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Multi-Platform Solutions

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  • 1. Multi-Platform Solutions
    Awareness, Response, Results

2. Physician Insights = Multi-Platform Solutions
HCPlexusprovides physicians with highly efficient practice management and patient friendly education tools, based on physician feedback.
Our promise:
Continually deliver products to physicians where they want them, when they want them, and how they want them.
3. The Little Blue Book &TLBB Formulary
Provides broad, cost-effective reach:
300,000+ physicians
Targets by specialty and/or condition to ensure relevance.
4. Patient Education Illustrator
Facilitates physician-patient conversation at diagnosis, prescription and/or treatment.

  • Encourages compliance

5. Drives online traffic 6. Delivers retail coupons and response cards4
7. TLBB Mobile and Search
The Little Blue Book lives on two dynamic platforms for instant physician connectivity.
Both provide flexible interactive messaging with real-time metrics reporting.
8. TLBB Flash Suite
The TLBB Flash Suite aggregates compelling and efficient applications for the physicians daily use.
Embedded advertising options offer marketers multiple opportunities for direct to manufacturer contact.
9. Research
HCPlexus regularly engages physicians who respond quickly and without compensation.
Turnkey research options deliver physician insights that make for a more effective marketing plan.
10. Data
HCPlexus provides health organizations and information companies with high-quality Master Data Management solutions.
Physician data is sourced verified by HCPlexus, creatingthe most targeted, accurate,
and comprehensive physician database.
11. For more on Multi-Platform Solutions:
Phone: 866-435-1720