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  • Part of its enduring appeal lies in its multi-layered complexity. Like everything worth learning, on the surface poker is simple, but underneath this exterior bubbles a plethora of competing strategies and play-ing methods that give the game its dynamism.

    The best poker players combine strategies to give them the edge over their opponents; a player who abides by one strategy alone is likely to get caught out quite quickly. Playing with a handful of strategies up your sleeve will make you a formidable poker play-er, and much more difficult to beat. Below is a brief guide to the best poker strategies that will help you make an impact when playing amongst friends, in a live casino or online. This guide is intended to high-light not only some of the strategies you can use to see you to victory but also some of the strategies you will come up against.

    Tight A poker player who plays tight is somebody who folds frequently, and takes few risks. If a tight player doesnt feel his hand is strong enough, they will fold. Some tight players, even with a good hand, will be reluctant to raise the pot. This might just be cautious behav-iour on behalf of a tight player. Alternatively, it may be slow-rolling. Slow-rolling is pretending to have a weak hand when in reality you hold a strong one. This can

    be an effective way of winning a pot playing tight, as most tight players only bet aggressively when they have a strong hand, which is very easy to read. A player who has opted for tight play the whole game who suddenly raises the pot evidently has a strong hand. To play effectively against a tight player, opt for an aggressive approach (more on aggressive play below). By doing so, youll frighten them out of the pot.


    Loose play is all about taking risks. Playing loose in poker means playing with weak hands. Ag-gressive loose play-ers will raise and re-raise the pot no matter what they have in a bid to frighten you off. Loose passive players, on the other hand, are happy to go along with flow and see where they end up. Loose passive players, on the surface, would seem the ideal type of players to

    Poker is a thrilling game, a combination of luck and skill. Though young compared to other casino games, over the last half-century it has rapidly developed into a worldwide phenomenon, and, helped by the advent of poker rooms online, today the game has never been more popular. Learning the game can be an enthralling experience, and the magic of poker does not wane the more you play it.

  • to come up against. Yet their reluctance to fold could see you reach the showdown only to find that, this time at least, theyve got a very strong hand.


    All you need to know about this poker strategy is in the name. Aggressive players will attempt to pres-surize you into making mistakes or folding by the confidence of their play. A combination of loose and aggressive play will see you handed the epithet ma-niac. Thats because youll be heading full-speed towards the showdown, no matter what youve got. This may seem a foolhardy tactic on the surface, but in reality, a loose aggressive strategy can be incred-ibly rewarding. Its a method of playing that can see your chip stack rise dramatically in a matter of hands.


    Passive players are happy to be taken along for a ride. They will very rarely raise or re-raise and are not looking to intimidate their opponents (unless, that is, your shaken by the shrug-of-the-shoulders, devil-may-care attitude of the passive player). Youll know when a passive player has a good hand because theyll suddenly perk up, wont fold post-flop and will perhaps call (and maybe even raise!). This would be a good time to fold as passive players dont tend to keep going unless theyve got something good. Tight passive players will cautiously approach the show-down and perhaps steal some chips from you but

    only small amounts. Loose passive players are harder to read: reluctant to raise but not

    raising or re-raising, its difficult to tell whether a loose passive player is

    bluffing or not.


    Hopefully, this guide has made clear

    that youll be very easy to read should

    you employ only one of these strat-

    egies. Remember to keep your opponents on

    their toes; your unpredict-ability around the poker table

    will wrong-step other players and force them into making rash judge-

    ments and mistakes. These strategies are designed to make an already exciting game even more capti-vating, and provide you with the opportunity to win some money whilst playing a fas-cinating game.

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