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  • emotion for professional people

    modular ovens emotion


  • the professional all-rounder

    A wide and complete range of

    ovens to simplify the work of

    the professional chefs and to

    enhance the genuine taste of the


    The assortment of Modular ovens

    satisfies the needs of the large-

    scale and small food outlets by

    ensuring high performances and

    ease of use.

  • >emotion high performance, technology, heavy duty

    pratika professional, easy, simple, adaptable

    function space-saving, user-friendly

    modular ovens

    emotion for professional people


    User-friendly and simple control panel User-friendly control panel with temperature and time setting.

    Robust structure All models are made of stainless steel with

    rounded edges cooking chamber, double glazed door, ergonomic handle

    and removable gasket.

    Wide range The selection ranges from the electric

    convection ovens of the Function line- 3 up to 10 grids in bakery and gastronomy versions

    - to the gas and electric convection and combi ovens of the Pratika line - 5 up to 10 grids

    with electro-mechanical and digital controls (multi line) and compact programmable digital ovens only 52 cm

    wide (multi-K line). Furthermore, Emotion ovens line can satisfy even the most demanding kitchens thanks to state-of-the-art technology, user-friendly touch screen and attractive

    design. The chef can choose between direct injection steam or

    boiler-equipped ovens, from 6 up to 20 grids.

    it's not just cooking

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    emotion for professional people

    modular ovens emotion


    The new generation of combi ovens Emotion has all the necessary technology to cook any recipe easily and automatically.

    You just need to choose what you would like to cook, fry, grill, stew or pasteurize from meat to fish, from pastry to bakery and the Emotion oven will automatically process your dishes.

    Thanks to the simple and intuitive Capacitive Touch Screen, you will have full control of your oven and you will be informed about all the main operating functions.

    new emotion ovens the versatility of a whole kitchen in just one oven

    electric combi ovens with direct injection steam or boiler equipped

    gas combi ovens with direct injection steam or boiler equipped

    The range of Emotion ovens includes:

    2 years warranty

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    emotion for professional people



    the Emotion oven will satisfy all your needs

    fields of application

    Restaurants, Hotels, Cooking centres, Fast-Foods, Corporate Catering, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Butchers, Fish Shops,

    Pastry Shops, Pizza Restaurants and Bakeries.

    electric models

    gas models

    Auto-reverse fan with 12 different options of ventilation control

    capacity 6 / 10 / 20 grids

    capacitive touch screen

    automatic washing system

    capacitive touch screen

    extractable shower

    multipoint probe

    automatic washing system

    ergonomic handle

  • performance


    emotion for professional peopleemotion for professional people


    no limits to your imagination

    Types of cooking

    The Emotion oven is a combi oven with different types of cooking: Convection, Steam and Mixed. The range includes models with direct steam injection or with boiler generated steam: two different options to answer any chef's demand.

    The 12 different options of ventilation control and the possibility to select up to 16 different phases for each cooking process make the Emotion oven versatile in all applications, offering uniformity of cooking at the highest levels.

    Convection cooking from 30 up to 300°C

    Thanks to the forced ventilation and the high temperatures reached, the Emotion oven will allow you to cook any dish.

    With the convection function you can grill, fry, roast, cook frozen products and fine pastry.

    Mixed Cooking from 30 up to 300°C

    The Mixed Cooking function combines the power and the temperature of the convection mode with steam and humidity in the cooking chamber.

    Thanks to this cooking mode you will easily cook first courses, such as pasta and risotto, sauces, meat and stews, bread and pastry.

    There will be no limits to your imagination.

    Steam cooking from 30 up to 130°C

    The steam cooking of the Emotion oven will give bright colours to your vegetables and an absolute cooking uniformity while maintaining almost unchanged the organoleptic properties of your products.

    You can make sous-vide and low temperature cooking or work with regeneration cycles.

    Cooking with core probe

    In all cooking modes described above you can use the Multipoint Core Probe.

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    emotion for professional people

  • emotion for professional people

    control panel


    technology at the chef's service

    CCS - Cognitive Control System

    The Emotion oven, thanks to its CCS (Cognitive Control System), makes the work in the kitchen easier by automating the cooking process and maintaining the correct humidity of the product. The Humidity Tuning System significantly reduces weight loss and cooking time.

    You will save time, energy, money and the added value of your work in the kitchen will be increased.

    HTS - Humidity Tuning System

    The special moisture control designed by Modular for the Emotion Oven guarantees a perfect humidity during each cooking process.

    The Humidity Tuning System will automatically control the correct percentage of steam at different cooking stages. Mixed cooking with high humidity and subsequent browning in the dry chamber will no longer be a problem.

    In the Emotion Oven everything will be under control.

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    Multilevel cooking

    The Emotion oven allows you to cook different dishes at the same time.

    It's up to you to choose whether to put all the trays at the same time with all inn function, or to pull out the trays simultaneously, with all out function.

    The dynamic special function will allow you to program different entries and exits of the trays at specific set times of the day to plan carefully your daily service.


  • emotion for professional people

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  • emotion for professional people

    modular chefmodular chef


    the Emotion Oven technology allows users to work quickly and easily

    All cooking processes are designed and tested from Modular Chefs

    The Emotion Oven technology allows users to work quickly and easily. The function Modular Chef will allow you to use all cooking programs created by Modular Chefs.

    All cooking processes are designed and tested to achieve perfect results. Every Modular Chef cooking process is shown on the display and adjustable in real time, even when the oven is working, without stopping the cooking process.

    Each cooking process can be adjusted as needed and later saved in your personal cookbook My Recipes and be recalled at any time.

    Any Modular Chef cooking process gives you the possibility to read directly on the display the recipe with the ingredients, quantities and types of recommended trays to get the perfect result.

    The recipes book Modular Chef is constantly changing with the implementation of new recipes from all around the world.

    You can download all new recipes directly from Modular website and update Chef Modular cookbook with a simple USB stick.

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    My recipes

    Every Chef has his own personal recipes book: with the Emotion Oven you will easily and intuitively create your cooking processes and recipes. Just a few steps to create your own masterpiece.

    Best chef

    With the Best Chef program you will have access to your favourite recipes in 2 steps.

    With a simple click you will save the most used cooking processes in the Favourites section.

    In Best Chef you will find the Latest recipes section, where you can recall the last cooking processes and also display the ones which have not been saved.

    Moreover, to further reduce the time in the creation of your own recipes book, the Emotion oven allows you to see, change and save the Modular Chef recipes.

    The USB port, located below the control panel, will allow you to save your recipes and to load them quickly in another Emotion oven or just store them in your personal computer.

    Automatic washing system

    The Emotion oven is Full Options. All models are equipped not only with multipoint core probe, but also with pull out shower and automatic washing.

    After your service you can choose the following washing functions:

    Quick rinsing

    Manual cleaning

    Automatic washing (soft - medium - hard)

    The oven will be self-cleaned automatically and be ready for a new working day.


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    emotion for professional people

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    emotion for professional people



    Reversible door

    Fat filter

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    EM E 10/11-D EM E 10/11-B