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branding in worldwide market and how to compete with his competitors like apple etc.

Transcript of Microsoft Windows INNOVATIVES

  • 1. prepared By Mr. Rajesh Mohan Mhade
  • 2. Who is he? Bill Gates Paul Allen Who is he?
  • 3. Founded : April 4, 1975, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States Founders: Bill Gates, Paul Allen Awards : Satellite Award for Best Interactive Product CD-ROM Entertainment CEO : Steve Ballmer Headquarters: Redmond, United States of America.
  • 4. History 197283: Founding and company beginnings 198494: Windows and Office 19952005: Internet and the 32-bit era 200610: Windows Vista, mobile, and Windows 7 2011present: Rebranding, Windows 8, and Surface
  • 5. MICROSOFT PRESENTS ITS FIRST NEW LOGO SINCE 1987 Old & New logo 1987 20062011 20112012
  • 6. Windows The most successful software of Microsoft 1-oct-2013 8$raj$
  • 7. MS-DOS(Microsoft Disk Operating System) 1-oct-2013 9$raj$
  • 8. Windows 1.0(1985) 1-oct-2013 10$raj$
  • 9. Windows 3.1(1992) 1-oct-2013 11$raj$
  • 10. Windows 95 (1995) Sold a million copies in four days 1-oct-2013 12$raj$
  • 11. Windows XP(2001) 1-oct-2013 13$raj$
  • 12. Windows Vista(2006) 1-oct-2013 14$raj$
  • 13. Windows 7 (2009) 1-oct-2013 15$raj$
  • 14. Windows 8 (2012) 1-oct-2013 16$raj$
  • 15. More wonderful features 1-oct-2013 17$raj$
  • 16. A really big company now Millions of users Software used in a billion PC worldwide SOFTWARE GURU 1-oct-2013 19$raj$
  • 17. Strategy and Company Objectives Our mission is to help people and business throughout the world realize their full potential. - Microsoft corporate website. At Microsoft, success comes from our passion for creating value value for customer, shareholders, and partners; value for our employees and the communities around the world where we do business. -Bills Gates, Microsoft Chairman.
  • 18. Brand Positioning: The Microsoft brand position has always been that of Number One The market leader. Brand Promise Empower people through great software anytime, anyplace, and on any device. The combination of company passion with customer need.
  • 19. Microsoft achieve its mission by operating in five segments, both in Business to Consumers and in Business to Business (and hybrid too). Those segments are: 1. Client:- (B2B) 2. Servers and Tools:- (B2B) 3. Online Service Business:- (B2C-B2B) 4. Microsoft Business Division:- (B2B-B2C) 5. Entertainment and devices Division:- (B2C)
  • 20. Hotmail Live ID Messenger Live Search Spaces Alerts Photo Gallery Writer Mail Sky Drive OneCare Gallery Windows Live for Mobile QnA Live Search Maps Favorites Expo Gadgets Custom Domains Contacts Agents Events Toolbar Calendar
  • 21. Authentication Administration Storage Compliance Audio Conferencin g E-mail and Calendaring Web ConferencingTelephony Video Conferencin gVoice Mail Instant Messaging (IM) Before Today Telephony and Voice Mail Instant Messaging E-mail and Calendarin g Unified Conferencin g: Audio, Video, Web Communications Today
  • 22. Microsoft R&D Hardware Advanced Algorithms Human-Computer Interaction Machine Learning Social Computing Systems Architecture Multimedia & Graphics Search Information Protection Software Engineering Spent over $6.5 billion on R&D last year Microsoft Research Cambridge (1997), Asia (1998), Silicon Valley(2001), India (2005) & New England (2008). 800 researchers including some of the worlds finest computer scientists, sociologists, psychologists, mathematicians, physicists and engineers.
  • 23. 1-oct-2013 $raj$ 26 Development and introduction of a wide variety of new software products Achievement of market acceptance of these products Constant enhancement of existing products Focus on satisfying customer requirements Business Strategy
  • 24. 1-oct-2013 $raj$ 27 Microsoft performs many operations well Employee empowerment and compensation Customer Support Microsoft Knowledge Base Large installed product base Core Competencies and Competitive Advantages
  • 25. Microsoft and its top competitors 1-oct-2013 $raj$ 28 Annual sales in 2012 Microsoft- $ 32B IBM- $ 89B Oracle- $ 10B Time Warner- $ 38B Market Capitalization Microsoft- $ 298B IBM- $ 141B Oracle- $ 56B Time Warner- $ 79B Microsoft IBM Oracle Time Warner Microsoft IBM Oracle TimeWarner
  • 26. 1-oct-2013 $raj$ 29 Five Forces Model of Competition Not Very High Not very significant Relatively highHigh
  • 27. 1-oct-2013 $raj$ 30 Main competitors: IBM Oracle Time Warner Other competitors: Apple Computers Hewlett-Packard Novell Logitech Sun Microsystems etc
  • 28. 1-oct-2013 32$raj$
  • 29. Customer Adoption 33
  • 30. Constantly update and improve their products Continually evolved the company Accelerate new technology as they emerge Better serve their customers Microsoft state they want to achieve the mission through pursuing following objectives
  • 31. Some People Dream Of Success.. While Others Wake Up And Work Hard At It Thank You! For Patience
  • 32. Questions? Answers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments? Observations?