McKnight Legacy Chapter 1

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Chapter One of the McKnight Legacy where Joseph McKnight settles in and I don't know what I'm doing.

Transcript of McKnight Legacy Chapter 1

  • 1.
    • Here it is, my first legacy story in which Joseph McKnight has moved to the sleepy neighbourhood of Outtaway to start a life away from the troubles of his past. Will things stay that way? Read on to see! I know only the very basics of Photoshop, so the cover page is very meh. Hopefully you'll enjoy this first chapter. As this is my first legacy there are many problems with it and I'm still working out the kinks. I welcome all criticism. Please help me to improve! Thanks go out to all you legacy writers for your inspiration and of course, your simming.


  • This is Joseph McKnight. He's not very neat and horribly lazy but he's a nice, playful and outgoing person all the same. He is a family sim and I nearly cried when I saw his lifetime want. He wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens. *headdesk*
  • "Can I call you Guy?"
  • I think you should call me Almighty.
  • "Well, I think I should call you Idiot."
  • Guy is fine.


  • This is his dog, Lord. I hold this friendly, cowardly doofus responsible for his master's lifetime want.Ugh.


  • "So... the scenery is great.Y'know, in a non-existent kinda way."
  • Yep.Welcome to Outtaway, far far away from where you came from. "We couldn't have gone somewhere with a bit more... anything?" Quit your complaining, you've got dinosaur bones at the back of your lot and it that isn't cool then I don't know what cool is anymore. "Clearly."


  • Having only $20000 and a dog to his name, his initial dwelling was clearly lacking.


  • "Oh, COME ON!" What? "It's going to be hard enough as it is to get woohoo when i'm living like a hobo but you couldn't even give me a double bed?" Sorry, spent all the money on the apple tree for the legacy points.Be thankful that you have a bed at all.You don't have a shower by the way. "Can you change the leopard print covers at least? RIght now I look like I'm poorandstuck in the early 90's.Why didn't you just throw down some lava lamps and completely destroy my image?" Couldn't afford them.


  • The very first thing Lord did was head straight for the furniture and start tearing it up.Joe, you might want to stop him?That chair was the cheapest one they had and I'm pretty sure that even sneezing on it would be challenging its durability.


  • First order of business.Find a job.Law career?Done. Not like we need anything specific with your ridiculous LTW.Maybe if there was a zookeeper...


  • Well well, the first sim on the lot was Ivy Copur, she's quite cute.Joseph, we might already have found our breeder, er, wife.*cough*Go get her tiger!
  • "Sure...Shall I woohoo with her on the kitchen counter?"


  • Well as you seem to have no issues taking a dump with the door open and her standing right there, I don't see why not.


  • Joseph and Ivy hit it off immediately.I've don't think I've ever had a single "chat" command run for so long.Meanwhile Lord just sat on the bed for ages.At leastsomeonelikes the bed.


  • So, 6 sim hours into my legacy it is absolutely pouring with rain and while Joseph has been playing kicky bag the house... er, "house" has been struck by lighting twice.Me = nervous.


  • Meanwhile, this random cat just invited itself in... or perhaps on might be a better word and Lord wouldn't leave the poor thing alone.


  • This was hilarious.Immediately after flirting with her successfully he hit Ivy with a water balloon.


  • "Guy!Dude!Ivy just got hit by lighting! I was standing right next to her and BOOM!"
  • ... Get inside Joseph.
  • "Shouldn't I help Ivy?She just got hit bylightning .
  • She's alive, that's enough.She'll go home and shake it off.
  • Lightning,Guy.
  • Joseph, you are going to sit in your chair in the bathroom which is covered by a roof until the storm passes.I will turn off free will, if I have to, to do it.
  • "But-
  • NOW!


  • Joseph survived the storm and was eagerly anticipating his first day of work.However, having no shower, he spent the entire hour before work washing his hands over and over again.


  • I have no words to describe how horrified I am at this animal right now... that puddle he's drinking from?He made it...


  • "Greetings girly mutt, you are in the presence of celebrity.I am the Komei man, Uglacy star and red hands champion.
  • Lord looks terrified.I would be too if those features came at me.
  • --------------------------------------------------------
  • Check out Komei's antics in The Uglacy written by Candi020765.Highly recommended.A hilarious read.
  • You can find it on the forums at


  • Lord was actually doing a better job of meeting new people than Joseph was.


  • But Joseph suspected that the wolf was the cause of the constantly recurring hole at the front of the house


  • *sigh*


  • It didn't matter too much, the odd neighbours would come over, introduce themselves and then go and start filling in the hole.It's a very odd place.


  • All in all, settling in was going well for Joseph.He'd found a girl and was doing well at work.
  • Great job, that's your second promotion and I've got a great treat for you.
  • "Double bed?"


  • "I think I hate you.
  • The lava lamp was a nice touch I thought.
  • "I really hate you."


  • At least things with Ivy were going well so that bed was going to see some use soon.


  • There's so much going on in this photo it's hilarious.Best friends AFTER making out, Joseph was complaining about lack of fun (I've decided that I hate playful sims) and Ivy is about to hit him with a water balloon.


  • "Good news, Guy!Ivy's moving in!
  • Good, because it's about to snow and you need walls.
  • "What you need is redecorating and a woman's touch.Leopard print and lava lamps?Are you drunk?"
  • Let's see what she's brought into the lot for us...


  • Ivy is an active and playful sim who isn't very neat or outgoing and is a little on the grouchy side.She is a knowledge sim with a LTW of reaching the top of the Adventurer career.Currently she's a Hall of Famer and just brought in... woah... Ivy I love you so much.$18,000 just got added to the budget.Her inventory is too big to name everything but it included a hot tub, huge tv, and DJ booth...


  • "There we are boys.It still needs wallpaper and carpet but much better accommodations all around don't you think?
  • "There's... so much stuff!
  • "The important part is that there is so much skilling stuff!Fun times ahead for me!
  • "I think the important part is that there is a hot tub.Guy, I love my girlfriend.
  • Me too.Now hurry up and do what you gotta so we can make with the babies.


  • Determined to be useful, Lord developed an innovative way to protect the home from invaders.


  • I've had Nightlife for ages but never done much with its features so I'm not great with the dating thing yet.Their first one was a total bomb but their second fell just short of a dream date and both ended up platinum so that was pretty cool.


  • Then they came home for some hot tub woohoo.I love that I have a hot tub and didn't have to pay for it.


  • I swear these two are a perfect match.Both of them don't really eat their food.They inhale it.


  • I timed her with pancakes.She started eating at 09:37 and was done by 09:51.That's 14 sim minutes.She might be some kind of weird bird woman because I'm not sure that she chewed.


  • Joseph really loves this tree.His fun skyrockets when he's tending it.


  • So I figured it'd be a good place for him to propose and now he's in the platinum.
  • "So can we get married now?"
  • Sorry, need to buy the wedding arch first and that costs money that you don't have. Ivy makes $3,300 a day though so how about tomorrow?


  • Ivy painted a picture of him with the tree as well.Aww.


  • The moat's coming along well Lord, keep it up...


  • Arch: Check, Buffet: Check, Bar: Check.It was time for the first official bash of the McKnight household!WEDDING PARTY!!


  • Because it was at night and they accidentally invited a child, 3 of the 6 guests went home as soon as they arrived which was rude but the wedding went ahead anyway.


  • Then Ivy pulled the DJ booth out of her pocket (o_O) and got the music pumping.


  • The guests that stuck around got right into the groove. The groom was having a few problems keeping up though.
  • What's up Joseph?Suck at smustling?
  • "I'm the best at the horizontal smustle.
  • And the hot tub s