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2014-2015 Catalog

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    Since 1895, McNultys has been this countrys leading purveyor of choice coffees and rare teas. Our tradition of careful selection of only the finest is still true today.

    A visit to our store is like a journey into another age. Located in the heart of New Yorks Greenwich Village, the aura of a century long gone is timelessly preserved. Immediately upon entering the shop, ones senses are delighted by the many aromas of coffees and teas from around the world. Sacks of coffee and chests of tea with obscure markings from far away lands are vis-ible everywhere. Even the bins, chests, and scales, with which these products are stored and handled, date back to the previous century.

    WHAT IS SPECIALTY COFFEE?GROWING Grown at high altitudes with abundant rainfall, warm temperature, fertile soil and adequate shading.

    HARVESTING Picked by hand at the peak of ripeness and sorted to remove undesireable beans and foreign objects.

    PROCESSING Processed with care by wet or dry method (depending on country of origin) then meticulously graded and separated by bean size and density. Only highest grades are chosen for specialty use.

    ROASTING Roasted in a controlled environment to bring out an even color and the best flavor. Limited or no water is used.



    Brewing coffee is a simple art. Ground beans plus water and the time it takes for these elements to come together are all that you need.

    Some like their coffee full-bodied and some like it on the lighter side. The more ground coffee you use per cup of water, the stronger the drink will taste.

    Another important factor in making coffee is the length of time it is brewed. Stretching a pound of coffee by using less and brewing it longer or grinding it finer will produce a less desirable cup quality. Unfortunately, extended brewing or too fine a grind will extract less favorable characteristics and cause the brew to taste bitter.

    Making drip coffee requires only four to six minutes; vacuum and espresso coffees need only one to three minutes; French press only about two minutes. When percolating coffee, allow no more than six to eight minutes. Since percolation has a tendency to boil and over extract brewed coffee, gourmet coffees may lose their fine and delicate flavors.

  • There is nothing else in the world like good coffee. It is meant to be shared with others or enjoyed in a quiet moment alone. Brew it right to savor the worlds best coffees!

    Be sure that the coffee is fresh at the start. Store fresh unused coffee in an air-tight container in a cool dry place; whole bean coffee stays fresh longer than ground coffee. For prolonged freshness, ground coffee may be kept in a refrigerator for two weeks maximum. Freezing coffee is best if you must keep it for an extended time before using. Refrigeration will not restore stale coffee.

    Always use the correct grind for the particular brewing method you have chosen. We can suggest the proper grind for you. Generally speaking, the faster the brew-ing method, the finer the grind.

    Always use freshly drawn cold water. Hot water has a tendency to be flat and stale. Never use softened water; it produces a bad-tasting brew.

    Never guess amounts. The recommended proportion of coffee and water is two level tablespoons per 6 ounces (1 cup) cold water for regular strength coffee. Slight adjustments can be made to suit individual taste preferences.

    Make sure the coffee brewer and server are clean, and thoroughly rinsed.

    For best results, always brew to the full capacity of your coffee maker.




    Due to dollar and market fluctuations, prices & availability are subject to change without notice


    caribbean price per lb102 jamaican high mountain $27.00 full-bodied with a distinct flavor, aromatic 103 jamaican blue mountain $42.00 rich, full-bodied but mellow in the cup 104 santo domingo $11.60 strong body with good aroma, high grown 116 puerto rican yauco selecto $28.00 full-bodied, smooth flavor

    north / central america price per lb101 honduras $12.60 medium body, slight acidity 105 costa rican $12.00 rich in body and flavor, smooth 106 guatamalan antigua $11.60 full-bodied with excellent bouquet, smooth 107 mexican altura coatapec $11.40 medium body, smooth 135 panama duran $13.60 smooth body, rich flavor

    south america price per lb108 brazil bourbon santos $11.40 smooth body and flavor, low acidity 109 colombian excelso $11.40 full-bodied, robust flavor, slightly sharp 110 colombian supremo $11.60 best of the colombian crop, superlative flavor 111 colombian maragogipe $16.00 medium acidity, woody, mellow body, large been 112 colombian old crop $13.00 medium body, smooth 114 venezuelan maracaibo $12.40 mild and mellow, low in acidity

    africa / arabia price per lb118 ethiopian mocha style $11.40 medium body, winey, slight acidity 119 kenya aa $14.00 snappy and robust, brisk flavor, good acidity 120 tanzanian kilimanjaro $12.60 low in acidity, a smooth taste experience 121 yemen mocha mattari $19.00 uniquely smooth, full-bodied and balanced

  • Due to dollar and market fluctuations, prices & availability are subject to change without notice



    asia / pacific region price per lb126 celebes kalossi $15.60 high grown, vibrant flavor and aroma 127 java mountain surpreme $13.80 full-bodied, rich flavor, very smooth 128 java plantation $11.40 mild and nutty, medium body with acidity 129 sumatra mandheling $13.80 rich and almost syrupy in body, unique smoothness 130 timor arabica $11.80 rich, heavy body, a plantation coffee 131 papua new guinea $11.80 fine high grown, mild coffee 132 hawaiian kona $27.00 medium body with excellent bouquet 133 india mysore $12.00 aromatic, slight sharpness and wineyness 134 china yunnan $13.60 medium body with slight acidity

    dark roasts price per lb140 french roast colombian medellin $11.60141 french roast mexican altura coatepec $11.60142 french roast java mountain supreme $14.20144 italian roast celebes kalossi $16.00145 italian roast colombian espresso $11.80

    special coffee blends price per lb210 special mocha-java $13.00 Mocha, Java Mountain Supreme 211 very special mocha-java $15.60 Yemen Mocha, Java Mountain Supreme 212 royal hawaiian $22.40 Kona, French Mexican 213 majestic $22.40 Jamaican High Mountain, French Mexican 214 old judges secret blend $12.80 Sumatra Mandheling, Mocha, French Mexican 218 holiday mocha-java $13.40 Mocha, French Roast Java Mountain Surpreme

  • Due to dollar and market fluctuations, prices & availability are subject to change without notice



    mcnultys coffee blends price per lbSome of the more popular blends, listed in order of strength beginning with the mildest190 delmonico $11.40 Maracaibo, Java, Mocha191 mocha-java $11.40 Mocha, Java192 old times $11.40 Colombian, Maracaibo, Santos193 mocha-colombian supremo $11.60 Mocha, Colombian Supremo194 mocha-colombian $11.40 Mocha, Colombian Excelsio195 mcnultys blend $11.60 Mexican Coatepec, Costa Rican, French Colombian 196 restaurant blend $11.60 Colombian, Mocha, French Colombian197 mariannes blend $11.60 Mocha, Colombian Supremo, French Mexican198 william and mary $11.60 Mexican Coatepec, French Mexican 199 toltec $11.60 Mocha, Santos, Mexican Coatepec, French Mexican200 scandinavian $11.60 Mexican Coatepec, Colombian, French Mexican201 turkish $11.60 Mocha, Java, French Colombian 202 viennese $11.60 Mocha, Java, Colombian, French Colombian203 french-mocha with mexican $11.60 Mocha, French Mexican204 french-mocha with colombian $11.60 Mocha, French Colombian205 french roast deluxe $11.60 French Roast Mexican And South American Coffees206 new orleans without chicory $11.80 French Colombian, Italian Colombian Espresso207 new orleans with chicory $11.60 French Colombian, Italian Espresso, Chicory

  • Due to dollar and market fluctuations, prices & availability are subject to change without notice



    organic / fair trade coffees price per lb115 peruvian $15.20 Smooth body, low acidity143 french roast peruvian $15.60 Full-bodied and rich flavor117 galapagos $16.60 Medium-bodied with a lot of character122 ethiopian harrar $16.60 Robust, smooth123 ethiopian sidamo $17.60 Medium acidity, fruity notes124 sumatra $16.60 Rich and smooth, low acid125 french roast ethiopian harrar $17.60 Light french roast, robust, smooth099 bali blue moon $16.60 Medium-full body, robust098 rwanda coopac (fair trade) $15.60 Medium body, notes of citrus136 el salvador las colinas (fair trade) $15.60 Light-medium body, low acid137 nicaragua (fair trade) $15.60 Light-medium body, smooth in texture138 uganda gumutindo (fair trade) $15.60 Full city roast, low acid and smooth097 french roast malawi (fair trade) $15.60 Full-bodied, smooth, hints of citrus, sweet finish189 swp decaf. mexican $19.00 Full-bodied, robust

    decaffeinated price per lbSwiss pure-water processed169 brazil santos $13.40170 colombian supremo $13.40181 kenya aa $14.00188 hawaiian kona $29.00180 mocha-java $14.00168 sumatra mandehling $15.00173 tanzanian kilimanjaro $14.00187 mcnultys blend $13.60183 new orleans without chicory $14.00184 new orleans with chicory $14.00171 french roast colombian $14.00172 italian roast espresso $14.00

  • Due to dollar and market fluctua