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Monthly News BulletinMonthly News Bulletin September 2015
2 | KCT Business School
Guest Lectures 05 Certification Program 05
Workshop 03 External Expertise 04
Paper Publications 02 Leagues 05
Entrepreneurial Initiative 02 Placement Training 02
Monthly News Bulletin September 2015
3 | KCT Business School
Chairman’s Visit
Dr. B.K. Krishnaraj Vanavarayar, Chairman visited KCT Business School campus and during his interaction with the faculty shared a few pointers for the growth of the Institution on September 16, 2015. The key thoughts shared were
o Building the EQ, the right attitude and passion of the students Understanding students' individual needs
o Enhancing the confidence and communication skills of the students o Building the alumni network to benefit the current students
Understanding the Market
o Start new programs based on market needs o Bringing in more adjunct faculty
o Build the visibility of the Institution o
It will be our constant endeavour to bring out operational plans to implement these strategic views.
Monthly News Bulletin September 2015
4 | KCT Business School
Guest Lectures Business Across Cultures by Ms. Shobhana Madhavan, Author of Cross Cultural
Management- Concepts & Cases on September 10, 2015
A Guest Lecture on ‘Business
Across Cultures was
of II MBA, by Ms. Shobhana
Madhavan Associate
Cultural Management-
Concepts & Cases
global business scenario was
well discussed that it brought insights into the importance of Cross Cultural Management as a part of personal
and professional life. Ms.Shobhana Madhavan’s experience and knowledge about the culture of countries across
the globe threw light onto the course ‘Cross cultural management’ grasping the attention of all the students. Her
in depth discussion gave virtual global exposure to the students and helped them think beyond national
boundaries. On the whole, her practical view on business cultures, education, languages, lifestyle, food habits in
different countries around the world gave the students a holistic view of cultural dimensions and its
importance. This event was coordinated by Dr. Hemanalini R, Assistant Professor (SRG) CoH
Capital Markets & Mutual Funds by Mr. K. Thangaraj, Trainer ,Lotus Knowlwealth Pvt. Ltd.Mumbai, on September 12, 2015
A Guest Lecture on Capital Markets & Mutual
Funds was organized and conducted on
September 12, 2015 for 24 Core Finance
Students of II MBA (Batch 2014-16), 10
Students from I MBA (Batch 2015-17), and 4
Engineering Students (BE EEE 3rd Year),
KCT Mr. K. Thangaraj, the resource person
facilitated the session on Capital Market
Awareness and the overview of the
Securities Market. The session gave an
overview of Capital Market and Securities
Market including Mutual Funds, Operation of the Capital Market, Investing V/S Trading, and the Financial
Planning and the types of Mutual Funds and the advantages through investing in Mutual Funds. Finally the guest
concluded the session by telling that Investing is a Full Time Activity and There Is No Shortcut to Making Money.
Senthil Kumar A, Assistant Professor (SRG), CoF was the program coordinator
Monthly News Bulletin September 2015
5 | KCT Business School
(HR&Admin) Greeno Tech Solutions, Coimbatore, on September 14, 2015
The Centre for HR organized a guest lecture on Employee Outsourcing through Job Portals on September 14,
2015 for HR specialization, students of II MBA (Batch 2014-16). The session was led by Mr. Kapilan
Chakravarthy, (HR & Admin) Greeno Tech Solutions, Coimbatore. The interactive session covered the latest
trends in the recruitment industry, the role of the recruiter in corporate and consultancy and also sourcing
through portals. The session covered different types of staffing done in recruitment industry which included
permanent staffing, temporary staffing and others such as RPO .Role of a recruiter in corporate and in
consultancy was also discussed during the session. The lecture the highlighted the current trend of social media
sourcing and professional networks used. The presentation illustrated the real time examples on how employee
sourcing is done by online job portals such as, and etc. The speaker
highlighted the future of recruitment industry and answered the queries raised by students. This event was
coordinated by student coordinator Gitanjali (II MBA Batch 2014-16) and Dr. Kirupa Priyadarsini M, Associate
Professor & Centre Head, CoH
Institutional and Trade Credits by Mr.Sarath Nair, Cluster Head - HDFC Bank
Ltd, Agri Business Credit- Working Capital Financing, Tamil Nadu, on September 21,
2015 A guest lecture on Insti
tutional and Trade
the course -
International Financial
Management. Mr.Sarat
Financing, Tamil Nadu
was the resource person. He shared practical inputs related to institutional and trade credits.
Compatible business situations and examples helped the students to gain practical exposure on the topic. This
insightful session on Institutional and Trade credit was highly appreciated by the participants. The faculty
coordinator for the guest lecture was Mohanamani P, Assistant Professor and the student coordinators for this
guest lecture were Aravind and Nisha, II MBA (2014-2016 batch).
Monthly News Bulletin September 2015
6 | KCT Business School
Supply Chain Management by Mr. D. Eregamani, Asst General Manager & Head
– TQM, Carborundum Universal Ltd., (Murugappa Group), Hosur on September 23, 2015
Mr. D. Eregamani, Asst General Manager
& Head – TQM, Carborundum Universal
Ltd., (Murugappa Group), Hosur
Chain Management’ on September 23,
2015 at KCTBS. The speaker made an
elaborate presentation on the
chain and how it benefits the suppliers
and customers. The speaker discussed
the concepts with a case of his own
organization and how efficient supply
chain is to keep the costs low and
maximize supply chain profitability
across the chain. He emphasized that organizations should view all the suppliers as business associates rather
than a mere supplier. 60 II MBA students of operations specialization (Batch 2014-16) attended the lecture. Dr.
Jaisankar S, Associate Professor CoO, coordinated the program.
Certification Program
Digital Marketing by ACT IIT Kharagpur and Tech Bharat Consulting, on
September 12-13, 2015 Centre for Marketing, has
offered a certification on
Digital Marketing and Social
MBA (Batch 2014-16). The
start business by starting a
domain. The students learning
outcome included creation of
7 | KCT Business School
Digi space on their own and how to understand the various international market with the help of Google
research. The resource person was Dondapati Hari Babu, an entrepreneur and a Digital Marketing Professional
with more than 10+ years of industry experience. He is presently working as digital marketing consultant and
trainer from Hyderabad for the program. The session was conducted on September 12-13, 2015 and the session
was coordinated by Dr.Nalini P, Assistant Professor CoM
Fundamental Warehousing by CII – Institute of Logistics, Chennai, September
14-16, 2015
to store finished goods
Understanding its
cognizable relevance, Center of Marketing – KCT Business School had hoisted a three day certification
programme in Warehousing from 14th to 16th September 2015. The course was organized and conducted by
KCT Business School and CII – Institute of Logistics, Chennai with latter sharing its resources. Although
projected to be a niche function conventionally, this three day certification course articulated various
imperatives Warehousing Management and techniques in the current digital era. The students were not only
engaged conceptually but supported with online and offline games. The topics which were vividly covered
included Compatible E commerce Warehouse operations, Warehouse site, selection, design and layouts, Third
and Fourth Party logistics, Games on warehousing scenarios, Material handling and Customs and Goods and
Services Act provisions upon warehousing. Finally students were assessed through an examination for
certification. The course was coordinated by Mr. V.Kaarthiekheyan Associate Professor- KCTBS.
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt by Juran Connecticut, USA, September 14-18, 2015
Centre for Operations organized “Lean Six
Sigma Green Belt Certification Program" for
II MBA students (2014 - 16 Batch) from
September 14-18, 2015. It was conducted by
Mr E. Johanan Daniel, MD & Principal
Consultant, Juran having its headquarters at
Connecticut, USA. Twenty-four students
8 | KCT Business School
and statistical process control tools like Flow Charts, Pareto Charts, Cause and Effect Diagrams and Histograms.
This program also included case studies and examples from service, manufacturing and other industries.
Students were also trained on DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyse-Improve-Control) methodology which is used
for the product or process already existing in the company when they fall below specifications and need
incremental improvement. Hypothesis Testing, Formulating the Null and Alternative Hypotheses, ANOVA,
Nonparametric Testing and Correlation and Regression formed a part of the program. An examination was
conducted and the students have to undertake a project as a part of the certification program. The above
certification program was coordinated by Dr.V.Kannan, Associate Professor & Centre head CoO
Corporate Taxation by Institute of Computer Accountants (ICA), September 14-
19, 2015 Centre of Finance along with Institute of
Computer Accountants (ICA) offered
a certification program on
(Batch 2014-2016) students of the Finance
vertical from September 14-19, 2015
at KCT.BS. The program comprised of 35
hours of teaching including Group
Discussion followed by online exam. The
course was facilitated by Mr. Razad,
Faculty, ICA. Areas covered included
Direct Taxes - Salary, House property,
Capital gains, Income from Business or
Profession income from other sources and Indirect taxes - Excise duty, Costumes duty and VAT. All the 41
participants cleared the online exam. This Certification Course was coordinated by Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian,
Professor & Centre Head and Mohanamani P Assistant Professor, CoF.
Project Management by Accumenta, September 18-19, 2015
A Certificate Program on Project
Management, CAPM was organized by the
Centre for Operations at KCT Business
School for 2014-16 Batch MBA students.
The program objective was to impart
knowledge and skills essential for a
project manager. In addition, on
completion of the program the
participants can attempt for a global
certification which adds value to their
career development.
The program was structured for two days
with six modules starting from September 18 to September 19, 2015. The program covered the Project
Management terminologies, global standards for project management, fundamental practices needed to achieve
organizational results and excellence in the practice of project management. Mr. Girish, a PMP Certified Trainer
9 | KCT Business School
and Founder Director-Accumenta, was the resource person for the program. The resource person made an
elaborate presentation with live examples on the topics covering the functional areas required for a Project
Manager to know in managing projects effectively. Another resource person was Ms.Rajana, Program Manager,
TCS, Coimbatore. 21 students participated in the program. Dr. Jaisankar S Associate Professor, CoO coordinated
the program.
A workshop on Stock Market
Investments was facilitated
by Mr.Annamalai Director,
Annamalai Capital Services
batch 2014-16. The session
gave conceptual and working
stock market, how technical
analysis charts and patterns
The workshop was
coordinated by Senthil
Kumar A, Assistant Professor (SRG), CoF. The student coordinators for the workshop were Ms.Pavithra Vanshi.S
and Ms.Sowmya Lakhsmi.N, Mr.Masi Periyannan, Ms.Preethi Saranya and Mr.Akash Jaiswal of Batch 2014-16
HR Analytics by Mr. SoudhakarElumalai, Senior Business Analyst, Bangalore on September 12 -13, 2015
Two days’ workshop on HR Analytics was
organized for students of II MBA (Batch
2014-16). The session was facilitated by
Mr. Soudhakar Elumalai, Senior Business
Analyst at Bengaluru. The
session started with the Introduction to HR
Analytics, Why HR analytics? Who does it?
Knowing HR systems HRMS/ HRIS,
Controlling HR decision part I, How to
create a HR cockpit? and making a HR
cockpit. Hands on experience were given
Monthly News Bulletin September 2015
10 | KCT Business School
to the students with live data on employee management. The students were taught to work on live project
through which HR initiatives and effectiveness was analyzed followed by testing the effectiveness of HR
initiatives - Pre & Post. The most important part for an HR is Budgeting; data was given to the students and Head
count forecasting and other costing prediction techniques. The workshop concluded with case study discussion
.This program was coordinated by Lakshmi Subbramani Assistant Professor, CoH
Building Brand Equity by Ms. Nisha Raman, Account Manager, GS farm Tazza Produce Pvt Ltd, Bangalore on September 23, 2015
The Centre for Marketing conducted a
workshop on "Building Brand Equity"
for the Marketing students of II MBA
(Batch 2014-16) on September 23,
2015. The facilitator was Ms. Nisha
Raman, Account Manager; GS Farm
Tazza Produce Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. 40
students specializing in Marketing
and benefited out of this program. The
students were introduced to the
concept of Brand equity through
experiential learning by involving
them in activities. The session
provided practical exposure to the participants on the concepts and strategies in building Brand Equity. This
workshop was coordinated by Latha A, Assistant Professor, CoM
Reality Learning
Real Time Online Share Trading Program on August 31, 2015
Real-time Online Share Trading
August 31, 2015. Mr. K. Annamalai,
Director, Annamalai Capital Services
session. ROSTP is a reality learning
platform for students to learn and
invest in stock markets. The share
trading partner for ROSTP is
Annamalai Capital Services (P)
Limited and banking partner is Axis
Bank. Twenty two students of batch
2014-16 have enrolled and were part
of the ROSTP. Mr.Annamalai officially launched the ROSTP for the batch and highlighted the relevance of the
initiative in improving the knowledge and skill of MBA students. This learning initiative was coordinated by
Senthil Kumar A, Assistant Professor (SRG), CoF. The student Coordinators for the ROSTP was Sumangala V,
Monthly News Bulletin September 2015
11 | KCT Business School
Lakshmi.N of batch 2014-16.
Markets on September 11, 2015
The NISM (National
Institute of Securities
themselves with conceptual clarity and application knowledge in capital markets through their appearance in
NISM certifications. In total, 62 participants appeared for the exam (40 finance elective students of batch 2014-
16 and another 22 participants from other academic institutions and industry) for the NISM-Series-XII:
Securities Markets Foundation Certification Examination which was conducted on September 11, 2015. Out of
the 40 students from KCTBS, 19 students secured above 60% marks and qualified for the certificate. The top 3
performers in the exam were:
Roll No. Name Top 3 Qualified Marks
14MBA081 RAMYA. A.P. 82 %
14MBA027 SUMANGALA. V 77 %
Senthil Kumar A, Assistant Professor (SRG) CoF was the faculty coordinator for the NISM initiative. KCT.BS
congratulates and wishes these students and others to scale up to higher NISM modules.
Monthly News Bulletin September 2015
12 | KCT Business School
Experiential learning for Business Statistics for Batch 2015-17 - J5 on
September 28, 2015
During the Business
Statistics class, the
Promotions were
made to sell these chocolates and the sales made by each team of students were recorded. This
resulted in team-wise data with two variables viz., Sales of Dairy Milk Chocolates and Sales of Milky
Bar Chocolates. The data thus collected was analyzed by Nivedhitha, V for the magnitude and direction
of association between these two variables. The result was -1 and it was interpreted that Sales of Dairy
Milk and Sales of Milky Bar are strongly negatively correlated. Pravin, K. concluded that when the sale
of one brand increases the sales of the other brand decreased. The activity was facilitated by Dr.
B.Poongodi Assistant Professor , CoM for the class of J5, Batch 2015-17 on September 28, 2015.
Experiential learning for Business Statistics for Batch 2015-17 – J3 on
September 28, 2015
K, Sharan K, Keerte M, Shunmathi M,
Vishnu Sakravarthy and Rajkumar V
K - J3 students staged a skit during the
Business Statistics class on September
28, 2015 to explain the concept of five
number summary and Box-Whisker
activities in an engineering college in
Monthly News Bulletin September 2015
13 | KCT Business School
Tamil Nadu. The whole class was divided into two groups- one group was asked to play the role of
Documentary Film Producers and another group took the role of Film Distributors. After the short
play performance the Film Producers and Distributors were asked to record their responses based on
some pre- determined questions .The collected data was compared and analyzed using Five number
Summary and Box-Whisker plot using Microsoft Excel. It was concluded that the distribution was not
normal for the variables 'Estimated Investment Amount' by Producers and Distributors. The session
was facilitated by Dr.B.Poongodi Assistant Professor , CoM.
Mind Mapping for Batch 2015-17 – J1,4 & 6, September 2015
Mind mapping is a highly effective way of
getting information in and out of our brain.
Mind mapping is a creative and logical means
of note-taking and note-making that literally
"maps out" your ideas. A good Mind Map
shows the "shape" of the subject, the relative
importance of individual points, and the way
in which facts relate to one another. This
means that they're very quick to review, as
you can often refresh information in your
mind just by glancing at one. In this way, they
can be effective mnemonics – remembering
the shape and structure of a Mind Map can
give you the cues you need to remember the
information within it. When created using colors and images or drawings, a Mind Map can even resemble a work
of art. As a part of innovative teaching pedagogy in Organization Behavior course for IMBA (Batch 2015-17), the
students of J6, J4 and J1 - were taught to create mind mapping on the topics “Attitude, personality and
perception”. This method has helped the students to learn subjects with fun and colors. This pedagogy was
adopted by Lakshmi Subbramani, Assistant Professor CoH
Local Market Visit, September 2015
As part of Economics course, students of Batch 2015-17 visited various markets in Coimbatore during
the second week of September 2015. The markets explored by the students were Fish market, RS
Scrap market, MGR Vegetable market, Thudiyalur vegetable market, Coimbatore and Mettupalayam
Flower market, Mettupalayam vegetable market, Coimbatore Rice market, Kovilpalayam Vegetable
market, Gold Jewellery market – Town Hall, Saibaba colony vegetable market, R.S.Puram Uzhavar
Sandhai , Onion Market – Mettupalayam, T.K. Provisional, Market – Coimbatore, Fruit market - K.G.,
Street Coimbatore ,Vegetable Market –Thudiyalur, Book Market - Ukkadam Coimbatore markets etc.,
Sunday market to learn about Modus operandi, Market structures, Products dealt, Types of product,
Customer retention, Reason for choice of products sold, Promotion strategy, Price determination,
Innovative strategies adopted, Substitutes, Marketing strategy, Sellers selling skills, Distribution,
Negotiation skills sets, Cost determination, Inventory management, Profit , Procurement techniques,
Demand and Supply Estimation. This learning process was coordinated by the course facilitators of
14 | KCT Business School
Rural Visit and MGNREGA, September 2015
As part of Economics course, students of Batch 2015-17 visited various villages to study the effect
of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment guarantee Act (MGNREGA) over the rural
employment, livelihood and agriculture. The students explored the General occupation practiced
in the village, Gender wise categorization, Type of task carried out, Type of job (other than 100 days),
Areas of Improvement, Specialty of village, Advantages and disadvantage of the program, Effectiveness
of the program, Type of task performed in 100 days scheme, Societal Impact, Impact on Agriculture,
Projects undertaken and completed, Amount of Wages received, Benefits received, Problems faced,
Satisfaction level, Modus operandi. The villages visited by students are Thekkampatti
village, Purandampalayam, Vellanaipatti, Vellakundapuram, Behratty, Veerakulam,
Sultanpet, Sengalipalayam, Devarayapuram , Bandisholai , Kurudampalayam, Ikkarai Boluvampatti,
Yeddapalli etc. This learning process was coordinated by the course facilitators of Economics.
Young Inspiring Talk by Mr.Santosh Karnananda founder and director of on September 10, 2015
The speaker for the day was Mr. Santosh
Karnananda, founder and director of 200 students and faculty
members of KCT and KCTBS participated in
the event. The talk was on how one should
choose his or her career and how to bridge
the gap between education and
employability. The biggest myths about
career -earning money or drawing a fixed
monthly salary were discussed. The basic
definition of career was then explained
briefly with the help of the Maxwell’s
Hierarchy which comprised of the basic
needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem