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The MultiCam 2000-Series Laser cutting system is a versatile cutting, engraving, and rastering platform for manufacturers that want the ability to cut a wide variety of materials. High quality laser machining also offers unique advantages over other cutting technologies, allowing the user to cut highly accurate parts with excellent finish and minimal wasted material.

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Features & Specifications Guide for MultiCam 2000 Series CNC Laser

Laser Precision... ...Thats Affordable!The MultiCam 2000 Series Laser cutting system isa versatile cutting, engraving and rastering platform for manufacturers that want the ability to cut a wide variety of materials. High quality laser machining also offers unique advantages over other cutting technologies, allowing the user to cut highly accurate parts with excellent finish and minimal wasted material. Digital AC brushless servos, high precision planetary gearboxes, and helical rack and pinion allow the MultiCam 2000 Series laser to achieve high speeds without sacrificing accuracy to give the most affordable production laser system on the market. All 2000 Series Laser cutting systems are manufactured using high-tolerance, large-scale CNC metalworking machines and are verified with certified laser calibration equipment. Every MultiCam 2000 Series Laser also comes with the full support of the MultiCam Technology Center network, with over 70 locations worldwide. MultiCam sales, service, support and training are always nearby. MultiCam, Inc. 1025 West Royal Lane DFW Airport, Texas 75261 972.929.4070 fax 972.929.4071 sales@multicam.comAll specifications subject to change. 2009 MultiCam, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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2000 Series Laser SpecificationsStandard FeaturesNo machine offers more standard features than the MultiCam All steel, stress-relieved frame to insure structural integrity under the most demanding conditions CO2 laser power outputs up to 1000 watts Laser beam components designed specifically for hightolerance requirements and ease of use Integrated forklift tubes for easy machine positioning and increased machine rigidity Moving gantry with dual-side, brushless digital AC servo drives Positive air purge on beam delivery components MultiCam EZ Control and EZ Suite Software Standard Ethernet interface with DNC file system and unlimited file size transfer capabilities

OptionsEach MultiCam 2000 Series Laser can be modified with the following options: Table design slat or metal cutting Laser source from 100 up to 1000 watts sealed tube technolgy Cutting head capacitive or non-capacitive Additional safety controls light stack, light curtain, laser safety eye wear


2000 Series Laser SpecificationsFrame DesignThe box frame methodology used in the design of the base frame and gantry is constructed using all steel components that are cut, formed and welded by skilled craftsman in an industryaccepted vibratory process to insure consistency and reliability. All mating and reference surfaces are precision-machined by machinery designed to hold very high tolerances in order to guarantee that each system is capable of handling the quoted accuracy

Table DesignThe standard system is available in 60- or 80-inch (1.5 or 2.0m) widths and in lengths up to 240 inches (6.1m). The table is available in either the slat style or the metal cutting option. Slat Style - The standard table top is a slat style cut bed with slats that are 1 (25.4mm) tall, 4pt steel rule on 4 (101.6mm) centers. Each slat has a radius on the edge to minimize flashback. The slat material provides a rigid base to hold such sacrifice materials as acrylic egg crate material. Metal Cutting Option - Optional metal cutting process slats are available with the capacitive cutting head option. This table design is set up to reduce flashback, facilitate the acrylic egg crate material, and provide a minimal point source of contact for metal cutting. The CNC files are made available upon request to allow the customer to fabricate replacement slats as needed.


2000 Series Laser SpecificationsHelical Rack and PinionThe high speed helical rack and pinion system used on the 2000 Series Laser system offers many advantages. Quieter Run - Helical rack and pinions run much quieter than straight rack and pinions, especially at high speeds. Due to the angular cut in the helical rack and pinion setup, there are thrust loads on the gear shaft. This action requires thrust bearings to absorb the load and maintain gear alignment. The Alpha gearboxes that MultiCam already uses are designed to handle this load, and the new design of the 2000 Series Laser systems allows for exceptional perpendicularity and gear alignment. Faster Acceleration and Accuracy A greater number of engaged teeth allows the helical rack to easily achieve faster acceleration and accuracy than the straight rack. Distributing the load over several teeth also reduces wear and increases the life of the rack and pinion system. High-Speed Rapid Traverse Moves Helical rack and pinions allow for high-speed rapid traverse moves which customers can see and appreciate.

Linear Bearings/RailsThe X- and Y-axes use the 25mm linear ball bearing profile rails with stainless steel strip covers, while the Z-axis uses 15mm linear ball bearing profile rails. Features include: High rigidity and load capacities in all load directions Lowest possible noise level and best running characteristics High torque load capacity 30,400 Nm or 22,421 lb-ft dynamic capacity per pack


2000 Series Laser SpecificationsLaser OptionsMultiCam offers the 2000 Series Laser system with a CO2 laser source available from Synrad, Rofin or Coherent. Synrad The Synrad Firestar f-series CO2 lasers exemplify Synrads 20-year tradition of providing sealed CO2 lasers to meet the new standard of performance and reliability in todays market. Synrad f-series combines high power with a near perfect beam quality in a costeffective package designed for the toughest of industrial environments. With output ranges from 100 (air cooled) to 400 (water cooled with chiller included) watts, the Firestar f-series lasers deliver quality cutting in high-speed marking applications, complex signage, textile processing and metal cutting and welding. Rofin The Rofin Sinar SC Series assists manufacturers in industrial processing and marking applications. With a background of sealed gas laser expertise and proprietary diffusion-cooled slab laser technology, Rofin produces lasers used in such industries as automotive, aerospace and packing and in applications affecting drilling, welding and marking of plastics, metal, wood and ceramics. The Rofin laser is available in power ranges from 100 to 600 (chiller included) watts, and the power configurations can be adjusted per the application to suit high peak pulse power, alternative wavelengths and specific integration solutions and requirements. Coherent DIAMOND E-Series are sealed, pulsed CO2 lasers offering maximum powers of 1 kW, or peak powers of up to multiple kW in a fully integrated, compact package. The E-Series features a broad power range of products, including E-400 (400W) and the newly released E-1000 (1 kW). By incorporating the RF power supply within the laser head, the E-Series completely eliminates the RF umbilical, increases laser reliability, and simplifies its integration into a workstation or robotic tool. In addition the sealed E-1000 requires no external gas supply. Packed into the unique E-Series design are a host of high performance features, making it uniquely suited for use in space-sensitive applications involving cutting, perforating and drilling of paper, plastic films, plastics, glass, carbon composites, and even thin metals.


2000 Series Laser SpecificationsOpticsEase of use and reliability are the baseline used with all optical components in the beam path. Contained beam path - The complete beam path is fully contained to guarantee safety for the operator as well as those around the system during operation. Air purge - All beam path components are purged with a positive air pressure to ensure many hours of operation without contamination. Beam benders All beam benders allow easy replacement of the directing mirror without the need to re-align the optical beam path if they get contaminated. Laser diode pointer The mechanical shutter component also contains the laser diode pointer (red in color) to assist in laser alignment and is very useful in setting up the material to be processed. Collimator/Beam expander - A collimator/beam expander is utilized to provide a consistent beam diameter across the full travel to guarantee a consistent cut width.

Cutting HeadThe MultiCam 2000 Series Laser can be configured with either a capacitive or non-capacitive cutting head. Each cutting head option is described below. Capacitive - The capacitive cutting head option contains both 2.5 (63.5mm) and 5.0 (127mm) focus lenses. When combined with at least a 300 watt laser, the capacitive cutting head allows virtually any material to be processed, including metal. The capacitive cutting head option is an industry standard when cutting metals such as carbon steel and stainless steel. It allows the laser system to maintain focal point placement in reference to the material surface while cutting. Even non-conductive materials can be surface tracked with the addition of the optional tactile foot adapter. Non-capacitive - The non-capacitive cutting head option offers a 2.5 (63.5mm) focus lens, 5.0 (127mm) focus lens, or both to provide more flexibility in material processing.


2000 Series Laser SpecificationsSupply Air Filter / Regulator UnitAll systems are equipped with a filter/regulator with ambient air drier to supply clean dry air for all the pneumatic needs.

GantryThe gantry is an all-steel weldment engineered for maximum stiffness. A gantry clearance of 1.875 (47.6mm) is standard. The laser source is carried on the gantry, allowing for a short beam path along the Y-axis. Even this short beam path is fully collimated to ensure consistent width of cut across the full travel.

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