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Transcript of Medieval Times Entertainment and Games By Patrick Young

  • Medieval Times Entertainment and Games

    ByPatrick Young

  • EntertainmentMusic was a great form of entertainment, and was a good source of worship in the churches.

    People loved to dance, especially at weddings and festivals.

  • EntertainmentStories of war, heroism, and love were not only told for entertainment, but also to preserve a cultures identity.Drama was started by the church to illustrate bible stories.

  • EntertainmentHunting became entertainment for the royal and noble people, and it required many rules of etiquette. In Europe dogfights and cockfights were popular. Sometimes bears wereblinded and made todance by having its feet burned.

  • EntertainmentFairs played a huge role in medieval times.People came from all over Europe to participate in Christmas andEaster fairs.At the fairs entertainment included: acrobats, jugglers, and dancing bears.

  • EntertainmentTournaments were held for military preparation, and for entertainment. At first, knights fought with sharp weapons, but later on the weapons were dulled to reduce the number of casualties. Jousts were usually the main event at a tournament.

  • GamesSacred Ball GameThe object of the game was to shoot a small rubber ball through a stone ring.The players were only allowed to touch the ball with their knees, elbows, and hips.Players were often injured, killed, or sacrificed to the gods.

  • GamesEven though gambling was highly disliked by the church it was one of the most popular medieval pastimes. People gambled on games of dice, wrestling matches, cards and animal fights.

  • GamesChess, checkers, backgammon, and cards were all invented in the medieval period.Only the wealthy people could afford chess sets because they were carved from ivory or wood.Card playing originated in Asia.

  • ToysChildren played with dolls, balls, hoops, hobbyhorses, and kites. Children also enjoyed playing with knucklebones, spinning tops, and a cup-and-ball toy.Knucklebones were a set of pig bones that were thrown into the air and caught in various orders, much like todays game of jacks.

  • GamesThe Game of Fox and GeeseIt is a game of strategy, and is similar to checkers.It was played on a square board by two players.One player had a black piece that represented the fox, and the other player had seventeen white pieces that represented the geese.The object of the game was for the person with the fox to capture all of the geese by jumping over them, or for the person with the geese to surround the fox so he is unable to move.

  • GamesThe Chinese invented dominoes, picture games and cards. The Native Americans played a game called little sticks, which is now known as pick-up-sticks.The children played games like blind mans buff, king of the hill.

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