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  • 7/28/2019 Massages Aren



    Massages arent just for spasanymoreKEARNEY The lights are dim. Soft melodic music floatsthrough the air. The light scent of essential oil fills the room.

    Brad Norton, Kearney Hub fileKari Worthington from Klinginsmith FamilyChiropractic

    Licensed massage therapist Kari Worthington

    from Klinginsmith Family Chiropractic gives a Hub

    employee a chair massage at the Hub last year.

    The Hub offered chair massages to employees to

    help reduce stress.Common types of massage

    Swedish massage This is a gentleform of massage that uses longstrokes, kneading, deep circularmovements, vibration and tapping tohelp relax and energize you.Deep-tissue massage This massage

    technique uses slower, more forceful strokes to target the deeperlayers of muscle and connective tissue, commonly to help withmuscle damage from injuries.Sports massage This is similar to Swedish massage but is gearedtoward people involved in sport activities to help prevent or treatinjuries.Trigger point massage This massage focuses on trigger points, orsensitive areas of tight muscle fibers that can form in yourmuscles after injuries or overuse.

    Getting a massage in this tranquil setting doesnt mean spendingthe day at a luxurious spa. Getting massages regularly will yieldphysical and mental benefits, says Kathee Norseen, a licensedmassage therapist at the Wellness/Fitness Center of GoodSamaritan Hospital.I cant stress how beneficial massage is, Norseen said. Its not

    just something for luxury. There are physical benefits and it is a

    type of therapy just like occupational therapy or physical therapy.Massage helps increase the oxygen flow to organs, helping withcirculation; stimulates the flow of the lymph system; and helps thebody flush out toxins.Norseen said massage relaxes and softens injured muscle tissue,reduces muscle spasms and cramping, increases flexibility and

  • 7/28/2019 Massages Aren



    range of motion, speeds up recovery time from injuries andreduces scarring after surgery or injury.In addition to helping the body function better, massage also aidsin stress reduction.

    Taking time out for oneself that helps with anxiety, Norseensaid. The calming touch and music and atmosphere calms thebody down.Norseen said it is estimated that 80 percent of diseases arecaused by stress. Massage helps with relaxation, which helpslower blood pressure, she said.During a massage, heart rate slows down, breathing becomessteadier and muscles relax. Massage brings people into a state of

    deep relaxation and often results in mental clarity.Massage also helps with chronic stress. The bodys naturalresponse to stress is the fight or flight response, Norseenexplained. Hormones are released in the body to help peoplerespond appropriately to stressors. People with chronic stressnever return to a state of relaxation when the perceived threat isgone.Chronic stress can do damage to the body, Norseen said. Peoplemay experience anxiety, depression, heart disease, ulcers andother issues.Massage also can help with migraines and chronic neck andshoulder issues.For more information about massage therapy at theWellness/Fitness Center, call 865-7458.e-mail

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  • 7/28/2019 Massages Aren



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    Mango masks, massages in Mumbais spasSneha Mahale, Hindustan TimesMumbai, April 20, 2012

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    First Published: 13:42 IST(20/4/2012)Last Updated: 17:26 IST(20/4/2012)

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    Yes, it is summer. And we all know that the mango season has arrived when families begin to

    tighten household budgets to cater to the rising cost of the fruit that is much in demand every year.

    But this time around, they arent the only ones doing the waiting. Spas across the city too have


    gearing up for the king of fruits to make his annual appearance and are looking to dazzle

    customers with some innovative use of the seasonal fruit.

    Sukho Thai, a popular foot

    spa in the city, has introduced

    a mango foot scrub. This 15-

    minute scrub is part of a

    larger therapy session, but

    essentially helps remove

    dead skin as well as

    moisturise and soothe the

    feet, further facilitating better

    absorption of massage oils

    and improving blood


    Vijeyta Vazkar, director,

    Sukho Thai dismisses the

    acne-mango lineup, saying,

    Several people are under the

    impression that mangoes are

    not good for the skin. They

    are wrong, as the fruit is a rich

    source of vitamins A and C.

    Skin tone improves

    immediately upon its

    application. Vazkar adds that

    they use only fresh mangoes

    in their secret product that is

    on offer only during the


    Fresh mangoes are also a

    favourite at Skin Kitchen in,%20massages%20in%20Mumbai%E2%80%99s%20spas,%20massages%20in%20Mumbai%E2%80%99s%20spas
  • 7/28/2019 Massages Aren



    Bandra that offers patrons a mango mousse facial. Mangoes are extraordinarily rich in

    antioxidants, iron and something about the fructose in the mango gets superbly absorbed by our

    skin, says founder Diya Demble. This facial is suitable for all skin types, except for the acne

    prone. And there is no compromise when it comes to the treatment. Only the hapus variety is

    used and I go to Dadar market myself to pick them fresh. Then the mangoes are soaked in water,

    pulped, pureed, cooked and used in our facial. The treatment will be available only till July 1.

    Also offering a mango facial and body spa (exfoliation and mask or wrap) is Andheris Vanaddict

    Spa. Using body extracts, the focus of these treatments is on skin rejuvenation. Mangoes have

    excellent youth renewal properties, says Samir Mahindrakar, owner of the spa, adding that these

    treatments are better marketed in the summer, but are available around the year.

    And though Antara Spa at DN Nagar, Andheri (W) has now moved on to neem-based treatments

    from the mango massages that were on offer till a while ago, Rewa Escape at Bhulabhai Desai

    Road has taken the opportunity to introduce its seasonal special mango manicures and pedicures.

    Combined with enzyme rich fresh papaya, their delectable hand and foot therapies help get rid of

    blotchy skin and smoothen and nourish it to protect against sun damage. So get ready to glow.

    To book one of these treatments or for more details, call or email:

    Sukho Thai: 2640 0264

    Skin Kitchen:

    Rewa Escape: 23520580

    Vanaddict Spa: 4015 8325

    Fruit file

    If beauty treatments arent up your alley, heres a handy guide to the varieties of mangoes

    available throughout the season.

    Alphonso: With three distinct varieties depending on where they are grown, the Ratnagiri, Devgad

    and Valsad hapus or alphonso i