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  • Master of Photography: Born: Ansel Adams 1902 Died: 1984 Famous For: Black and White Landscape Type of Photography: Landscapes B&W or Color: Black and White Sample Image Biographical Information: Ansel Adams was born February 20th, 1902 in San Francisco, California. He was known for taking photos in the American west. He took many of his great works of art in Yosemite National Park. Sample Image Description of Work: In the beginning of Ansel Adams Career he focused on close up photos as well as photos of large forms. When he went to Mexico and studied with Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia OKeeffe and Paul Strand he began publishing essays and instructional books of photography. Sample Image
  • Master of Photography: Mathew Brady Born: 1822 Famous For: Died: 1896 Portraits of celebrities & civil war photos Type of Photography: Photojournalism B&W or Color: Black and white Sample Image Biographical Information: Mathew Brady was born near Lake George, New York. He was one of the first people to document history with a camera. He opened up his own portrait studio, and had many famous people/celebrities sit for his portraits. He had presidents, political leaders businessmen, writers and military generals, sit for his portraits. Sample Image Description of Work: Throughout Bradys life he made money and sold many photos but, like wasnt always so good for him. He had an eye condition that made his eyesight very bad. It was surprising that he could take such amazing photos. He had celebrities sit for his portraits in his own studio. His studio made Broadway in 1844. After the war he didnt sell many photos because many people chose to try and forget the war. Therefore Brady, near the end of his life in debt & could pay for his equipment. Sample Image
  • Master of Photography: Born: Julia Margaret Cameron Died: 1815 Famous For: Heroic themed portraits Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Sample Image 1879 Portraits Black and white Biographical Information: Julia Margaret Cameron was born in the East of India. She was educated in France but then returned home to India. She married Charles Cameron in 1838 and then in1848 her husband retired from work and moved the family to England. She took most of her photos in a little chicken coop. Sample Image Description of Work: Julia Cameron took many portrait photos. Her specialty was heroic themed photographs or photos of the celebrities of that time. She took her photos in a small chicken coop, and she spent hours in there until she got the photo just right. Sample Image
  • Master of Photography: Born: Alfred Stieglitz Died: 1864 Famous For: Making photography known and accepted Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Sample Image 1946 Candid photos & portraits Black and white Biographical Information: Alfred Stieglitz was born in 1864 in Jersey and he died in 1946 in the state of New York. Through out his life he loved photography. In the middle of his career he opened up a gallery called 291. Sample Image Description of Work: His work was mostly candid shots of people. Most of his photos are black and white. Back when Alfred Stieglitz took photos, photography wasnt greatly accepted as a form of art yet. He tried his hardest to get photography accepted. Sample Image
  • Master of Photography: Born: W. Eugene Smith Died: 1918 Famous For: Vivid world war two photographs Type of Photography: B&W or Color: 1978 Mostly candid shots Black and White Biographical Information: W. Eugene Smith was born in Wichita, Kansas and died in Tucson, Arizona. All through his life of taking photos he tried to show the raw truth about what was going on in the war. His photos were intense and represented high success in his time period. Description of Work: W. Eugene Smiths work was extremely raw and they were mostly candid shots. The majority of his photos were of World War Two and showing the truth about the war. Also, the majority of his photos are black and white.
  • Master of Photography: Born: Dorothea Lange Died: 1895 Famous For: Depression Era Photos Type of Photography: B&W or Color: 1965 Portraits Black and White Biographical Information: Dorothea was born in 1895 and died in 1965. When she was seven she contracted the disease polio leaving her right leg and foot noticeably weak. Then, when Dorothea was 12, her father and mother divorced and she blamed the divorce on her father and then took her mothers last name. Description of Work: Dorotheas work started out as her mainly photographing the native Americans around the south west and then in the 1930s with the beginning of the great depression she began taking photos of her town and the impact it had on them.
  • Master of Photography: Born: Alexander Rodchenko Died: 1891 Famous For: Radical Angel Photos Type of Photography: B&W or Color: 1956 Angles and Lines Black and white Biographical Information: Alexander Rodchenko was born December 5th, 1891 in Russia and died on December 3rd, 1956 also in Russia. Alexanders father was a theatre designer and his mother a laundress. From 1908-1910 he was a dental technician soon after that he studied at the Kazan school of art and then he also studied at the stroganov institute in Moscow. Description of Work: Alexander Rodchenko work mainly consisted of an abstract style. He was very interested in different lines and shapes. He also enjoyed taking photos at interesting angles that no person has taken a photo at before. Alexander was one of the founders of constructivism and productivism in Russia. Unfortunately from the late 1930s he was forced to quit photography until the end of his life in 1956.
  • Master of Photography: Born: Robert Frank Died: 1924 2013 Famous For: His book of photos Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Polaroid photos Black and White Biographical Information: Robert Frank was born into a wealthy Jewish family in Switzerland. He started taking photos to escape his business oriented family. He studied under a few photographers for a few years, before publishing his own book of photos named 40 fotos. Later in life he married another photographer named Mary Lockspeiser. Robert Frank has two children with her; named Andera & Pablo. Description of Work: Robert Franks work consisted of black and white, Polaroid photographs. He wanted the people who saw his photographs to also see what he though was important. He took many photos of political events and important going ons when took the photos.
  • Master of Photography: Lennart Nilsson Born: 1922 Famous For: Died: Photos of embryos Type of Photography: Macro Images B&W or Color: Color Biographical Information: Lennart Nilsson was born in Sweden. His father and his uncle were both photographers, no wonder where he got his inspiration from. Some of Lennarts photos made it on the cover of a magazine and on 16 pages. The photos consisted of photos of embryos titled A Child Is Born. Description of Work: Lennart Nilssons work specializes in macro photography. His most famous photos are of the embryo. He astounded many with his extremely close up photos. I honestly think he is my favorite photographer out of all of these.
  • Master of Photography: Born: Annie Liebovitz Died: 1949 Famous For: Portraits Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Portraits Color Biographical Information: Annie Liebovitz was born October 2nd, 1949 in Waterbury, Connecticut. In 1970 she got a very good job al rolling stone magazine. During the late 1980s she began working on very high profile advertizing campaigns. Description of Work: Annie Liebovitzs work consists of mostly color portraits. Most of her portraits have had many famous people in them as well as unknown people. She is still alive today.
  • Master of Photography: Born: Richard Avedon Died: 1923 Famous For: Fashion Photos Type of Photography: B&W or Color: 2004 Fashion & Portrait Black and White Biographical Information: Richard Avedon was born May 15th, 1923 in New York City. His mother came from a dress manufacturer and his father owned a clothing store named Avedons fifth avenue. Inspired by his parents clothing business he took much interest in the fashion world. He also enjoyed taking photos of his fathers clothing in his store. Description of Work: Richard Avedons work consisted of black and white portraits. He was very interested in the fashion world and taking photos of clothing. He shot in vogue and modeling conventions around the world.
  • Master of Photography: Jerry Ueslmann Born: 1934 Famous For: Died: Multi-layered photos Type of Photography: B&W or Color: photomontage Black and White Biographical Information: Jerry Ueslmann was born June 11th, 1934 in Detroit, Michigan. He went to the Rochester institute of technology in 1953. In 1957 Jerry married a woman named Marilynn Kamischke. Description of Work: Jerry Ueslmanns work consists of his own negatives. He shoots his own negative photos and layers/ edits them with out the use of Photoshop. His inspiration to work and be better came from noticing a flaw with someone's photo shop & he though he could do a better job.