AX Retail extensions>>> to sales personnel drives sales and increases the margin. We have...

download AX Retail extensions>>> to sales personnel drives sales and increases the margin. We have extended functionality

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Transcript of AX Retail extensions>>> to sales personnel drives sales and increases the margin. We have...

  • AX Retail extensions>>>

    Headstart Retail extensions is an extended set of add-on solutions specifically designed to meet the extra needs of businesses operating throughout various industries.

    Headstart Retail Extensions is a proven and reliable solution that has met the needs of many businesses ranging from pharmacies to supermarkets.

    Headstart Retail Extensions has been developed to meet the highest Microsoft standard, enabling ease of upgrade and configuration with your current systems.

    Headstart Retail Extensions is our premier solutions range that has been built on the trusted Microsoft Dynamics™ AX meaning that integration is assured.

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  • 1. Promotions and Discounts: Standard AX 2012 R2/R3 has four type of promotions and discounts. After observing the volatile market needs, we have made special additions to the standard promotion and discounts module of AX, which tempts the customer to return back to the store and purchase more to avail the discount in the form of a gift voucher (GV). Based on the transaction, different kinds of gift vouchers can be issued to the customer. Few examples are listed below:

    • Invoice Value based Gift Voucher: - e.g. Buy for 1,000$ and get 10$ Voucher. Transaction Value and Gift Voucher value is completely configurable.

    • Percentage based Gift voucher (Buy for more than 1,000$ and get Gift Voucher worth 10% of invoice value) – Completely configurable.

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  • • Digital Voucher (thru SMS Gateway):- Customers gets an instant digital voucher with a code while he is shopping at the store, and the same code can used for an instant discount. SMS gateway will have to be provided by the Client.

    • Gift Vouchers with Expiry date:- Expiry date for Gift Vouchers can be configured in AX Retail HQ. System will calculate the expiry date of Gift Vouchers from date of issue + days set in HQ. If the customer tries to redeem an expired Gift Voucher, system will display a message that the gift voucher is expired and cannot be redeemed.

    • Social media GV:- Digital code received from advertisements on Facebook can be added in AX Retail HQ. When customers try to purchase items in stores against this code, AX POS will be able to validate the code.

    • GV Redemption (exclusion of items which are already under mark down or discount /promotion):- You can exclude items which are already under markdown, or discount /promotion.

    • GV Redemption based on time period/day:- Gift Voucher redemption can be restricted to a specific time period, e.g. Happy Hour, or a specific day, e.g. Mother’s Day.

    • Gift voucher issue and redemption restricted to selected Items:- You can define promotion/discount for selected items which when purchased will make the transaction eligible for Gift Vouchers. Again, you can set up items against which the issued Gift Voucher can be redeemed. Example, buy Samsung TV to win GV and redeem the GV only against Samsung products in the future.

    • Scratch and Win:- For every purchase worth a predefined value, customer would be issued a scratch and win voucher at POS. Based on the value printed in scratch and win card, you can issue a Gift Voucher to your customer.

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  • 2. Sales Return Management Returns can be hassle sometimes; for you and your customers. Keeping this in mind, we have extended the return management functionality in AX in order to offer flexible returns policies and practices which can thereby increase sales and generate significant cost savings. We have a full-fledged configurable return policy management to increase accountability.

    The features are as follows:

    • System can be restricted with Parameters for Cash back (restricts return against the same tender).

    • Manager/Cashier privilege for issue of credit notes (depending on the parameters set in Retail HQ):- E.g. Cashier can refund cash only within 5 days; only Manager can provide cash refund after 5 days. Number of days within which refund can be provided by the Manager can also be configured.

    • Credit Note Expiry Validation:- You can define the number of days from which Credit Note will expire in AX Retail HQ. While redeeming at POS, expiry date will be calculated as date of issue + number of valid days configured in HQ.

    • Offline Management:- Standard AX Retail POS requires online connectivity with Retail HQ for redemption of Credit note, GV, Loyalty Points, etc. With HRE, you can do this in offline mode as well.

    • Returns Reconciliation Audit.

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  • 3. Service/Repair/Complaint Management Track status of service/repair right from the POS without any delay in time. Make customers happy by giving them power of information and eliminate latency time. Item service status can be completely tracked at any point of time.

    4. Department Store Management To improve customer experience at your store, we have come up with a concept of a Picking Slip. This will help the customer to choose items from different counters and get a Picking Slip issued from the respective counters. The customer can make a single payment for all items picked at the last POS counter. All items can be collected from a single location thus saving the time of customers.

    The features are as follows:

    • Collect faulty items at POS:- To record service/repair of item, you can create Service order at POS. Details of items including its warranty information can be captured. This Service Order can be retrieved at AX Back Office.

    • Once the goods are repaired, you can inform your customer to collect the goods from the store. Service order can be recalled at POS to receive payment from the customer.

    • Add service charge to the Service Order based on the service/repair requirement.

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  • 5. Sales Representative Management How do you calculate sales incentives of your Sales Representatives? Do you still depend on paper work, or Excel Work Books? We can help you to eliminate this hectic ordeal. By using the Sales Representative Management module, you can assign sales target for sales staff and also make them more accountable for every sale done in your store. Providing incentives to sales personnel drives sales and increases the margin. We have extended functionality in AX Retail POS to capture salesman either for an entire transaction, or for each line item in the transaction. Reports can also be generated at POS to understand the status of sales target achieved by sales representatives on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

    The features are as follows:

    • Create Picking Slip from multiple kiosk/counter for different type of items.

    • Invoice the customer from a single POS station.

    • Customers makes payment and collect all items from single POS station.

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  • 6. Employee/Staff Sales with Purchase Limit Make your employees happy by providing them the option to purchase from your stores on credit. This option will not only provide a feel good factor for employees, but also increases your revenue. The credit limit can be restricted to a percentage of their basic salary or to a pre-defined amount.

    7. POS Report Package In addition to the standard report package provided by Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail, we have created few reports which are useful to gauge the store performance. Installed in the AX Retail Store environment, these reports can be generated from real time information, and can be accessed from the head office as well.

    The reports are listed below:

    • Return Reconciliation Report

    • Hourly Sales Report (Customer Turn Over and Item Turn Over Statistics)

    • Department wise Sales Summary (by product)

    • End of Day Report (Consolidation of Values in Z Reads from all Shifts)

    • Sales and Collection Report

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