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If you are a struggling and still in so much pain growing their MLM Business. Isn't it time that you leverage the power of the Internet? Generate ONLINE leads for free! Learn the principle and concept of Attraction Marketing and why you need it for you to explode your MLM business and generate laser targeted leads!

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  • MLM Attraction Marketing that Even Your Upline Know About www.mspinkymaniri.com1
  • I am a single mom for the last 9 years now and I have 3 smart, active and busy kids. I used to work as a Computer Systems Engineer . I have been to many countries around the world because of my work. 2 A little bit about me ...
  • In 2005, I was on a high risk pregnancy for my 3 child and forced to stay at home due to my health condition. So I had no choice I had no income and you can imagine how hard that was for me after working 25 years in the Information Technology. 3
  • Then, just few months after I gave birth to my daughter, I got separated from my ex-husband! I was devastated. I had no money I was financially distressed and my children were still small! --- I had no support from anybody! I got scared and I just stood up and asked myself. What am I going to do NOW? 4
  • Fast forward. I joined my first Network Marketing Business in 2006! 5
  • My Life with my children and the lifestyle we enjoy . all because I am a Network Marketer and I work at home 6
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  • After showing you all those photos, I am not trying to brag about what I have accomplished being in the business but truly --- it is all about what this business can do for you, for your family and children. It is just an amazing industry! 9
  • But heres the interesting part. I failed in my first primary business and failed again on the second one! Oh my God! I was so disappointed! I lost a lot of money ended up with high credit cards debts and cash loans!!! --- I was so embarrassed! 10
  • Then came my 3rd Network Marketing Company. I am just like you I can not talk to people I can not make cold-calling I had friends and family who are so negative and skeptical about the business! I was a broke, no cash-flow business owner! 11
  • So then, I did realize that there were 2 main problems why I failed in my past businesses! 1. I had no leads I had no one to talk to about my business! (( and buying leads was never my option! )) 2. I can not (ever!) close an account I can not sell my products! Because I dont know how to sell I can no do COLD CALLING! 12
  • And I know if I have no LEADS this 3rd business of mine will surely Fail Again! Leads are the lifeblood of our business and we all know that!!... Without FRESH and TARGETED LEADS we are dead in the water! 13
  • Then I thought. isnt time to leverage the internet to grow my business? 14
  • Then here comes the attraction marketing strategies! Attraction Marketing is about building relationship, trust while you keep bringing values to the marketplace and you will get paid for it. Big Time! 15
  • Teach people what you know ( marketing strategies, social media, blogging, video and all other related tips!) Provide a solution to people for their pain and struggle (generating leads to grow their business; Build a relationship and gain their trust Be a person of value, than of success! 16
  • 17 Marketing Strategy Facebook (Persona / Fanpage) Video Marketing (YouTube) Blog/SEO/Content Marketing TRAFFIC TRAFFIC CAPTURE PAGE AUTO RESPONDER EMAIL FOLLOW UPS / TELEPHONE You are bringing values to people and building relation ship here through emails or phone calls Pre-programmed Series of Emails 2-3 x a Week so people will know you and good for your branding. Relationship Building They will start Following you. You will know them more. They will know you more. Your Primary Business Blog / Social Media / YouTube Lead Generation Platform / Earn Affiliate Commissions
  • How would you feel when the opportunity seekers and serious- business-minded people will start coming to you. because you became attractive to them?. they are now the hunter and you are now the one being hunted! 18
  • But heres the thing guys. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT LEAD GENERATION THROUGH ATTRACTION MARKETING IS A SKILL . which simply means, you need to have that proper training and the know-how on how to apply it into your business! 19
  • I will recommend that you master one strategy first video, seo or social media marketing. See with attraction marketing it doesnt matter if you are in direct selling, network marketing, affiliate marketing, or retail and services business attraction marketing really works!!!!! ---- in any business! 20
  • Why these 3 Marketing Strategies? Facebook Video / YouTube SEO / Content / Google+ 21
  • Facebook 22 1 BILLION Users (75% are outside the US) 600 MILLION mobile users 1.12 TRILLION "LIKES 140.3 BILLION friend connections 265 BILLION phots in their servers Every 20 minutes 1 Millions Links are being shared!) Oh my goodness!!! this is insane! this is tons of traffic! Thats a lot of people to talk to!
  • YouTube 23 4 BILLION+ videos are viewed PER DAY 800 MILLION+ unique visits PER MONTH 3 BILLION+ hours of videos are watched PER MONTH 72+ Hours of video uploaded PER MIN 3+ Hours of video uploaded from a mobile device PER MINUTE Do you have any idea what these figures can do for your business? ----- this is a lot of TRAFFIC!!! This can explode your business at any time! It can generate countless of leads!!!
  • Google SEO / Content Marketing 24 5.9 BILLION Average Searches Per Day 4 BILLION Google Searches PER DAY 70 MILLION unique users PER DAY Yahoo, Bing and countless other search engines! Content and SEO Marketing Content and SEO Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing Building your brand, Facebook Fanpage, FB Ads, connect and build relationship with people through FB pages and Groups there are so much! so much that you can do on Facebook! ). You have to be on Facebook! There are gazillion of people that you can connect with! (I will tell you more the figure later!) 25
  • Video Marketing 26 Make training videos, videos about yourself, what you do, about your family how they love it that you make extra money working at home PART TIME!, inspire people with your story share your struggles! Oh my gosh! you gotta be a good story teller! but it has to be a genuine story! See, all of us has stories believe me, each of us has stories to share! Share it!). Use your story at your advantage! your story sells!). Most people love to watch video than read an article, isnt it? And should you decide to do video marketing be on YouTube!
  • Google SEO / Content Marketing 27 If you love to blog or write articles, SEO and Content Marketing might be a good fit for you! I personally love to write. Share your knowledge and training through content and article writing. You can post it on your own blog or you can post it on high authority websites such as with Article Submission Directories (I love EzineArticles and ArticlesBase!). Learn how to optimize your content using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies and keyword researching. The purpose of SEO is for your content to get a good ranking on Google why Google? (have you seen the figure?).
  • Google SEO / Content Marketing 28 How would you feel if your content is on top and on the first page of Google? Thats yours that keyword or keywords that made it rank is yours! they are called organic keywords. Many marketers agree that SEO Content Marketing is far better than the PPC (Pay per Click). You know why? because PPC is paid and you keep paying! While if you content is on the first page or has a good ranking, its organic and you dont pay for that position (being on the first page!). The reason you do PPC marketing because you want your leads to find you on the first page of Google, isnt it? And thats how you pay for PPC because you are on the first page. The PPC service provider do this for you.