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Build Personal Brand Success
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We offer complete solutions in personal brand strategy, identity persona, complete creative, then creation of world class websites, content & media, with ongoing around-the-clock support - like no other. We help each individual client create a world-class personal brand, using the strategies, science, resources, media, processes, and expert capabilities of a top creative agency. We have complete and comprehensive services to help you determine your best personal brand strategy to create life success, then create, style & build your persona, along with the complete tools, content, web, mobile, blogs, social media, PR, search engine, video, and media capabilities that you may look like and become a thought leader and authority in your specific field. www.mindbrand.company

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  • Build Personal Brand Success
  • Its this simple: You are a brand. You are in charge of your brand. There is no single path to success. And there is no one right way to create the brand called You. Except this: Start today. Or else. - Tom Peters
  • your business & career goals your willingness & ability to become a thought leader your 1-3-5 year personal life strategy
  • What is a Personal Brand? Throughout thousands of years of human history, unique and talented individuals have been able to rise above the masses to create strong and enduring personal brands, awareness and success. These people include artists, athletes, musicians, writers, comedians, spiritual and business leaders, academics, inventors, innovators, political leaders, chefs, soldiers, thought leaders and uniquely gifted human beings. Today, savvy and driven individuals are looking to create a personal brand persona by creating influence and awareness through Thought Leadership and the demonstration of advanced thinking, ideas & social commentary. If you are an entrepreneur, executive or business leader - a strong personal brand has become a strong differentiator leading to success in both your personal, and business life. With the rapid confluence of multiple factors today, including - instant access and discovery to almost any information through high speed internet, lightning fast search engines and smart mobile devices; the rise of social media and online content sharing; the global awareness of people, ideas and knowledge through 24/7 media and the Internet; the challenge of determining best brand options through the clutter and confusion of thousands of conflicting messages; the evolvement towards the art and the science of effective brand-building capabilities today personal branding allows individuals the ability to elevate themselves as a brand to stand out above their peers providing significant personal and business opportunities and advantages. Developing an effective Personal Brand will create the strong basis for the ongoing achievement of your personal life goals.
  • Who Can Benefit From a Strong Personal Brand? Almost anyone who aspires to elevate themselves above the masses, can create a strong personal brand by creating influence and awareness through Thought Leadership and the demonstration of advanced thinking, ideas & social commentary that addresses the needs of their audience. Entrepreneurs Sales Professionals Corporate Executives Personalities & Celebrities Professional Services Creative Artists, Actors & Musicians Health & Fitness Professionals Athletes Bloggers & Writers Business & Life Coaches Public Speakers Small Business Owners Network Marketers Graduating Students Job Seekers Pioneers & Innovators
  • Why Build a Personal Brand? With business and personal success being ever more competitive, your best way of elevating yourself as a leader in your business or career is to stand out as an authority, and have an elevated brand perception amongst your peers. Personal brand-building is especially important for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Your name, thought leadership, and unique talent are your greatest assets and will stay with you for the rest of your life, regardless of any firm, entity or larger organization that you may be associated with. Grow Your Network Expanding an effective network is very important to business success, and attracts like-minded people who will be the basis for creating new customers and personal success. Attract & Create New Opportunities Building a strong online presence & awareness will not only help people discover you, but some will bring relevant opportunities. Additionally, your personal brand demonstrates success something others will be looking to tap in to. Establish Credibility Your personal brand is your unique promise of unique value. As long as you add this value to others on a consistent basis, you are gaining brand trust and credibility. This trust is your greatest and cheapest promotional activity. Increase Your Influence As you build your personal brand, you will notice that you get a loyal following online. This following will put you in a position of influence, as others listen to your thought leadership, opinions and perspectives. Creating Work A compelling brand will ensure that you keep busy. You and your services will remain in demand, as long as you live up to your brand promises. This is important to entrepreneurs, and provides a buffer against market place and external macro- financial forces.
  • The World Has Changed. Individuals and organizations now have instant access to information anywhere, any time. Needs and solutions can be researched in seconds from smartphones and wireless devices, and viable options and thought leadership is instantly recognizable through intelligent search engines, responsive websites, and online social media. Peoples priorities have changed, and demonstrated credibility is now critical in the decision-making process, when looking at potential solutions. It has never been more important to stand out and develop a unique identity and value proposition through strategic personal branding.
  • What is Thought Leadership? A Thought Leader is a person or firm that is not only recognized but also who profits from the recognition of authority. Great companies and individuals are recognized as the authorities in a specialized field, whose expertise is sought and often rewarded. Thought leaders are able to demonstrate value to potential customers, as opposed to a series of promises, special offers or relationship selling many individuals and businesses use as tactics in competitive markets today increasingly with diminishing success. Thought Leadership is about having the answers to the biggest questions on the minds of your buyers. It can also include your unique perspective and solutions on important topics, highly relevant to the important needs of your customers. The key is that the knowledge agenda is set by your audience. They determine what is important. Demonstrated thought leadership is important for individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies. This is because of the complexity and challenges of the decision-making process for solutions today (in both B2B & B2C environments) and the large number of considerations, people involved and risk factors. A great Thought Leadership brand differentiates itself from its competitors and allows a strong brand to be associated with the questions its buyers are asking.
  • Be. An Influencer. A center of influence (COI) is a person you know or wish to know, who is well connected in a certain geographic or professional marketplace. This person has many contacts and is well respected in his or her network because of their ability to demonstrate effective solutions through knowledge and Thought Leadership. Networking and relationship building within relevant industries and centers of influence has become a key factor in creating new clients and ongoing success in almost all fields. Influencers tend to be market leaders, and have many advantages in creating income and revenues as a result of their strong personal brand. The platform for connecting with a target audience and creating personal brand awareness - is primarily The Internet. Important Statistics: Online media and information has become the norm for the vast majority of people, with 93% of online activities begin with a search engine, where 70% to 80% of users ignore paid search ads and focus on the free organic results, 91% of users say they find what they are looking for when using search engines, 78% of women and 69% of men use of social networking sites, (Pew Internet: Search Engine Usage 2012.), 77 percent of mobile searches occur at home or workeven if a PC is nearby and readily available (Search Engine Land). It is critical as an effective personal brand, to demonstrate Thought Leadership solutions, that are relevant to the needs of your target audience.
  • What are the Mindbrand Tools for Creating an Effective Personal Brand? Brand Strategy, Thought Leadership Tactics & Communications Plan Persona Development, Personal Styling & Identity Personal Brand Copywriting Professional Photos Professional HD Video Production Personal Branded Website Website Landing Pages Personal Brand Brochure Thought Leadership Content Writing: Blogging Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Google+ YouTube / Vimeo SlideShare Wikipedia We build the strategies and complete tools, content, capabilities, and ongoing support for all the elements below. SEO & Search Engines eMail Marketing Newsletter Online Surveys Publicity (Magazines, TV, Radio, Online etc) Online Press Releases Lead Generation Reputation Management Public Speaking Book Writing & Publication Database Management Web & Content Hosting Brand Performance Analytics & Insight Reporting Ongoing Brand Knowledge, Seminars, Events & Education
  • About Mindbrand. We are a Personal Branding Agency like no other. We help each individual client create a world- class personal brand, using the strategies, science, resources, processes, and expert capabilities of a top creative agency. We then provide complete ongoing daily, weekly and monthly support and services to help our clients generate and publish thought leadership content, articles, and media to engage their target audiences, and to achieve their personal success goals. Heres what we help you do. Thought Leadership Content & Media Ongoing Knowledge & SupportSmart Strategy Professional Brand & Media Proven methodology to identify & determine specific goals, build accurate target audience personas, market segments & brand strategies. The development of a visual rand identity, styling, photos &/or videos, website, copy, blog, social media, etc. The ongoing daily-weekly-monthly creation & publishing of Thought Leadership content & media. World-class knowledge, support, marketing, hosting, analytics and technical support of all ongoing personal brand initiatives.
  • Contact. Please contact us for a no obligation discussion of your needs. Mindbrand 540 South Coast Highway, Suite 202 Laguna Beach, California 92651 714.553.2200 [email protected] www.mindbrand.company Mindbrand by Ashworth & Company, LLC