Mobile App Optimization Strategies

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Transcript of Mobile App Optimization Strategies

  • Mobile App Webinar: Real Life Strategies

    from the Experts

  • Chat box is available for questions

    There will be time for Q&A at the end

    We will be recording the webinar for future viewing

    All attendees will receive a copy of the slides and recording of todays webinar

    Just a reminder

  • About me

    Ive worked with enterprise customers across all industries on engagements focused on mobile

    web and native app testing.

    Khattaab Khan Strategy Consultant, Optimizely

  • PEOPLECustomers are task-focused with short attention spanOptimizely users are PMs + developers

  • PROCESSConstant app iteration not beholden to app store approval

  • TECHNOLOGYOne product for testing + personalization across web + mobileVisual editor for stylistic experimentsCode blocks for programmatic experiments

  • Immediacy on mobile vs. Discovery on desktop

  • Daily Active User / Monthly Active UserStickiness of an app over 30-day period

    Sessions / Daily Active UserNumber of times per day user returns

    FTUEFirst-Time User Experience

    Cultivating Loyalty

    Is the app interface easier, more attractive + intuitive compared to a

    web experience?

  • Commonly Tested Themes: Onboarding

    Carousel slidesAre users forced/encouraged to explore value props?Manual experienceLeverage swipe forward/back

    Gated functionalityGetting users to core functionality sooner to make app more sticky

  • Commonly Tested Themes: Onboarding

    SpotlightsHighlight key features during first app loadPrev/next CTA

  • Case Study: French Girls

    iOS app combining selfies + art

    1.5MM+ downloads

  • Case Study: French Girls

    Take selfie first resulted in 100% lift in user activation

  • Commonly Tested Themes: Pre-populated inputs

    Reduce friction for returning usersDrop-down menussave last search or identify locations near userhighlight favorites

  • Commonly Tested Themes: Toolbar

    Most used features in static consoleMain menu accessBadge notifications (not push)

  • Whats the lingo?

    Code BlocksSections of code that change under which conditions an object loadsUsed for existing/new elements (all new items must be added via code blocks)

    In-App Purchases (IAPs)

    LocaleRegion that users App Store is set to

    Cold Start vs. ForegroundingLoading an app that is not in a background state vs. returning to running app

    Live VariablesVariables already monitored in app that can be assigned new valuesCount variablesDisplay different number of articlesRequest permissions at different timesModify default search sorting

    Custom TagSimilar to tags on webTags interaction with a specific feature

    User level properties (e.g. logged-in state)Did a user swipe to a specific image number in a gallery?Did user select a particular filter option?

  • Mobile Editor Demo

  • FAQsWhats transferable from your web experience?Reengagement: Through the app registration process, you will collect some personal information that can be used to encourage future app loads

    How should I think about mobile audiences? Loyal, logged-in user on web = any user on mobileDownloading an app communicates a level of investment that supersedes a casual web browserNearly all apps require some level of registration to unlock functionality

    To which users should I be targeting experiments?Based on last activity or version

    Where does Optimizely fit in my sprint planning?Code blocks need to be developed and implemented before next release