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  • Message from the Principal

    Dear Parents, Friday 19th June 2015 Thank you for reading this Newsletter Too much to do The Tenby Adult Community Choir is due to perform a song as part of this Sundays Saujana Coffee Concert at 11:00hrs which is titled Too much to do... This could very easily be the theme song for the whole Tenby School community. It is impossible in the few words written each week in the Newsletter to capture all that is going on in this very busy School. Much of the successes of the School are achieved by many who quietly, and modestly, work away, often unseen and unsung.

    Thank you pupils, staff and parents for making this School so special. Year 11, 12, 13 Awards Evening, United Nations and Alumni Association

    The occasion was graced with the presence of the new British High Commissioner Vicki Treadell who gave out special awards, In her speech, the High Commissioner spoke graciously about the Tenby Schools Group, and her own childhood roots at Ipoh, but in particular addressed her comments to the pupils present, offering recognition of what they have achieved to date, and how they will have more important choices to make about their future lives. In his opening remarks, the Campus Principal spoke about the many achievements of senior pupils throughout the academic year, and in particular highlighted three occasions which typified the pupils spirit and camaraderie; the amazing Charity Carnival in March, last Fridays Prom, and last weekends 2 day Model United Nations Conference. All 3 events were really organised entirely by the students in a most mature, and thoroughly professional way.

    Many countries have United Nations Youth Associations, but Malaysia does not have one yet. Perhaps another seed was sown last weekend, which will take root, and there will be a United Nations Youth Association of Malaysia, based here at Tenby in 2016. The British High Commissioner last night offered her support in this quest.

  • There is considerable excitement at Tenby about the Sixth Form for this September. The School is delighted that so many Year 11s are staying on, and students from other international schools are joining Tenby. For those leaving the School this term, it is hoped that the students will look back with fond memories of this special place. An Alumni Association database (a former pupils Association) was started last year; the School will intend to keep in contact with those who have shared the Tenby vision. Special Olympics Malaysia

    The School was lucky enough to host the official send-off for the Malaysian Special Olympics team that will be flying to Los Angeles to take part in the World Special Olympics. Over 30 of these great athletes were here to play two football matches against the staff of Uniqlo, who are the main sponsors of the Malaysian Special Olympics Team. The matches were ably refereed by Messrs. Robinson and Campus Principal who, it was rumoured, still looked remarkably fit ! The games were followed by some food and speeches. Tenby is proud to be involved with these great people and we look forward to increasing our partnership with the Special Olympics.

  • Sports Day at Panasonic Stadium: Congratulations to the winners Falcon House, and to ALL who participated There will be more details elsewhere in this Newsletter, but mention must be made here of a very happy day of competition amongst SST and TIS pupils. Students conduct and sportsmanship was exemplary, and determination and commitment were evident in every track and field event. The whole event was very well organised by the PE Staff who together with colleagues ensured an early prompt start and early finish! Thank you to those parents who supported, and a special thank you to the PA and Tenby Korean parents who organised food and refreshment.

  • Tickets for School Play (30th June, 1st, 2nd, 3rd July) and School Concert (Sunday 12th July): in The Auditorium Many tickets for these events have been sold already. Please note The Auditorium capacity is limited. Please note elsewhere in this Newsletter about Play ticket sales from the Ticket Station in the Senior Cafeteria. The Concert tickets go on sale from next Monday 22nd June; please see Mandy Cheong in the Principals Office. It is intended that all children in Year 5 TIS and SST Std.5 will take part. Dear Parents of these pupils, please do purchase tickets and support your sons and daughters. More success for Feirish Feirish Nor, being the youngest golfer in The National Team, has once again gained pride for Tenby SEP (KL) by representing Selangor State for The Malaysian Schools National Championship (MSSM) held at Bukit Jawi Gold Resort, Penang on 6th June and won Silver Medal for Boys U12 and Gold Medal for Team Event for Boys U12. Feirish will be participating in the FCG International Junior Golf Championship, The IMG Academy Junior World Championship and The Taylormade World Stars of Junior Golf Tournament in near future. We wish this little man with huge passion a great success. Every great achievement is the Victory of a flaming heart

  • Craft kit for Early Years and Key Stage 1 children There are Jumbo Craft Boxes which can be ordered from Mandy Cheong from the Principals Office, which children with adult supervision, might enjoy at home during the upcoming summer holiday.

    In the Kits are: oodles of pom-poms, craft sticks, pipe cleaners, foam stickers, googly eyes, assorted wooden and felt letters, crepe paper, tissue paper, felt pieces, feather, cupcake liners, foam shapes, wooden ladybugs, corrugated paper, buttons, plaster cine, tassel strings, shredded paper, pearls, scratch art, butterfly cut-out, acrylic paint, paint brushes, white and clear glue & safety scissors. The cost is RM130/box, and of this amount RM30 will be donated to Sai Asirwaths Orphanage, a home in Bukit Rimau, Kota Kemuning, which cares for 12 children of all ages. Children from this orphanage visit the School every Friday afternoon for joint activities with Tenby students.

    Please call to Mandy Cheong for more information on this fundraising project.

    Kind regards,

    Andrew Auster Campus Principal


    Event Date Venue

    National Schools Internal Audit

    Monday 22nd -25th June Meeting Room

    Whole School Junior Sports a)Std 1 and Year 1 & 2 b)Std2 & 3 and Year 3 & 4 c) Std 4 & 5 and Year 5 & 6

    a)Thursday 2nd July Time:08:15 09:30hrs b)Monday 22nd June Time:08:15 10:30hrs c) Tuesday 23rd June Time: 08:15 10:30hrs

    School Field

    Eco-School Committee Meeting No.2 (Students & Teachers)

    Wednesday 24th June Time: 14:40hrs

    Form 1M Homeroom

    TechVoc Week 22nd-26th June (rescheduled date due to the Senior Sports)


    3rd Round of Primary General Knowledge Quiz Std 3S Vs. Std 3M

    Monday 22nd June Assembly time


    ICAS Writing Wednesday 24th June Time: 14:30 16:00hrs


    International Peace Week a) Parade around school b) Global Market c) Presentation of learning to parents

    6th July 10th July a)08:15hrs b)09:30-10:00hrs (Std1-3) 09:50-10:20hrs (Std4-6) c) 13:50hrs

    a) Around school b)EPC/Basketball court c)Homeroom

    Std5 & Year 5 a)Rehearsals b)Concert

    a)Wednesdays 13:50hrs ii)Friday 10th July Time:14:30 -15:30hrs iii)Sunday 12th July Time: 14:00hrs b)Sunday 12th July Time: 16:00hrs


  • Amendments to the Term 2 Exam Dates The edited scheduled dates for the above examinations are as follows:-

    Term 2 Examination/Trial

    Date Venue

    Std 1-3 Tuesday 30th June 7th July ( 5 Days) No Exam. on Thursday 2nd July as Std 1 children will be participating in the Sports


    Std 4-5 Wednesday 1st -7th July (5 Days)


    Trial UPSR for Std 6 Auditorium

    Form 1 & 2 Homerooms

    PT3 Trial for Form 3 (Held at the start of Term 3)

    Monday 13th 18th August ( 4 Days)


    Form 4 Wednesday 1st 14th July (10 Days) Homeroom

    Trial Form 5 for SPM Monday 10th21st August ( 10 Days) Auditorium

    2015 Trial PT3 & PT3 Dates The dates of the above trial and other assessments leading to PT3 are given in the table below:-


    Date Venue

    Sejarah PT3 (Case Study) Monday 29th June 10th July Old Drama Room

    Geografi PT3 (Case Study) Monday 22nd June-3rd July ( 8 teaching periods during this duration)

    Old Drama Room

    PT3 Oral BM Test a)Ujian Lisan Bertutur (Speaking) b)Ujian Lisan Mendengar ( Listening)

    a)19th-26th August (10-12minutes per person) b)Tuesday 11th August (30minutes)


    PT3 Oral English Test a)Oral Speaking Test b) Oral Listening Test

    a)19th- 26th August b)Wednesday 12th August


    PT3 Trial for Form 3 (Held at the start of Term 3)

    Monday 13th - 18th August ( 4 Days)


    PT3 Monday 12th October 13th October & 15th October ( 3 Days)


    All Form 3 students are reminded that they must be in school every day during this period. The school hours are as usual.

    National School Internal Review 2015 We will be visited by a team of internal colleagues for school improvement from Monday 22.06.2015 - 25.06.2015. The team members are as follows:- Mrs Denise Sinclair (School Development & Improvement Manager, Tenby Schools) Mr