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  • By Adhelia
  • A. URL address for MBTI http://www.mypersonality.info/test-personality/ B. My result : ESFJ (Supporter), with details as follows : Extraverted : 68% Sensing : 53% Feeling : 53% Judging : 63%
  • Result of my test :
  • Kesulitan yang saya hadapi Dalam personality test yang sayalakukantersebut, ada 76 jenis pertanyaan yang harus saya jawab sesuai dengan keadaan dan habit saya. Tidak semua pertanyaan bisa langsung saya jawab dengan mudah. Ada beberapa jenis pertanyaan yang membuat saya sedikit mengalami kesulitan dalam menjawabnya.
  • Saat menjawab pertanyaan nomor 36 misalnya, I get energized by.. learning facts or exploring theories Berdasarkan pengalaman saya, sering saya mendapatkan energi ketika saya bisa belajar dari fakta-fakta yang ada ( practical ), tetapi tidak jarang pula saya merasa bersemangat ketika mengeksplor dasar-dasar teori sebagai landasan practical dalam mengerjakan sesuatu. Tetapi akhirnya saya lebih memilih learning facts, karena saya merasa lebih relevan dengan apa yang sudah dan pernah saya alami.
  • Sebaliknya, ketika saya menjawab pertanyaan nomor 42 : I am most comfortable being a planner or spontaneous Saya dengan percaya diri langsung memilih a planner sebagai jawaban saya, karena saya terbiasa mengerjakan sesuatu dengan membuat planning lebih dulu. Dengan kata lain saya cenderung organized dan terencana dalam bertindak atau melakukan suatu pekerjaan.
  • C. Preference of Personality Types 1. Extraverted (E) vs Introverted (I) Extraverted Intraverted Focus on the world outside the Focus on the world inside the self. self. Enjoy social interactions Tend to be quiet, peaceful and Tend to be enthusiastic, deliberate and are not verbal, assertive, and animated. attracted to social Enjoy large social gatherings, interactions. such as parties and any kind of Prefer activities they can do group activity. alone or with one other close Enjoy time spent with people friend and find themselves energized Activities such as reading, by social interaction. writing, thinking, and inventing. Find social gatherings draining.
  • 2. Sensing (S) vs Intuition (N) Sensing Intuition Refers to how people process data. Refers to how people process data. Focus on the present, they are quot;here Focus on the future and the and nowquot; people. possibilities. Factual and process information Process information through patterns through the five senses. and impressions. They see things as they are, they are Read between the lines, they are concrete thinkers. abstract thinkers.
  • 3. Thinking (T) vs Feeling (F) Thinking Feeling Refers to how people make decisions. Refers to how people make decisions. They are objective and make decisions They are subjective and make decisions based on facts. based on principles and values. They are ruled by their head instead of They are ruled by their heart instead of their heart. their head. Judge situations and others based on Judge situations and others based on logic. feelings and extenuating circumstances.
  • 4. Judging (J) vs Perceiving (P) Judging Perceiving Prefer outwardly displayed. prefer outwardly displayed. Judging does not mean quot;judgmentalquot;. Flexible, like to keep their options Judging people like order, organization open Think randomly. and think sequentially. They like to have things planned and They like to act spontaneously and are settled. adaptable. Judging people seek closure. Like to keep things open ended.
  • Personality Types Sensing Intuition Thinking Feeling Process life through See different path Organized and Adjust their their experience. or ways.When categorized things, behavior to the They trust what is information comes in, thoughts or needs of other. It is Extraverted seen,smelled,touched different arguments. It is the the ability to relate ,heard,and tasted (5 possibilities are ability to see the and the desire to senses). thought of, realizing logical consequences connect with others that there is always of actions. It follows with warmth and another way of sequence and consideration. looking at things. organization. Remember data in Have a sense about Categorize and Know what they detail and be able to the future. It is the analyze data. It is value. It is the abilty compare it to the ability to grap ang ability to identify to see through Introverted current data. It is get a sense of a inconsistencies, know others and know the ability to link pattern or plan. how things work anf what they are really present experiences Information that is problem-solve. like as if they had an to past experiences usually hard to internal radar. When in search for a understand and it identifies a person connection. dissect is easily with similar values processed through there is a desire to introverted intuition. connect.
  • D. Type Tends of Making a Decision Extraverted (E) Volounteers personal information Energized by interaction Social Interaction Distractable Assertive Introverted (I) Independent Energized by time alone Internally aware Quiet Thinks before speaking
  • Sensing (S) Concrete Realistic Notices details Practical Factual Intuition (N) Future-focused Sees possibilities Idealistic Complicated Theoretical
  • Thinking (T) Decides with head Logical and objective Rational Critical Impersonal Feeling (F) Decides with heart Caring of others Driven by emotions Dislikes conflict Gentle
  • Judging (J) Controlled Structured Schedule and makes plans Responsible Good at finishing Perceiving (P) Adaptable Disorganized Keeps options open Flexible Spontaneous
  • Combination of Types Tends Extraverted Sensing Risk-taking Tactical problem solving that desire quick results They are not always in agreeance with rules and regulations Introverted Sensing Have deep sense of duty Dedicated to everything they do and are very dependable Very adapt at giving attention to detail
  • Extraverted Intuition Logical and innovative Introspective and carefree non conformists Values-oriented They actively send their thoughts and ideas out into the world as a way to bring attention to what they feel to be important Introverted Intuition Analytical Determined persons with natural leadership ability Prefer to stay in the background while leading Highly Intuitive
  • Extraverted Thinking Trust facts and experiences more than theories Enjoy being the person in charge Strategic, organized, and possess natural leadership qualities Master coordinators that can effectively give direction to groups Quick to develop intelligent solutions Introverted Thinking Independent Action-oriented Logical and individualistic Focus on ideas, theories, and the explanation of how things work Adept at discussions and debate
  • Extraverted Feeling Great encouragers of teamwork Responsible and follow rules Have excellent people skills Charismatic Have a natural desire to be supportive and encouraging Introverted Feel