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  • So youve become a Sandals Luxury Included

    Star. And because it takes the best to sell the

    Worlds Best, its ideal you experience it for

    yourself. Now the Sell & Go programme

    is better than ever before. The higher the

    category you book, the more nights you earn.

    For example, book a Butler category room*

    and youve just earned a 3-night stay.

    As we all knowthe more you book, the more

    you go and the more you go, the more you

    know. So dont stop!




    SANDALS ?!


    * To qualify, bookings must be for a 6 night stay or longer.


    OR CALL AGENCY SALES ON 020 7590 0210


    DELUXE CONCIERGE BUTLER Minimum 5 stars Minimum 10 stars Minimum 15 stars





    VIP card (10%) VIP Card (20%) VIP Card (25%)

    Bookable Bookable Bookable Sell & Go 60 days Sell & Go 80 days Sell & Go 90 days



    Reward Gift or 30 Bonus Bonds Reward Gift or 100 Bonus Bonds Reward Gift or 250 Bonus Bonds

    * Conditions: each agent member must complete online training a minimum once a year and register bookings on Additional conditions apply for different levels, Concierge and Butler category member agents must complete SABTAs training annually and attend local roadshows. Status is yearly, Jan - Dec only.

    1 star for a Deluxe booking, 2 stars for a Concierge booking and 3 stars for a Butler booking

    DELUXE CONCIERGE BUTLER Minimum 10 stars Minimum 20 stars Minimum 30 stars





    250 towards night out 500 towards night out 750 towards night out or bank money or bank money or bank money

    ** All monies must be used by 28th Feb of the following year, after this date it will be lost and banks go back to zero.

    Please Note: Certain promotions may not qualify for Stars. Terms and conditions apply.

    Shop to get minimum of 10 stars - 1 star for a Deluxe booking, 2 stars for a Concierge booking and 3 stars for a Butler booking

    Benefits for shop**

    For further information please contact your

    Business Development Manager,

    Call Agency Sales on 020 7590 0210email on

    or visit


    DO YOUThe best benefits in the industry with

    Sandals Luxury Included Stars

  • Dear Valued Travel Partner: As the legacy of the worlds best travel partnership continues, once again, the time has come for Sandals Resorts to extend our deepest gratitude to YOU! Thanks to the loyalty of travel professionals like you, weve been able to bring our business to new heights. In efforts to prove our appreciation for our amazing travel partners, we have created fun and original ways not only to reward you, but also provide you with the support that you need.

    We are also very excited about the continual growth of our family of brands. The ever-expanding Royal Plantation Collection, and the newest addition, Sandals Emerald Bay, Great Exuma, Bahamas, and newly-born Grand Pineapple Beach Resorts now offer additional ways for you to reach out to previously untapped markets on either end of the traditional Sandals and Beaches spectrum boutique and value-oriented. We are excited to share these new steps with you, as the advancement of both our businesses is so intrinsically intertwined.

    At Sandals resorts and Beaches resorts we promise to deliver the ultimate holiday experience and are committed to providing the highest level of quality, service and choices. With our Luxury Included holidays being voted Worlds Best for over a decade, you can be confident with our commitment to mutual growth and success. We recognise it takes the best, to sell the best and, like any good partnership, we will continue to support and shower you with our appreciation. Thank you for being a part of our family.

    All Thats Good

    The Hon. Gordon Butch Stewart, OJ, CD, Hon, LLDChairman, Sandals Resorts

    We Support Our AgentsFAM TRIPS & DESTINATION WALKING WORKSHOPSThey say a pictures worth a thousand wordsbut Seeing Is Believing.

    Theres never been a better time to take another look with so many

    luxurious innovations and developments at our resorts. Now only will you

    experience up close and personal the Luxury Included holiday, but youll be

    taking the next step to growing your business and increasing your earning

    potential by learning all there is to know about Sandals resorts, Beaches

    resorts, Royal Plantation Collection and Grand Pineapple Beach Resorts in

    our Luxury workshops.

    LUXURY WORKSHOPS REALLY HELP YOU BOOKOur new 3-hour Luxury Workshop Now Is The Time is the ultimate

    training class. We will show you how to be proactive and secure business as

    well as how to take advantage of marketing opportunities with the strongest

    brand in the Caribbean Sandals resorts! Once you find how to obtain the

    vast array of information and travel agent tools available, youll find it easy to

    keep the business!

    UNVEILINGS ROADSHOWS & CONFERENCESOur Unveiling Roadshows keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest.

    They draw up to 150 agents each and are held in major cities throughout the

    UK. Here youll meet & mingle with top corporate executives from Sandals

    & Beaches including Resort General Managers, and youll get a first-hand

    preview of all the latest marketing tools. All the Buzz. All the Blitz. Only the

    best support for you, form the worlds best Sandals & Beaches resorts.

    THE CARIBBEANS LARGET SALES FORCESandals has over 40 full-time Business Development Managers more than

    any other hotel group in the Caribbean. Our sales team is extensively trained

    to assist agents and agencies in increasing their business through an array

    of proactive functions such as Caribbean Nights, In-House trainings, Co-Op

    Advertising, Consumer Events, Postcard Mailings, Window Displays and so

    much more.

    To start growing your Sandals & Beaches business, contact your local Business Development Manager or Agency Sales on 020 7590 0210 or email

    All information contained within this subject is subject to change, at anytime, with or without prior notification. Sandals/Beaches/UVI is not responsible for any errors or omissions. Sandals & Beaches resorts are represented worldwide by Unique Vacations, Inc.


    Were delighted to announce the launch of Sandals Luxury Included Stars, the new Sandals and Beaches Travel

    Agent reward programme.

    The Sandals Luxury Included Stars programme replaces the Certified Sandals Specialist programme, and gives

    you a host of added benefits to reward you for your efforts, and thank you for supporting Sandals.

    The new programme is as easy as 1, 2, 3 - with 3 levels for both travel agents at an individual level, and for you and

    your colleagues at a shop level, so you benefit twice! With each booking you earn STARS, one for a deluxe room

    booked, two for a concierge room/suite booked, and three for a butler suite booked.

    Online Training

    Online training has been purpose built to help you understand the

    differences in the Sandals and Beaches product. Taking you through a

    series of informative and fun exercises, the training can be completed

    at your own pace, and can take place over as many sessions as you

    like. Simply log-on when youre ready to complete another module.

    There are 6 modules for Sandals and 6 for Beaches to complete at your

    leisure. The programme saves your results so you can complete the

    training bit by bit.

    Once youre done youll receive a certificate for your efforts. Log on to to start.

    ANNOUNCING the launch of the Royal Plantation Collection and Grand

    Pineapple Beach Resorts online training! Log on now to find out about

    the 3 Royal Plantation Collection properties and the 2 Grand Pineapple

    Beach Resorts. By doing both of these training programmes youll learn

    about the brands and then about each of the properties, go direct to or

    or click through from the Selling Sandals homepage links.

    As your bookings add up, so do your stars,

    and once you accumulate at least 5 stars,

    you start reaping the rewards. Best of all,

    stars can be accumulated in any manner: so

    whether you make 5 Deluxe Room bookings,

    OR one Concierge and one Butler booking,

    you will still receive the same benefits. Plus,

    your stars and your colleagues stars in the

    same agency all add up, so youre rewarded

    TWICE for your efforts.

    Like Sandals rooms/suites, the first level of

    recognition is Deluxe, followed by Concierge

    for those agents making more bookings, and

    finally Butler for the real star bookers out


    The Sandals Luxury Included Stars

    programme will run on an annual basis -

    from January to December, and you must

    claim your rewards by 28th February the

    following year.