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Letter of transmittal American international university Bangladesh House #83/B, Road # 4, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka - 1213, Bangladesh. Email: [email protected], URL: 27th December, 2010 . Mr. Rodrick, Stanley Sumon Department of Marketing American international university Bangladesh Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh Dear sir, I am writing this letter as the representative of my group for informing you that the Term paper of our Course, Principles of Marketing, is ready to submit. Our topic was Marketing Mix of Rahimafrooz. We got our topic on 14th November, 2010.After doing hard work of several weeks finally we have completed our term paper. We took help from many several outlets, journals, executive people as well as internet. We got the maximum number of information from the internet. I therefore hope that you will be kind enough to receive our Term paper and give your honorable feedback and thus we will be ever grateful to you. Yours truly, Sarker Sadman Sadi Id: 09-14460-2 4th Semester.



Our Principle of Marketing Course Teacher Rodrick Stanley sumon has chosen Rahimafrooz Company for us, which is marketing in Bangladesh since a 1954. He asked us to analyze the companys marketing mix and strategies. This is a very important topic to consider while learning marketing objectives. Rahimafrooz is a company which is dominating the Bangladeshi market with its exclusive products since a long time. Road to prepare this term paper we got to know about the present marketing process of Rahimafrooz Company in Bangladesh and it had helped us to increase our knowledge about marketing strategies and also the Rahimafrooz company is now known to us. We would like to give thanks to our course teacher for giving us such an opportunity to make a term paper and also for his cooperation during preparing the term paper. We also would like to give thanks to the persons who were really helpful to us for collecting the Marketing relative data of the Company and answered to our various question.



Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd. (RABL) is the Group Parent Company that supports and guides the Strategic Business Units SBUs from the Rahimafrooz Corporate Office (RACO). It ensures continuous management innovation, best utilization of technology, new initiatives, corporate governance and adoption of best global practices. The organization comprises of the Group Board Office, Group Information Technology Centre (GITC), and the functional teams of Finance & Accounting, HR & Administration, Corporate Marketing, Group QMS and Compliance. Along the way of completing the term paper we have analyzed the current business situation and the marketing strategies (4P) of Rahimafrooz and made a brief evaluation of their competitors, which will help to enhance our marketing knowledge as well as corporate knowledge. Basically we have worked with four different SBUs of rahimafrooz those are BATTERY, IPS, TYRE AND AGORA. As an established company in Bangladesh, RABL provides various promotional activities to motivate their employee. RABL provides Discount Facilities, Healthcare services, free products, transportation facilities, welfare measures, bonus payment, performance based rewards and other promotional facilities to get motivate their employee and increase the efficiency and productivity of the company. To stay successfully in this competitive market, a business firm must do some intelligence tasks. Motivation is one of them. To keep the intelligent and experienced employee in organization and reduce employee turnover, motivation plays a vital role. RABL exercise successful motivational approaches to gain competitive advantages.



Aspiration and vision of Rahimafrooz:

Aspiration To be the most admired and trusted organization through excelling in everything we do, following ethical business practices and adding value to the stakeholders.

Vision A billion dollar diversified group committed to adding value to all stakeholders and community.



Milestones of the company:

1954 Incorporated by Mr. A.C. Abdur Rahim

1959 Distributorship of Lucas Battery

1978 Exclusive distributorship of Dunlop tyre

1980 Acquisition of Bangladesh operations of Lucas UK

1985 First producer of industrial battery

1985 Pioneering Solar Power in collaboration with BP

1992 First ever battery exports to Singapore

1993 Launched Rahimafrooz Instant Power System

1994 Acquisition of Yuasa Batteries (Bangladesh) Ltd and launched Excel Retreades.

1997 Attained ISO 9002 certification for RBL operations

2000 First India office opened in Ahmedaba



Table of Contents:Introduction to Rahimafrooz----------------------------------------------------------------------09 Formation history of Rahimafrooz---------------------------------------------------------------10 Objectives of the study ----------------------------------------------------------------------------12 Limitations of the study----------------------------------------------------------------------------12 Methodology of the Study-------------------------------------------------------------------------12 Sources of Data Collection------------------------------------------------------------------------13 List of Market offerings----------------------------------------------------------------------------13 Rahimafrooz Product Mix-------------------------------------------------------------------------18 Rahimafrooz product line--------------------------------------------------------------------------18 Rahimafrooz product Mix length ----------------------------------------------------------------19 Rahimafrooz product line depth ------------------------------------------------------------------20 Brand Development strategies by Rahimafrooz -----------------------------------------------21 Brand sponsorship by Rahimrafrooz ------------------------------------------------------------22 Practice of Marketing concept --------------------------------------------------------------------22 List of Strategic Business Unit(SBU)s ----------------------------------------------------------23

Product Market Expansion Grid -----------------------------------------------------------------25 Corporate Social Responsibility by Rahimafrooz ---------------------------------------------27



Product Promotion under IMC ------------------------------------------------------------------34 Pricing strategy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------36 Rahimafrooz Distribution -------------------------------------------------------------------------38 Competitors of Rahimafrooz Company ---------------------------------------------------------38 Suggestion for Rahimafrooz Company ---------------------------------------------------------41 Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------42



Introduction to Rahimafrooz: This section describes Rahimafrooz Groups businesses according to the four broad segments that its companies operate in. Storage Power: Rahimafrooz Group is the largest manufacturer and exporter of automotive and industrial batteries in Bangladesh and has the largest battery export plant in South Asia. Rahimafrooz Accumulators Ltd. Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd. Automotive and Electronics: Rahimafrooz Group markets and distributes various automotive after-market products such as automotive batteries, tyres and lubricant as well as electronics ranging from home appliances, power backup systems, lighting products, and electrical accessories. The Group is also one of the leading complete CNG solution providers in the country. Rahimafrooz Distribution Ltd.

Energy: Rahimafrooz Group has a significant presence in the energy sector of Bangladesh and offers a wide range of renewable and conventional energy solutions. Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd. Retail: Rahimafrooz Group introduced the first retail chain of superstores in Bangladesh and has played a major role in redefining everyday shopping.

Rahimafrooz Superstores Ltd.



Formation history of Rahimafrooz: A man of strict religious values, yet a believer in progressive dynamism, and a dreamer who thought nothing is impossible Late A C Abdur Rahim overcame numerous challenges and obstacles to become one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs of this country. Born on the 20th of January 1915, he lost both his parents by the time he was seven years of age. Deprived of formal schooling and a typically comfortable childhood, he grew up as a man with strong determination, hardworking diligence, and humane compassion. By the early 1940s, Mr. Rahim started small scale commercial trading on his own. He moved to Chittagong in 1947 and stared afresh with very little capital in hand, but with a whole world of courage and faith. In 1950, he established the small trading concern dealing in various items. This proprietary business was formally incorporated on April 15, 1954 as Rahimafrooz & Co. Till date, Rahimafrooz Group commemorates this as its Foundation Day. The childhood hardship and the struggle in his young years only made Mr. Rahim a strong individual, a faithful human being, and a leader full of compassion and humanity. He was a caring father and an affectionate person throughout his life. Whoever, in his lifetime, came in touch with Mr. Rahim, fondly remembers him as a man of tremendous humility, dignity, and trustworthiness. His passion for continuously improving himself and his religious and ethical righteousness, and his dedication to please his customers are still prevalent in todays Rahimafrooz culture - shaping the Groups present and its future. Todays Rahimafrooz is a dream that Mr. A C Abdur Rahim turned into reality. The business growth, the social commitment, and the great diversity in todays Rahimafrooz are the outcome of one lifetime of hard work and compassion from Mr. Rahim. He breathed his last on March 14, 1982 in London. But his work and his virtue have kept him alive forever. May Allah grant him with eternal peace. DEW DROP GROPUP


Over the decades, Rahimafrooz has grown in size, scale, and diversity. The Group today has Eight Operating Companies (SBUs), a few other business ventures, and a non-profit social enterprise. As of 2009, the Group currently employs more than two thousand people directly and a further twenty thousand indirectly as suppliers contractors, dealers and retailers. Rahimafrooz operates in four broad segments Storage Power, Automotive and Electronics Division, Energy and Retail. They have strengthened the market leadership at home while reaching out to international markets.

Ranging from automotive after market products, energy and power solutions, to a world class retail chain the team at Rahimafrooz is committed to ensuring the best in quality standards and living the Groups five core values Integrity, Excellence, Customer Delight , Innovation and Inspiring People.

Rahimafrooz has been a partner in the development journey of this nation for more than fiftyfive years now. They set themselves the highest standards in responsible corporate behaviour and their passion for success is aligned with the development of the country journey of Bangladesh. They are committed to playing a leading role in driving growth, prosperity, ethical values and social responsibility. They continue to serve their customers through unparalleled quality excellence and service superiority. Their business success has been complemented by their commitment to the environment, society and community. At Rahimafrooz, They are enriching lives with customers trust!



Objectives of the study: This study is for to know about Marketing Mix (4 Ps) Analysis and Competitors evaluation on Rahim Afrooz Company Ltd.

Broad Objective y y Marketing strategy(4 Ps) Analysis Competitors evaluation

Specific Objectives y The study that we made for is to find out the Rahimafrooz Company Ltd.s marketing mix & who are the competitors of them. Marketing mix means the 4 Ps of marketing like Product, Price, Place & Promotion. From these report we can understand that how this company satisfy there customers by this four Ps/ y And also from this Study we can find out the Main Competitors of this organization & how Rahimafrooz make up with these competitors. Limitations of the study: To make this study we face the problem of data collection. There is a limited source of data regarding the company. Methodology of the Study: Data Collection Techniques: For the study we use observation method for data collection techniques. Because of the shortage of the time we cannot take any questionnaire or survey. Thats why we use only observation.



Sources of Data Collection: For any kind of data collection we need primary or secondary data to source. And from these two we use Secondary data collection. Findings and Analysis: List of Market offerings: Though Rahimafrooz company has several products in its product line but as the instruction of our course our concern is only BATTERY, IPS,UPS, TYRE and AGORA. Rahimafrooz Batteries: Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd. (RBL) is the largest lead-acid battery manufacturer in Bangladesh. The company is one of the leading regional players, with market leadership at home and export endeavours to more than 44 countries around the world. It manufactures about 200 different varieties of batteries for automotive, motorcycle, IPS and other applications in its factory located at West Panisail, Zirani Bazaar, Gazipur. The Company maintains high standards of operations, which are certified in both ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001 standards. Furthermore, in order to ensure occupational health and safety of its employees, the company has also implemented the occupational health and safety management system, OSHAS 18001 standard. The expertise and reputation of Rahimafrooz as a manufacturer of quality batteries locally and internationally has inspired the Group to invest in setting up a new battery factory at Ishwardi EPZ to cater to the growing potential in the international battery market. As part of the same strategy, the Group recently decided to spin-off the Industrial Battery manufacturing facilities of RBL as a separate business unit, moving to a new factory in Savar. As a result of these initiatives, RBL will now be able to devote more resources towards meeting the increasing demand of the local market. Lucas and Spark are the leading names in the local automotive battery market while Volta, Optus and Delta are gaining equity as international brands. RBL has state of the art manufacturing plants. It is equipped with the latest technologies along with complete air treatment and lead-recycling management system. Its capacity in automotive and other appliance battery is over a million N50 units per annum and has provision for further expansions. Rahimafrooz has different technical DEW DROP GROPUP


collaboration agreements with the Lucas Battery Company, Technical support Group (TSG), Hawker Batteries, and Invensys, of UK, Eltek Norway and AEES France to ensure the quality of the battery. Rahimafrooz as a Group is highly committed to its social and environmental responsibilities. All its operations are built and managed in a way so that the possibility of any detrimental effect on the environment can be eliminated or minimised. Being the leader in the lead-acid battery industry, RBL is no exception to that commitment. Safe disposal of the used batteries in Bangladesh has been a big concern. Rahimafrooz has lobbied actively in getting a law formulated and enacted in this regard. RBL has ensured proper facilities and establishments for collecting (buying back) and breaking used batteries safely in an isolated location in Savar. Simultaneously, it has also made huge investments in setting up a smelting plant to recycle the recovered lead from the used batteries. In order to make all these efforts truly meaningful, Rahimafrooz has been periodically running awareness building campaigns in the society among the battery users (including the drivers) to educate them about the need for a safe disposal of batteries and also encouraging them to avail the buy-back benefits offered by Rahimafrooz for used batteries. Rahimafrooz IPS: Rahimafrooz IPS is the ideal power back-up system for continuous power supply during electricity failure. In addition to the stylish new looks and distinct product features, Rahimafrooz IPS incorporates the latest inverter technology and a built-in microprocessor based control unit that continuously monitors and controls the automatic functions of the IPS. Rahimafrooz IPS is designed to meet emergency power requirements for home and office appliances like tube light, fan, television, refrigerator, A/C, microwave, fax, PABX, energy saving lamp, etc. and can be plugged in directly with the main electric supply. Rahimafrooz has introduced a new range of 18month warranty system Rahimafrooz IPS Plus recently. Rahimafrooz UPS:



Rahimafrooz UPS is a highly reliable power stabiliser with backup system. The new sleek looking Rahimafrooz UPS comes with a built-in AVR that allows wide input voltage range with optional DB-9 port. Features: Built-in stabilizer Built-in AVR for wide voltage range Overload & short circuit protection 150V~275V AC input Surge, spike and modem protection Deep discharge protection Special auto-saving & shutdown software exclusively with 600 VA DB-9 port (Optional)



Tyres: RDL has been the sole distributor of Dunlop Tyres in Bangladesh since 1978 and offers a wide range of tyres for various types of automobiles. It also distributes RZ Tyre, the in-house brand of premium quality cost effective tyre which was launched in 2000. This heavy-duty truck and bus tyre is specially designed for Bangladeshi roads. Since its introduction RZ Tyre has become the preferred choice of numerous local and multinational companies. In addition to this, RDL is also the sole distributor of Kenda, Indus and D-Master in Bangladesh.

Agora: Rahimafrooz Superstores Ltd. (RSL) launched Agora the first ever retail chain in Bangladesh in 2001. Agora promises a valuable shopping experience that provides quality and fresh products at the right price. It aims to consistently provide a remarkably satisfying and valuable shopping experience through a business that improves the quality of life for customers and team members. With outlets in major locations throughout Dhaka, and many more being planned in Dhaka and other major cities, Agora is endeavoring to fulfill the everyday needs of its customers by providing the right quality, assortment and price through stores of various forms and sizes. While Agora mainly focuses on food items - ranging from a wide variety of fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, bakery, dairy, and grocery - it also carries a vast array of other grocery, personal care, and various other consumer goods and household utensils.



List of Market offerings:

TYRES AND TUBES Product category Price range Brands





Product category

Price range



1.Truck tyres 2.Bus tyres 3.Auto rickshaw tyres

1.(16,35024,300) 2.(15,70022,800) 3.(2,7338,000)


1.Lucas power max 2.Lucas marine 3.Lucas giga 4.Lucas winner 1.Spark Energy 2.Spakr Taxi CNG

1.(5,62711,115) 2.(13,00013,905) 3.(12,60524,160) 4.(8,98013,380)

Rahima frooz

Produc t categor y 1.Ips

Price range

Brand s

Product category

Price range

1.(19,30036,300) 2.(4,2007,200)


Food, Health, Baby foods, Beverage , Grocery, Cosmetic s.

Variet y.





1.Truck tyres 2. Bus tyres Motorcycle tyre 1.Truck tyres 2.Bus tyres 3.Auto rickshaw tyres 1.Truck tyres 2. Bus tyres 1.Truck tyres 2. Bus tyres 1.Truck tubes 2. Bus tubes 3.Motorcyc le tube



1.(13,30018,100) 2.(15,60019,500) (,15301,705) 1.(16,30022,100) 2.(14,32018,700) 3.(2,6655,150) 1.(12,50017,800) 2.(10,50017,100) 1.(13,20018,450) 2.(11,00017,500) 1.(9251,525) 2.(8501,425) 3.(675900)


1.(4,8709,375) 2.(4,6855,535)



Rahimafrooz Product Mix: Though Rahimafrooz company has several product, in their product Mix but following the instruction from our course instructor our concern is only the Battery ,Ips, Tyre and Superstore (Agora) regarding products. Bellow in table we are showing the product mix of Rashimafrooz: Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd. Rahimafrooz Distribution Ltd. Rahimafrooz Distribution Ltd. Rahimafrooz Superstores Ltd.

Rahimafroozs Product Line: Battery Truck Bus Motorcycle Taxi-cng Ips Ips Ups Tyre Truck Bus Motorcycle Auto rickshaw Food Bevarage Cleaning Grocery Cosmetics Health Baby items Agora



Rahimafrooz product Mix length:





Lucas power max



Rice, Biscuits, Chocolate.

Lucas marine

Rahimafrooz Ups


Nido milk, Tang,Horlicks,Mojo.

Lucas giga


Fab, Head&Sholder.

Lucas winner



Spark Energy


Johnsons baby lotion, Perfume.

Spakr Taxi CNG


Diabetic jelly,whisper sanitary napkin.



Rahimafrooz product line depth: Battery Ips Tyre Agora

Rahimafrooz Ips

Rahimafrooz Ips

Rahimafrooz Ups

Brand Development strategies by Rahimafrooz: DEW DROP GROPUP


The different brand development strategies that Rahimafrooz follows for Battery, Ips ,Agora, and Tyre are shown bellowBattery: Rahimafrooz follows BARAND EXTENSION (Existing brand +new product ) strategy for battery. They have a famous brand named LUCAS. Under these brand they develop new products (models). Like- Lucas Marine, Lucas Giga, Lucas Power Max. Ips: Rahimafrooz is manufacturing Ips (Instant power suppy). This is necessary product in Bangladesh. This new product comes in a new brand name RAHIMAFROOZ IPS. This is a demandable product in Bangladeshi market. . Under the circumstance we can define that Rahimafrooz use NEW BRANDS (New product + New Brand) strategy for Ips. Agora: Agora is a superstore. It has a huge product line. Under this line there are many brands. Like- Unilever0, P&G, Adidas ,Horlicks etc. Under the circumstance we can define that AGORA use MULTI BRANDS (Existing product + New Brand) strategy. Tyre: Rahimafrooz imports several tyres of different brands. The brands that Rahimafrooz imports are already established in the domestic market. Like- Dunlop , Deestone, D-master, Kenda etc. Of which different versions is introduced in the market. Under the circumstance we can define that Rahimafrooz use LINE EXTENSION (Existing product + Existing Brand) strategy for Tyre.



Brand sponsorship by Rahimrafrooz: Manufacturer brand: Rahimafrooz manufactures Ips which is branded following the company name Rohimafrooz Ips. It is clearly understandable that the branding done by the manufacture of the product.

Licensed Brand: The main business of Rahimafrooz is franchise of different brands along with their own products. Most of the items that Rahimafrooz sells are different branded. It seems that Rahimafrooz has the authority to produce products of the licensed brand. After analyzing the Rahimafrooz company we figured out that the company is manufacturers at the same time it has license of several company to produce their product. Practice of Marketing concept: Different Marketing concept for different products: IPS: For ips Rahimafrooz uses a combination of product concept and marketing concept because they offer the most quality and performance better than the competitors do and the price is little higher than the other company.



Battery: For battery Rahimafrooz uses a combination of product concept and marketing concept because they offer the most quality and performance and they make continuous effort to develop its product with the change in automobile sector.

Tyre: For tyre Rahimafrooz uses a combination of product concept and marketing concept because they offer the most performance beside providing good value products

Agora: For the superstore Agora Rahimafrooz uses a combination of selling concept and marketing concept because Agora offers a variety of products in their product line and make a continuous effort to increase sales through promotion .Agora mainly focuses on the products which needed by the customers.

List of Strategic Business Unit(SBU)s : As we have mentioned earlier that among several (SBU)s of Rahimafrooz our concern is only Rahimafrooz Battery, Tyre, Ips and Agora super store.So, after analyzing the (SBU)s we figured out that ,if we evaluate these (SBU)s under Boston Consulting Group matrix ,we will consider Battery and Tyre as a cash cow, Ips as a star and Agora to be a question mark ?



Boston Consulting Group Approach

STAR: Rahimafrooz Ips is considered as a star because Rahimafrooz is the fast introducer of Ips in the domestic market and has gained a large market share by the time being. Obviously Ips is a necessary electric device in Bangladesh .Day by day the demand for Ips is increasing all over Bangladesh due to increasing load shedding .So, the market for Ips has high growth rate. CASH COW: Rahimafrooz Batteries (LUCAS and SPARK) and Tyres (DUNLOP, DEESTONE, D-MASTER, KENDA) are considered as a cash cow .According to the information of the company web page, the initial business of the company was Battery oriented in the middle of the 19th century. At that time Rahimafrooz was the one and only producer and distributor of automotive Batteries. By the time being now it has became the leader of the market with their products, with large market share. On the other hand the market growth rate is very slow, for automotive Batteries in Bangladesh and have few competitors. DEW DROP GROPUP


Rahimafrooz company has franchise of many Tyre manufacturing companies such as Dunlop, Deestone, D-master , kenda etc. which are worldwide brands and has huge demand in the domestic market . These brands has gained loyalty and large market share in Bangladesh by providing better product quality and service .The market growth rate in this sector is very slow because there is a number of existing brands in the market competing with each other to dominate the market so, others dont dare to enter the market. Question mark: Rahimafroozs superstore Agora is considered as a question mark because shopping in a supermarket has been a tradition now- a- days and for that reason the market growth rate is high in this sector. On the other hand it has low market share because of limited customers and many competitors with many outlets. To be distinctive it has to carry variety of products in its product line, which consumes a large amount of cash to drive the customers towards them. DOGS: At this study we are not considering any (SBU)s to as dogs.

Product Market Expansion Grid:

Market Penetration: Agora is one of the leading retail stores. It has many competitors likeShopno, Mina bazaar etc. They are providing various services to compete with Agora. Now DEW DROP GROPUP


Agora (Rahimafrooz) is looking to set up 20 more outlets in next three years in cities including Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. So we can say that this is a market penetration strategy to expand their market with same offerings.

Product Development: We have already discussed that Rahimafrooz has producing battery, which sells and installs a wide variety of solar powered devices. That means the same product Rahimafrooz battery is now using in a new devices (product). Here Rohimafrooz is following product development strategy.

Market development: Rahimafrooz is developing market by exporting Battery (Globatt). This is the first-ever initiative of the company's global expansion plan, under which they are producing batteries targeting the markets in developed countries. Now the company exports batteries to 18 countries, including India and Singapore, on a regular basis, which is produced specially for the regional nations and their infrastructure.

Diversification: Rahimafrooz has recently introduced its new product Rahimafrooz Voltage Stabilizer. They bring this new product in a new completely new market. So here we sort out that they use diversification strategy for market expansion. It is very difficult to say, exactly which kind of market extension policy is followed by this kind of company like Rahimafrooz. They are using different market extension policy for deferent product.



Corporate Social Responsibility by Rahimafrooz: Rahimafroozs CSR vision reads, " Passionate and driven to make a difference among the Community and Environment. Much of the Rahimafrooz CSR efforts are carried out through its social development initiative Rural Service Foundation.

The Rahimafrooz file photo shows a CSR project of the group from where it carries out social programmes in education, skill development and IT sectors. Currently, Rahimafrooz Group is contributing in the following areas: Transport Education Poverty Alleviation Environment



Apart from this, the Group has always supported many noble initiatives undertaken by various other individuals and organisations. Rahimafrooz has a pioneer role in supporting people distressed by natural calamities and donations to helpless people on health and education ground all are examples of the socially responsive manner of our business. Rahimafrooz is also a signatory to UN Global Compact. It supports the ten principles of the Global Compact in respect to human rights, labour rights, the protection of the environment and anti-corruption.

The Dhaka Project

The Dhaka Project is a not-for-profit project run by Rural Services Foundation (RSF) - where a family of 500 underprivileged children are provided with free basic education, balanced nutritious food for physical development, and medical support and service for a healthy living. The project was initiated by Maria Conceicao. The mission of the project is to contribute to making lifetime transition from extreme poverty towards a complete and rewarding life, focusing on the children.



RSF Model School & College In 2008, Rural Services Foundation (RSF) setup a free of cost, residential education centre in Shajahanpur, Bogra for children from severely impoverished families living in the Monga affected areas. In two years, RSF Model School & College has become the home of 80 such students.



The objective is to create long-term impacts in the lives of these students through structured quality education. The students receive education under the National Curriculum in English .They also regularly participate in sports activities, moral studies, and recreational activities. The school, under the guidance of its Principal, teachers & support staff has created a disciplined and nurturing environment for the development of the children.



RSF IT Center

RSF is operating 4 IT centers for the development of human resource in rural area. So far 1060 youths have been trained up. In addition 77 staff of RSF also been trained from the centers. Four IT centers are situated at Cox's bazar, Chandpur, Satkhira, jhinaidah. IT Course Module * English orientation * Introduction & Amazing world of computers * Introduction to Windows & Networking * Microsoft Office Package 2003 & 2007 * Internet & its Applications



Relief Operation for SIDR Affected People

Relief Operation and Rehabilitation Program for SIDR Affected People

RSF has collected cash from its staff and other personal donation and distributed sharees and cash to some one thousand people. 1000 sweaters have also been distributed in Sidr affected area. Three fishing boat including fishing accessories have been provided to 30 fishermen. 10 fishermen will form a group and RSF will handover the boat to the group with 50% cost subsidy and 2 years installment facility.



Small Solar Home System Pilot Program

At present IDCOL is financing for 30 Wp and above size through RARE Program, So lower income group into the renewable energy technology program. RSF has initiated the project with the financial support of GTZ. The project is speculated as pilot project to find out the sustainability. After successful implementation of the project, now it is incorporated into the IDCOL regular program. Installation of SHS is one of the main activities of RSF. From its inception RSF has install 99,528 SHS by November, 2010 through its 349 Unit Offices under IDCOL, GTZ and RSF own financing program .The program is defined as pilot project to find out the potentiality of Small Solar Home System in rural areas. To facilitate the lower income group RSF has designed the small SHS (16Wp & 21Wp) with low power LED lighting device. Initially 200 small SHS under the pilot project and finally 700 SHS has been installed.



Product Promotion under IMC:

Rahimafrooz Company limited carefully integrates and coordinates its many communications channels to deliver a clear, consistent, and convincing message about the organization and its products. They are using Different tools of Integrated Marketing Communication Tools. These are: Advertising of Rahimafrooz Company Limited: Rahimafrooz is using all kinds of promotional afford including: Print Media Broadcast media Outdoor Media Internet & Websites



Print Media:Rahimafrooz is using huge promotional afford in print media. This is the biggest promotional afford of the company. They are giving advertisement on the news paper, they are also publishing there own news letter service through by them. Broadcast Media: Rahimafrooz is giving promotion activities by the broadcast media. Because now a day without this media no company actually promote themselves in right place. For mass coverage and high reach with favorable image TVC can create high awareness resulting mind and heart share and creates reminder for the brand name. Among the private television channels we compare the coverage, program popularity and time factors of commercials and came up with the final decisions.

Outdoor Media:Rahimafrooz is also active in outdoor media. They are giving Billboard advertisement in every where in the main road of the city.

Internet & website:Rahimafrooz is providing one of the best website of an organization. Any one can get any information from the product from here.

Sales Promotion:Rahimafrooz also provide sales promotion which is a short term offer. Sales promotion is more influential tool comparing to advertisement and company offers sales promotion to achieve a certain sales goal.



Public Relations: Through public relations activities, company tries to enhance the positive aspects and minimize negative factors related to products and organization. And also some Award program of the company create strong customer relationship . Personal Selling: Rahimafrooz is providing personal selling for selling there IPS & UPS. They are providing there information to the customer by door to door selling. Even the people are not willing to buy. Direct Marketing: In this case Rahimafrooz are not providing any kind of promotion of these. After analyzing the companys IMC mix we figured out that Rahimafrooz use pull strategy to drive their customer to create demand for their dialers and to sell their products. Pricing strategy:

Rahimafrooz BatteriesTo sell the battery Rahimafrooz set value-based Pricing refers setting the prices based on buyers perceptions of value, not the sellers cost.

Tyres:Rahimafrooz is the main dealer of Dunlop tyre in Bangladesh. To sell this world class product they use value-based Pricing. And for D-master tyres organization also use this strategy.



Rahimafrooz IPS:Rahimafrooz IPS is the ideal power back-up system for continuous power supply during electricity failure. In our country load sheding is a continuous process now a day. So IPS is now selling rapidly in the market. And to sell IPS, Rahimafrooz is using good- value pricing method. Good-value pricing offers the right combination of quality and good service to fair price

Rahimafrooz UPS:Rahimafrooz UPS is a highly reliable power stabiliser with backup system. . And to sell UPS, Rahimafrooz is using good- value pricing method. Good-value pricing offers the right combination of quality and good service to fair price.

Rahimafrooz Superstores:Rahimafrooz Superstores Ltd. (RSL) launched Agora the first ever retail chain in Bangladesh in 2001. Agora sets the price of the maximum products on the basis of the retail price. As a customer we have found Baby Care Product, Health foods, Powder Milk Product are being charged on its actual retail price which is set by the manufacturing company. Upper class, upper middle (according to income level) class customers consider to buy these products from here. Customers get so many options to buy best one from Agora. Fish, Meats, Oils/Fats Products are available at a little bit higher price than the local outlet. Though Fruits, Beverages, Confectionary, Drinks are mostly from foreign countries, so these products are expensive in Agora. Because tax are included with the actual price. But the quality of the product is very good. Customers are very least of these products because the products are costly than the local outlet. Customers rather buy these products from the normal super market. Mainly upper class people, both working couple are the customer of these categories because they can buy their necessary goods from one shopping store. And Agora is using good-value pricing method.



Rahimafrooz Distribution: Rahimafrooz Distribution Ltd. (RDL) is the distribution wing of the Group, having a present nationwide distribution network of 172 Dealers, 263 Retailers and carrying over ten national and international brands. It is the clear leader in the automotive after market and emergency power products categories. RDLs portfolio includes international tyre brands Dunlop and Kenda etc and battery brands Lucas and Spark. Through Rahimafrooz IPS and UPS the company enjoys clear leadership of the emergency power products market. In addition, it also runs eight automobile service centres in Dhaka and Chittagong. Recently the company has entered the electronic goods market. It distributes and markets various household appliances and electronic goods through RDLs newly inaugurated electronics retail chain, Ureka and its numerous sales outlets. Competitors of Rahimafrooz Company: There are many companies in the market who are strong competitor of Rahimafrooz in producing and offering Battery, Ips and Tyre in the domestic market. On the other hand Rahimafroozs another strategic business unit Agora also has several competitor in the market . Competitors of Rahimafrooz while considering BATTERY: 1. Rolex Battery Company:y y

Business type: manufacturer, importer Product types: Steel scrape, copper, old battery, lead acid batteries, lead acid batteries, Lead Acid Battery Related Accessories.

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2. Navana Battery Company:

Aftab Automobiles Ltd. Manufacturing different type of automotive batteries and marketing the same in the country.



3. Optus Battery Company: Optus Battery company is also manufacturing different type of automotive batteries and marketing in Bangladesh .

Competitors of Rahimafrooz while considering IPS and Ups:


Matrix Electronics

Digital Solar And wind Power Converter.y

Business type: manufacturer, electric utility



Product types: power conversion equipment, uninterruptible power supplies UPS, IPS etc.


Euro Tech Bangladeshy y

Business type: manufacturer, retail sales, wholesale supplier, exporter, importer Product types: power conversion equipment, Distribution & Power Transformer, IPS, Generator, Isolation Transformer, UPS etc.


Power Save Electronics Bangladesh Business type: manufacturer, retail sales, wholesale supplier, importer Product types: power conversion equipment, UPS, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, IPS, Industrial Voltage Stabilizer etc.

y y

Competitors of Rahimafrooz while considering TYRES:


Bridgestone Corporation

Bridgestone has major manufacturing plants in many countries around the world. As of 2007, Bridgestone has 57 tyre plants, 98 diversified product plants, and 4 major technical centers globally.


Birla Tyres

The company has carved a niche in the international market as well. About 30% of the total production is currently being exported to 43 countries across the globe including Bangladesh. DEW DROP GROPUP



Pirelli Tyres

The company is marketing in the domestic market for a long time over 25 years.


Today, MRF has over 2500 distributors in India and Exports to over 75 countries worldwide including Bangladesh. To be a part to this lucrative business, please fill and submit the form given below and we shall get in touch with you at the earliest.

Competitors of Rahimafrooz while considering the super store AGORA: 1. Nandan 2.Meena Bazar 3.Shapna.



Suggestion for Rahimafrooz Company: Extend an existing product line to new target markets; Come up with completely new ideas for products; Free trade of that product; Develop marketing strategy; Discover new technologies (developed internally or found externally); Lots of Research and Development activities; HRM survey (Creativity, Innovation, Strategic Leadership, Teamwork, Staff Development); Training employees (with pay) which will motivate them and also develop their skill; Writing (articles, book, blog, and column) and speaking to target audiences; Collect, Suggestions from employees, customers, suppliers etc; Hire talented course development people; Uncover tomorrow's visionary ideas; Offer more augmented products or other opportunities for revenue without increasing cost; Avoid difficulties in satisfying customers; Better distribution through retail or distribution; Generating available fund for growth; Finding high-value customers (those who allow the company to charge a profitable price);




From this report we can find that the 4Ps of Rahimafrooz is totally related to the quality policy of the Company. There all the works related to 4Ps is only & only for satisfying the customers. Thats why Rahimafrooz is one of the leading companies in Bangladesh. Bibliography y y Philip Coutler, Gary Armstrong. Principle of Marketing: 12th edition.





The Report is made by through the observation & secondary data. And also some questionnaire to the Mirpur-13 branch Manager.

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Questionnaire to the Mirpur-13 Branch Manager of Rahimafrooz Mr. Sadequllah Haque Q 1. When was Rahimafrooz established? Ans. In 1954. Q 2. How many companies are operating under Rahimafrooz? Ans. 16 companies. Q 3. Are they operating in the capital market? Ans. Yes, Rahimafrooz group is operating in Capital Market. Q 4. What do Rahimafrooz have that other competitors dont? Ans. Quality, Fulfill the customer needs basis on there want, relative price. Q 5. Are the employees of Rahimafrooz satisfy with there job? Ans. Yes. Employees are satisfied to do job in Rahimafrooz. Because in here the compensation & benefits are good for the employee. And also the performance management system is quite good.

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Q 6. Are the customers are satisfied with the product of Rahimafrooz? Ans. Customers of Rahimafrooz are frequently buying the product of Rahimafrooz. So the customers are satisfied.