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Transcript of Microsoft Dynamics Ax Retail Chain Mgr Ppt

  • 1. Retail Chain Managerfor Microsoft Dynamics AX Name Title Microsoft Corporation PROFIT

2. Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Industry Perspectives and Challenges
  • Solution Overview
  • Business Benefits and ROI
  • Conclusion

3. [VAR Overview]

  • [Company overview]
  • [Services]
  • [Date company founded]
  • [Number of employees]
  • [Financial information]
  • [Microsoft partner status]
  • [Awards]

4. Industry Perspective

  • Grocery Stores
    • The USD $400 billion U.S. retail grocery industry includes approximately 40,000 companies that operate 70,000 grocery stores
  • Apparel
    • U.S. retail clothing industry includes approximately 40,000 companies that operate 80,000 stores
    • Combined annual revenue of USD $130 billion
    • Highly fragmented and heavily concentrated at the top

From: First Research, Inc., 2005. 5. Industry Perspectivecontinued

  • Sporting Goods
    • U.S. retail sporting goods industry includes approximately 20,000 companies with combined annual revenue of USD $25 billion
  • Furniture
    • U.S. furniture retailing includes approximately 20,000 with combined revenues of USD $45 billion
    • Highly fragmented industry; only approximately 30 companies with annual revenue higher than USD $100 million

6. Industry Perspectivecontinued

  • Flooring
    • Approximately 700 manufacturers; 4,000 wholesalers, and 15,000 retailers in the U.S.
    • Combined end-user sales of USD $25 billion
    • Highly concentrated for manufacturing; highly fragmented for retailing
  • Jewelry
    • U.S. annual revenues of USD $44 billion for 28,000 specialty, department, and discount stores
    • Highly fragmented; top 10 jewelry chains hold less than 25% of the market

From: First Research, Inc., 2005. 7. Industry Perspectivecontinued

  • Specialty Retail
    • Approximately 40,000 specialty retail stores with total annual sales of USD $350 billion
    • Includes shoes, clothing, electronics, appliances, jewelry, sporting goods, toys, books, music, luggage, pet supplies

From: First Research, Inc., 2005. 8. Industry Trends and Pressures

  • Competition against larger companies with more resources to invest in their IT infrastructures
  • Maintenance of large inventory levels at stores and distribution centers
  • Need to attract and retain skilled staff
  • Management of shortened time-to-market (manufacturing-to-retail)
  • Lack of visibility into key data to support decision making
  • Identification and analysis of customer trends

9. How Technology Can Help

  • Technology can help retail businesses:
  • Integrate business processes
  • Manage the supply chain cost-effectively
  • Manage skilled staff efficiently
  • Reduce manual processes
  • View and analyze critical business data

10. Value Proposition

  • Retail Chain Manager for Microsoft Dynamics AXcan help streamline your retail operations by managing products, processes, transactions, and relationships for greater profitability.

11. Solution Overview

  • A fully integrated solution designed specifically for the retail industry
  • Solution increases profits by helping your business:
    • Boost efficiency
    • Enhance business insight
    • Better connect people, information, and processes across your business

12. Business Benefits

  • Streamline supply chain processes
  • Gain insight into business operations
  • Customize solutions to fit your business
  • Build on existing business systems
  • Generate positive ROI

13. Streamline Your Supply Chain

  • Manage the product life cycle more effectively
  • Automate inventory and warehouse processes
  • Get real-time information about exact inventory levels
  • Provide remote access to warehouse processes
  • Define campaign distribution plans to push items from central warehouse to stores
  • Use advanced loss prevention tools

14. Streamline Your Supply Chaincontinued

  • Manage more effective campaigns, pricing, and discounts
  • Plan and organize unlimited promotions and sales events
  • Roll out campaigns across the company or on a store level
  • Manage pricing and discounts more flexibly
  • Get up-to-date sales, financial, and supply chain data
  • Set up a variety of discount formats (multibuy or mix-and-match)
  • Manage cash registers centrally and apply changes easily
  • Automatically collect price change data and create barcodes

15. Gain Insight into Operations

  • Get real-time visibility into performance and spot trends quickly
  • Track sales in real time using key performance indicators
  • Access information instantly from integrated POS systems
  • Analyze data by product, store, campaign, location, employee, supplier, and customer
  • Gain insight into sales performance and customerbuying trends
  • Respond more effectively to diverse needs andchanging lifestyles

16. Gain Insight into Operationscontinued

  • Access information easily when, where, and how you need it
  • Analyze logistic flows between stores and warehouses
  • Help customer service employees improve service levels
  • Link your business activities across multiple channels

17. From POS to Back Office MicrosoftDynamics AX POS Retail Manager Inventory Sales Accounting Retail Integration Microsoft Point of Sale Other Retail Functionality Core MicrosoftDynamics AX Cash sales Order sales Third-Party POS Systems Retail Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX Environment Shop Users 18. Customize Your Solution

  • Tailored solution
  • Categorize items for any kind of retail environment
  • Network and support chain stores with different profiles
  • Use multiple languages and currencies
  • Set up multiple payment options

19. Customize Your Solutioncontinued

  • Flexible pricing and discount controls
  • Manage dynamic pricing and discounts
  • Define sales periods or days of trading for interval-based reports
  • Follow store performance; drill down for more detail
  • Set up different sales processes
  • Set up a variety of discount formats

20. Solution Map Logistics Store Systems Marketing Retail Chain Manager for Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail Functionality Business Analysis HumanResource Management Financial Management SCM EnterprisePortal CRM Microsoft Dynamics AX Core Functionality POSIntegration Item/ShelfLabeling Loss Prevention Barcode SystemIntegration Returns Management StoreFinancial Management Merchandizing Distribution Replenishment Warehouse Product Life CycleManagement Trend Analysis Promotions Pricing andDiscounting Warranty Cards Retail SalesData Warehouse Loyalty/ Gift Cards 21. Build on Existing Business Systems

  • Integrate with existing retail systems
  • Connect with Microsoft Dynamics AX core functionality as well as the following:
    • Third-party POS systems
    • Microsoft BizTalk Server
    • Microsoft Commerce Server
    • Microsoft Retail Management System
    • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
    • Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003
  • Use flexible integration tools
    • Extend functionality using applications or add-ons
    • Work with industry-standard technologies

22. Support You Can Trust

  • Reviewed by internal development and quality assurance staff at Microsoft
  • Supported by Microsoft Support Services globally
  • Technical review prior to launch and throughout the product life cycle helps ensure the following:
    • Greater overall quality
    • Performance management
    • Stability through service packs or major releases

23. Customer Success: Team Sportia The basis for us was to get flexible and efficient goods handling with an optimization of information to our shops. We have got a whole lot of funct