect for outsourcing is not that great. 2. The work culture e.g extending work hours are putting our youth into unhealthy lifestyle. 3. The most important thing is the idea behind entering into market is to capture Indian market. So we need to understand that we putting our economic future in danger by welcoming them. This all proves that mnc's are devil in disguise.Rate this: +13 -10

Varsha said: (Thu, Jan 26, 2012 09:17:35 PM)

Hello one n all reading that actually I fell that MNCs are good platform for the bright future of the youth of our country as most of them depend on MNCs, even we people don't find any secure life in this companies we rush toward that because they provide good pay, living standard n also they are not unfare they need the talent and search for such talent but in our country it is not like that every where the thing is bribe n source not the talent, now even most of the people think to be employed in this MNCs. So I don't feel any thing bad in MNCs if they are providing job its on them how they be benefited by taking more works from us but inspite of all this they are providing employement.Rate this: +10 -3 Kaustubh U said: (Fri, Jan 13, 2012 11:14:21 AM)

I disagree to the topic but not completely as there must some issues with each and everything in this world. 1. Starting with the topic, Lets take the example which will bolster that the topic is not completely correct. We all heard of HERO-HONDA and their JV (joint venture) , what happened with them both? Who got benefited most? any guess? In answer, BOTH equally got benefited. Hero who's positioning of the product was only bicycles but were strong in marketing and implementing the products in the market with the psyche of the consumers, While Honda is technological experts in Motorcycles and cars too. By simply exchanging the minus points with each other through joint venture what they have done we know what HERO-HONDA as a brand in India. 2. Absolutely yes that MNCs are using our brains our raw material to gain some competitive advantage (they found cheap labor and low cost on raw material required which help them in expansion) , but why they are so successful? THE MAIN REASON IS YOU ARE BIG FAILURE IN FRONT OF THEM THAT IS WHY THEY ARE SUCCESSFUL. 3. In India for new set up of business as per paper, it takes 29 days but in originality it may take couple of months. While that is in America it hardly takes 2 days. Above there was point that American government din't allow the cotton skirts from India. The main reason is obviously the point suggested up there but also America IS CAPABLE OF PRODUCING SIMILAR QUALITY PRODUCT BY HELPING THEIR LOCAL BUSINESS WHICH WILL HELP FOR OVERALL DEVELOPMENT. Is Indian govt. Capable of doing that? YOU SHOULD POINT YOUR FINGERS TO OTHERS WHEN YOU ARE UNBEATABLE AND VERY MUCH PERFECT IN THAT AREA. IS INDIAN GOVT. IS THAT PERFECT? 4. As highest Authority, Government is knowing all this things that is why they allowing FDI in India, because they know they not only will create employment but also they will fulfill common mans need that INDIAN business will not.

5. And are we going to talk about the same INDIAN MNCs like Reliance, Godrej, Infosys, Wipro, Thermax which are MNCs for other countries and expanding their and making profit? 6. There are 5 stages of business START, GROWTH, MATURITY, DECLINE AND DIP. If you operating in maturity stage then next are decline and dip where you have to look for the other opportunities. 7. Lastly in the era of GLOBALIZATION, we should not complain by saying MNCs are devil but we have to adjust ourselves for new challenges of it. Because Ultimately challenge is life.Rate this: +86 -15 Karuna said: (Fri, Jan 13, 2012 11:12:13 AM)

I go along with what piyashi said. As the unemployement rate is high in India. We can see many job seekers across us and everyone wants to get into psu but thats not possible because one has to pass through many criterias. So, MNCs are playing very helping role by recruiting freshers in large numbers and providing exposure to them. One can earn a lot by serving them at primary stage and can get experience too. And also in India it is the fastest growing and favourablly economical sector. So its good for freshers at the primary stage. Once you get exposure and experience, then you can easily serve any organisation.Rate this: +7 -7 Piyashi said: (Wed, Jan 11, 2012 12:09:34 PM)

I would also like to emphasize one point. India produces lakhs of job seeking graduates every year. And the number of government or public sector jobs is almost negligible to absorb this huge mass. The other India based private companies do help but the major employment opportunities come from these MNCs. They provide a good salary, better living standards and a lot of recreational activities and helps people be aware in every field unlike most of Indian government offices where people while away there time sleeping at home or taking bribe. Moreover the MNCs are like inspiration to thousands of Indian Companies who want to and have gone global. There are so many Indian MNCs as well like TATA, INFOSYS etc. So It a two way process. If other country companies are coming here, even Indians are also going global. So rather than complaining we must work together. As far as the wealth of our country I concerned, it beholds in the pockets of our greedy politicians and aristocrates. It is also well known how strong our Indian education system is. The dream and wish for a better life and future also drives so many youngsters from middle class and poor backgrounds to study hard and improve education standard. And this is greatly influenced by the lucrative and good offers made by MNCs to deserving people. So the co existence of MNC s with Indian companies can help India flourish.Rate this: +36 -14 Md. Jamil Akhtar said: (Tue, Jan 10, 2012 08:59